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Georgia 1807 Land Lottery
Format by C. W. Barnum
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 10,150 Names
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Bailey Robertson to Benjamin Ship

Baldwin Robertson Bailey Baldwin Wilkinson
Washington Robertson Benjamin Washington Wilkinson
Washington Robertson Edward orphans Washington Wilkinson
Wilkes Robertson Eli Wilkes Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Robertson Elijah Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Jackson Robertson Henry Jackson Baldwin
Wilkes Robertson James Wilkes Wilkinson
Chatham Robertson James M. Chatham Baldwin
Hancock Robertson Jno. (Sparta) Hancock Wilkinson
Bulloch Robertson John Bulloch Wilkinson
Warren Robertson John Jr. Warren Wilkinson
Clarke Robertson John M.S. Clarke Wilkinson
Franklin Robertson John orphans Franklin Baldwin
Jackson Robertson John orphans Jackson Wilkinson
Washington Robertson John R. Washington Wilkinson
Warren Robertson Lazarus Warren Baldwin
Columbia Robertson Mary C. Columbia Wilkinson
Warren Robertson Norvell Warren Baldwin
Jackson Robertson Richard Jackson Wilkinson
Washington Robertson Tabitha Washington Baldwin
Chatham Robertson Thomas Chatham Wilkinson
Greene Robertson Thomas Greene Wilkinson
Greene Robertson Thomas Greene Wilkinson
Wilkes Robertson Thomas Wilkes Baldwin
Montgomery Robertson William Montgomery Wilkinson
Warren Robertson William Warren Baldwin
Greene Robertson Willis Greene Wilkinson
Baldwin Robertson Wm. Baldwin Wilkinson
Clarke Robertson Wm. Clarke Wilkinson
Greene Robertson Zachariah Greene Wilkinson
Wilkes Robey Mathew Wilkes Wilkinson
Jackson Robey Williamson Jackson Baldwin
Burke Robins Arthur Burke Wilkinson
Screven Robins George Screven Wilkinson
Hancock Robins Nicholas Hancock Wilkinson
Screven Robins Sarah widow Screven Baldwin
Burke Robinson David (J.J.C.) Burke Wilkinson
Clarke Robinson Fryer Clarke Wilkinson
Jefferson Robinson James Jefferson Wilkinson
Richmond Robinson James B. Richmond Wilkinson
Washington Robinson John B. Washington Wilkinson
Greene Robinson Peter Greene Wilkinson
Greene Robinson Sarah Greene Wilkinson
Washington Robinson Willis Washington Wilkinson
Burke Robinson Wm. Burke Baldwin
Baldwin Robinson Wm. (Crusoe) Baldwin Wilkinson
Washington Robinson Wm. Sr. Washington Baldwin
Glynn Robison John C. Glynn Baldwin
Warren Rockeore James Warren Wilkinson
Warren Rockeore Peter Warren Wilkinson
Baldwin Rockmore Eliza Baldwin Baldwin
Warren Rockmore James Warren Wilkinson
Baldwin Rockmore Thomas Baldwin Wilkinson
Wilkes Rodes Benjn. Wilkes Baldwin
Wilkes Rodes James Wilkes Baldwin
Baldwin Roe James Baldwin Baldwin
Baldwin Roe James Baldwin Baldwin
Hancock Roe John Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock Roe Lydda Hancock Baldwin
Columbia Roe Mary widow of Isaac Columbia Wilkinson
Hancock Roe Shadrack Hancock Wilkinson
Elbert Roe Susannah Elbert Baldwin
Wilkes Roebuck Mary Wilkes Wilkinson
Elbert Roebuck Robt. Jr. Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert Roebuck Robt. Sr. Elbert Baldwin
Chatham Rogason Richard Chatham Baldwin
Jefferson Rogers Abel orphans Jefferson Wilkinson
Jefferson Rogers Benjamin Jefferson Wilkinson
Washington Rogers Braxton Washington Baldwin
Hancock Rogers Burwell Hancock Baldwin
Warren Rogers Clarey Miss Warren Wilkinson
Hancock Rogers Elizabeth Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock Rogers Henry Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock Rogers Henry Hancock Baldwin
Clarke Rogers Hugh Clarke Wilkinson
Clarke Rogers Hugh Clarke Baldwin
Bulloch Rogers Jacob Bulloch Wilkinson
