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Georgia 1807 Land Lottery
Format by C. W. Barnum
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10,150 Names
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George Cabiness to Henry Coon
Greene Cabiness Geo. Sr. Greene Wilkinson
Greene Cabiness George Jr. Greene Wilkinson
Greene Cabiness Henry B. Greene Wilkinson
Greene Cabiness Henry B. Greene Baldwin
Wilkes Cade James Wilkes Wilkinson
Hancock Cadenhead James Jr. Hancock Wilkinson
Franklin Caen John Franklin Wilkinson
Franklin Caen Polly Tucker Franklin Wilkinson
Clarke Cagle George Clarke Wilkinson
Chatham Cahill William Chatham Wilkinson
Wayne Caik Elijah Wayne Baldwin
Wilkes Cain Mauris Wilkes Wilkinson
Washington Cain Nathaniel Washington Wilkinson
Jackson Cain Patrick Jackson Wilkinson
Baldwin Cain Wm. T. Baldwin Wilkinson
McIntosh Calder Christian McIntosh Wilkinson
Columbia Caldwell Eliz dau of John Columbia Wilkinson
Columbia Caldwell John Columbia Wilkinson
Columbia Caldwell John Columbia Baldwin
Screven Caldwell William Screven Baldwin
Greene Caldwell Wm. Sr. Greene Baldwin
Jefferson Calhoon Eliz. single Jefferson Wilkinson
Greene Calhoon Ephraim Greene Baldwin
Washington Calhoon Irwin Washington Wilkinson
Screven Calhoon John Screven Baldwin
Screven Calhoon Mary Screven Wilkinson
Jefferson Calhoon Micah Jefferson Wilkinson
Jefferson Calhoon Micah Jefferson Wilkinson
Hancock Calhoon Patience Hancock Baldwin
Richmond Calhoon Rachel Richmond Baldwin
Jefferson Calhoon Samuel Jefferson Wilkinson
Jefferson Calhoon Samuel Jefferson Baldwin
Jackson Callahan Joshua Jackson Baldwin
Hancock Callaway Ebenezer Hancock Baldwin
Wilkes Callaway Edward son of Joshua Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Callaway Jos. son of Job Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Callaway Jos. son of Job Wilkes Baldwin
Jackson Callaway Joshua Jackson Baldwin
Wilkes Callaway Joshua son of Job Wilkes Baldwin
Clarke Callaway Peter Clarke Wilkinson
Hancock Callaway Thomas Hancock Baldwin
Hancock Callaway Wm. W. Hancock Wilkinson
Franklin Calliway William Franklin Wilkinson
Clarke Calwell James Clarke Wilkinson
Wayne Cammeran Dicey Wayne Wilkinson
Jackson Camp Abner Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson Camp Benj. Jr. Jackson Wilkinson
Clarke Camp Cecelius Clarke Wilkinson
Warren Camp Cloudiusly Warren Baldwin
Jackson Camp Hosea Sr. Jackson Baldwin
Jackson Camp John Jr. Jackson Baldwin
Jackson Camp Nathan Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson Camp Nathan Jackson Baldwin
Jackson Camp Sherwood Jackson Wilkinson
Columbia Campbell Alexander Columbia Wilkinson
McIntosh Campbell Archibald McIntosh Baldwin
Jackson Campbell Charles Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson Campbell Duncan Jackson Baldwin
Camden Campbell Jacob Camden Wilkinson
Jackson Campbell Jarrett Jackson Baldwin
Columbia Campbell Joseph Columbia Baldwin
Warren Campbell Martin Warren Baldwin
Greene Campbell Moses Greene Wilkinson
Baldwin Campbell Thomas Baldwin Baldwin
Greene Canafax Benjamin Greene Wilkinson
Greene Canafax Benjamin Greene Wilkinson
Warren Candler Henry Warren Baldwin
Wilkes Cannon Burnell Wilkes Wilkinson
Richmond Cannon Elizabeth Richmond Wilkinson
