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Pensioners In Georgia Dropped from the Rolls
Research and Format by C. W. Barnum
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The list of names below represent Pensioners in Georgia who have been dropped under the act of May 1, 1820; prepared in conformity with a resolution of the House of representatives of the United states of the 17th of December 1835. This is the only known list published on the web. These names are valuable due to the fact early censuses of Georgia were lost. These serve as a limited substitute.
Over 30,000 citizens of Georgia either applied for or  received pensions or applied for or received land under the Georgia Land Lottery. The vast majority of the claims were rejected. The claims do show who was in Georgia at that time and often where they lived.

Names Acts under which pensions were restored if any.
David Ambrose none known
William Beale none known
William Bryant March 1, 1823
Daniel Clower March 1, 1823
John Crosson March 1, 1823
Joseph Curbow June 7, 1832
James Dillard March 1, 1823
Charles Garner March 1, 1823
Thomas Grimsley March 1, 1823
Thomas Howard March 1, 1823
Thomas Payne Johnson March 1, 1823
Abraham P. Jones March 1, 1823
James Kelan March 1, 1823
David Kerr none known
Philip Logan none known
John Martin March 1, 1823
William Milirons none known
Jesse Peters June 7, 1832
Jesse Ricketson June 7, 1832
Richard Roberts none known
Jacob Solter March 1, 1823
Austin Smith none known
William Stephens March 1, 1823
James Sutley March 1, 1823
Edward Tinney none known
James Tison none known
John Talley none known
William Willoughby none known
Moses Wade none known