Jackson Rogers John Jackson Wilkinson
Jefferson Rogers John Jefferson Baldwin
Hancock Rogers John orphans Hancock Baldwin
Jackson Rogers John orphans Jackson Baldwin
Hancock Rogers John orphans Hancock Wilkinson
Warren Rogers Joseph Warren Wilkinson
Columbia Rogers Mary Columbia Baldwin
Montgomery Rogers Mary widow Montgomery Baldwin
Washington Rogers Mary widow Washington Wilkinson
Burke Rogers Mathew Burke Wilkinson
Hancock Rogers Micajah Hancock Wilkinson
Washington Rogers Nathaniel orphans Washington Baldwin
Hancock Rogers Peleg Hancock Baldwin
Greene Rogers Pleasant Greene Wilkinson
Burke Rogers Reddock Burke Wilkinson
Baldwin Rogers Robert Baldwin Wilkinson
Baldwin Rogers Robert Baldwin Baldwin
Jackson Rogers Ruth Jackson Wilkinson
Chatham Rogers Susannah widow Chatham Wilkinson
Warren Rogers Thomas Warren Wilkinson
Burke Rogers Whitmell Burke Wilkinson
Franklin Rogers Wm. orphans Franklin Wilkinson
Washington Rogers Zachariah Washington Wilkinson
Warren Roland William Warren Wilkinson
Washington Rolley Isaac Washington Wilkinson
Jackson Rollston Ezekiel Jackson Wilkinson
Chatham Roma Francis Chatham Wilkinson
Warren Rooc Mitchell Warren Wilkinson
Richmond Rook Rachel Richmond Baldwin
Jackson Rook William Jackson Baldwin
Warren Rooke Belithia Warren Baldwin
Jackson Rooke Wm. orphans Jackson Wilkinson
Screven Rooks Vardiman Screven Wilkinson
Wilkes Rorey John Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Rorey John orphans Wilkes Wilkinson
Screven Rose Burwell Screven Wilkinson
Baldwin Rose Hutson Baldwin Wilkinson
Franklin Rose Winneford Franklin Wilkinson
Columbia Ross Edward Columbia Wilkinson
Jackson Ross Etheldred Jackson Wilkinson
Columbia Ross John orphans Columbia Wilkinson
Jackson Ross John Sr. Jackson Baldwin
Montgomery Ross Nancy orphan of Harman Montgomery Wilkinson
Elbert Ross Richard Elbert Wilkinson
Franklin Ross Richard Franklin Baldwin
Jackson Ross Wylie Jackson Baldwin
Baldwin Rosser Elijah Baldwin Wilkinson
Warren Rossiter Appleton Warren Baldwin
Burke Roswell Pherebe Burke Wilkinson
Jefferson Roundtree Arthur Jefferson Wilkinson
Burke Roundtree WmSr. Burke Baldwin
Wilkes Rowan George Wilkes Wilkinson
Jackson Rowden Pleasant Jackson Baldwin
Jackson Rowden Pleasant Jackson Wilkinson
Chatham Rowe Alexander S. Chatham Baldwin
Chatham Rowe Alexander S. Chatham Wilkinson
Bulloch Rowe Wm. Bulloch Wilkinson
Baldwin Rowell Henry Baldwin Baldwin
Jefferson Rowell Henry V. orphan Jefferson Wilkinson
McIntosh Rowell Richard McIntosh Wilkinson
Washington Rowell Robert Washington Wilkinson
Washington Rowell Wm. Washington Baldwin
Screven Rowland Eleazer Screven Wilkinson
Greene Rowland Elizabeth Greene Wilkinson
Greene Rowland Frederick Greene Wilkinson
Montgomery Rowland James Montgomery Wilkinson
Warren Rowland Martha Warren Wilkinson
Jackson Rowland Willis Jackson Wilkinson
Elbert Rowsey John Sr. Elbert Wilkinson
Jackson Rowton Abraham E. Jackson Baldwin
Jackson Rowton Penny Jackson Wilkinson
Burke Royal John Burke Wilkinson
Elbert Royal John Jr. Elbert Baldwin
Elbert Royal John Sr. Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert Royal John Sr. Elbert Wilkinson
Burke Royals Stephen Burke Baldwin
Greene Royston Richard C. Greene Wilkinson
Glynn Rozar Aaron Glynn Wilkinson
Columbia Rozar Alexander Columbia Wilkinson
Columbia Rozar Robert Columbia Wilkinson
Elbert Rucker Asmond Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert Rucker Jane widow Elbert Baldwin
Chatham Rudolph Eliza orphan Chatham Baldwin
Jackson Rughton John S. Jackson Baldwin
Clarke Rumbley Leven Clarke Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Rumbly Smith Oglethorpe Baldwin
Glynn Rumph David Glynn Wilkinson