McIntosh Cannon Henry McIntosh Wilkinson
Burke Cannon Rachel widow Burke Wilkinson
Washington Cannon Samuel Washington Wilkinson
Washington Cannon Samuel Washington Wilkinson
Jefferson Cannon William Jefferson Wilkinson
Washington Cannon Wylie Washington Baldwin
Richmond Cantelow Lewis Sn. Richmond Baldwin
Washington Canter Richard Washington Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Canterberry Jeremiah Oglethorpe Baldwin
Columbia Cantledge Ayres Columbia Wilkinson
Columbia Cantledge Jos. orphans Columbia Wilkinson
Greene Cantright Hezekiah Greene Wilkinson
Greene Cantright Hezekiah Greene Baldwin
Greene Cantright Jonas Greene Wilkinson
Greene Cantright Peter Greene Baldwin
Greene Cantright Thomas Greene Baldwin
Oglethorpe Capp Reuhmy Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Warren Cardell Cornelius orphans Warren Baldwin
Clarke Carden John Clarke Wilkinson
Clarke Carden Robert Clarke Wilkinson
Tattnall Carey John Tattnall Wilkinson
Greene Cargile Charles Greene Wilkinson
Wilkes Carleton Stephen Wilkes Wilkinson
Baldwin Carlisle Edmund Baldwin Baldwin
Baldwin Carlisle Edmund Baldwin Wilkinson
Lincoln Carlisle Edward Lincoln Wilkinson
Jackson Carlisle Hosea Jackson Wilkinson
Baldwin Carlisle John orphans Baldwin Wilkinson
Washington Carlisle Mason Washington Wilkinson
Washington Carlisle Micajah Washington Wilkinson
Greene Carlton Martha Greene Baldwin
Chatham Carlton Theodore Chatham Wilkinson
Greene Carlton Thomas Sr. Greene Wilkinson
Clarke Carmon William Clarke Baldwin
Wayne Carnals William Wayne Baldwin
Richmond Carnes Patnick orphan Richmond Baldwin
Franklin Carnes Richard Franklin Wilkinson
Camden Carney Elijah Camden Wilkinson
Franklin Carothens Wm. Jr. Franklin Wilkinson
Burke Carpenter Bailey Burke Wilkinson
Chatham Carpenter Harniett orphan Chatham Wilkinson
Warren Carpenter Thomas Warren Baldwin
Bulloch Carr Archibald Bulloch Wilkinson
Baldwin Carr Henry Baldwin Wilkinson
Hancock Carr Joseph Sr. Hancock Baldwin
Wilkes Carr Robert Wilkes Baldwin
Bulloch Carr William Bulloch Wilkinson
Jackson Carragan John Jackson Wilkinson
Greene Carrell Benjamin Greene Wilkinson
Franklin Carrell Edward Franklin Wilkinson
Columbia Carrell James Columbia Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Carrell Jesse Oglethorpe Baldwin
Baldwin Carrell John Baldwin Wilkinson
Elbert Carrell John Elbert Baldwin
Columbia Carrell John orphans Columbia Baldwin
Franklin Carrell Mamgamett Franklin Wilkinson
Bulloch Carrell Nancy Bulloch Wilkinson
Elbent Carrington Henson Elbent Wilkinson
Greene Carroll David Greene Baldwin
Greene Carroll David Greene Baldwin
Greene Carroll Sterling Greene Wilkinson
Jackson Carroll Thomas Jackson Wilkinson
Burke Carswell Alexander Burke Baldwin
Warren Carter Allen Warren Wilkinson
Greene Carter Caden Greene Wilkinson
Burke Carter Chanles Burke Wilkinson
Elbert Carter Charles Elbert Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Carter Edward Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Baldwin Carter Fanish Baldwin Wilkinson
Montgomery Carter Giles Sr. Montgomery Baldwin
Baldwin Carter James Baldwin Baldwin
Baldwin Carter James Baldwin Wilkinson
Elbert Carter James Elbert Wilkinson
