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I'm looking for information on Seaborn J. Thompson who lived in Troup County ca. 1830 to 1853. His father was Charles Thompson. The deed shown proves his father's name was Thomas Thompson from Virginia and North Carolina about 1700.

Thompson, Thomas Deed

Copy of deed Book D, D-530 South Carolina. Proves Thomas was the Father of Charles, and grandfather of William Thompson.

South Carolina, Union County: Know ye that William Thompson, Son and heir at law to the real estate of my father Charles Thompson deceased for and in consideration of one hundred pounds sterling to me paid by Soloman Bobo, have bargained sold aliened released, conveyed and confirmed to the said Soloman Bobo his heirs and assigns forever. All that plantation or tract of land containing one hundred and fifty acres with every appurtenances hereunder belonging, originally granted to my grand father Thomas Thompson August 14, 1772. Situated on the North of Tyger River at Blackstock's ford. Bounding E.(?east) by said river. No.(?north) by Charles Thompson deceased and So.(?south) by Absolom Langstrom's land, all other sides by vacant land which said plantation and appurtenances, I and my heirs will hereby warrant and defend to the said Soloman Bobo and his heirs against all persons whatsoever. In witness whereof I have hereunder set my hand and offered my seal this 10 January 1795 and (?) year of the Independence of America.
Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of John Anderson, Samuel Goody(?)
William Thompson Seal, Received the day and year within written of the named Soloman Bobo one hundred pounds sterling, it being the full consideration money (?)(?) mentioned(?)
William Thompson
Witness John Anderson, Samuel Coson(?)

State of South Carolina Union County. Personally came John Anderson before me John (?) one of the justices of said County and made oath according to law and said that he saw William Thompson sign, seal, and deliver the (?) deed of conveyance to Soloman Bobo for the use and purpose within mentioned and the Samuel Coson was a subscribing witness with himself in the same. Sworn to before me the 12th day of June 1795. John Martindale
Recorded the 10th March 1797

   Joel Smith Bible
   From Doris Gleasons photocopy files. Bible now in possession of Mrs.
   C. R. Kendrick of Sweet Water, Texas. Sent by Emma Barrett Reeves of
   Nacogdoches, Texas.
   Emma was aged ninety-five in 1997. Typed by Charles Barnum on 21 July 1997
   Births: Deaths:
   Joel T. Smith--16 October 1787; 8 March 1823
   Elizabeth J. Bedell--24 September 1794; 26 December 1871
   Frances Smith--19 April 1811; 14 May 1828
   George Smith--24 May 1812
   Nancy Smith--13 October 1813
   Martha Smith--15 May 1815
   Henry B. Smith--27 January 1817
   Amelia R. Smith--26 July 1819
   Maria Smith--6 December 1820
   Margaret Smith--17 September 1822; 25 August 1855
   Frances L. Thompson 2 March 1828 Daughter of Seaborn J. Thompson and
   Frances Smith
   Margaret Smith married Yarbrough
   Joel T. Smith married Elizabeth J. Bedell 22 April 1810
   Seaborn J. Thompson married Francis Smith 2 November 1826 
   Andrew Huling married Martha K. Smith 8 July 1830
   Micajah Bedell married Nancy Smith 18 October 1831
   George Smith married Nancy C. Wilburn 8 January 1835
   Other: Births Deaths   
   Henry R. Yarbrough--7 March 1842; 8 April 1863
   James Yarbrough--27 December 1843; 4 September 1864
   Francis P. Yarbrough--24 January 1845; ~~~
   Mary Bacon Yarbrough--16 Mar 1847; 26 July 1933
   Laura A. Yarbrough--16 February 1848; ~~~
   John F. Yarbrough--22 May 1851; ~~~
   Elvira H Yarbrough--25 January 1853; 30 September 1853
   Robert T. Yarbrough--25 June 1854; 11 December 1874
   Millard Yarbrough--13 April 1856;
   M. J. Lafayette Yarbrough--4 July 1858; 15 September 1830
   (end of Bible recording)
   Note: Seaborn J. Thompson moved to Troup County GA from Washington
   County GA ca. 1830 after the death of his first wife.