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Georgia 1807 Land Lottery
Format by C. W. Barnum
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 10,150 Names
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Charles Higdon to Wm. R. Jackson

Wilkinson Higdon Charles Wilkinson Baldwin
Burke Higdon Robert Burke Baldwin
Elbert Higgason Larkin Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert Higginbotham Benj. Elbert Baldwin
Elbert Higginbotham Gabriel Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert Higginbotham Jno.S. Elbert Baldwin
Clarke Higginbotham Oliver Clarke Wilkinson
Elbert Higginbotham Wm. Elbert Wilkinson
Baldwin Highnote Betsy Baldwin Wilkinson
Warren Highnote Henry Warren Wilkinson
Tattnall Highseith Daniel Tattnall Wilkinson
Tattnall Highseith Isaac Tattnall Wilkinson
Elbert Hightower Charnell Elbert Baldwin
Greene Hightower Davis J. Greene Wilkinson
Baldwin Hightower James Baldwin Wilkinson
Greene Hightower Milly Greene Baldwin
Montgomery Hightower Sally A. Montgomery Wilkinson
Baldwin Hightower Wm. Sr. Baldwin Wilkinson
Warren Hiilson John Warren Baldwin
Baldwin Hill Benjamin Baldwin Wilkinson
Effingham Hill Charles Effingham Baldwin
Hancock Hill Eliz. H. Hancock Wilkinson
Greene Hill Francis L. Greene Wilkinson
Baldwin Hill George Baldwin Wilkinson
Burke Hill Gillue Burke Baldwin
Burke Hill Gillum Burke Baldwin
Clarke Hill Isaac Clarke Baldwin
Clarke Hill Isaac Clarke Wilkinson
Elbert Hill Jacob Elbert Wilkinson
Chatham Hill Jane orphan Chatham Baldwin
Baldwin Hill Jeremiah Baldwin Baldwin
Columbia Hill John Columbia Baldwin
Columbia Hill John Columbia Wilkinson
Screven Hill John Screven Baldwin
Baldwin Hill Jos. Logan Baldwin Wilkinson
Warren Hill Joseph Warren Wilkinson
Greene Hill Lilly Greene Baldwin
Jackson Hill Lucy Jackson Wilkinson
Lincoln Hill Mary Lincoln Wilkinson
Greene Hill Mary Ann Greene Wilkinson
Hancock Hill Mary J. Hancock Baldwin
Oglethorpe Hill Miles Oglethorpe Baldwin
Warren Hill Nancy Miss Warren Wilkinson
Richmond Hill Richard Richmond Wilkinson
Warren Hill Richard Warren Wilkinson
Jackson Hill Sally Jackson Wilkinson
Baldwin Hill Sarah widow Baldwin Wilkinson
Wilkes Hill Theoph. son of Henry Wilkes Baldwin
Wilkes Hill Theoph. son of Henry Wilkes Baldwin
Oglethorpe Hill Theophilus Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Clarke Hill Thomas Clarke Baldwin
Franklin Hill Thomas Franklin Baldwin
Oglethorpe Hill Thomas Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Hill Thomas Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Hancock Hill William Hancock Baldwin
Oglethorpe Hill Willie Oglethorpe Baldwin
Hancock Hill Wm. Hancock Wilkinson
Burke Hill Wm. orphan Burke Wilkinson
Hancock Hill Wright Hancock Wilkinson
Washington Hillard Kinchen Washington Baldwin
Washington Hillard Major Washington Baldwin
Wilkes Hillhouse Mary Wilkes Baldwin
Bryan Hilliard Drury Bryan Baldwin
Bulloch Hilliard John Bulloch Wilkinson
Greene Hilliard Thos. H.C. Greene Wilkinson
Greene Hillsman Micajah Greene Wilkinson
Warren Hillson Diana Warren Baldwin
Wilkes Hilly Francis Wilkes Baldwin
Elbert Hillyer Shaler Elbert Wilkinson
Franklin Hilton Abraham Franklin Wilkinson
Washington Hilton Abraham Washington Baldwin
Warren Hilton John orphan Warren Baldwin
Greene Hines Jaees Jr. Greene Baldwin
Burke Hines Nancy Burke Wilkinson
Greene Hines Nathaniel Greene Wilkinson
Burke Hines Richard Burke Baldwin