Warren Carter James Warren Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Carter Jesse Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Lincoln Carter Joel Lincoln Wilkinson
Lincoln Carter Joel Lincoln Wilkinson
Wilkes Carter John Wilkes Baldwin
Greene Carter Joseph Greene Wilkinson
Warren Carter Joseph Warren Wilkinson
Warren Carter Josiah Warren Wilkinson
Warren Carter Kindmed orphans Warren Wilkinson
Warren Carter Kindned orphans Warren Wilkinson
Wilkes Carter Kulpatnick Wilkes Wilkinson
Hancock Carter Littleton Hancock Baldwin
Hancock Carter Many widow Hancock Wilkinson
Montgomery Carter Mathew Montgomery Baldwin
Bulloch Carter Mathew Jr. Bulloch Wilkinson
Montgomery Carter Moses Montgomery Wilkinson
Franklin Carter Rachel Franklin Baldwin
Warren Carter Rachel Miss Warren Baldwin
Montgomery Carter Robert Montgomery Baldwin
Baldwin Carter Ruth Baldwin Baldwin
Montgomery Carter Samuel Montgomery Baldwin
Wilkinson Carter Samuel Wilkinson Wilkinson
Wilkinson Carter Samuel Wilkinson Wilkinson
Elbert Carter Sarah Elbert Baldwin
Oglethorpe Carter Secutany Oglethorpe Baldwin
Baldwin Carter Thomas Baldwin Wilkinson
Elbert Carter Thomas Elbert Baldwin
Franklin Carter Thomas Franklin Wilkinson
Franklin Carter Thomas Franklin Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Carter Thomas Oglethorpe Baldwin
Warren Carter Thomas Warren Baldwin
Baldwin Carter William Baldwin Baldwin
Bulloch Carter William Bulloch Wilkinson
Jackson Carter William Jackson Baldwin
Columbia Cartledge John orphans Columbia Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Caruthens Robert Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Tattnall Carver Jesse Tattnall Wilkinson
Jefferson Cary Jesse Jefferson Wilkinson
Lincoln Casey Elenor Lincoln Wilkinson
Franklin Casey Elizabeth Franklin Wilkinson
Franklin Casey James Franklin Baldwin
Jackson Casey John Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson Casey John Jackson Wilkinson
Lincoln Casey Sally Lincoln Baldwin
Baldwin Casey William Baldwin Wilkinson
Columbia Cash Dawson Columbia Baldwin
Elbert Cash James Elbert Baldwin
Elbert Cash James Elbert Wilkinson
Franklin Cash James Franklin Baldwin
Elbert Cash Jesse Elbert Baldwin
Elbert Cash Jesse Elbert Wilkinson
Jackson Cash John Jackson Wilkinson
Washington Cash John Washington Baldwin
Richmond Cashin John Richmond Baldwin
Screven Cason Hillery Sr. Screven Wilkinson
Burke Cason John Burke Baldwin
Elbert Cason John Elbert Wilkinson
Warren Cason William Warren Wilkinson
Montgomery Cason Willis Montgomery Baldwin
Liberty Cassels Elias Liberty Wilkinson
Columbia Castle John Columbia Baldwin
Warren Castleberry Peter Warren Baldwin
Clarke Castleberry Rachel Clarke Baldwin
Warren Castleberry Solomon Warren Wilkinson
Warren Castleberry Solomon Warren Baldwin
Warren Castleberry Susannah single Warren Wilkinson
Jackson Castleberry Thomas Jackson Wilkinson
Jefferson Caswell Alexander Jefferson Wilkinson
Burke Cates John Burke Baldwin
Baldwin Cates Thomas Baldwin Wilkinson
Jackson Cates William Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson Cates William Jackson Baldwin
Burke Catlett John Burke Wilkinson
Washington Cato Francis Washington Baldwin
Hancock Cato Green Hancock Wilkinson
Greene Cato Wyche Greene Baldwin
Columbia Causbey Thomas Columbia Baldwin
