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Georgia 1807 Land Lottery
Format by C. W. Barnum
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 10,150 Names
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Ephraim Maberry to McLendon Willis

Franklin Maberry Ephraim Franklin Wilkinson
Camden Mabrey Ann L. Camden Wilkinson
Wilkes Mabrey Jamison Wilkes Wilkinson
Chatham Mackay Henry Chatham Wilkinson
Washington Mackey John Washington Wilkinson
Greene Macon Nathaniel B. Greene Wilkinson
Warren Maddieux Richard Warren Baldwin
Warren Maddieux Richard Warren Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Maddison James Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Jackson Maddox Alexander Jackson Baldwin
Wilkinson Maddox Alexander Wilkinson Wilkinson
Wilkinson Maddox Alexander Wilkinson Baldwin
Clarke Maddox Andrew Clarke Baldwin
Columbia Maddox Benjamin Columbia Baldwin
Jackson Maddox Clayborne Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson Maddox Hardridge Jackson Baldwin
Jackson Maddox John Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson Maddox John Jackson Wilkinson
Hancock Maddox Leah Hancock Wilkinson
Jackson Maddox Leaven Jackson Wilkinson
Lincoln Maddox Spencer Lincoln Wilkinson
Lincoln Maddox Spencer Lincoln Baldwin
Warren Maddox Thomas Warren Baldwin
Montgomery Maddoxs Linney orphans Montgomery Baldwin
Burke Madry Milly widow Burke Wilkinson
Burke Madry Richard Burke Wilkinson
Burke Madry William Burke Wilkinson
Clarke Magbee James Clarke Wilkinson
Baldwin Magee Francis Baldwin Wilkinson
Elbert Magee Wm. Sr. Elbert Wilkinson
Jackson Magmier David Jackson Wilkinson
Richmond Magnan John B. Richmond Wilkinson
Elbert Magse William Elbert Wilkinson
Jackson Magwier Frederick Jackson Baldwin
Jackson Magwier Thompson Jackson Wilkinson
Burke Mahoney Wm. O. Burke Wilkinson
Baldwin Mahoonee Peter Baldwin Baldwin
Tattnall Maiphurs Jesse Tattnall Wilkinson
Chatham Major John Chatham Wilkinson
Hancock Majors James Hancock Wilkinson
Lincoln Malcome David Lincoln Wilkinson
Bulloch Mallard John Bulloch Wilkinson
Effingham Mallett Gideon Effingham Wilkinson
Burke Mallory James orphan Burke Wilkinson
Wilkes Mallory Wm. Sr. Wilkes Baldwin
Columbia Malone James Columbia Baldwin
Clarke Malone John Clarke Wilkinson
Columbia Malone William Columbia Wilkinson
McIntosh Malryne Jane McIntosh Wilkinson
Greene Manion Francis orphans Greene Wilkinson
Franklin Manley Elizabeth Franklin Baldwin
Bryan Manley Henry Bryan Wilkinson
Franklin Manley Isaac D. Franklin Wilkinson
Bryan Manley John Bryan Baldwin
Montgomery Mann Cader Montgomery Wilkinson
Elbert Mann Elizabeth J. Elbert Baldwin
Richmond Mann Francis Richmond Wilkinson
Bryan Mann Harriett orphan of Luke Bryan Baldwin
Elbert Mann Jamesr. Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert Mann Jamesr. Elbert Baldwin
Ebert Mann Jeremiah Ebert Baldwin
Elbert Mann John Elbert Baldwin
Oglethorpe Mann John Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Mann John Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Chatham Mann Margaret orphan Chatham Baldwin
Tattnall Mann William Tattnall Baldwin
Wilkinson Mannen Dury Wilkinson Baldwin
Glynn Mannen John Glynn Baldwin
Wilkinson Mannen John Wilkinson Wilkinson
Effingham Mannen Lucy single Effingham Baldwin
Wilkinson Mannen Robert Wilkinson Baldwin
Washington Manning Benjamin Washington Wilkinson
Elbert Manning James Elbert Baldwin
Elbert Manning James Elbert Wilkinson
Chatham Manning Lucy M. orphan Chatham Baldwin
Franklin Manningore unknown Franklin Wilkinson
Jefferson Manson James Jefferson Wilkinson
Greene Mapp John Greene Wilkinson
Hancock Mapp Robert H. Hancock Wilkinson
