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Georgia 1807 Land Lottery
Format by C. W. Barnum
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10,150 Names
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Benjamin Hampton to Caty Hidle
Jackson Hampton Benjamin Jackson Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Hampton Beo. Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Columbia Hampton Henry Columbia Wilkinson
Wilkinson Hampton William Wilkinson Wilkinson
Wilkinson Hampton Wm. Wilkinson Wilkinson
Wilkes Hamrick John Wilkes Baldwin
Wilkes Hamrick John Wilkes Wilkinson
Lincoln Hams Isaac Sr. Lincoln Wilkinson
Warren Hancock Clem Warren Wilkinson
Franklin Hancock Isaac Franklin Wilkinson
Franklin Hancock Isaac Franklin Baldwin
Tattnall Hancock James Tattnall Wilkinson
Tattnall Hancock James Tattnall Baldwin
Wilkes Hancock John Sr. Wilkes Baldwin
Warren Hancock Joseph Warren Baldwin
Jefferson Hancock Sarah widow Jefferson Baldwin
Chatham Hand Eleazer Chatham Wilkinson
Columbia Hand Henry Sr. Columbia Wilkinson
Columbia Hand John Columbia Wilkinson
Warren Hand John Warren Baldwin
Glynn Handaff James orphan Glynn Wilkinson
Richmond Handley Jarard Richmond Baldwin
Burke Handley Jarod Burke Wilkinson
Elbert Haney Charles Elbert Baldwin
Jackson Haney George Jackson Wilkinson
Elbert Haney Wm. orphans Elbert Wilkinson
Jefferson Hannah Thomas Jefferson Wilkinson
Screven Hannah William Screven Baldwin
Columbia Hannan Henry Columbia Baldwin
Columbia Hannan John Columbia Wilkinson
Burke Hanners John Burke Wilkinson
Wilkes Hanson Elizabeth Wilkes Wilkinson
Columbia Hanson Samuel Columbia Wilkinson
Jackson Hanson Thomas Sr. Jackson Wilkinson
Columbia Hanson Wm. son of Samuel Columbia Wilkinson
Baldwin Haralson Vincent Baldwin Wilkinson
Clarke Harbisson Alexander Clarke Baldwin
Franklin Harbour Esaias Franklin Wilkinson
Warren Harbuck Henry Warren Wilkinson
Warren Harbuck William Warren Wilkinson
Elbert Harcrow Hugh Elbert Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Hardean John Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Hardean Wm. M. Stone Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Washington Hardee Allen Washington Wilkinson
Washington Hardee Thomas Washington Wilkinson
Bryan Harden Charles orphan Bryan Wilkinson
Screven Harden Ebenezer Screven Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Harden Edward Oglethorpe Baldwin
Warren Harden Josiah Warren Baldwin
Franklin Harden Mark Franklin Wilkinson
Warren Harden Mark Warren Wilkinson
Franklin Harden Martin Franklin Wilkinson
Hancock Harden Samuel Hancock Wilkinson
Warren Hardeway Washington Warren Wilkinson
Washington Hardiman Elizabeth Washington Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Hardiman John orphan Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Washington Hardiman Jos. ophans Washington Wilkinson
Washington Hardiman Sarah Washington Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Hardman Wm.Sr. Oglethorpe Baldwin
Jefferson Hardwich Geo.W. Jefferson Wilkinson
Jefferson Hardwich Wm.P. Jefferson Wilkinson
Baldwin Hardwick Garland Baldwin Wilkinson
Baldwin Hardwick Garland Baldwin Baldwin
Baldwin Hardy Chas. orphans Baldwin Wilkinson
Washington Hardy Elizabeth Washington Wilkinson
Camden Hardy John Camden Wilkinson