Elbert Hines Robert Elbert Baldwin
Burke Hines William Burke Baldwin
Burke Hines William Burke Baldwin
Camden Hines William Camden Wilkinson
Glynn Hinesman Mary orphan Glynn Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Hinson John Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Burke Hinson Philip Jr. Burke Baldwin
Oglethorpe Hinton Hardy orphans Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Wilkes Hinton John son of Job Wilkes Wilkinson
Elbert Hinton Peter Elbert Baldwin
Clarke Hinton Thomas Clarke Wilkinson
Lincoln Hister Nancy widow Lincoln Baldwin
Oglethorpe Hitchcock Jesse Oglethorpe Baldwin
Oglethorpe Hitchcock Wm.Sr. Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Jackson Hite James Jackson Baldwin
Hancock Hix Robert Hancock Baldwin
Columbia Hobbs John Columbia Baldwin
Oglethorpe Hobbs Joseph Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Columbia Hobbs Lewis Columbia Wilkinson
Greene Hobbs Sarah Greene Wilkinson
Columbia Hobbs William Columbia Wilkinson
Warren Hobson Caswell Warren Wilkinson
Jackson Hobson Nicholas Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson Hobson Nicholas Jackson Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Hodge Alexander Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Hodge Alexander Oglethorpe Baldwin
Oglethorpe Hodge Archibald Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Columbia Hodge David Columbia Wilkinson
Jackson Hodge Francis orphan Jackson Wilkinson
Screven Hodge John Screven Wilkinson
Greene Hodges Anne W. widow Greene Baldwin
Warren Hodges Fleming Warren Wilkinson
Burke Hodges Hanley Burke Baldwin
Greene Hodges John Greene Wilkinson
Bulloch Hodges Joshua Jr. Bulloch Wilkinson
Bulloch Hodges Joshua Jr. Bulloch Baldwin
Tattnall Hodges Mary Tattnall Baldwin
Washington Hodges Mary Washington Wilkinson
Tattnall Hodges Nathan Tattnall Wilkinson
Bulloch Hodges Nathaniel Bulloch Wilkinson
Bulloch Hodges Nathaniel Bulloch Baldwin
Tattnall Hodges William Tattnall Baldwin
Tattnall Hodges William Tattnall Baldwin
Oglethorpe Hodges Wm. orphan Oglethorpe Baldwin
Warren Hodgins Hannah Warren Baldwin
Oglethorpe Hodnett Benj. Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Wilkes Hoff Charles Wilkes Baldwin
Wilkes Hoff Elizabeth Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Hoff Mathias Wilkes Wilkinson
Bulloch Hoffman Jacob Bulloch Wilkinson
Hancock Hogan Isham T. Hancock Wilkinson
Lincoln Hogan Wm. orphan Lincoln Baldwin
Washington Hoges Mary Washington Wilkinson
Washington Hoges Robert Washington Wilkinson
Columbia Hogg John Columbia Baldwin
Screven Hogg John Screven Baldwin
Washington Hogins John R. Washington Baldwin
Washington Hogins Tabitha Washington Wilkinson
Franklin Hoibrooks Dorcus Franklin Baldwin
Burke Hoilinger William Burke Wilkinson
Burke Hoiton Thomas Burke Wilkinson
Elbert Holbrook Edy Elbert Baldwin
Columbia Holbrook orphans Columbia Baldwin
Chatham Holcmbe Henry Chatham Wilkinson
McIntosh Holcombe Justis McIntosh Wilkinson
Franklin Holdbrook Jesse Franklin Wilkinson
Columbia Holder Thomas Columbia Wilkinson
Montgomery Holland David Montgomery Wilkinson
Warren Holland Dempsey Warren Baldwin
Washington Holland Eliz. Washington Wilkinson
Montgomery Holland Henry Montgomery Baldwin
Glynn Holland James Glynn Baldwin
Jackson Holland Laban Jackson Wilkinson
Greene Holland Thomas Greene Wilkinson
Montgomery Holley Hazel Montgomery Wilkinson