Liberty Mara Morgan Liberty Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Marable Campbell Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Clarke Marable unknown Clarke Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Marable William Oglethorpe Baldwin
Jefferson Marbury Horatio Jefferson Wilkinson
Hancock Marchman James Hancock Wilkinson
Camden Marcum William Camden Baldwin
Effingham Marks Anna single Effingham Wilkinson
Elbert Marks John H. Elbert Wilkinson
Baldwin Markum James Baldwin Wilkinson
Burke Marsh Edith widow Burke Baldwin
Warren Marsh Hannah Warren Wilkinson
Chatham Marsh Henry Chatham Baldwin
Burke Marsh James Burke Wilkinson
Columbia Marsh John Columbia Wilkinson
Burke Marsh Littleberry Burke Wilkinson
Warren Marsh Nathan Warren Wilkinson
Warren Marsh Nathan Warren Baldwin
Columbia Marshall Abraham Columbia Baldwin
Lincoln Marshall James Lincoln Baldwin
Chatham Marshall Jno. Chatham Baldwin
Tattnall Marshall Jno. Tattnall Wilkinson
Lincoln Marshall John Lincoln Wilkinson
Columbia Marshall Joseph Jr Columbia Baldwin
Hancock Marshall Mary widow Hancock Wilkinson
Greene Marshall William Greene Wilkinson
Columbia Marshall Zachariah Columbia Wilkinson
Hancock Marston Samuel orphans Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock Martin Alexander Hancock Baldwin
Richmond Martin Angus Richmond Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Martin Anthony Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Elbert Martin Betsy orphan Elbert Wilkinson
Greene Martin Catharine Greene Wilkinson
Franklin Martin Elijah Franklin Wilkinson
Greene Martin Francis Greene Baldwin
Columbia Martin George Columbia Wilkinson
Franklin Martin George Franklin Baldwin
Clarke Martin Isaac Clarke Wilkinson
Bryan Martin James Bryan Baldwin
Jackson Martin James Jackson Wilkinson
Warren Martin James Warren Baldwin
Tattnall Martin Jane Tattnall Wilkinson
Burke Martin John Burke Baldwin
Burke Martin John Burke Wilkinson
Jackson Martin John Jackson Baldwin
Jackson Martin John Jackson Wilkinson
Washington Martin John Washington Wilkinson
Washington Martin John Washington Wilkinson
Bulloch Martin John A. Bulloch Baldwin
Elbert Martin John F. Elbert Baldwin
Liberty Martin Johnr. Liberty Wilkinson
Wilkes Martin Jos. orphans Wilkes Baldwin
Franklin Martin Joseph Franklin Baldwin
Watsons Martin Joshua orphans Watsons Baldwin
Washington Martin Julius Washington Wilkinson
Columbia Martin Leonard Columbia Wilkinson
Washington Martin Levi Washington Wilkinson
E-Effingham Martin Lewis E-Effingham Baldwin
Liberty Martin Martin Liberty Baldwin
Tattnall Martin Mary Tattnall Wilkinson
Franklin Martin Merritt Franklin Baldwin
Jackson Martin Murdoch Jackson Wilkinson
Washington Martin Noah Washington Baldwin
Franklin Martin Philemon orphans Franklin Baldwin
Washington Martin Richard Washington Wilkinson
Jackson Martin Robert Jackson Wilkinson
Clarke Martin Robert Capt. Clarke Baldwin
Greene Martin Robert D. Greene Wilkinson
Clarke Martin Robertr. Clarke Baldwin
Oglethorpe Martin Sally Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Richmond Martin Samuel Richmond Baldwin
Wilkes Martin Stephen Wilkes Baldwin
Washington Martin Thomas Washington Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Martin William Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Greene Martin Wylie orphan Greene Baldwin
Montgomery Mason David Montgomery Wilkinson
Lincoln Mason Gideon Lincoln Baldwin
Washington Mason James Washington Wilkinson
Wilkes Mason Nancy widow Wilkes Wilkinson
Hancock Mason William Hancock Baldwin
Wilkes Massee Needham Wilkes Baldwin
Wilkes Massee Needham Wilkes Wilkinson
Columbia Massinggale Daniel Columbia Wilkinson
Columbia Massinggale Daniel Columbia Baldwin
Clarke Mastin James Clarke Baldwin
Liberty Mathew John Liberty Wilkinson
Warren Mathews Charles Warren Baldwin
