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Georgia 1807 Land Lottery
Format by C. W. Barnum
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10,150 Names
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Daniel Aaron to Wm. C. Barnett

Home County Last Name First Name Drawn County
Franklin Aaron Daniel Wilkinson
Bulloch Aaron George Wilkinson
Franklin Aaron William Wilkinson
Warren Abbett Elizabeth Wilkinson
Liberty Abbett James Wilkinson
Warren Abbett Joseph Baldwin
Warren Abbett Joseph Wilkinson
Warren Abbett Jourdan Wilkinson
Baldwin Abercrombie Leonard Wilkinson
Warren Abercrombie Robert Baldwin
Chatham Achkers Amelia L. C. widow Baldwin
Greene Acree John Wilkinson
Greene Acree Sterling Wilkinson
Warren Acrey William Wilkinson
Richmond Adam George Wilkinson
Burke Adams Absley Baldwin
Clarke Adams Ann(Wid Wilkinson
Warren Adams Benjamin Wilkinson
Elbert Adams Deborah Wilkinson
Liberty Adams Edmond Wilkinson
Clarke Adams Godfrey Baldwin
Elbert Adams James Baldwin
Hancock Adams James Wilkinson
Wilkes Adams Joseph Baldwin
Chatham Adams Margaret orphan Baldwin
Chatham Adams Moore S. orphan Baldwin
Chatham Adams Nathl. Wilkinson
Tattnall Adams Thomas Wilkinson
Clarke Adams William Baldwin
Hancock Adams William Wilkinson
Jackson Adare Susannah orphan Wilkinson
Lincoln Adcock Joseph Wilkinson
Chatham Addington Nancy Baldwin
Warren Adley Ambrose Wilkinson
Bulloch Aibritton Mathew Wilkinson
Warren Aidridge Aaron Wilkinson
Baldwin Aidridge Reubin Wilkinson
Greene Aikins James Wilkinson
Franklin Aikins Thomas Wilkinson
Clarke Akin Diana S.W Wilkinson
Clarke Akin Frances B. single widow Wilkinson
Baldwin Akin James Wilkinson
Clarke Akin James Sr. Baldwin
Wilkinson Akin Martha widow Wilkinson
Elbert Akin Thomas Wilkinson
Camden Akin Winney widow Wilkinson
Jefferson Akridge Eliz. widow Wilkinson
Greene Albert Joseph Baldwin
Wilkinson Albritton George Wilkinson
Wilkes Albritton Isaac D. Baldwin
Columbia Aldridge Aaron Baldwin
Liberty Alexander Adam Baldwin
Elbert Alexander Allen orphan Baldwin
Elbert Alexander Ezzy orphan Wilkinson
Elbert Alexander Franky orphan Wilkinson
Jefferson Alexander Hugh Baldwin
Oglethorpe Alexander John Wilkinson
Elbert Alexander Milly orphan Wilkinson
Elbert Alexander Mortikey orphan Baldwin
Warren Alexander Moses Wilkinson
Elbert Alexander Nancy orphan Baldwin
Elbert Alexander Sally orphan Baldwin
Oglethorpe Alexander Smith Baldwin
Greene Alexander William Baldwin
Elbert Alexander Willis orphan Baldwin
Jackson Alexander Wm. Wilkinson
Elbert Alexander Wm. orphan Baldwin
Hancock Alford Jacob Wilkinson
Montgomery Alford Jacob Wilkinson
Hancock Alford Kinchin Baldwin
Hancock Alford Owen Baldwin
Greene Alfred John Wilkinson
Chatham Alger James Baldwin
Chatham Allard Ls. N. Baldwin
Burke Allday Elizabeth Wilkinson
Richmond Allen Alexander Wilkinson
Columbia Allen Alice wd of Jos. Baldwin
Baldwin Allen Betsy Wilkinson
Clarke Allen Betsy single Baldwin
Baldwin Allen Drury Wilkinson
Warren Allen Elisha Wilkinson
