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Grubb's Company  Infantry Georgia
Format by C. W. Barnum
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73 Names

Last Name First Name Grade Discharge Grade
Anderson Carlos (Private) unknown
Bishop J.A. (Private) unknown
Bishop John (Private) unknown
Bishop William (Private) unknown
Boatright Reuben (Private) unknown
Brinson Jesse A. Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant
Brinson N. (Private) unknown
Brown Z.L. (Private) unknown
Canaday W. E. (Private) unknown
Coleman E. (Private) unknown
Coleman John (Private) unknown
Coleman M. (Private) unknown
Coleman W. L. (Private) unknown
Coleman W. L. (Private) unknown
Corsey W.C. (Private) unknown
Cross A.S. (Private) unknown
Cross Littleton (Private) unknown
Cross W.L. (Private) unknown
Daniels H.G. (Private) unknown
Deriso M. (Private) unknown
Elkins M. (Private) unknown
Faircloth Benjamin (Private) unknown
Faircloth E.J. (Private) unknown
Grubbs D. (Private) unknown
Grubbs James Captain Captain
Kemp K. (Private) unknown
Kempe J. (Private) unknown
Kennedy J.B. (Private) unknown
Kich W.J. (Private) unknown
Kirkland B.L. First Sergeant First Sergeant
Kirkland Thomas B. Third Lieutenant Third Lieutenant
Lamb D. (Private) unknown
Lamb J. (Private) unknown
Lamb T. (Private) unknown
Lawrence A.D. (Private) unknown
Lawrence J.D. (Private) unknown
Lipsey W. R. (Private) unknown
Lively J.C. (Private) unknown
Lively M.R. (Private) unknown
Lumpkin J.K. (Private) unknown
Martin R. (Private) unknown
McGar G.W.C. (Private) unknown
McGruder J. (Private) unknown
McGruder James A. First Lieutenant First Lieutenant
McKenzie J. (Private) unknown
Minton D. (Private) unknown
Moore L. G. (Private) unknown
Murdock T.J. (Private) unknown
Murphree J.A. (Private) unknown
Murphree W. (Private) unknown
Overstreet J. (Private) unknown
Perry E. B. (Private) unknown
Perry J. M. (Private) unknown
Pritchard C.B. (Private) unknown
Proctor A.E. (Private) unknown
Proctor W. (Private) unknown
Rich J.A. (Private) unknown
Roberts J. (Private) unknown
Scott H. (Private) unknown
Scott J. (Private) unknown
Scott T. (Private) unknown
Scouyins E. (Private) unknown
Scouyins J. (Private) unknown
Sherrod J. P. (Private) unknown
Sherrod Sr. W. G. (Private) unknown
Smith W. H. (Private) unknown
Stevens J. (Private) unknown
Stevens W. (Private) unknown
Stroud T. (Private) unknown
Stroud W.H. (Private) unknown
Sutton E. L (Private) unknown
Truet E.J. (Private) unknown
Wiggins P. (Private) unknown
Woods Peter (Private) unknown