Bulloch Mathews Edmond Bulloch Wilkinson
Hancock Mathews Edmond orphans Hancock Wilkinson
Columbia Mathews Gracy Columbia Baldwin
Wilkinson Mathews Henry Wilkinson Wilkinson
Washington Mathews Isham Washington Wilkinson
Jefferson Mathews James Jefferson Wilkinson
Warren Mathews James Warren Baldwin
Warren Mathews James Warren Wilkinson
Wilkes Mathews James Rev. Wilkes Baldwin
Hancock Mathews Jeremiah Hancock Wilkinson
Warren Mathews Joel Warren Baldwin
Bulloch Mathews John Bulloch Wilkinson
Columbia Mathews John Columbia Wilkinson
Clarke Mathews Joseph Clarke Wilkinson
Hancock Mathews Mathew Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock Mathews Mathew Hancock Wilkinson
Wilkinson Mathews Michael Wilkinson Baldwin
Warren Mathews Nancy Warren Wilkinson
Burke Mathews Peter orphans Burke Baldwin
Columbia Mathews Richard orphans Columbia Wilkinson
Wilkes Mathews Robert Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Mathews Sarah Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Mathews Solomon Wilkes Wilkinson
Baldwin Mathews Stephen orphan Baldwin Wilkinson
Hancock Mathews William Hancock Baldwin
Hancock Mathews Wm.H. Hancock Wilkinson
Washington Mathis John Washington Wilkinson
Wilkinson Matt Zapheniah Wilkinson Wilkinson
Warren Matthews Elijah Warren Wilkinson
Chatham Matthews Henry Chatham Wilkinson
Warren Matthews Joel Warren Baldwin
Burke Matthews Josiah Burke Baldwin
Warren Matthews Polly Warren Wilkinson
Warren Matthews Sally Warren Wilkinson
Warren Matthews William Warren Wilkinson
Wilkes Mattock Charles Wilkes Wilkinson
Washington Mattocks Lewis Washington Wilkinson
Wilkes Mauk Barbara widow Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Mauk Matthias Wilkes Wilkinson
Elbert Mauper Jesse Elbert Wilkinson
Chatham Maurice Benjamin Chatham Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Maxcey Jeremiah Jr. Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Clarke Maxcey John Clarke Wilkinson
Clarke Maxcey John Clarke Baldwin
Oglethorpe Maxcey Pounce Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Maxcey Walter Oglethorpe Baldwin
Oglethorpe Maxcey Walter Oglethorpe Baldwin
Oglethorpe Maxey John Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Bryan Maxwell Hester orphan Bryan Baldwin
Bryan Maxwell Jane orphan Bryan Baldwin
Bryan Maxwell John J. Bryan Wilkinson
Wilkes Maxwell Margaret Wilkes Wilkinson
Bryan Maxwell Mary orphan Bryan Baldwin
Clarke Maxwell Richard Clarke Wilkinson
Bryan Maxwell Stephen Bryan Baldwin
Bryan Maxwell Susan orphan Bryan Baldwin
Elbert Maxwell Thomas Jr. Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert Maxwell Thomasr. Elbert Wilkinson
Jefferson Maxwell William Jefferson Wilkinson
Jefferson Maxwell William Jefferson Wilkinson
Bryan Maxwell William Jr. Bryan Wilkinson
Chatham Maxwell Wm. B. Chatham Wilkinson
Wilkes Maxwell Wm. Son of Thos. Wilkes Wilkinson
Bryan Maxwell Wm. Sr. Bryan Baldwin
McIntosh May John McIntosh Wilkinson
Baldwin May Lewis Baldwin Baldwin
Liberty Maybunk Andrew Liberty Baldwin
Baldwin Maycock Wm. orphans Baldwin Wilkinson
Jackson Mayes James Jackson Baldwin
Jackson Mayes John Jackson Baldwin
Jackson Mayfield Luke Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson Mayfield Mary widow Jackson Wilkinson
Franklin Maynard Edward Franklin Baldwin
Franklin Maynard James Franklin Wilkinson
Franklin Maynard Richard Franklin Wilkinson
Jefferson Mayo Benjamin Jefferson Wilkinson
Jefferson Mayo Benjamin Jefferson Baldwin
Jefferson Mayo Britton Jefferson Wilkinson
Montgomery Mayo Harmon Montgomery Wilkinson
Jefferson Mayo Joseph Jefferson Wilkinson
Jefferson Mayo Samuel orphans Jefferson Wilkinson
Washington Mayo William Washington Wilkinson
Wilkinson Mayo Wm. orphans Wilkinson Baldwin