Chatham Allen George Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Allen George Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Allen George Wilkinson
Burke Allen Henry Baldwin
Clarke Allen Henry Wilkinson
Hancock Allen Hezie Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Allen James Wilkinson
Washington Allen James Wilkinson
Washington Allen James Wilkinson
Jackson Allen John Wilkinson
Jackson Allen John Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Allen John Wilkinson
Warren Allen John Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Allen John orphans Baldwin
Greene Allen John Sr. Wilkinson
Greene Allen John Sr. Baldwin
Columbia Allen John T. Capt. Baldwin
Jefferson Allen Joseph Wilkinson
Clarke Allen Mark I. Baldwin
Hancock Allen Nancy Baldwin
Lincoln Allen Nathl.Jr. Wilkinson
Franklin Allen Richard son of John Wilkinson
Columbia Allen Robert orphans Baldwin
Richmond Allen Samuel Jr. Wilkinson
Burke Allen Sarah Wilkinson
Warren Allen Scarlett Wilkinson
Hancock Allen Susannah S. Wilkinson
Elbert Allen Thomas Wilkinson
Burke Allen William Wilkinson
Burke Allen William Baldwin
Elbert Allen William Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Allen William Wilkinson
Franklin Allen Wm. orphans Wilkinson
Clarke Allen Woolson Wilkinson
Clarke Allen Woolson Baldwin
Jefferson Allen Young Wilkinson
Jefferson Allen Young Baldwin
Chatham Alley John Wilkinson
Elbert Allgood John Wilkinson
Elbert Allgood Spencer Wilkinson
Burke Alligood Samuel Wilkinson
Greene Allison Alexander Baldwin
Baldwin Allison James Baldwin
Chatham Allison James Wilkinson
Jackson Allison Robert Wilkinson
Jackson Allison Watson Wilkinson
Greene Allison Wm. orphans Wilkinson
Chatham Allter Mary Wilkinson
Washington Allums Edmond Wilkinson
Washington Allums Eliz. widow Wilkinson
Washington Allums� John orphans Wilkinson
Baldwin Almond James Wilkinson
Lincoln Alor George Wilkinson
Washington Alsobrook Amos Wilkinson
Effingham Alston John Baldwin
Effingham Alston John Wilkinson
Effingham Alston Joshua Wilkinson
Elbert Alston William Sr. Wilkinson
Hancock Amerson Britton Wilkinson
Hancock Amerson James Baldwin
Lincoln Ammonso Jacob Wilkinson
Washington Amosson Jesse Baldwin
Washington Amosson Uriah Wilkinson
Columbia Amus Maulden Wilkinson
Columbia Amus Maulden Wilkinson
Greene Anderson Boazor orphans Baldwin
Wilkes Anderson Charles Baldwin
Jefferson Anderson Elijah orphan Baldwin
Burke Anderson Elisha Wilkinson
Jefferson Anderson Elisha Wilkinson
Jefferson Anderson Elizabeth orphan Baldwin
Burke Anderson Elva orphan Baldwin
Baldwin Anderson Frederick Wilkinson
Chatham Anderson George Wilkinson
Elbert Anderson John Wilkinson
Jefferson Anderson Lavina orphan Baldwin
Jefferson Anderson Levina widow Wilkinson
Wilkes Anderson Martin Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Anderson Mathew Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Anderson Mathew Wilkinson
Jefferson Anderson Nancy orphan Baldwin
Richmond Anderson Rachel Wilkinson
Jefferson Anderson Rachel orphan Baldwin
Jefferson Anderson Rebecca orphan Baldwin