Elbert Rumsey Fanny Elbert Wilkinson
Wilkes Rumsey James Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Rumsey James Wilkes Baldwin
Elbert Rumsey John Elbert Baldwin
Elbert Rumsey Richard Elbert Wilkinson
Clarke Runnells Coleman Clarke Wilkinson
Washington Rushen William Washington Wilkinson
Elbert Rusher John Sr. Elbert Wilkinson
Washington Rushin Eli Washington Wilkinson
Washington Rushin James Washington Wilkinson
Screven Rushin Wm.Sr. Screven Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Russau Peggy Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Columbia Russau William Columbia Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Russau Wm.Jr. Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Baldwin Russel Andrew Baldwin Wilkinson
Baldwin Russel Andrew Baldwin Baldwin
Franklin Russel Jacob Franklin Baldwin
Bulloch Russel Philemon Bulloch Baldwin
Wilkes Russell Caleb Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Russell Eliz. widow Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Russell Henry Trent Wilkes Baldwin
Franklin Russell Jacob Franklin Wilkinson
Lincoln Russell James Lincoln Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Russell Jane widow Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Hancock Russell Jas.G. Hancock Wilkinson
Richmond Russell John Richmond Baldwin
Wilkes Russell Miram widow Wilkes Wilkinson
Franklin Russell Nathaniel Franklin Baldwin
Elbert Russell Robert Elbert Wilkinson
Glynn Russell Solomon Glynn Baldwin
Burke Russell We. Burke Wilkinson
Lincoln Russell Wm. Sr. orphans Lincoln Baldwin
Washington Rutherford Thomas B. Washington Wilkinson
Franklin Rutledge George Franklin Wilkinson
Burke Rutledge John Burke Baldwin
Jackson Rutledge John Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson Rutledge John Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson Rutledge Robert Jackson Baldwin
Baldwin Rutledge Thomas Baldwin Wilkinson
Greene Rutledge Thomas Greene Wilkinson
McIntosh Ryals Lewis McIntosh Wilkinson
McIntosh Ryals Lewis McIntosh Baldwin
Hancock Ryan Dannis L. Hancock Baldwin
Burke Ryan Edward Burke Wilkinson
Columbia Ryan Elisha Columbia Wilkinson
Columbia Ryan Peter Columbia Baldwin
Columbia Ryan Richard Columbia Wilkinson
Columbia Ryan Richard Columbia Baldwin
Baldwin Ryle James Baldwin Wilkinson
Franklin Rylee James Franklin Wilkinson
Lincoln Rynnolds Sharp heirs Lincoln Baldwin
Lincoln Rynnolds Sharp heirs Lincoln Wilkinson
Richmond Sacket Simon Richmond Wilkinson
Burke Sadler Henry Burke Wilkinson
Wilkes Saffold Reubin Wilkes Wilkinson
Washington Saffold Samuel Washington Baldwin
Washington Saffold Samuel Washington Wilkinson
Washington Saffold WmSr. Washington Wilkinson
Washington Safford Adam G. Washington Baldwin
Oglethorpe Safford Polly single Oglethorpe Baldwin
Jackson Sailors Eliz. widow Jackson Wilkinson
Burke Salisbury John R. Burke Baldwin
Hancock Sallard William Hancock Baldwin
Warren Sallis David Warren Wilkinson
Montgomery Salter James Montgomery Wilkinson
Washington Salter James Washington Wilkinson
Washington Salter Samuel Washington Baldwin
Jefferson Sammons Benjamin Jefferson Wilkinson
Warren Sammons Richard Warren Baldwin
Jefferson Sample Nathaniel Jefferson Baldwin
Jackson Sample Thomas B. Jackson Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Sams John Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Baldwin Sanders Alsey Baldwin Baldwin
Hancock Sanders Daniel Hancock Wilkinson
Warren Sanders Daniel Warren Wilkinson
Elbert Sanders Hardy orphans Elbert Baldwin
Oglethorpe Sanders James Oglethorpe Baldwin
Glynn Sanders John Glynn Wilkinson
