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Georgia Artillery CSA
Format by C. W. Barnum
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45 CSA Artillery Units of Georgia
Unit Designation Service Names
1st Battalion Reserve Artillery 0,002
1st Regiment Artillery 0,004
1st Georgia Regular Artillery 0,433
9th Battalion Artillery 1,144
11th Battalion Artillery (Sumter Artillery) 1,142
12th Battalion Light Artillery 1,601
14th Battalion Light Artillery (Montgomery's) 0,923
18th Battery Heavy Artillery 0,001
22nd Battalion Heavy Artillery 2,022
22nd Battalion Light Artillery 0,013
28th Battalion Siege Artillery 1,395
Anderson's Battalion Light Artillery (Anderson's Battery) 0,457
Baker's Company Artillery 0,092
Barnwell's Battery Light Artillery 0,222
Brooks' Company Light Artillery (Terrell Light Artillery) 0,264
Campbell's Independent Co. Siege Artillery 0,340
Carlton's Company Artillery (Troup County Artillery) 0,287
Clinch's Battery Light Artillery 0,245
Croft's Battery Light Artillery (Columbus Artillery) 0,357
Daniell's Battery Light Artillery 0,291
Ferrell's Battery Light Artillery 0,288
Fraser's Battery Light Artillery 0,272
Graham's Battery Artillery 0,001
Guerard's Battery Light Artillery 0,215
Hamilton's Company Light Artillery (Co. A; 1st Georgia Regulars) 0,098
Hanleiter's Company Light Artillery (Jo Thompson Artillery) 0,253
Havis' Battery Light Artillery 0,311
Howell's  Company Light Artillery 0,269
Hudson's Company Light Artillery (Arsenal Battery) 0,202
King's Battery Light Artillery 0,305
Lumpkins' Company Artillery 0,368
Massenburg's Battery Light Artillery (Jackson Artillery) 0,355
Maxwell's Battalion Regular Light Artillery (Read-Maxwell) 0,433
Milledge's Company Light Artillery 0,322
Moore's Battery Artillery 0,039
Pritchard's Company Light Artillery (Washington Artillery) 0,172
Pruden's Battery Artillery (State Troops) 0,217
Ritter's Company Light Artillery 0,273
Scogin's Battery Light Artillery (Griffin Light Artillery) 0,296
Siege Train Artillery (Major Buist) 0,002
Slaten's Company Artillery (Macon Light Artillery) 0,298
Tiller's Company Light Artillery (Echols Light Artillery) 0,265
Van Den Corput's Company Light Artillery 0,301
Wheaton's Company Artillery (Chatham Artillery) 0,352
White's Battery Artillery 0,004
Woods' Battery Artillery 0,002