Jackson Anderson Sally Wilkinson
Jefferson Anderson Sally orphan Baldwin
Richmond Anderson Simeon orphan Wilkinson
Washington Anderson Sterling Wilkinson
Elbert Anderson Thomas Wilkinson
Elbert Anderson Thomas Wilkinson
Montgomery Anderson Uriah Wilkinson
Burke Anderson William Wilkinson
Greene Anderson William Wilkinson
Greene Anderson William Wilkinson
Liberty Anderson William Wilkinson
Wilkinson Anderson Willis Wilkinson
Columbia Andrew Benj. orphans Baldwin
Elbert Andrew John Baldwin
Screven Andrew Rachel widow Wilkinson
Liberty Andrew Sanders Wilkinson
Hancock Andrews Gray Wilkinson
Hancock Andrews Green Wilkinson
Hancock Andrews Green Wilkinson
Screven Andrews Igantius Wilkinson
Franklin Andrews James Wilkinson
Wilkes Andrews John Wilkinson
Richmond Andrews John heirs Wilkinson
Wilkes Andrews Michael Wilkinson
Burke Andrews Milly Baldwin
Elbert Andrews Robbins Wilkinson
Burke Andrews William Wilkinson
Hancock Andrews William Wilkinson
Hancock Andrews William Baldwin
Jefferson Angeilly Alexander Wilkinson
Franklin Angle Charles Baldwin
Oglethorpe Angle John Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Angle John Jr. Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Angle Thomas Wilkinson
Baldwin Anglin Elijah Baldwin
Baldwin Anglin Elijah Wilkinson
Baldwin Anglin John Jr. Wilkinson
Baldwin Anglin John Sr. Wilkinson
Jackson Anglin Joseph Baldwin
Chatham Ansley Benjamin Wilkinson
Warren Ansley William Baldwin
Wilkes Anthony Anselm Wilkinson
Wilkes Anthony Anselm Wilkinson
Wilkes Anthony James Baldwin
Wilkes Anthony James Sr. Wilkinson
Wilkes Anthony Nancy Wilkinson
Jackson Appleby Wm. Sr. Baldwin
Wilkes Appling Joel Wilkinson
Columbia Appling Thos. son of David Wilkinson
Columbia Appling Wm. orphans Wilkinson
Screven Archer James Wilkinson
Washington Ard Neill Baldwin
Liberty Ard Thomas Wilkinson
Greene Armor James Wilkinson
Chatham Armor Jas. schoolmaster Wilkinson
Greene Armor Mary Wilkinson
Franklin Armstrong James Wilkinson
Franklin Armstrong James Baldwin
Jackson Armstrong James Wilkinson
Clarke Armstrong Jesse Wilkinson
Franklin Armstrong John Wilkinson
Hancock Armstrong John C. Baldwin
Clarke Armstrong John Sr. Wilkinson
Clarke Armstrong John Sr. Wilkinson
Columbia Armstrong Joseph Baldwin
Warren Armstrong Kissy Baldwin
Clarke Armstrong Ludwell Wilkinson
Franklin Armstrong Nancy Wilkinson
Camden Armstrong Robert Wilkinson
Glynn Armstrong Thomas Wilkinson
Glynn Armstrong Wm. Wilkinson
Wilkes Arnall Edmund Wilkinson
Wilkes Arnall Sally widow Baldwin
Screven Arnett William Baldwin
Oglethorpe Arnold Allen Wilkinson
Elbert Arnold James Jr. Wilkinson
Franklin Arnold John Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Arnold John Baldwin
Clarke Arnold Nancy single Wilkinson
Baldwin Arnold Stephen Baldwin
Oglethorpe Arnold Thomas Wilkinson
Baldwin Arnold William Wilkinson
Elbert Arnold William Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Arnold Zachariah Wilkinson
Tattnall Arrandel Levine widow Wilkinson
Lincoln Arrant Elizabeth Wilkinson
Lincoln Arrant Nimrod Wilkinson