Washington Hardy John Washington Wilkinson
Lincoln Hardy John Esq. Lincoln Wilkinson
Lincoln Hardy John son of John Lincoln Wilkinson
Lincoln Hardy John Sr. Lincoln Wilkinson
Lincoln Hardy Miles Lincoln Baldwin
Greene Hardygree Polly orphan of John Greene Wilkinson
Jefferson Hare Wm. Jefferson Wilkinson
Jefferson Hargrove Aley widow Jefferson Wilkinson
Burke Hargrove Benj. orphan Burke Wilkinson
Montgomery Hargrove Charity Montgomery Wilkinson
Jefferson Hargrove Eldridge Jefferson Wilkinson
Burke Hargrove Jordan Burke Wilkinson
Montgomery Hargrove Randal Montgomery Wilkinson
Montgomery Hargrove Randal Montgomery Baldwin
Jefferson Hargrove Reubin Jefferson Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Hargrove Richard Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Franklin Hargrove William Franklin Wilkinson
Franklin Hargrove Wm. Franklin Baldwin
Columbia Harkins James Columbia Baldwin
Columbia Harkins James Columbia Wilkinson
Baldwin Harkins Robert Baldwin Baldwin
Columbia Harkins Roger Columbia Wilkinson
Columbia Harkins Roger Columbia Wilkinson
Jackson Harkins Walter Jackson Wilkinson
Columbia Harkins Wm. Columbia Wilkinson
Burke Harlow Southworth Burke Baldwin
Chatham Harman Wm.N. Chatham Wilkinson
Liberty Harnage Mary widow Liberty Wilkinson
Lincoln Harnisberger Stephen Lincoln Baldwin
Greene Harp Arthur Greene Wilkinson
Greene Harp William Greene Baldwin
Greene Harp Wm. Greene Baldwin
Greene Harpe Manning Greene Wilkinson
Greene Harpe Samuel Greene Wilkinson
Hancock Harper Benjamin J. Hancock Wilkinson
Elbert Harper Charlotte B. Elbert Wilkinson
Clarke Harper Darcas widow Clarke Baldwin
Elbert Harper Drusilla Elbert Baldwin
Elbert Harper Edmund Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert Harper Edmund Elbert Wilkinson
Hancock Harper Edward Hancock Wilkinson
Clarke Harper Everett Clarke Baldwin
Clarke Harper Everett Clarke Wilkinson
Clarke Harper George Clarke Baldwin
Clarke Harper George Clarke Wilkinson
Clarke Harper Haywood Clarke Wilkinson
Elbert Harper Henry Elbert Baldwin
Wilkes Harper John Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Harper Mary single Wilkes Wilkinson
Greene Harper Robert Greene Wilkinson
Elbert Harper Roderick Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert Harper Sally R. Elbert Wilkinson
Greene Harper Samuel Esq. Greene Wilkinson
Greene Harper Sarah Greene Wilkinson
Elbert Harper Thomas Elbert Wilkinson
Lincoln Harper Wm.Sr. Lincoln Baldwin
Wilkinson Harrell Bailey Wilkinson Wilkinson
Wilkinson Harrell Bailey Wilkinson Wilkinson
Burke Harrell Etheidred Burke Wilkinson
Wilkinson Harrell Hardy Wilkinson Baldwin
Hancock Harrell James Hancock Baldwin
Hancock Harrell Milly Hancock Baldwin
Greene Harrell Samuel Greene Wilkinson
Warren Harrell Simon Jr. Warren Baldwin
Warren Harrell Simon Jr. Warren Wilkinson
Bulloch Harrell Thomas Bulloch Baldwin
Warren Harrell Thomas Warren Wilkinson
Lincoln Harrington Drury Lincoln Baldwin
Franklin Harris Absalom Franklin Wilkinson
Chatham Harris Ann Maria Chatham Wilkinson
Hancock Harris Catharine widow Hancock Baldwin
Washington Harris Churchwell Washington Wilkinson
Greene Harris Daniel Greene Baldwin
Greene Harris David Greene Wilkinson
Hancock Harris David Hancock Wilkinson
Clarke Harris David Jr. Clarke Wilkinson