Jackson Mays James Jackson Wilkinson
Franklin Mays John Franklin Wilkinson
Lincoln Mays William Lincoln Wilkinson
Lincoln Mays William Lincoln Wilkinson
Hancock McAllister David Hancock Baldwin
Oglethorpe McAllister John Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Elbert McAlphin Mary widow Elbert Baldwin
Clarke McAlpin Alexander Clarke Wilkinson
Clarke McAlpin Wm. A. Clarke Wilkinson
McIntosh McAuley Niel McIntosh Wilkinson
Jefferson McBride Mary Jefferson Wilkinson
Jefferson McBride William Jefferson Wilkinson
Clarke McBurnett James Clarke Wilkinson
Clarke McBurnett Thomas Clarke Wilkinson
Wilkes McCain Hamilton Wilkes Baldwin
Clarke McCain Hugh Clarke Wilkinson
Wilkes McCain Hugh Jr. Wilkes Wilkinson
Baldwin McCalister John Baldwin Wilkinson
Bulloch McCall Francis Bulloch Wilkinson
Bulloch McCall George Bulloch Baldwin
Baldwin McCall James Baldwin Baldwin
Liberty McCall Jesse Liberty Wilkinson
Bulloch McCall Robert Bulloch Baldwin
Montgomery McCall William Montgomery Wilkinson
Screven McCall William Screven Baldwin
Chatham McCallaghan Jane orphan Chatham Wilkinson
Greene McCane Mary Greene Wilkinson
Jackson McCann James Jackson Wilkinson
Screven McCann Joshua Screven Wilkinson
Burke McCann Peggy Burke Wilkinson
Burke McCant James Burke Wilkinson
Warren McCardeil Charles Warren Wilkinson
Screven McCardel John Screven Baldwin
Warren McCardell Charles Warren Baldwin
Lincoln McCardell Keziah widow Lincoln Wilkinson
Baldwin McCarroll James Baldwin Wilkinson
Franklin McCarter James Franklin Wilkinson
Franklin McCarter Jamesr. Franklin Wilkinson
Columbia McCarthy John orphans Columbia Wilkinson
Jackson McCartney Charles Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson McCartney Charles Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson McCartney James Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson McCartney Jane Jackson Baldwin
Jackson McCarty Hannah widow Jackson Wilkinson
Oglethorpe McCarty John Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Chatham McCaskel Affa Chatham Wilkinson
Oglethorpe McClain Reubin Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Montgomery McClendon Ephraim Montgomery Wilkinson
Hancock McClendon Lovin. Hancock Wilkinson
Montgomery McClendon Nancy Montgomery Wilkinson
Baldwin McCloud John Baldwin Baldwin
Baldwin McCloyd John Baldwin Baldwin
Jackson McCluskey David H. Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson McCluskey William Jackson Baldwin
Jackson McClusky David H. Jackson Baldwin
Jackson McClusky James Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson McClusky James Jackson Wilkinson
Burke McCoil Gideon Burke Baldwin
Wilkinson McCollister Margaret Wilkinson Baldwin
Burke McCollom Joseph Burke Wilkinson
Burke McCollom Joseph Burke Wilkinson
Montgomery McColpin Niel Montgomery Wilkinson
Greene McCombs Andrew Greene Wilkinson
Hancock McCook Elizabeth Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock McCook Mary Hancock Baldwin
Jackson McCord David Jackson Wilkinson
Lincoln McCorkle James Lincoln Wilkinson
Clarke McCormack David Clarke Wilkinson
Clarke McCormick Henry orphans Clarke Baldwin
Lincoln McCormick Joseph orphans Lincoln Wilkinson
Columbia McCormick Nancy sau of John Columbia Wilkinson
Wilkes McCormick Thomas Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes McCoy David Wilkes Wilkinson
Greene McCoy Henry Greene Wilkinson
Burke McCoy James orphans Burke Baldwin
Clarke McCoy Jeremiah Clarke Wilkinson
Baldwin McCoy John Baldwin Wilkinson
Clarke McCoy John Clarke Baldwin
Warren McCoy John Warren Baldwin
Montgomery McCoy John Jr. Montgomery Baldwin
Richmond McCoy Lewis Richmond Wilkinson
Clarke McCoy Nealy Clarke Wilkinson
Baldwin McCoy Oaniel orphans Baldwin Wilkinson
