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Invalid Pensioners of Georgia
March 1801 through September 1815
Format by C. W. Barnum
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 35 Names
These records survived the British Army Burning of Washington D.C. in August 1814.
A Treasury department fire occurred in 1833 which destroyed more records.
These pensioners were disabled veterans of the Revolutionary War
Andrew William Sergeant Transferred from Virginia 8 Jan 1808
Bird Herman Private  
Conner Daniel Lieutenant  
Cameron Alexander Private Began 1 Jan 1805
Dabney Austin Private  
Damron Charles Private  
Davis Thomas L. Private Began 29 Dec 1807
Edmondson James L. Private Transferred from Virginia  30 Jan 1811
Fry Benjamin Private Began 17 Sep 1810
Green Benjamin Private Dead; last payment 4 Mar 1803
Greer Thomas Private  
Green Thomas Private  
Guthrie John Private  
Garner John Private Began 29 Jan 1812
Henshaw Thomas Private Dead; Last payment 4 Mar 1814
Griffin Edward Private  
Jones Harrison Private  
Irvine Alexander Lieutenant  
Kendrick John Lieutenant Died Dec 1802
Kerr Henry Captain  
Lindsay John Major Died; last payment 5 Sep 1811
Lawson Hugh Captain Died; 20 Feb 1802
Lewis James Lieutenant Died; last payment 5 Sep 1812
Lloyd Edward Lieutenant Died; last payment 5 Sep 1812
McElduff Daniel Lieutenant Transferred from So Carolina; Began 27 Oct 1810
Odum S. illegible  
Odum Seybert illegible  
Odum Daniel illegible Transferred from So Carolina; Began 5 Sep 1810
Neil Robert Corporal Began 5 Mar 1814
Penticost William Lieutenant  
Ramsay John Private Died; last payment 5 Sep 1811
Shackleford John Private  
Shirley James Private Began 1 Apr 1805
Thornton Presley Corporal  
Whatley Samuel Private  
Whalen Michael Corporal Began 5 Oct 1801; Died 19 Jun 1808