Columbia Harris David Sr. Columbia Wilkinson
Jefferson Harris Drury Jefferson Baldwin
Hancock Harris Edward orphans Hancock Baldwin
Elbert Harris Elizabeth Elbert Baldwin
Lincoln Harris Elizabeth Lincoln Wilkinson
Columbia Harris Ezekiel Columbia Wilkinson
Baldwin Harris George Baldwin Wilkinson
Warren Harris Henry Warren Wilkinson
Washington Harris Henry Washington Wilkinson
Greene Harris Isbel Greene Baldwin
Clarke Harris Isham Clarke Wilkinson
Elbert Harris Jailes Elbert Baldwin
Elbert Harris Jailes Giles Elbert Baldwin
Greene Harris James Greene Wilkinson
Greene Harris James Greene Wilkinson
Jackson Harris Jesse Jackson Wilkinson
Glynn Harris John Glynn Wilkinson
McIntosh Harris John McIntosh Wilkinson
Jackson Harris Joseph Jackson Baldwin
Lincoln Harris Joshua Lincoln Wilkinson
Greene Harris Jourdan Greene Wilkinson
Hancock Harris Laird W. Hancock Wilkinson
Glynn Harris Luallen Glynn Wilkinson
Hancock Harris Martha single Hancock Baldwin
Baldwin Harris Micajah Baldwin Baldwin
Baldwin Harris Moses Baldwin Baldwin
Hancock Harris Nathan Hancock Wilkinson
Clarke Harris Patience widow Clarke Wilkinson
Wilkes Harris Peter Wilkes Wilkinson
Jackson Harris Sampson Jackson Wilkinson
Warren Harris Samuel C. Warren Baldwin
Warren Harris Samuel C. Warren Baldwin
Greene Harris Sarah Greene Baldwin
Washington Harris Sarah Washington Wilkinson
Hancock Harris Sarah single Hancock Wilkinson
Greene Harris Sarah widow Greene Wilkinson
Jackson Harris Thomas Jackson Wilkinson
Clarke Harris Thos. orphans Clarke Wilkinson
Elbert Harris Tryon Elbert Baldwin
Jackson Harris Walton Jackson Wilkinson
Greene Harris Walton Sr. Greene Wilkinson
Clarke Harris William Clarke Wilkinson
Greene Harris Win. Greene Wilkinson
Clarke Harris Wm. D. Clarke Wilkinson
Greene Harris Wm. orphan Greene Wilkinson
Franklin Harrison Barzillai Franklin Wilkinson
Montgomery Harrison Benjamin Montgomery Baldwin
Greene Harrison Davis Greene Wilkinson
Franklin Harrison Edward Franklin Baldwin
Columbia Harrison Elisha Columbia Wilkinson
Greene Harrison Elizabeth orphan Greene Wilkinson
Columbia Harrison Gadwell R. Columbia Wilkinson
McIntosh Harrison J.H. McIntosh Wilkinson
Wilkes Harrison John Wilkes Wilkinson
Hancock Harrison John Jr. Hancock Wilkinson
Jackson Harrison Joseph Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson Harrison Joseph Jackson Wilkinson
Greene Harrison Margarett orphan Greene Wilkinson
Greene Harrison Robt. orphan Greene Wilkinson
Wilkinson Harrison Samuel Wilkinson Wilkinson
Wilkes Harrison Vincent R. Sr. Wilkes Wilkinson
Chatham Harrison Wm. Chatham Wilkinson
Washington Harrison Wm. Washington Wilkinson
Greene Harrison Wm. orphan Greene Wilkinson
Jackson Harrod Susannah widow Jackson Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Hart Archibald Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Hart Archibald Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Jefferson Hart David Jefferson Wilkinson
Burke Hart Edwin Burke Wilkinson
Franklin Hart Elizabeth widow Franklin Wilkinson
Burke Hart Henry Burke Baldwin
Camden Hart Henry Camden Wilkinson
Washington Hart Henry Washington Wilkinson
Burke Hart Nelly widow Burke Wilkinson
Burke Hart Robert Burke Wilkinson
Wilkinson Hart Robert Wilkinson Wilkinson
Washington Hart Sad. orphan Washington Baldwin