Washington Holley Isaac Washington Wilkinson
Montgomery Holley Jonathan Montgomery Wilkinson
Montgomery Holley Wm. Montgomery Wilkinson
Wilkes Holliday Dickerson Wilkes Wilkinson
Warren Holliday Elizabeth Warren Wilkinson
Burke Holliday Guilford Burke Baldwin
Greene Holliday Ishae Greene Baldwin
Jackson Holliday Jeremiah orphans Jackson Wilkinson
Effingham Holliday Joseph Jr. Effingham Baldwin
Bryan Holliday Mary Bryan Wilkinson
Wilkes Holliday Owen Wilkes Baldwin
Burke Holliday William Burke Wilkinson
Burke Holliday William Burke Wilkinson
Greene Holliean Blake Greene Baldwin
Hancock Holliman Harmon Hancock Wilkinson
Clarke Holliman John Clarke Wilkinson
Burke Hollinger Eliz. Burke Baldwin
Burke Hollingsworth Jacob Burke Wilkinson
Franklin Hollingsworth James Franklin Baldwin
Montgomery Hollingsworth Stephen Montgomery Wilkinson
Clarke Hollingsworth Wm. Clarke Baldwin
Richmond Holloman John Richmond Baldwin
Columbia Hollomon Samuel Columbia Baldwin
Washington Hollomon Thoeas Washington Wilkinson
Clarke Holloway Cado orphans Clarke Baldwin
Elbert Holloway John Elbert Wilkinson
Clarke Holloway Samuel Clarke Wilkinson
Greene Holloway Samuel Greene Wilkinson
Jackson Holly Martha widow Jackson Baldwin
Jackson Holmes David Jackson Wilkinson
Richmond Holmes Elizabeth Richmond Wilkinson
Elbert Holmes Gideon Jr. Elbert Wilkinson
Jackson Holmes Jaees orphan Jackson Baldwin
Clarke Holmes James Clarke Wilkinson
Glynn Holmes John Glynn Baldwin
Wilkes Holmes John son of John Wilkes Wilkinson
Elbert Holmes Joshua Elbert Baldwin
Clarke Holmes Pheneas Clarke Wilkinson
Washington Holmes Wm.J. Washington Baldwin
Camden Holswriter Wm. Camden Baldwin
Oglethorpe Holt Betsy widow Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Hancock Holt Peyton Hancock Wilkinson
Baldwin Holt Raleigh Baldwin Baldwin
Burke Holton Francis Burke Wilkinson
Burke Holton James Burke Wilkinson
Washington Holton Lalathael Washington Wilkinson
Wilkinson Holton Robert Wilkinson Wilkinson
Wilkinson Holton Samuel orphan Wilkinson Baldwin
Burke Holton Thomas Burke Baldwin
Screven Holwell Luther Screven Wilkinson
Screven Holwell Sabiah widow Screven Wilkinson
Greene Home Isaac Greene Wilkinson
Warren Honeycutt Mynick Warren Wilkinson
Camden Honiker Benjamin Camden Wilkinson
Franklin Hoobs Jonathan Franklin Wilkinson
Washington Hood Alexander Washington Wilkinson
Warren Hood Nancy Warren Wilkinson
Jackson Hood William Jackson Baldwin
Chatham Hoofman Caspar Chatham Baldwin
Bulloch Hooker Stephen Bulloch Wilkinson
Elbert Hooker William Elbert Wilkinson
Montgomery Hooks Jacob Montgomery Wilkinson
Baldwin Hooks James Baldwin Baldwin
Wilkes Hooks John Wilkes Wilkinson
Baldwin Hooks Thomas Baldwin Baldwin
Washington Hooks Wm. Washington Wilkinson
Franklin Hooper John Franklin Baldwin
Franklin Hooper Richard Franklin Baldwin
Franklin Hooper Sarah Franklin Wilkinson
Franklin Hooper William Franklin Baldwin
Hancock Hooton Polly Hancock Wilkinson
Elbert Hopgood Wm. orphans Elbert Wilkinson
McIntosh Hopkins E.B. McIntosh Baldwin
Clarke Hopkins Elijah Clarke Baldwin
Elbert Hopkins Josiah Elbert Wilkinson
Clarke Hopkins Lambeth orphans Clarke Baldwin
Clarke Hopkins Samuel Clarke Wilkinson
Camden Hopkins Timothy Camden Baldwin
Wilkes Hopkins Win. Wilkes Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Hopper Samuel Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Hopper Thomas Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Hopper Thomas Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Washington Hopson Willie Washington Wilkinson