Washington Sanders John orphans Washington Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Sanders Joseph Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Hancock Sanders Mark Hancock Wilkinson
Franklin Sanders Moses Jr. Franklin Wilkinson
Liberty Sanders Samuel Liberty Wilkinson
Liberty Sanders Samuel Liberty Wilkinson
Columbia Sanders Thomas Columbia Baldwin
Oglethorpe Sanders Wm. Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Franklin Sandes Aaron Franklin Baldwin
Franklin Sandes David Franklin Wilkinson
Columbia Sandiford James Columbia Baldwin
Burke Sandiford John Burke Wilkinson
Columbia Sandiford John Columbia Wilkinson
Columbia Sandiford John Columbia Wilkinson
Tattnall Sands John Tattnall Baldwin
Burke Sands Ray Burke Wilkinson
Lincoln Sandwich Thomas K. Lincoln Wilkinson
Hancock Sanford Benjamin Hancock Wilkinson
Wilkes Sanford Judith widow Wilkes Wilkinson
Hancock Sanford Thornton Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock Sanford Wm. Hancock Wilkinson
Baldwin Sansom Archbald Baldwin Wilkinson
Baldwin Sansom Jacob Baldwin Wilkinson
Greene Sansom Micajah Greene Wilkinson
Greene Sansom Micajah Greene Baldwin
Baldwin Sansom Wm.Jr. Baldwin Wilkinson
Baldwin Sansom Wm.Sr. Baldwin Baldwin
Burke Sapp Abraham Jr. Burke Baldwin
Burke Sapp James Burke Wilkinson
Burke Sapp Luke Jr. Burke Wilkinson
Burke Sapp Luke Sr. Burke Wilkinson
Burke Sapp Mark Burke Wilkinson
Burke Sapp Philip Burke Baldwin
Wilkes Sappington John Wilkes Wilkinson
Baldwin Sarp Hiram orphan Baldwin Baldwin
Franklin Sartain James Franklin Wilkinson
Tattnall Sartain James Tattnall Wilkinson
Tattnall Sartain James Tattnall Wilkinson
Elbert Sartain Josiah Sr Elbert Wilkinson
Burke Sasser Thomas Burke Wilkinson
Burke Sasser Thomas Burke Wilkinson
Columbia Satterwhite David Columbia Wilkinson
Elbert Satterwhite Nancy Elbert Wilkinson
Columbia Satterwhite William Columbia Wilkinson
Liberty Sauls Patience widow Liberty Baldwin
Baldwin Saunders James Baldwin Wilkinson
Baldwin Saunders James Baldwin Baldwin
Warren Saunders John Warren Wilkinson
Chatham Saunders Mary G. widow Chatham Wilkinson
Columbia Saunders Reubin Columbia Baldwin
Washington Savage Mary widow Washington Wilkinson
Franklin Savage Thomas Franklin Wilkinson
Franklin Savage Zebulon Franklin Wilkinson
Columbia Savidge Zachariah Columbia Baldwin
Clarke Sawyer Charles Clarke Wilkinson
Clarke Sawyer John Clarke Wilkinson
Baldwin Sawyer Stephen Baldwin Wilkinson
Baldwin Saxon John Baldwin Wilkinson
Burke Saxon John Burke Wilkinson
Elbert Saxon Lewis W. Elbert Wilkinson
Jackson Saxon Solomon Jackson Wilkinson
Wilkes Saxon Wiley Wilkes Wilkinson
Burke Saxon William Burke Wilkinson
Jackson Say James Jackson Baldwin
Greene Sayers David Sr. Greene Wilkinson
Greene Sayers Hally (female) Greene Wilkinson
Franklin Sayvill Moses Franklin Wilkinson
Baldwin Scale Littleton Baldwin Wilkinson
Lincoln Scale Nancy widow Lincoln Wilkinson
Lincoln Scale Richard Lincoln Wilkinson
Elbert Scales John Jr. Elbert Wilkinson
Glynn Scarborough David Glynn Wilkinson
Screven Scarborough Hardy Screven Wilkinson
Bulloch Scarborough Jonathan Bulloch Baldwin
Bulloch Scarborough Jonathan Bulloch Baldwin
Burke Scarborough Jonathan Burke Baldwin
Bulloch Scarborough Samuel Bulloch Baldwin
Burke Scarbrough Addison Burke Wilkinson
Burke Scarbrough Moses Burke Wilkinson
Burke Scarbrough Thomas Burke Baldwin
Liberty Scarth Jonathan orphans Liberty Baldwin
Effingham Scherraus Gottlief Effingham Wilkinson
Effingham Scherraus John Effingham Wilkinson
Jefferson Schley John Jefferson Wilkinson
Liberty Schmidt Christiana widow Liberty Baldwin
Chatham Schmidt Georgia D.H. Chatham Wilkinson
Effingham Schneider Gottlieb Effingham Baldwin