Screven Hart Wm. orphan of Anthony Screven Wilkinson
Franklin Hartgrove Henry orphan Franklin Wilkinson
Burke Hartley Mary orphan Burke Baldwin
Hancock Hartley Robert Hancock Baldwin
Montgomery Hartley Samuel Montgomery Baldwin
Hancock Harton Lott Hancock Wilkinson
Chatham Hartridge John E. Chatham Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Hartsfieid Henry Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Hartsfield Richd. Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Columbia Harvell James Columbia Wilkinson
Columbia Harvell James Columbia Wilkinson
Wilkinson Harvey Benjamin Wilkinson Wilkinson
Baldwin Harvey Evan Baldwin Wilkinson
Hancock Harvey James Sr. Hancock Wilkinson
Jefferson Harvey John P. Jefferson Wilkinson
Baldwin Harvey Michael Baldwin Wilkinson
Baldwin Harvey Pinkethean Baldwin Wilkinson
Baldwin Harvey Thomas Baldwin Wilkinson
Hancock Harvey Thomas Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock Harvey Zephenah Hancock Baldwin
Warren Harvill Joe. orphan Warren Wilkinson
Warren Harvill Joseph Warren Baldwin
Oglethorpe Harvill Wm. Oglethorpe Baldwin
Greene Harville James Sr. Greene Baldwin
Hancock Harweli Samuel Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock Harwell Anderson Hancock Wilkinson
Burke Haskins Rhoda widow Burke Wilkinson
Hancock Haswsll Thoeas Hancock Baldwin
Richmond Hatcher Archibald Richmond Baldwin
Richmond Hatcher Edward Richmond Wilkinson
Richmond Hatcher Henry Richmond Wilkinson
Elbert Hatcher James Elbert Wilkinson
Washington Hatcher John Washington Wilkinson
Burke Hatcher Josiah Burke Wilkinson
Burke Hatcher Josiah Burke Wilkinson
Franklin Hathcack John Franklin Wilkinson
Franklin Hathcock James Franklin Baldwin
Elbert Hathcock John Elbert Wilkinson
Franklin Hathcock John Franklin Wilkinson
Elbert Hathcock Oziah Elbert Wilkinson
Jackson Hathhorn Andrew Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson Hathhorn Andrew Jackson Wilkinson
Warren Hathhorn Elizabeth Warren Wilkinson
Washington Hathhorn Thomas Washington Baldwin
Washington Hathhorn William Washington Wilkinson
Baldwin Hatley Bynum Baldwin Wilkinson
Chatham Haupt George Chatham Wilkinson
Chatham Haupt John Chatham Wilkinson
Chatham Haupt John Chatham Wilkinson
Greene Hawk Peter Greene Wilkinson
Greene Hawk Peter Greene Wilkinson
Hancock Hawkins Hardress Hancock Wilkinson
Baldwin Hawkins Mathew Baldwin Wilkinson
Elbert Hawkins Wyatt Jr. Elbert Wilkinson
Burke Hawthorn Aaron Burke Wilkinson
Elbert Hawthorn Eliz. widow Elbert Baldwin
Jackson Hawthorn James Sr. Jackson Wilkinson
Wilkes Hay David Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Hay Polly single Wilkes Baldwin
Clarke Hayens John Clarke Wilkinson
Richmond Hayes Charles Richmond Baldwin
Clarke Haygood James Clarke Wilkinson
Clarke Haygood John Clarke Wilkinson
Clarke Hayles George Clarke Baldwin
Clarke Hayles John Clarke Wilkinson
Clarke Hayly Ambrose Clarke Baldwin
Bulloch Hayman Jeremiah Bulloch Baldwin
Burke Haymans Wm. Jr. Burke Baldwin
Burke Haymans Wm. Sr. Burke Baldwin
Warren Haynes Charles E. Warren Baldwin
Greene Haynes Daniel Greene Baldwin
Greene Haynes Henry Sr. Greene Wilkinson
Jackson Haynes Isaac Jackson Wilkinson
Hancock Haynes James Hancock Wilkinson
Washington Haynes Leven Washington Wilkinson