Columbia Causby Thomas Columbia Baldwin
Wilkinson Cauthorn William Wilkinson Wilkinson
Burke Cavenah Chas. orphans Burke Wilkinson
Hancock Cavenah Thomas Hancock Wilkinson
Montgomery Cavenah William Montgomery Wilkinson
Montgomery Cawley George Montgomery Wilkinson
Montgomery Cawley George Montgomery Wilkinson
Franklin Cawthon Elizabeth Franklin Wilkinson
Franklin Cawthon John Franklin Wilkinson
Montgomery Cawthorn Polly widow Montgomery Wilkinson
Chatham Ceasar Peter Chatham Wilkinson
Jackson Ceely Ezekiel Jackson Wilkinson
Wilkes Chaffin John son of Isham Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Chaffin Joshua Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Chaffin Nathan Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Chaffin William Wilkes Wilkinson
Lincoln Chamberlin Charity widow Lincoln Wilkinson
Hancock Chambers David Hancock Wilkinson
Baldwin Chambers Henry orphans Baldwin Wilkinson
Screven Chambers Jonas Screven Wilkinson
Hancock Chambers Joseph B. Hancock Wilkinson
Jefferson Chambers Nancy Jefferson Wilkinson
Warren Chambless Christopher Warren Baldwin
Warren Chambless Henry Warren Baldwin
Columbia Chambless Mary widow of Henry Columbia Wilkinson
Hancock Chambless Samuel Hancock Baldwin
Wilkes Champ Wm. Wilkes Wilkinson
Warren Champion John Warren Baldwin
Jackson Chandler Bailey Jackson Wilkinson
Franklin Chandler Elizabeth Franklin Baldwin
Warren Chandler Francis orphans Warren Wilkinson
Franklin Chandler James Franklin Baldwin
Franklin Chandler Joseph Franklin Wilkinson
Franklin Chandler Robert Franklin Wilkinson
Greene Channell Thomas Greene Wilkinson
Washington Chapell John Washington Wilkinson
Warren Chapman Abner Jr. Warren Wilkinson
Warren Chapman Abner Sr. Warren Wilkinson
Warren Chapman Ambrose Warren Wilkinson
Warren Chapman Ambrose Warren Wilkinson
Baldwin Chapman Benjamin Baldwin Baldwin
Warren Chapman David Warren Wilkinson
Warren Chapman David Warren Wilkinson
Hancock Chapman Debera Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock Chapman Henry Hancock Wilkinson
Wilkes Chapman John Wilkes Wilkinson
Liberty Chapman Mary widow Liberty Wilkinson
Hancock Chapman Nancy widow Hancock Wilkinson
Chatham Chapman William Chatham Wilkinson
Hancock Chapman William Hancock Wilkinson
Jackson Chapman William Jackson Wilkinson
Wilkes Chapman Wm. orphan of Wm. Wilkes Wilkinson
Lincoln Chappell Abraham Lincoln Baldwin
Hancock Chappell Jno. Jr. Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock Chappell John Jr. Hancock Wilkinson
Warren Chappell Nancy Miss Warren Wilkinson
Franklin Chappellier Henry Franklin Baldwin
Columbia Chapton William Columbia Wilkinson
Franklin Charham Epps Franklin Wilkinson
Wilkes Charlton Arthur M. Wilkes Wilkinson
Chatham Charlton Tho. U.P. Chatham Wilkinson
Washington Chastain Peter Washington Wilkinson
Richmond Chatfield Hiel Richmond Baldwin
Richmond Chatfield Hiel Richmond Wilkinson
Franklin Chatham Epps Franklin Wilkinson
Hancock Chatham Geo. H. orphans Hancock Wilkinson
Franklin Chatham Stephen Franklin Wilkinson
Camden Chavalier John Camden Wilkinson
Jefferson Cheatham Arthur Jefferson Wilkinson
Elbert Cheatham William Elbert Wilkinson
Columbia Chenault John Columbia Wilkinson