Warren Horn Jessel orphans Warren Wilkinson
Jefferson Horn Joab Jr. Jefferson Wilkinson
Washington Horn John Washington Wilkinson
Wilkinson Horn Joshua orphans Wilkinson Baldwin
Hancock Horn Levi Hancock Wilkinson
Jackson Horn Levi Jackson Wilkinson
Wilkinson Horn Michael Wilkinson Wilkinson
Tattnall Horn Richard Tattnall Wilkinson
Jefferson Horn Willie Jefferson Wilkinson
McIntosh Hornby James McIntosh Baldwin
Glynn Hornsbey John Glynn Wilkinson
Hancock Horton Elijah Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock Horton Hugh Hancock Baldwin
Hancock Horton Samuel Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock Horton Samuel Hancock Wilkinson
Jackson Horton Sherwood Jackson Wilkinson
Greene Houghton Alexander orphans Greene Wilkinson
Greene Houghton Joshua Sr. Greene Baldwin
Greene Houghton Joshua Sr. Greene Wilkinson
Oglethorpe House Britton orphans Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Elbert House Delila Elbert Wilkinson
Oglethorpe House James Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Lincoln House Lott Lincoln Wilkinson
Oglethorpe House Rebecca widow Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Jackson House Samuel Jackson Wilkinson
Oglethorpe House Willey S.W. Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Baldwin Housley Sally Baldwin Wilkinson
McIntosh Houston James E. McIntosh Baldwin
McIntosh Houston Robert McIntosh Wilkinson
Effingham Howard Abigail orphan Effingham Wilkinson
Montgomery Howard Acceth widow Montgomery Baldwin
Jefferson Howard Benjamin Jefferson Wilkinson
McIntosh Howard Chloe McIntosh Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Howard Groves Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Jackson Howard Hardy Jackson Baldwin
Screven Howard Hezekiah Screven Baldwin
Warren Howard James Warren Wilkinson
Washington Howard James Washington Wilkinson
Washington Howard James Washington Baldwin
Baldwin Howard James (R.C.) Baldwin Wilkinson
Baldwin Howard James S. Baldwin Baldwin
Clarke Howard John Clarke Wilkinson
Warren Howard John Warren Baldwin
Clarke Howard Joseph Clarke Wilkinson
Clarke Howard Joseph Clarke Baldwin
Elbert Howard Joseph Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert Howard Joseph Elbert Wilkinson
Warren Howard Joseph Warren Wilkinson
Warren Howard Joseph Warren Wilkinson
Screven Howard Nathan Screven Baldwin
Screven Howard Nathan Screven Wilkinson
Jackson Howard Samuel Jackson Wilkinson
Washington Howard Samuel Washington Wilkinson
Wilkinson Howard Samuel Wilkinson Baldwin
Wilkinson Howard Samuel Wilkinson Baldwin
Warp-en Howard Thamer widow Warp-en Wilkinson
Lincoln Howard Thomas Lincoln Wilkinson
Warren Howard Thomas Warren Baldwin
Wilkinson Howard Thomas Wilkinson Wilkinson
Burke Howard William Burke Baldwin
Jackson Howard William Jackson Baldwin
Elbert Howell Abel Elbert Wilkinson
Greene Howell Charlotte Greene Baldwin
Baldwin Howell Eiizabeth widow Baldwin Wilkinson
Burke Howell Henry Burke Wilkinson
Hancock Howell James Hancock Baldwin
Baldwin Howell James orphan Baldwin Wilkinson
Baldwin Howell Jehu Baldwin Wilkinson
Hancock Howell John Jr. Hancock Baldwin
Warren Howell Joseph Warren Wilkinson
Hancock Howell Joseph Jr. Hancock Wilkinson
Greene Howell Nathaniel Greene Wilkinson