Elbert McCoy Reubin Elbert Wilkinson
Clarke McCoy Thomas Clarke Wilkinson
Elbert McCoy William Elbert Baldwin
Franklin McCracken Wm. Franklin Wilkinson
Jackson McCravey John Jackson Wilkinson
Screven McCrea Anable single widow Screven Wilkinson
Clarke McCree Benjamin Clarke Wilkinson
Jackson McCuin Robert Jackson Baldwin
Jefferson McCullerm Simon Jefferson Wilkinson
Warren McCullers Amey widow Warren Baldwin
Jefferson McCullers Colson Jefferson Wilkinson
Warren McCullers Drury Warren Baldwin
Jefferson McCullers Mary Jefferson Wilkinson
Jefferson McCullers Susannah widow Jefferson Wilkinson
Jefferson McCullers William Jefferson Wilkinson
McIntosh McCulloch John McIntosh Wilkinson
Liberty McCullogh James Liberty Wilkinson
Hancock McCulloh John Hancock Wilkinson
Richmond McCullough Ann Richmond Wilkinson
Richmond McCullough Ann orphan Richmond Baldwin
Richmond McCullough Christopher orphan Richmond Baldwin
Richmond McCullough Jacob Jr. Richmond Wilkinson
Richmond McCullough James orphan Richmond Baldwin
Baldwin McCullough Jas. orphans Baldwin Wilkinson
Camden McCullough Nathaniel Camden Baldwin
Richmond McCullough SamI. orphan Richmond Baldwin
Elbert McCune Jane widow Elbert Wilkinson
Clarke McCune Sally single widow Clarke Baldwin
Clarke McCune Sarah widow Clarke Wilkinson
Elbert McCune Wm. orphans of Jane Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert McCune Wm. orphans of Mary Elbert Baldwin
Elbert McCurdy James Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert McCurdy James Elbert Baldwin
Elbert McCurry Angus Elbert Baldwin
Chatham McCurry Lauchlin Chatham Wilkinson
Jackson McCutchen Robert Jackson Baldwin
Jackson McCutchen Sarah Jackson Wilkinson
Tattnall McCutchin Patr. orphans Tattnall Wilkinson
Richmond McDade William Richmond Wilkinson
Warren McDaniel Ailcy Miss Warren Baldwin
Greene McDaniel Alexander Greene Wilkinson
Wilkinson McDaniel Archibald Wilkinson Baldwin
Jackson McDaniel Braddock Jackson Wilkinson
Montgomery McDaniel Bryant Montgomery Baldwin
Warren McDaniel Daniel Warren Wilkinson
Burke McDaniel Elizabeth Burke Wilkinson
Warren McDaniel Jno. orphans Warren Wilkinson
Washington McDaniel John Washington Wilkinson
Washington McDaniel John Washington Wilkinson
Wayne McDaniel John Wayne Baldwin
Wayne McDaniel John Wayne Wilkinson
Montgomery McDaniel Jonathan Montgomery Wilkinson
Liberty McDonald Daniel Liberty Wilkinson
Columbia McDonald Donald Columbia Baldwin
McIntosh McDonald Donald McIntosh Baldwin
Elbert McDonald Donald Jr. Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert McDonald Donald Jr. Elbert Baldwin
Elbert McDonald Donaldr. Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert McDonald Donaldr. Elbert Baldwin
McIntosh McDonald Elspy McIntosh Wilkinson
Chatham McDonald James Chatham Wilkinson
Washington McDonald James Washington Wilkinson
Columbia McDonald James orphans Columbia Wilkinson
Elbert McDonald John Elbert Wilkinson
Burke McDonald John orphans Burke Wilkinson
Columbia McDonald Stephen Columbia Wilkinson
Burke McDonald William Burke Wilkinson
Columbia McDonald William Columbia Baldwin
Columbia McDonald William Columbia Wilkinson
McIntosh McDonald William McIntosh Wilkinson
Chatham McDougall Robert Chatham Wilkinson
Jackson McDowell Robert Jackson Wilkinson
Columbia McDuffee John Columbia Wilkinson
Oglethorpe McElrath John Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Oglethorpe McElroy Elizabeth Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Jackson McEver Robert Jackson Wilkinson
Jefferson McFarland Betsy orphan Jefferson Wilkinson
Jefferson McFarland Charles orphan Jefferson Wilkinson
Richmond McFarland Edw. orphan Richmond Wilkinson
Columbia McFarland James Columbia Wilkinson
Warren McFarland James H. Warren Wilkinson