Jefferson Chesnut Mary widow Jefferson Baldwin
Greene Chewning David Greene Wilkinson
Greene Chewning Samuel Greene Baldwin
Elbert Childers James Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert Childers James Elbert Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Childers John Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Warren Childers Joshua Warren Wilkinson
Elbert Childers Wylie Elbert Wilkinson
Clarke Childes Wm. Clarke Wilkinson
Bulloch Childree Sarah Bulloch Wilkinson
Bulloch Childree Thomas Bulloch Wilkinson
Hancock Childs James Hancock Wilkinson
Elbert Childs John son of Nathan Elbert Baldwin
Hancock Chisolm Angus Hancock Wilkinson
Elbert Chisolm John Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert Chisolm John Elbert Wilkinson
Franklin Chitwood Daniel Franklin Wilkinson
Washington Chivers Jacob Washington Wilkinson
Hancock Choice Tully Hancock Wilkinson
Jackson Chrestler Absalom Jackson Wilkinson
Franklin Christian Elizabeth Franklin Wilkinson
Elbert Christian Jesse Elbert Baldwin
Elbert Christian Reubin Elbert Baldwin
Elbert Christler Joseph Elbert Wilkinson
Richmond Christmas Wm. Richmond Wilkinson
Greene Christopher Benj. orphans Greene Wilkinson
Greene Christopher David Greene Wilkinson
Jefferson Churcheell Jonathan Jefferson Baldwin
Richmond Churchwell James Richmond Wilkinson
Clarke Clark Absalom Clarke Baldwin
Camden Clark Archibald Camden Wilkinson
Elbert Clark Christopher Elbert Baldwin
Washington Clark Daniel M. Washington Wilkinson
Jefferson Clark Dicey Jefferson Baldwin
Hancock Clark Drury Hancock Wilkinson
Lincoln Clark Edward Lincoln Baldwin
Lincoln Clark Edward Lincoln Baldwin
Richmond Clark Gabriel Richmond Wilkinson
Lincoln Clark Gibson Lincoln Wilkinson
Jackson Clark Johnson orphans Jackson Wilkinson
Elbert Clark Larkin Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert Clark Larkin Elbert Wilkinson
Jackson Clark Micajah Jackson Wilkinson
Baldwin Clark Nathan Baldwin Wilkinson
Greene Clark Nathaniel Greene Wilkinson
Baldwin Clark Richard Baldwin Baldwin
Franklin Clark Thomas Franklin Baldwin
Warren Clark Thos. orphans Warren Wilkinson
Burke Clark Warren Burke Wilkinson
Hancock Clark William Hancock Wilkinson
Jefferson Clark William Jefferson Wilkinson
Baldwin Clark Wm.L Baldwin Wilkinson
Richmond Clark Wm.W. Richmond Baldwin
Baldwin Clarke Eliz. widow Baldwin Wilkinson
Washington Clay Chas. orphans Washington Baldwin
Greene Clay Jesse Greene Baldwin
Greene Clay Jesse Greene Wilkinson
Greene Clay Samuel Greene Wilkinson
Greene Clay Samuel Greene Wilkinson
Jefferson Clayton Geo. Rootes Jefferson Wilkinson
Jackson Clayton James Jackson Wilkinson
Franklin Clayton William Franklin Wilkinson
Burke Cleark Amy orphan Burke Wilkinson
Burke Cleark Anna orphan Burke Wilkinson
Burke Cleark Eli Burke Wilkinson
Burke Cleark James Burke Baldwin
Burke Cleark John Burke Wilkinson
Clarke Clefton George Clarke Wilkinson
Franklin Cleghorn Rebecca Franklin Wilkinson
Franklin Cleghorn William Franklin Wilkinson
Chatham Cleland James Chatham Baldwin
Jefferson Clem Mary Jefferson Wilkinson
Clarke Clements Benjamin Clarke Wilkinson
Hancock Clements David orphans Hancock Baldwin
Wilkes Clements Henry Wilkes Wilkinson
Jackson Clements James Jackson Baldwin
Baldwin Clements Jesse Baldwin Baldwin
