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CSA Georgia Cavalry
Format by C. W. Barnum
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CSA Cavalry Units of Georgia

Cavalry, Reserves, Guards, Troops and Special Units

1st Battalion Cavalry Merged with 5th 0,780
1st Regiment Reserves Fannin's 1,316
1st Squadron State Guards Gordon's 0,174
1st Regiment Reserves Symons 1,258
1st Battalion Reserves Georgia 0,681
1st Regiment Cavalry Militia 0,078
1st Regiment Engineers Troops 0,005
1st Regiment Cavalry Georgia 2,244
1st Regiment Troops and Defenses Macon 0,149
2nd Regiment Cavalry Georgia 1,693
2nd Battalion Cavalry Georgia 0,866
3rd Regiment Cavalry Georgia 1,897
3rd Regiment Cavalry State Guards 0,818
4th Regiment Cavalry State Guards 0,629
4th Regiment Cavalry Clinch's 2,348
5th Regiment Cavalry Georgia 1,790
6th Battalion Cavalry State Guards 0,409
6th Regiment Cavalry Georgia 1,502
7th Battalion Cavalry State Guards 0,444
7th Regiment Cavalry Georgia 1,312
8th Battalion Cavalry State Guards 0,387
8th Regiment Cavalry Georgia 1,397
9th Battalion Cavalry State Guards 0,431
10th Battalion Cavalry State Guards 0,368
10th Regiment Cavalry State Guards 0,663
10th Regiment Cavalry Georgia 0,351
11th Regiment Cavalry State Guards 0,551
11th Regiment Cavalry Georgia 1,443
12th Regiment Cavalry Wright's State Guards 0,355
12th Regiment Cavalry Georgia 1,666
12th Battalion Cavalry Georgia State Guards 0,274
12th Regiment Cavalry Robinson's State Guards 0,613
13th Regiment Cavalry Georgia 1,175
15th Battalion Cavalry State Guards 0,240
16th Battalion Cavalry State Guards 0,368
16th Regiment Cavalry Georgia 0,004
18th Regiment Cavalry Georgia 0,011
19th Battalion Cavalry Georgia 0,633
20th Battalion Cavalry Georgia 1,138
21st Battalion Cavalry Georgia 0,704
22nd Battalion Cavalry  State Guards 0,524
23rd Battalion Cavalry State Guards 0,011
24th Battalion Cavalry Georgia 0,550
29th Battalion Cavalry Georgia 1,121
62nd Regiment Cavalry Georgia 1,727
Alexander's Company Cavalry Georgia 0,106
Allen's Company Cavalry Georgia 0,092
Arnold's Company Cavalry Georgia 0,045
Asher's Company Cavalry Murray Cavalry 0,060
Boddie's Company Cavalry Troup Co. Independent 0,055
Bond's Company Cavalry State Guards 0,066
Corbin's Company Cavalry Georgia 0,065
Dorough's Battalion Cavalry Georgia 0,119
Floyd's Company Cavalry Georgia 0,047
Gartrell's Company Cavalry Georgia 0,140
Hall's Company Cavalry Georgia 0,052
Hendry's Company Cavalry Atlantic and Gulf Guards 0,077
Humphrey's Independent Company Cavalry Reserves 0,083
Logan's Company White Co. Old Men's Home Guards 0,081
Mayer's Company Cavalry Appling Cavalry 0,090
Nelson's Independent Company Cavalry Georgia 0,256
Newbern's Company Cavalry Coffee Revengers 0,054
Pemberton's Company Cavalry Georgia 0,062
Ragland's Company Cavalry Georgia 0,068
Rice's Company Cavalry Georgia 0,003
Roswell Battalion Cavalry Georgia 0,195
Rumph's Company Cavalry Wayne Cavalry Guards 0,051
Russell's Company Cavalry Georgia 0,059
Waring's Company Cavalry Georgia 0,065
Young's Company Cavalry Alleghany Troopers 0,070