Richmond Arrington Eliz.H. orphan Wilkinson
Richmond Arrington Polly orphan Wilkinson
Baldwin Arrington William Wilkinson
Baldwin Arthur James Wilkinson
Jackson Arthur Talbert Baldwin
Wilkes Arthur William Baldwin
Chatham Ash John & Geo. orphans Baldwin
Franklin Ash William Wilkinson
Hancock Ashbury Nathan Wilkinson
Wilkes Ashford Mary widow Wilkinson
Hancock Ashley James orphans Wilkinson
Camden Ashley John Wilkinson
Lincoln Ashley Stephen Wilkinson
Wilkes Ashmore John Baldwin
Chatham Ashton Hannah widow Baldwin
Hancock Ashurst John Wilkinson
Elbert Ashworth Joab Wilkinson
Franklin Askew Moily widow Baldwin
Washington Askew Thomas orphans Wilkinson
Greene Aston Robert Wilkinson
Elbert Atcherson Nathaniel Wilkinson
Warren Atchinson Barton Baldwin
Warren Atchinson Barton Wilkinson
Warren Atchinson Heny Wilkinson
Columbia Atha Zepheniah Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Atkerson Lemuel Wilkinson
Jackson Atkins Arnold Baldwin
Wilkes Atkins Asa Baldwin
Wilkinson Atkins Joseph Wilkinson
Jackson Atkins Ransom Wilkinson
Jackson Atkins Robert Wilkinson
Jackson Atkinson Abigail widow Wilkinson
Hancock Atkinson Abner Wilkinson
Greene Atkinson Armstead Wilkinson
Camden Atkinson Burwell Wilkinson
Chatham Atkinson George Baldwin
Burke Atkinson John Wilkinson
Greene Atkinson John Baldwin
Wilkes Atkinson Thomas Wilkinson
Burke Attaway Ezekiel Wilkinson
Washington Attoway Benj. orphans Baldwin
Burke Austin Harris Wilkinson
Jackson Austin John Wilkinson
Liberty Austin Joseph Wilkinson
Greene Autry Absalom Wilkinson
Greene Autry Jacob Jr. Wilkinson
Greene Autry Jacob Sr. Wilkinson
Columbia Avary Harbert Baldwin
Warren Aven Hicksey Baldwin
Hancock Averett Archelus Wilkinson
Hancock Averett John Baldwin
Lincoln Avery Alexander Wilkinson
Lincoln Avery Arthur Wilkinson
Lincoln Avery Needham Wilkinson
Jackson Awbrey Philip Baldwin
Jackson Awbrey Samuel Wilkinson
Clarke Awtry Nancy single Baldwin
Clarke Awtry Nancy single Wilkinson
Washington Aycock Benjamin Wilkinson
Wilkes Aycock Henry Wilkinson
Bulloch Aycock Jesse Wilkinson
Bulloch Aycock Jesse Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Aycock Jonathan Wilkinson
Lincoln Aycock Richard Wilkinson
Wilkes Aycock Richard Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Aylor �s John orphans Baldwin
Franklin Ayres Moses Jr. Wilkinson
Franklin Ayres Moses Sr. Wilkinson
Columbia Ayres Thomas Baldwin
Washington Ayres Thomas Wilkinson
Columbia Ayres William Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Baber Ambrose Wilkinson
Washington Baber Richard Baldwin
Oglethorpe Back Mary widow Wilkinson
Warren Backelow James Wilkinson
Effingham Backley Elizabeth Baldwin
Richmond Bacon Agnes Wilkinson
Richmond Bacon Edmund Baldwin
Richmond Bacon Edmund Baldwin
Liberty Bacon Jonathan Baldwin
Liberty Bacon Josiah Wilkinson
Liberty Bacon Samuel orphans Wilkinson
Liberty Bacon Thomas III Wilkinson
Liberty Bacon Thomas Jr. Wilkinson
Burke Baduly Wm. orphans Wilkinson
Washington Baggett John Wilkinson
Clarke Baggett Nancy Wilkinson