Chatham Schweighoffer Mary orphan Chatham Wilkinson
Effingham Schweighoffer Thos. orphan Effingham Wilkinson
Montgomery Scillavent William Montgomery Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Scoggin Alexander Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Scoggin Gillum Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Scoggin Gresham Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Scoggin Humphrey Jr. Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Chatham Scott Ann orphan Chatham Wilkinson
Franklin Scott Archibald Franklin Baldwin
Warren Scott Francis Warren Wilkinson
Hancock Scott Frederick Hancock Baldwin
Warren Scott Harriet Miss Warren Wilkinson
Warren Scott John Warren Wilkinson
Screven Scott John S. Screven Wilkinson
Burke Scott John Sr. Burke Baldwin
Richmond Scott Rhodda Richmond Wilkinson
Baldwin Scott Richard Baldwin Wilkinson
Hancock Scott Thomas Hancock Wilkinson
Washington Scott Thomas Washington Wilkinson
Washington Scott Thomas Washington Baldwin
Wilkes Scott Thomas Wilkes Baldwin
Elbert Scott Thomas B. Elbert Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Scott Thomas W. Oglethorpe Baldwin
Baldwin Scott Vaughan Baldwin Wilkinson
Baldwin Scott Vaughan Baldwin Wilkinson
Burke Scott William Burke Baldwin
Jackson Scott William Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson Scott William Jackson Baldwin
Burke Scotts Francis orphans Burke Wilkinson
Bryan Screven Charles O. Bryan Baldwin
Chatham Scrimmeger Ann widow Chatham Wilkinson
Clarke Scrivner Mary single widow Clarke Wilkinson
Clarke Scroggin Humphrey Clarke Wilkinson
Lincoln Scruggs Edward Lincoln Wilkinson
Effingham Scruggs Gross Effingham Wilkinson
Burke Scruggs Mary Burke Wilkinson
Effingham Scruggs Mary widow Effingham Wilkinson
Lincoln Scruggs Theodorick Lincoln Baldwin
Jefferson Scrutchins Saml. orphans Jefferson Wilkinson
Burke Scurry David Burke Baldwin
Oglethorpe Scurry Richardson G. Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Lincoln Seal Anthony Lincoln Baldwin
Hancock Seal Thomas Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock Seals Sophia Hancock Wilkinson
Warren Seals Spencer Warren Baldwin
Warren Seamore Voungs Warren Wilkinson
Montgomery Sears John Montgomery Wilkinson
Richmond Sears John Richmond Wilkinson
Effingham Seckinger Caty orphan Effingham Baldwin
Effingham Seckinger Christ r orphan Effingham Baldwin
Effingham Seckinger John G. orphan Effingham Baldwin
Effingham Seckinger Salome orphan Effingham Baldwin
Burke Segar George orphans Burke Baldwin
Oglethorpe Self Isaac Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Self William Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Chatham Selfner Dougherty Chatham Baldwin
Washington Sell Lodowick Washington Baldwin
Warren Sell Thomas orphans Warren Baldwin
Jackson Sellers Samuel Jackson Baldwin
Wilkes Sellson William Wilkes Wilkinson
Franklin Selman Abner Franklin Wilkinson
Franklin Selman Eli Franklin Wilkinson
Franklin Selman Stafford Franklin Wilkinson
Washington Sesmions Joseph Washington Wilkinson
Jackson Sessions Asa Jackson Baldwin
Washington Sessions Delilah Washington Baldwin
Burke Settle Francis Burke Wilkinson
Screven Sewell Josiah Screven Wilkinson
Clarke Sewell Lewis Clarke Wilkinson
Franklin Sewell Samuel Franklin Baldwin
Elbert Shackleford Edmond Sr. Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert Shackleford Henry Jr. Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert Shackleford Henry Sr. Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert Shackleford James Elbert Wilkinson
Jackson Shackleford John Sr. Jackson Baldwin
Hancock Shackleford Leo orphans Hancock Wilkinson
