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1832 Cherokee Country
Draw Area Randolph County
Georgia Land Lottery
aka Georgia 1832 Gold Land Lottery
Submitted by Charles Barnum
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5th Dist, 4th Sec. Ballard Edward A. (Randolph Co.)
11th Dist, 4th Sec. Blake Blake   5 orphans
5th Dist, 4th Sec. Caraway Thomas   orphans
11th Dist, 3rd Sec. Carden Thomas M.  
9th Dist, 4th Sec. Cardin Elizabeth    
27th Dist, 3rd Sec. Cardin Freeman D. orphans
13th Dist, 3rd Sec. Cardin Thomas M.  
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Cardin Thomas M.  
4th Dist, 2nd Sec. Castleberry Robert    
25th Dist, 3rd Sec. Castleberry Robert    
10th Dist,1st Sec. Chavers William    
16th Dist, 3rd Sec. Clasedge Peter    
24th Dist, 3rd Sec. Coram William M.  
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Cotten,Jr William W.  
24th Dist, 3rd Sec. Cuslion. Elisha    
22nd Dist, 3rd Sec. Dickson William    
27th Dist, 2nd Sec. Edwards Emildred    
24th Dist, 3rd Sec. Edwards Milsley L. orphan
4th Dist, 2nd Sec. Eldridge Nathan   orphans
6th Dist, 1st Sec. Ellitt Robert    
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Fellingine Moses    
13th Dist, 2nd Sec. Gentry John    
18th Dist, 4th Sec. Gilder Irby    
20th Dist, 2nd Sec. Godwin David    
10th Dist, 4th Sec. Grant John    
6th Dist, 3rd Sec. Gregory Lewis    
7th Dist, 2nd Sec. Harris William    
12th Dist, 4th Sec. Henderson Brockman W.  
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Hendeson M.    
14th Dist, 4th Sec. Holland Benjamin    
26th Dist, 2nd Sec. Horn Howell    
11th Dist, 4th Sec. Jones William    
11th Dist, 2nd Sec. Langston Isaac A. orphans
20th Dist, 2nd Sec. Leggett Thomas F.  
10th Dist, 2nd Sec. Lundy Henry    
9th Dist, 3rd Sec. Martin George W.  
9th Dist, 1st Sec. McClendon Simeon    
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. McWaters William    
27th Dist, 3rd Sec. Mercer Henry    
12th Dist, 3rd Sec. Mobley Thomas    
27th Dist, 2nd Sec. Moore Simeon    
22nd Dist, 3rd Sec. Neil John R.M.  
14th Dist, 3rd Sec. Pardue Sidney M.  
26th Dist, 2nd Sec. Pert William E.  
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Pittman Benjamin D.  
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Reynolds Jane    
20th Dist, 2nd Sec. Reynolds Thomas P.  
9th Dist, 1st Sec. Richardson Aug. &Nancy orphans
8th Dist, 3rd Sec. Roquemore Zachariah    
18th Dist, 1st Sec. Sapp Milledge    
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Settles Samuel W.  
22nd Dist, 2nd Sec. Shropshire Jacob B.  
11th Dist, 4th Sec. Slate Samuel    
7th Dist, 4th Sec. Smith Abdallah D.  
8th Dist, 2nd Sec. Smith Gilbird    
7th Dist, 3rd Sec. Smith Henry    
7th Dist, 2nd Sec. Smith James J.  
12th Dist, 4th Sec. Smith Zacheys    
10th Dist, 3rd Sec. Sutley Daniel R.  
4th Dist, 4th Sec. Sutley David    
10th Dist,1st Sec. Sutley David    
17th Dist, 1st Sec. Tynar Joseph    
24th Dist, 2nd Sec. Wallis Elijah    
9th Dist, 4th Sec. Weatherby Jaines    
20th Dist, 2nd Sec. Weaver Abslom    
9th Dist, 4th Sec. Weaver Jonathan L. orphans
26th Dist, 2nd Sec. Weaver Mary    
5th Dist, 2nd Sec. Weaver Othneil    
28th Dist, 3rd Sec. Wiggs Daniel    
6th Dist, 4th Sec. Williams James E.  
240th Dist, 2nd Sec. Williams M. L.&E.J. orphans