Hancock Clements John Hancock Wilkinson
Wilkes Clements John Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Clements John Wilkes Wilkinson
Baldwin Clements Phillip Baldwin Wilkinson
Jefferson Clements William Jefferson Wilkinson
Jefferson Clements Wm. Jefferson Wilkinson
Wilkes Clemmons James Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Clemmons John Wilkes Wilkinson
Columbia Clerk Young orphans Columbia Wilkinson
Franklin Cleveland Benjamin Franklin Wilkinson
Elbert Cleveland Jacob Elbert Baldwin
Franklin Cleveland John -Little Franklin Wilkinson
Franklin Cleveland Larkin Franklin Wilkinson
Elbert Cleveland Reubin Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert Cleveland Reubin Elbert Wilkinson
Franklin Cleveland William Franklin Baldwin
Franklin Cleveland Wyatt Franklin Wilkinson
Clarke Clift Henry Clarke Wilkinson
Greene Clifton Curtis Greene Wilkinson
Tattnall Clifton Ezekiel Tattnall Baldwin
Liberty Clifton John orphan Liberty Baldwin
Richmond Cloud Adam Richmond Baldwin
Washington Cloud Jeremiah Sr. Washington Baldwin
Warren Clowd Hannah Miss Warren Wilkinson
Warren Clowd Joel Warren Wilkinson
Hancock Clower John Hancock Baldwin
Hancock Clower Morgan Hancock Wilkinson
Baldwin Clowers Jacob Baldwin Baldwin
Chatham Cloyne Pheneas Chatham Wilkinson
Camden Clubb George Sr. Camden Wilkinson
Glynn Clubb John Glynn Baldwin
Glynn Clubb Wm.Sr. Glynn Wilkinson
Chatham Clyne Jonathan Chatham Wilkinson
Greene Cmldwell John Greene Baldwin
Jefferson Coates Chas. orphans Jefferson Baldwin
Wilkes Coates Nathaniel Jr. Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Coates Nathaniel Sr. Wilkes Wilkinson
Jefferson Coates William Jefferson Wilkinson
Wilkes Coates Wm. orphans Wilkes Wilkinson
Columbia Cobb Abraham Columbia Wilkinson
Baldwin Cobb Benjamin Baldwin Wilkinson
Columbia Cobb Daniel Sr. Columbia Baldwin
Chatham Cobb Howell orphan Chatham Wilkinson
Wilkinson Cobb James Wilkinson Baldwin
Columbia Cobb Jas. Son of Ezekiel Columbia Wilkinson
Greene Cobb John Greene Wilkinson
Baldwin Cobb Joseph Baldwin Wilkinson
Montgomery Cobb Lewis orphans Montgomery Baldwin
Columbia Cobb Nathaniel Columbia Wilkinson
Jefferson Cobbs John A. Jefferson Wilkinson
Burke Cobourn Mary widow Burke Wilkinson
Burke Cobourn Susannah orphan Burke Wilkinson
Montgomery Cock Needham Montgomery Baldwin
Wayne Cockburn Ezekiel Wayne Wilkinson
Jackson Cockburn George Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson Cockram Prudence Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson Cockran James Maj. Jackson Wilkinson
Greene Cockran John M. Greene Wilkinson
Elbert Cockran Mary Elbert Wilkinson
Jackson Cockran Rickens orphans Jackson Baldwin
Jackson Cockran Thomas Jackson Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Cockran William Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Warren Cody Edmund Warren Wilkinson
Baldwin Cody Jesse Baldwin Wilkinson
Jackson Cody John Jackson Baldwin
Jackson Cody John Jackson Wilkinson
Warren Cody Michael Warren Wilkinson
Burke Cofield John Burke Wilkinson
Clarke Cohoon John Clarke Baldwin
Wilkes Cohran John Wilkes Baldwin
Wilkes Cohran Joseph Wilkes Wilkinson
Elbert Coil John Elbert Baldwin
Jackson Coker John orphans Jackson Wilkinson