Washington Haynes Mary widow Washington Wilkinson
Washington Haynes Nathan Washington Baldwin
Elbert Haynie Dyskin Elbert Wilkinson
Burke Haynie William Burke Wilkinson
Greene Hays Adam Esq. Greene Wilkinson
Burke Hays Edith Burke Baldwin
Tattnall Hays George Tattnall Baldwin
Tattnall Hays George Tattnall Wilkinson
Greene Hays Hugh Greene Wilkinson
Columbia Hays Martin Columbia Wilkinson
Richmond Hays Rebecca Richmond Baldwin
Jackson Hays Thomas Jackson Wilkinson
McIntosh Hazzard William McIntosh Wilkinson
Glynn Head John Glynn Wilkinson
Elbert Head John S. Elbert Baldwin
Montgomery Head Sarah orphan of Richard Montgomery Wilkinson
Elbert Head William Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert Head Wm. Elbert Baldwin
Baldwin Head Wm.Jr. Baldwin Baldwin
Jackson Headen Jesse Jackson Baldwin
Jackson Headen Jesse Jackson Wilkinson
Wilkes Heard Eiiz. widow Wilkes Wilkinson
Greene Heard James Greene Wilkinson
Greene Heard John Greene Baldwin
Wilkes Heard Margarett widow Wilkes Baldwin
Wilkes Heard Mary Wilkes Wilkinson
Elbert Heard Stephen Elbert Wilkinson
Greene Heard Thomas Sr. Greene Wilkinson
Baldwin Heard William Baldwin Baldwin
Greene Heard Wm. Greene Wilkinson
Greene Heard Woodson Greene Wilkinson
Jackson Hearn Asa Jackson Wilkinson
Baldwin Hearn Benjamin Baldwin Wilkinson
Hancock Hearn Wm.Jr. Hancock Baldwin
Warren Heath Chappel Warren Wilkinson
Hancock Heath Chappell Hancock Baldwin
Warren Heath James Warren Baldwin
Baldwin Heath Joel Baldwin Wilkinson
Warren Heath Joel Warren Wilkinson
Washington Heath John Washington Wilkinson
Warren Heath Mary Miss Warren Baldwin
Baldwin Heath Rebecca orphan Baldwin Baldwin
Baldwin Heath Rhoda widow Baldwin Wilkinson
Baldwin Heath Richard orphan Baldwin Baldwin
Hancock Heath Sterling Hancock Wilkinson
Warren Heath Thomas Warren Baldwin
Warren Heath Thomas Warren Wilkinson
Clarke Heathorn Samuel Clarke Wilkinson
Clarke Heathorn Samuel Clarke Wilkinson
Montgomery Heaton Thomas Montgomery Wilkinson
Baldwin Heflin James Sr. Baldwin Baldwin
Warren Height Howell Jr. Warren Baldwin
Warren Height Howell Sr. Warren Wilkinson
Chatham Heinamann Mary wodow Chatham Wilkinson
Effingham Heiniey Israel Effingham Baldwin
Effingham Heinley John Effingham Wilkinson
Chatham Heisler George Chatham Wilkinson
Effingham Helmley Eliz. single Effingham Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Helsebeck Henry Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Washington Helton Richard Washington Wilkinson
Jackson Hemphill John Jackson Wilkinson
Greene Hemphill Polly Greene Baldwin
Jackson Hemphill Samuel Jackson Wilkinson
Greene Hemphill Thompson Greene Wilkinson
Greene Hemphill Wm. Greene Wilkinson
Greene Henderson Betsy Greene Baldwin
Chatham Henderson Eliza widow Chatham Wilkinson
Greene Henderson Isbel Greene Wilkinson
Franklin Henderson John G. Franklin Baldwin
Wilkes Henderson Jos. Wilkes Wilkinson
Greene Henderson Jos.Sr. Greene Wilkinson
Clarke Henderson Joseph Clarke Wilkinson
Elbert Henderson Joseph Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert Henderson Joseph Elbert Wilkinson
Wilkes Henderson Major Wilkes Wilkinson
Glynn Henderson Michael Glynn Wilkinson
Tattnall Henderson Randel Tattnall Wilkinson
Jackson Henderson Robt. orphan Jackson Wilkinson
Clarke Henderson Samuel Clarke Baldwin