Richmond McFarland Mary orphan Richmond Wilkinson
Jefferson McFarland Nancy orphan Jefferson Wilkinson
Baldwin McFarland Peter Baldwin Wilkinson
Franklin McFarland Robert Franklin Wilkinson
Richmond McFarland Sarah orphan Richmond Wilkinson
Chatham McFarlane Peter Chatham Wilkinson
Wilkes McFerran Martha widow Wilkes Wilkinson
Baldwin McGaughey James H. Baldwin Wilkinson
Columbia McGaughy John M. Sr. Columbia Wilkinson
Hancock McGaughy Martha Hancock Baldwin
Columbia McGaughy William Columbia Wilkinson
Clarke Mcgee Felix Clarke Wilkinson
Jefferson McGee Hugh orphans Jefferson Wilkinson
Clarke Mcgee Patrick Clarke Wilkinson
Warren McGee William Warren Baldwin
Oglethorpe McGehee James Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Columbia McGehee Nathan son of Daniel Columbia Wilkinson
Elbert McGehee Samuel Elbert Wilkinson
Jefferson McGehee William Jefferson Wilkinson
Jefferson McGehee William Jefferson Baldwin
Clarke McGiles John Clarke Baldwin
Lincoln McGill Susannah Lincoln Baldwin
Lincoln McGill Thomas Lincoln Wilkinson
Columbia McGinnis Felix Columbia Baldwin
Columbia McGinnis Felix Columbia Wilkinson
Jackson McGinnis James Jackson Baldwin
Camden McGirt Daniel orphans Camden Wilkinson
Screven McGowan James Jr. Screven Wilkinson
Clarke McGowen Robert Clarke Wilkinson
Washington McGregory Dempsey Washington Wilkinson
Montgomery McGriff Elizabeth Montgomery Baldwin
Montgomery McGriff Richard Montgomery Wilkinson
Elbert McGuire Allegany Elbert Wilkinson
Greene McGuire John Greene Wilkinson
Jackson McGuire Timothy Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson McHargue Alexander Jackson Wilkinson
Greene McHargue James Greene Wilkinson
Chatham McInosh Sarah widow Chatham Wilkinson
McIntosh McIntosh Barbara McIntosh Wilkinson
Greene McIntosh Daniel Greene Wilkinson
McIntosh McIntosh Hemp McIntosh Wilkinson
McIntosh McIntosh Lach McIntosh Wilkinson
McIntosh Mcintosh Lach McIntosh Wilkinson
Greene McIntosh Lydia Greene Wilkinson
Wilkinson McIntyre Archibald Wilkinson Wilkinson
Clarke McKelroy Reubin Clarke Wilkinson
Clarke McKelroy Reubin Clarke Baldwin
Hancock McKenney Hix Hancock Baldwin
Hancock Mckenzie John Hancock Baldwin
Chatham McKey Wm. Widow of Wm. Chatham Wilkinson
Richmond McKie Kitty orphan Richmond Wilkinson
Richmond McKie Peter orphan Richmond Wilkinson
Richmond Mckie Sally orphan Richmond Wilkinson
Franklin McKie Samuel Franklin Wilkinson
Clarke McKingney Beatia Clarke Wilkinson
Washington Mckinley Mary Washington Baldwin
Richmond McKinne John (B.L.) Richmond Wilkinson
Washington McKinney Tilman orphans Washington Baldwin
Richmond McKinnie Barney Richmond Wilkinson
Washington McKinsey Wm. orphans Washington Baldwin
Chatham McKinzie Daniel W. Chatham Wilkinson
Washington McKinzie John Washington Baldwin
Hancock McKissac James Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock McKissac James Hancock Wilkinson
Jackson McKleroy Louis Jackson Wilkinson
Richmond McLaws Alexander Richmond Wilkinson
Camden McLean Andrew Camden Wilkinson
Chatham McLean Andrew Chatham Wilkinson
Franklin McLean James Franklin Baldwin
Franklin McLean James Franklin Wilkinson
Wilkes McLean Jas. orphans Wilkes Wilkinson
Chatham McLean Thomas Chatham Wilkinson
Richmond McLean Wm. Richmond Wilkinson
Burke McLee John Burke Wilkinson
Tattnall McLeland John Tattnall Wilkinson
Hancock McLellan John Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock McLemore Wm. Hancock Wilkinson
Washington McLendon Dennis Washington Baldwin
Wilkes McLendon Jacob Wilkes Baldwin
Jackson McLendon Lewis Jackson Wilkinson
Wilkes McLendon Lewis Wilkes Wilkinson
Washington McLendon Mason Washington Wilkinson
Washington McLendon Penyma Washington Wilkinson
Wilkinson McLendon Willis Wilkinson Baldwin