Franklin Howell William Franklin Wilkinson
Franklin Howell William Franklin Wilkinson
Baldwin Howell Willie Baldwin Baldwin
Franklin Howenton Wm. Franklin Wilkinson
Burke Huas Sabre orphan Burke Wilkinson
Burke Hubanks Nancy Burke Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Hubbard Bennett Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Elbert Hubbard Jane Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert Hubbard Richard Elbert Wilkinson
Warren Hubbart Hiram Warren Baldwin
Greene Hubbert Thomas Greene Baldwin
Jackson Hubert James Jackson Baldwin
Hancock Huckaby Charles Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock Huckaby David Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock Huckaby Ishain orphans Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock Huckaby Isham Hancock Baldwin
Jackson Huckaby John Jackson Wilkinson
Wilkes Huckaby Philip Wilkes Wilkinson
Hancock Huddleston Isaac Hancock Baldwin
Oglethorpe Huddleston Robt. Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Baldwin Hudgins Ansel Baldwin Wilkinson
Wilkes Hudgins Thornton Wilkes Baldwin
Lincoln Hudgins William Lincoln Wilkinson
Hancock Hudinan Garrett Hancock Wilkinson
Bulloch Hudler Timothy Bulloch Baldwin
Baldwin Hudman John Baldwin Wilkinson
Baldwin Hudman William Baldwin Wilkinson
Montgomery Hudnall Amos Montgomery Wilkinson
Richmond Hudson Ann Richmond Wilkinson
Richmond Hudson Darcas Richmond Wilkinson
Hancock Hudson Derrell Hancock Wilkinson
Clarke Hudson Elizabeth widow Clarke Wilkinson
Burke Hudson Isaac Esq. Burke Baldwin
Camden Hudson James Camden Baldwin
Hancock Hudson John Hancock Wilkinson
Wilkinson Hudson Nathaniel Wilkinson Baldwin
Greene Hudson Richard Greene Baldwin
Oglethorpe Hudson Robert Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Hudson Rowland Oglethorpe Baldwin
Screven Hudson Samuel Screven Wilkinson
Wilkinson Hudson Samuel Wilkinson Baldwin
Clarke Hudson Thomas orphans Clarke Wilkinson
Hancock Hudson Wm. Hancock Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Hudspeth George Oglethorpe Baldwin
Oglethorpe Hudspeth George Oglethorpe Baldwin
Wilkes Hudspeth Richard Wilkes Baldwin
Wilkes Hudspeth Richard Wilkes Baldwin
Hancock Huff Silvia single Hancock Wilkinson
Jefferson Huggins Samuel Jefferson Baldwin
Jefferson Huggins Samuel Jefferson Wilkinson
Effingham Hughes Robert H. Effingham Wilkinson
Chatham Hughes Thomas Chatham Wilkinson
Baldwin Hughey Jenny Baldwin Baldwin
Clarke Hughey John Clarke Baldwin
Baldwin Hughey Joseph Baldwin Baldwin
Baldwin Hughey Joseph Baldwin Wilkinson
Hancock Hughs Dempsey Hancock Wilkinson
Lincoln Hughs James orphans Lincoln Baldwin
Jackson Hughs John Jackson Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Hughs Peter Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Wilkes Hughs Polly Wilkes Wilkinson
Lincoln Hughs Robert Lincoln Wilkinson
Camden Hughs Thomas Camden Wilkinson
Wilkes Hugley Job Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Hugley John Wilkes Wilkinson
Jackson Huie Robert Jackson Wilkinson
Wilkes Huiing James Wilkes Baldwin
Effingham Hull Nathaniel Effingham Wilkinson
Franklin Hull Thomas Franklin Wilkinson
Elbert Hullum John Elbert Wilkinson
Franklin Hulsey Adler Franklin Baldwin
Jackson Humphress Shadrack Jackson Baldwin
Clarke Humphrey Benjamin Clarke Wilkinson
Burke Humphrey Daniel orphans Burke Wilkinson
Screven Humphries .Jos.Jr. Screven Wilkinson