Clarke Henderson Samuel Clarke Wilkinson
Warren Henderson Simon Warren Wilkinson
Wilkes Henderson Wm. Wilkes Wilkinson
Bulloch Hendley John Bulloch Wilkinson
Wilkes Hendley John Wilkes Wilkinson
Jackson Hendnix Andrew Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson Hendnix John Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson Hendnix John Jackson Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Hendon Robertson Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Elbert Hendon Thomas Elbert Baldwin
Elbert Hendrick Absalom Elbert Baldwin
Wilkes Hendrick Benj. Wilkes Baldwin
Bulloch Hendrick Daniel Bulloch Wilkinson
McIntosh Hendrick John McIntosh Wilkinson
Elbert Hendrick Nimrod Elbert Wilkinson
Hancock Hendrickson Catharine Hancock Baldwin
Chatham Hendrickson Christian Chatham Wilkinson
Elbert Hendrix Abijah Elbert Baldwin
Franklin Hendrix Isaac orphan Franklin Wilkinson
Elbert Hendrix Jesse Sr. Elbert Wilkinson
Elbert Hendrix Sarah widow Elbert Baldwin
Washington Hendry Isaac Washington Baldwin
Baldwin Hendry John Baldwin Baldwin
Lincoln Hendry Micajah Lincoln Wilkinson
Wilkes Henley Abijah Wilkes Baldwin
Columbia Henley Alley Columbia Wilkinson
Franklin Henley Edmund Franklin Wilkinson
Lincoln Henley Philip Lincoln Wilkinson
Columbia Henley Thomas Columbia Wilkinson
Jackson Henley Wm. Jackson Baldwin
Wilkes Henly John orphan Wilkes Wilkinson
Washington Hennindon Jonathan Washington Wilkinson
Columbia Henry George Columbia Baldwin
Warren Henry Jemina Miss Warren Baldwin
Hancock Henry John Hancock Wilkinson
Hancock Henry Joseph Jr. Hancock Wilkinson
Effingham Hensler Hannah single Effingham Wilkinson
Effingham Hensler Jacob Effingham Wilkinson
Hancock Henson Thomas Hancock Wilkinson
Wilkes Henton James Wilkes Wilkinson
Wilkes Henton Noah Wilkes Wilkinson
Chatham Herb Cathanine widow Chatham Baldwin
Richmond Herdman George Richmond Baldwin
Washington Herendon Stephen Washington Wilkinson
Elbert Herndon Betsy orphan Elbert Baldwin
Elbert Herndon Edward orphan Elbert Baldwin
Elbert Herndon Fanny orphan Elbert Baldwin
Clarke Herndon Joseph Clarke Wilkinson
Elbert Herndon Michel orphan Elbert Baldwin
Elbert Herndon Polly orphan Elbert Baldwin
Elbert Herndon Susannah widow Elbert Wilkinson
Clarke Herrin Benjamin Clarke Wilkinson
Jackson Herrin George Jackson Wilkinson
Clarke Herrin Gresham Clarke Wilkinson
Montgomery Herrington Argent Montgomery Wilkinson
Washington Herrington David Washington Baldwin
Montgomery Herrington Ephraim Montgomery Baldwin
Hancock Herrington Luke Hancock Wilkinson
Screven Herrington Richard Screven Wilkinson
Montgomery Herrod Jacob Montgomery Wilkinson
Richmond Herron James Richmond Wilkinson
Chatham Hershman Jacob Chatham Wilkinson
Lincoln Hester Jas. orphan Lincoln Wilkinson
Clarke Hester John orphan Clarke Wilkinson
Clarke Hester Mathew Clarke Baldwin
Clarke Hester Thomas Clarke Wilkinson
Oglethorpe Hewell Wyatt Oglethorpe Baldwin
Clarke Hewett Sally widow Clarke Wilkinson
Burke Hickey Benjamin Burke Wilkinson
Clarke Hickman Joseph Clarke Wilkinson
Jackson Hickman Uphe Jackson Baldwin
Elbert Hicks Harrison Elbert Wilkinson
Columbia Hicks Nathaniel Columbia Baldwin
Baldwin Hicks William Baldwin Wilkinson
Wilkes Hide Eliz. widow Wilkes Baldwin
Columbia Hidle Caty Columbia Wilkinson