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These links are for all known data bases. If you have a data base for Troup county of any kind, please send it to us and we will present it here, even if you already submitted it to one of the other web sites. Submitters remain the copyright owner. Below  are mostly off-site links. Please use your Back Button to return here.

Micro Fiche and film:
Family History Center (FHC) click here

Emory Bible 
Smith/Thompson/Yarbrough Bible 
Brown/Sayers Bible 
James Willson, Sr. Bible

Early Greathouse 
Thomas B. Posey 
Wiley Renwick 
Jones Smith 

79 Cemetery locations in Troup County click

1830 Index  enumeration part I  enumeration part II
1850 Index 
1880 Federal Census Mortality Schedule

W. C. Norwood Estate

Gauntt Family 
Union Lodge No. 28, LaGrange 1854 
West Point Lodge No. 43
Indenture Miles Pitts / G.W. Ruffin 12 Oct 180
Civil War Pension - Sarah Ann Woodruff Prather
Troup Co. GA Co E 41st GA Regt. Infantry

Flossie Lee Davis
| Jack Dorough | Theodoshia Bledsoe Eley 
William Wesley Godfrey
| Mrs. Frank Harrington | Nathan Ayres, Randolph, AL 
Enoch Callaway Prather | Dr. Whitmel Sterling | Bessie Eley Shelnutt 
Freeman Shelnutt
| Mrs. Frances Gordy Smith | Mrs. H. T. Woodyard 
Henry T. Woodyard, Jr
. | Judge Henry T. Woodyard | Mary Woodyard 
Mrs. W. D. Woodyard

1826-1850 - By Bride Part 1 (A-M)
1826-1850 - By Bride Part 2 (N-Z)
1851-1898 - By Bride Part 3 (F-I)
1851-1898 - By Bride Part 3 (J-P)
1851-1898 - By Bride Part 1 (A-E)
1851-1898 - By Bride Part 3 Q-Z

1826-1850 - By Groom Part 2 (N-Z)
1851-1898 - By Groom Part 2 (F-I)
1851-1898 - By Groom Part 3 J-P
1851-1898 - By Groom Part 4 (q-z)

1851-1898 - By Groom Pt 1 (A-E)
1826-1850 - By Groom Part 1 (A-M)

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