Jefferson Baggett Nichols Wilkinson
Warren Bail Henrietta Miss Wilkinson
Washington Bailey David Wilkinson
Wilkes Bailey Edmund son of Jas. Wilkinson
Burke Bailey Elias Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Bailey Henry Baldwin
Wilkes Bailey James Wilkinson
Hancock Bailey John Wilkinson
Hancock Bailey John Wilkinson
Jackson Bailey John Wilkinson
Wilkes Bailey John son of James Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Bailey Joseph Wilkinson
Wilkes Bailey Joseph Wilkinson
Wilkes Bailey Michael orphans Wilkinson
Greene Bailey Philip Wilkinson
Jackson Bailey Ralph Wilkinson
Wilkes Bailey Rose widow Wilkinson
Elbert Bailey Samuel Wilkinson
Greene Bailey Simon Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Bailey Stephen Baldwin
Oglethorpe Bailey William Baldwin
McIntosh Baillie Abner Baldwin
McIntosh Baillie John Wilkinson
McIntosh Baillie Sarah Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Baily Thomas S. Wilkinson
Greene Baird Jonathan Wilkinson
Jackson Baird Thomas Wilkinson
Burke Bairfield Jerusha Wilkinson
Wilkinson Bairfield Jesse Wilkinson
Burke Bairfield John orphans Baldwin
Burke Bairfield Wm. Baldwin
Glynn Baisden Mary widow Baldwin
Liberty Baker Artema orphan Baldwin
Warren Baker Austin Baldwin
Liberty Baker Benjamin Jr. Wilkinson
McIntosh Baker Benjamin Jr. Baldwin
McIntosh Baker Bright Wilkinson
Warren Baker Chas. orphans Wilkinson
Liberty Baker Ebenezer Baldwin
Burke Baker Elisha Baldwin
Greene Baker Elisha Wilkinson
Baldwin Baker Eliz. orphan Wilkinson
Columbia Baker Gabriel Wilkinson
Greene Baker James Wilkinson
Hancock Baker Jesse Wilkinson
Clarke Baker John Wilkinson
Warren Baker John Wilkinson
Liberty Baker John T. orphan Wilkinson
Bulloch Baker Joseph Wilkinson
Clarke Baker Joshua Sr. Wilkinson
Liberty Baker Mary W. widow Wilkinson
Columbia Baker Nancy Baldwin
Clarke Baker Nicholas Wilkinson
Greene Baker Polly Wilkinson
Jefferson Baker Rebecca orphan Wilkinson
Columbia Baker Stephen Baldwin
Liberty Baker Thomas Sr. Wilkinson
Greene Baker William Wilkinson
Burke Baker Wm. orphans Wilkinson
Liberty Baker Wm.Jr. Wilkinson
Liberty Baker Wm.R. orphans Wilkinson
Liberty Baker Wm.Sr. orphans Wilkinson
Richmond Baldwin Augustus Baldwin
Oglethorpe Baldwin Benjamin Wilkinson
Greene Baldwin David Baldwin
Montgomery Baldwin George Baldwin
Greene Baldwin Nancy Wilkinson
Columbia Baldwin Owen Wilkinson
Columbia Baldwin Owen Wilkinson
Greene Baldwin Samuel Baldwin
Franklin Baldwin Thomas Wilkinson
Greene Baldwin Thomas orphans Baldwin
Franklin Baldwin William Wilkinson
Burke Balflower Robert Baldwin
Clarke Baling Henry Baldwin
Wilkinson Ball Anson Wilkinson
Jackson Ball John Wilkinson
Chatham Ball Joseph Baldwin
Lincoln Ball Sally Wilkinson
Richmond Ball William Baldwin
Burke Ballard Bathsheba Wilkinson
Wilkes Ballard Benjamin Wilkinson
Jackson Ballard Dred orphans Wilkinson
Burke Ballard Edward Wilkinson
Richmond Ballard Frederick Wilkinson
Wilkes Ballard James orphans Wilkinson
Wilkes Ballard Joshua Wilkinson
Burke Ballard Leven Hill Wilkinson