Elbert Coker Malachi Elbert Wilkinson
Jackson Coker Robert Sr. Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson Coker Solomon Jackson Baldwin
Washington Coker William Washington Wilkinson
Jefferson Colah Turner Jefferson Baldwin
Elbert Colbert James Elbert Baldwin
Hancock Colbert John Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock Colbert John Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock Colbert Jonathan Hancock Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Colbert Philip P. Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Clarke Colbert Thomas Clarke Wilkinson
Greene Colbert William Greene Wilkinson
Greene Colbert William Greene Baldwin
Jackson Cole Jacob Jackson Wilkinson
Wilkes Cole Martha Wilkes Wilkinson
Greene Cole Thomas Greene Baldwin
Greene Cole Thomas Greene Wilkinson
Wilkes Cole Wm. orphans Wilkes Baldwin
Clarke Cole Wm.B. Clarke Wilkinson
Jefferson Coleman Benjamin Jefferson Wilkinson
Burke Coleman Charles Burke Wilkinson
Jefferson Coleman Isaac Jefferson Baldwin
Burke Coleman Jesse Burke Wilkinson
Greene Coleman Jesse Greene Wilkinson
Greene Coleman Jesse Greene Baldwin
Montgomery Coleman Jonathan Montgomery Wilkinson
Greene Coleman Josiah Greene Wilkinson
Wilkinson Coleman Menan Wilkinson Wilkinson
Tattnall Coleman Obedience Tattnall Baldwin
Richmond Coleman Samuel orphan Richmond Baldwin
Burke Coleman Thomas Burke Wilkinson
Screven Coleman Thomas H. Screven Baldwin
Burke Coleman William Burke Wilkinson
Tattnall Coleman Wm. Tattnall Wilkinson
Elbert Collet John Elbert Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Colley Anderson Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Colley James Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Elbert Colley Zachariah orphans Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert Colliday William Elbert Baldwin
Franklin Collier Barnett orphan Franklin Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Collier Isaac Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Collier John Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Collier Williamson Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Richmond Collins Caty Richmond Wilkinson
Hancock Collins Henderson Hancock Baldwin
Montgomery Collins Henry Montgomery Wilkinson
Greene Collins Jeremiah Greene Baldwin
Columbia Collins John Columbia Wilkinson
Franklin Collins John Franklin Wilkinson
McIntosh Collins John McIntosh Wilkinson
Baldwin Collins Joseph Baldwin Wilkinson
Jefferson Collins Major Jefferson Baldwin
Jefferson Collins Major Jefferson Baldwin
Richmond Collins Moses Sr. Richmond Wilkinson
Jackson Collins Samuel Jackson Wilkinson
Wilkes Collins Washington Wilkes Wilkinson
Wayne Collins William Wayne Wilkinson
Baldwin Collum Will orphans Baldwin Wilkinson
Baldwin Colly Gabriel Baldwin Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Colquett Eliz widow Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Hancock Colquett Henry Hancock Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Colquett Robert Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Colquett Samuel Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Colson Sally widow Oglethorpe Baldwin
Oglethorpe Colson Siney widow Oglethorpe Baldwin