Clarke Humphries Isaac Clarke Baldwin
Clarke Humphries Isaac Clarke Baldwin
Screven Humphries Jos. Sr. Screven Wilkinson
Baldwin Hunt Benjamin Baldwin Wilkinson
Columbia Hunt Fitz N. Columbia Wilkinson
Greene Hunt Henry Greene Wilkinson
Greene Hunt John Greene Wilkinson
Hancock Hunt John Hancock Baldwin
Jackson Hunt Littleton Jackson Baldwin
Jackson Hunt Littleton Jackson Baldwin
Baldwin Hunt Michael C. Baldwin Baldwin
Washington Hunt Rebecca widow Washington Wilkinson
Columbia Hunt Thomas Columbia Wilkinson
Columbia Hunt Thomas Columbia Wilkinson
Columbia Hunt William Columbia Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Hunt William Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Screven Hunter Abraham Screven Wilkinson
Clarke Hunter Alexander Clarke Baldwin
Clarke Hunter Alexander Clarke Wilkinson
Greene Hunter Elisha Greene Wilkinson
Chatham Hunter Isabella Chatham Baldwin
Chatham Hunter James Chatham Baldwin
Baldwin Hunter Jesse Baldwin Wilkinson
Lincoln Hunter Job Lincoln Wilkinson
Lincoln Hunter Job Lincoln Baldwin
Franklin Hunter John Jr. Franklin Baldwin
Washington Hunter Miles orphans Washington Wilkinson
Wilkes Hurley Henry Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Hurley Henry Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Hurley Jas. son of Henry Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Hurley Jas. son of Henry Wilkes Baldwin
Wilkes Hurley Jos. Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Hurley Joseph Wilkes Wilkinson
Jackson Hurley Polly Jackson Wilkinson
Bulloch Hurly David Bulloch Wilkinson
Screven Hurst Major Screven Wilkinson
Baldwin Hurst Miller Baldwin Baldwin
Warren Hurt Elisha Esq. Warren Wilkinson
Baldwin Hurt Joel Baldwin Wilkinson
Greene Hurt Joel Greene Baldwin
Baldwin Hurt William Baldwin Baldwin
Warren Huskey Clayton Warren Wilkinson
Warren Huskey Frederick Warren Wilkinson
Burke Hust Henry Jr. Burke Baldwin
Burke Hust James Burke Wilkinson
Burke Hust Jesse Burke Wilkinson
Burke Hust Mary Burke Wilkinson
Clarke Huston John Clarke Wilkinson
Clarke Huston John Clarke Baldwin
Glynn Huston William Glynn Wilkinson
Hancock Hutchins Edward Hancock Wilkinson
Montgomery Hutchins Lewis Montgomery Baldwin
Hancock Hutchins Robert Hancock Baldwin
Wilkes Hutchins Thomas Wilkes Wilkinson
Baldwin Hutchins Willie Baldwin Baldwin
Baldwin Hutchins Willie Baldwin Wilkinson
Warren Hutchinson Daniel Warren Wilkinson
Screven Hutchinson John Screven Wilkinson
Warren Hutchinson Nathl. Warren Baldwin
Hancock Hutchinson Parr Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock Hutchinson Win. Hancock Baldwin
Washington Hutson Zadock Washington Baldwin
Burke Ihley Polly Burke Wilkinson
Chatham Ihly Philip Chatham Wilkinson
Chatham Ihly Samuel Chatham Wilkinson
Franklin Ingle Polly Franklin Wilkinson
Baldwin Inglish Margaret Baldwin Wilkinson
Baldwin Inglish Vincey Baldwin Baldwin
Baldwin Inglot Michael Baldwin Wilkinson
Columbia Inglut John son of Andrew Columbia Wilkinson
Burke Ingraham Samuel orphan Burke Baldwin
Jefferson Ingram David Jefferson Wilkinson
Hancock Ingram John Hancock Wilkinson
Lincoln Ingram Thomas Lincoln Wilkinson
Jefferson Ingram William Jefferson Baldwin
Warren Inlow Penelope Miss Warren Wilkinson
Warren Inlow Silvester Warren Baldwin
Burke Inman Daniel Burke Wilkinson
Burke Inman Daniel Burke Wilkinson
Burke Inman Jesse orphans Burke Wilkinson