Columbia Shadiek William Columbia Wilkinson
Chatham Shaffer Jacob Chatham Wilkinson
Chatham Shaffer James Chatham Wilkinson
Chatham Shaffer Jno.W. Chatham Wilkinson
Chatham Shaffer John W. Chatham Wilkinson
Wilkes Shank John Wilkes Wilkinson
Jackson Shankle Abraham Jackson Baldwin
Jackson Shankle Eli Jackson Wilkinson
Franklin Shankle Jacob Franklin Wilkinson
Jackson Shankle John Jr. Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson Shankle John Sr. Jackson Baldwin
Screven Sharbrew James Jr. Screven Wilkinson
Wilkes Sharman Catharine Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Sharman James Wilkes Baldwin
Wilkes Sharman Robert Sr. Wilkes Wilkinson
Greene Sharp Henry H. Greene Baldwin
Burke Sharp James orphan Burke Wilkinson
Burke Sharp Joseph orphan Burke Wilkinson
Tattnall Sharp Joshua Tattnall Baldwin
Baldwin Sharp Robert Baldwin Baldwin
Baldwin Sharp Samuel Jr. Baldwin Wilkinson
Baldwin Sharp Samuel Sr. Baldwin Wilkinson
Baldwin Sharp Thomas H. Baldwin Wilkinson
Baldwin Sharp William Baldwin Baldwin
Baldwin Sharp William Baldwin Baldwin
Richmond Shaun George Richmond Wilkinson
Liberty Shave Amy widow Liberty Wilkinson
Liberty Shave Richard orphans Liberty Wilkinson
Clarke Shavers Philip Clarke Baldwin
Baldwin Shaw Amos Baldwin Wilkinson
Baldwin Shaw Amos Baldwin Wilkinson
Columbia Shaw Charles son of Robt. Columbia Wilkinson
Baldwin Shaw Daniel Baldwin Baldwin
Richmond Shaw Eli orphan Richmond Baldwin
Warren Shaw George Warren Wilkinson
Richmond Shaw Harriet orphans Richmond Baldwin
Richmond Shaw Jno. orphan Richmond Baldwin
Greene Shaw John Greene Baldwin
Hancock Shaw John Hancock Wilkinson
Chatham Shaw William Chatham Baldwin
Clarke Shaw William Clarke Wilkinson
Clarke Shaw William Clarke Baldwin
Clarke Sheapard Thomas Clarke Wilkinson
Burke Sheely Henry Godlove Burke Wilkinson
Montgomery Sheffield John C. Montgomery Wilkinson
Elbert Sheflett Powell Elbert Baldwin
Chatham Sheftall Benjamin Chatham Wilkinson
Chatham Sheftall Emanuel Chatham Wilkinson
Chatham Sheftall Frances widow Chatham Wilkinson
Chatham Shellman Catharine Chatham Wilkinson
Chatham Shellman John Chatham Baldwin
Warren Shelton Charlotte Warren Wilkinson
Washington Shelvy John orphans Washington Baldwin
Clarke Shepard John Clarke Baldwin
Screven Shepers James Screven Wilkinson
Wilkes Sheppard Andrew Wilkes Baldwin
Wilkes Sheppard Andrew Wilkes Wilkinson
Washington Sheppard Charles Washington Wilkinson
Burke Sheppard James Burke Wilkinson
Washington Sheppard James Washington Baldwin
Liberty Sheppard Thomas Liberty Wilkinson
Screven Sheppard William Screven Baldwin
Screven Shepparson Bartley Screven Wilkinson
Screven Shepparson Bartley Screven Wilkinson
Screven Shepparson Nathaniel Screven Baldwin
Screven Shepparson Nathaniel Screven Wilkinson
Hancock Sherley Recardis Hancock Baldwin
Burke Sherley William Burke Wilkinson
McIntosh Sherman Jared McIntosh Wilkinson
Burke Sherrard Simon Burke Wilkinson
McIntosh Sherwood Robert McIntosh Wilkinson
Hancock Shi Siineon Hancock Wilkinson
Chatham Shick Elizabeth Chatham Baldwin
Columbia Shields James Columbia Wilkinson
Clarke Shields Josiah Clarke Baldwin
Franklin Shields Littleberry Franklin Wilkinson
Franklin Shields Littleberry Franklin Baldwin
Burke Shields Robt. orphans Burke Baldwin
Lincoln Shields Thomas Lincoln Wilkinson
Elbert Shiflet Pickett Elbert Wilkinson
Richmond Shinholster John U. Richmond Baldwin
Hancock Ship David Hancock Wilkinson
Jackson Ship John Jackson Baldwin
Hancock Ship Richard Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock Ship Richard Hancock Baldwin
Jackson Ship Wm. Jackson Baldwin
Jackson Ship Wm. Jackson Baldwin
Hancock Ship Benj. orphans Hancock Baldwin