Oglethorpe Colson Thomas Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Lincoln Colston Jacob Lincoln Wilkinson
Elbert Colvert Joseph Elbert Baldwin
Wilkes Combs Enock Wilkes Wilkinson
Baldwin Combs John Baldwin Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Combs Jonathan Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Hancock Comer Hugh M. Hancock Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Compton Pleasant Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Greene Cone John Greene Baldwin
Jackson Cone John Jackson Wilkinson
Washington Cone John Washington Wilkinson
Greene Cone Richard orphans Greene Wilkinson
Columbia Cone William Columbia Baldwin
Montgomery Coney Aquilla Montgomery Wilkinson
Montgomery Coney Jeremiah Montgomery Baldwin
Chatham Coney May A. Chatham Wilkinson
Richmond Conn George Richmond Wilkinson
Franklin Conn John Franklin Wilkinson
Franklin Conn John orphans Franklin Wilkinson
Franklin Conn Thomas Franklin Baldwin
Greene Connell Daniel Greene Baldwin
Greene Connell Jeremiah Greene Wilkinson
Hancock Connell William Hancock Baldwin
Franklin Connelly Keziah Franklin Wilkinson
Bynes Connelly Patrick orphans of Burke Bynes Wilkinson
Franklin Connelly Polly Franklin Baldwin
Clarke Connelly Price Clarke Wilkinson
Franklin Connelly Thomas Franklin Baldwin
Franklin Conner Boley Franklin Baldwin
Franklin Conner Eoley Franklin Wilkinson
Lincoln Conner Henry Lincoln Wilkinson
Lincoln Conner Henry Lincoln Wilkinson
Hancock Conner James Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock Conner John Hancock Baldwin
Burke Conner Joseph Burke Wilkinson
Tattnall Conners Cornelius orphan Tattnall Wilkinson
Screven Conyers John Jr. Screven Wilkinson
Clarke Coobs Jesse Clarke Wilkinson
Lincoln Coody Edward Lincoln Wilkinson
Washington Cook Abraham Washington Baldwin
Elbert Cook Benjamin Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert Cook Benjamin Elbert Baldwin
Washington Cook Benjamin Washington Wilkinson
Clarke Cook Drury Clarke Baldwin
Elbert Cook Francis Elbert Baldwin
Elbert Cook Francis Elbert Wilkinson
Hancock Cook Green Hancock Wilkinson
Baldwin Cook Greenberry Baldwin Wilkinson
Baldwin Cook Greenberry Baldwin Baldwin
Effingham Cook Henry Effingham Baldwin
Burke Cook Israel Burke Baldwin
Effingham Cook James Jr. Effingham Wilkinson
Franklin Cook Jas. Watson Franklin Wilkinson
Washington Cook Joanna Washington Wilkinson
Baldwin Cook John Baldwin Baldwin
Elbert Cook John Elbert Wilkinson
Washington Cook John Washington Baldwin
Elbert Cook John F. Elbert Wilkinson
Bulloch Cook John Sr. Bulloch Baldwin
Bulloch Cook Lewis Bulloch Wilkinson
Washington Cook Marian Washington Baldwin
Columbia Cook Merryman Columbia Baldwin
Elbert Cook Nancy Elbert Wilkinson
Burke Cook Nicholas orphans Burke Baldwin
Wilkes Cook Polly Wilkes Wilkinson
Clarke Cook Reubin orphan Clarke Wilkinson
Columbia Cook Sion orphans Columbia Wilkinson
Elbert Cook Smith Elbert Wilkinson
Chatham Cook William Chatham Wilkinson
Chatham Cook William Chatham Wilkinson
Elbert Cook William Elbert Wilkinson
Glynn Cook William Glynn Wilkinson
Jackson Cook William Jackson Wilkinson
Clarke Cook William B. Clarke Wilkinson
Greene Cook Wm. orphans Greene Baldwin
Jackson Coon Henry Jackson Wilkinson