Burke Inman Pherebe orphan Burke Wilkinson
Baldwin Irvin Benjamin Baldwin Wilkinson
Baldwin Irvin David Baldwin Wilkinson
Bulloch Irvin Samuel Bulloch Wilkinson
Bulloch Irvin William Bulloch Wilkinson
Chatham Irvine John orphans Chatham Wilkinson
Chatham Irvine Kenneth Chatham Wilkinson
Washington Irwell Thomas Washington Wilkinson
Washington Irwin Alexr. orphans Washington Wilkinson
Burke Irwin Eliz. widow Burke Baldwin
Wilkes Irwin John Wilkes Baldwin
Wilkes Irwin John orphans Wilkes Baldwin
Jefferson Isham James Jefferson Baldwin
Jefferson Isler Ellender Jefferson Wilkinson
Franklin Isom Edward Franklin Wilkinson
Greene Ivey Jesse Greene Wilkinson
Greene Ivey Josiah Greene Wilkinson
Greene Ivey Major Greene Wilkinson
Wilkes Ivey Winnifred widow Wilkes Baldwin
Franklin Ivie Jehu Franklin Wilkinson
Franklin Ivie Jehu Franklin Wilkinson
Franklin Ivie Lott Franklin Baldwin
Franklin Ivie Lott Franklin Wilkinson
Franklin Ivie Thomas Franklin Wilkinson
Warren Ivy Randolph Warren Wilkinson
Warren Ivy Robert Warren Wilkinson
Warren Ivy Sampson Warren Wilkinson
Wilkes Jack James K.P. Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Jack James W. Wilkes Baldwin
Elbert Jack Patrick Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert Jack Patrick Elbert Wilkinson
Columbia Jacks Absalom Columbia Wilkinson
Wilkinson Jackson Absalom Wilkinson Wilkinson
Washington Jackson Charles Washington Wilkinson
Baldwin Jackson Daniel Baldwin Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Jackson Daniel Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Wilkes Jackson Danl. Son of Daniel Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Jackson Danl. Son of Daniel Wilkes Wilkinson
Baldwin Jackson Drury Baldwin Baldwin
Jackson Jackson Edward Jackson Wilkinson
Baldwin Jackson Enock Baldwin Baldwin
Wilkes Jackson Henry Wilkes Wilkinson
Liberty Jackson Jacob orphan Liberty Wilkinson
Franklin Jackson James Franklin Wilkinson
Jefferson Jackson Jesse Jefferson Wilkinson
Hancock Jackson Job Hancock Wilkinson
Jackson Jackson Jobe Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson Jackson Jobe Jackson Baldwin
Chatham Jackson John Chatham Wilkinson
Greene Jackson John Greene Baldwin
Screven Jackson John Screven Wilkinson
Wilkes Jackson John Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Jackson John Wilkes Wilkinson
Warren Jackson John Warren Warren Wilkinson
Warren Jackson John Warren Warren Baldwin
Baldwin Jackson Joseph Baldwin Baldwin
Wilkes Jackson Joshua Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Jackson Joshua Wilkes Wilkinson
Jefferson Jackson Lewis Jefferson Wilkinson
Greene Jackson Mark Greene Baldwin
Hancock Jackson Martha widow Hancock Wilkinson
Franklin Jackson Mary Franklin Wilkinson
Lincoln Jackson Nathan Lincoln Baldwin
Baldwin Jackson Reubin Baldwin Baldwin
Jefferson Jackson Richard Jefferson Baldwin
Greene Jackson Rowland Greene Wilkinson
Clarke Jackson Shadrack orphans Clarke Wilkinson
Warren Jackson Thomas Warren Wilkinson
Clarke Jackson Walter Clarke Baldwin
Hancock Jackson Wilkins Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock Jackson Win. Hancock Baldwin
Hancock Jackson Win. Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock Jackson Win. Hancock Wilkinson
Clarke Jackson Wm. Clarke Wilkinson
Elbert Jackson Wm. Elbert Wilkinson
Wilkinson Jackson Wm. Wilkinson Wilkinson
Franklin Jackson Wm. R. Franklin Wilkinson