Burke Ballard Reddick Baldwin
Wilkinson Ballard Sarah widow Wilkinson
Burke Ballard William Wilkinson
Greene Ballard Wm. orphans Wilkinson
Elbert Ballinger Wm. Wilkinson
Baldwin Banckson Thomas Wilkinson
Hancock Bandy Lewis Wilkinson
Wilkes Banketon Laurence Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Banks Dunstan Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Banks Eaton Wilkinson
Elbert Banks John Baldwin
Warren Banks Jourdan Wilkinson
Clarke Bankston Abner Baldwin
Clarke Bankston Daniel Wilkinson
Clarke Bankston Jacob Wilkinson
Clarke Bankston Jacob Wilkinson
Clarke Bankston John Sr. Wilkinson
Clarke Banner Joundan Wilkinson
Clarke Banner Thomas Wilkinson
Clarke Banner Zadock Wilkinson
Montgomery Barber Aaron Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Barber George Jr. Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Barber George Sr. Baldwin
Jefferson Barber Joseph orphans Baldwin
Jefferson Barber Priscilla widow Wilkinson
Jefferson Barber William Wilkinson
Liberty Barber William Wilkinson
Wayne Barber William Baldwin
Wayne Barber William Baldwin
Richmond Barden Nancy Wilkinson
Jefferson Barden Simon Wilkinson
Columbia Barden William Baldwin
Warren Bardsdale William Baldwin
Washington Barfield Asa Wilkinson
Washington Barfield Asa Wilkinson
Columbia Barham Timothy S. Wilkinson
Columbia Barker George Wilkinson
Columbia Barker John Wilkinson
Wilkes Barker John orphans Wilkinson
Wilkes Barker William Wilkinson
Hancock Barksdale Abner Wilkinson
Hancock Barksdale Collier Wilkinson
Warren Barksdale William Wilkinson
Washington Barlow Henry Wilkinson
Washington Barlow John Wilkinson
Washington Barlow Wilie Wilkinson
Washington Barlow William Wilkinson
Liberty Barnaby Wm. orphans Baldwin
Chatham Barnard John Sr. Baldwin
Chatham Barnard Mary E. Baldwin
Chatham Barnard Robert Baldwin
Chatham Barnard Timothy Jr. Baldwin
Chatham Barnard Timothy Jr. Wilkinson
Chatham Barnard William Wilkinson
Chatham Barnard William Wilkinson
Baldwin Barnes Benj. orphans Wilkinson
Richmond Barnes Catharine orphan Baldwin
Burke Barnes Dempsey Wilkinson
Lincoln Barnes John Baldwin
Richmond Barnes John B. Wilkinson
Richmond Barnes John orphan Baldwin
Hancock Barnes Seleia Wilkinson
Glynn Barnes William Wilkinson
Franklin Barnes Wm. orphans Wilkinson
Jefferson Barnes Wm.Edw. Baldwin
Hancock Barnett Douglass Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Barnett George Wilkinson
Greene Barnett Jno. orphan of N. Baldwin
Oglethorpe Barnett John Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Barnett John Wilkinson
Greene Barnett Meal I. Baldwin
Greene Barnett Nathan Wilkinson
Greene Barnett Nathan Wilkinson
Elbert Barnett Nathaniel Wilkinson
Elbert Barnett Nathaniel Baldwin
Greene Barnett Peggy Wilkinson
Washington Barnett Robert Sr. Baldwin
Jackson Barnett Samuel Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Barnett Susannah Wilkinson
Franklin Barnett Uriah Baldwin
Greene Barnett William Wilkinson
Greene Barnett Wm. C. Baldwin
Greene Barnett Wm. C. Baldwin