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The Spanish American War
3rd Georgia Volunteer Infantry
3rd U.S. Volunteers
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3rd Georgia Volunteer Infantry

The Spanish-American War started April 21, 1898. On April 23, the President called for 125,000 volunteers. A second call was made May 25 for another 75,000 men. The call was at first confined to existing units but was then issued to the citizens at large. Members of existing units were the first to be accepted and organized. The Spanish American War Memorial was erected in 1931 by the United Spanish War Veterans and auxiliaries of Savannah Georgia. The memorial is located on Bull Street at Park Avenue. It consists of a heroic scale bronze statue of a soldier - typically called the "Hiker", mounted on a stone pedestal. Bronze Inscriptional plaques are mounted at the sides of the monument. The 3rd Georgia Regiment was the only one to go to Cuba as a distinctively Georgia organization. Company K, commanded by Henry Kolshorn of the German Volunteers, an old Savannah militia company, was composed of about fifty Savannahians.

3rd Georgia Volunteer Infantry 1898

Company Counties Officer
A Atlanta and Elberton Capt. W. W. Davies
B Griffin, Spalding, Butts, and Upson Capt Aaron Burr
C Newnan, Coweta, Meriwether, Carroll, Ferrell and Paulding Capt. J. E. Powell
D Rome, Floyd, Polk, Walker Irwin and Dade Capt. Henry J. Stewart
E Atlanta, Fulton and DeKalb Capt. Amos Baker
F Marietta, Atlanta and Cobb, Pualding, Bartow, Pickens, Milton and Cherokee Capt. S. V. Sanford
G Albany, Brunswick, and Dougherty, Lee, Glynn, McIntosh and Wayne Capt. J. I. Gilbert
H Americus, Columbus and Sumter, Muscogee, Troup and Harris Capt. Charles E. Van Riper
I Augusta, Milledgeville, and Richmond, Baldwin, Wilkinson, Hancock and Warren Capt. J. H. Stevens
K Savannah and Chatham, Newton, Habersham, and Rabun Capt. Henry Kolshorm
L Forsyth and Monroe, Upson, Dooly, Pulaski, Thomas and Brooks Capt. W. E. Sanders
M Macon, and Murray, Bibb, Whitfield, Gilmor, Houston and Crawford Capt. Robert Hodge
Source: Wright's Official History of the Spanish American War, and multiple sources. Please submit personnel if known. email

3rd U.S. Volunteers - Ray's Immunes
Compiled by Eileen Babb McAdams, copyright 2008
Data source: Atlanta Constitution, May 5, 1899 ; April 22, 1899

A big thank you goes to Eileen Babb McAdams for us of this material. We have abstracted it to fit our format. Background:
The 3rd U.S. Volunteers - "Ray's Immunes" were commanded by Colonel Patrick Henry Ray organized the 3rd U.S. Volunteers under the immune act. The recruits were mostly from Georgia, South Carolina, Florida and Alabama. These men were chosen because they were from the South and thus thought immune from Yellow Fever which they would encounter. The regiment mustered into service June 1898 in Camp Price, Macon, Georgia. They arrived at Santiago, Cuba about August 18, 1898. The 3rd .S. Volunteers received the surrender of Spanish garrisons in the province of Santiago except in the city of Santiago. The 3rd Volunteers arrived home in Macon, Georgia on April 8, 1899. They paraded to Ocmulgee Park. They were assigned to Camp Fornance located at Ocmulgee Park on the north side of Macon, north of Vineville. Many were ill and some died from disease contracted in Cuba. The regiment was mustered out May 2, 1899.

The Field and Staff Officers in 1899 were:
P. H. Ray Colonel
T. S. Wyly Lieutenant Colonel
Marion Harris Major
Walter K. Wheatly Major
Seaton Norman Major and surgeon
Daniel H. Parker Chaplain
Edward Haralson Adjutant
Harry C. McCool Quartermaster
William H. Chapman First Lieutenant and assistant surgeon
J. C. L. Hardy First Lieutenant and assistant surgeon

Enlisted personnel were:
A. A. Watkins Sergeant Major
Robert H. Shivers Quartermaster Sergeant
Benjamin B. Hudson Hospital Steward
Andrew R. Wall Hospital Steward
C. F. Madox Hospital Steward
Band - J. J. Saunders Band
P. B. Newcomer Band
E. A. Butcher Band
W. Fuller Band
W. H. Ritchie Band
C. Blount Band
Everata Delgoto Band
P. A. Fontain Band
R. W. Funk Band
W. M. Gillespie Band
E. O. Jackson Band
F. E. Curry Band
G. R. Moore Band
J. H. Sweringer Band
Ignace Seats Band
T.N. Snell Band
R. E. Yoman Band
Levi Waters Band
W. F. Mims Band

Company Officers in 1899 were:
Company A  
Sidney R. Wiley Captain
Frank F. Crenshaw 1st Lieutenant
Harry A. Garden 2nd Lieutenant
Company B  
Albert W. Gilchrist Captain
Martin L. Williams 1st Lieutenant
Melville A. Wilson 2nd Lieutenant
Company C  
John A. Condon Captain
L. Brooks Clarke 1st Lieutenant
Alton A. Clark 2nd Lieutenant
Company D  
Robert B. McBride Captain
E. R. Stevens 1st Lieutenant
L. W. Brander 2nd Lieutenant
Company E  
W. Y. Carter Captain
W. G. Young 1st Lieutenant
A. M. Dunn 2nd Lieutenant
Company F  
Mack A. Laird Captain
Robert W. Collins 1st Lieutenant
Willis A. Hawkins 2nd Lieutenant
Company G  
Algernon Sartoris Captain
James H. Blount, Jr. 1st Lieutenant
Eugenius A. Nisbet 2nd Lieutenant
Company H  
John D. Twiggs, Jr. Captain
James E. Bunting 1st Lieutenant
Hiram L. Middlebrooks 2nd Lieutenant
Company I  
Wade H. Westmoreland Captain
James A. Thomas 1st Lieutenant
Robert Whitfield 2nd Lieutenant
Company K  
Rex Van Den Corput Captain
Jefferson D. Rooney 1st Lieutenant
Harris B. Lewis 2nd Lieutenant
Company L  
W. A. Jones Captain
William Neher 1st Lieutenant
Joseph L. Sauls 2nd Lieutenant
Company M  
J. A. Sibley Captain
A. N. McCall 1st Lieutenant
R. Ramspeck 2nd Lieutenant

Personnel in Cuba May 2, 1899
Company B Captain A. W.Gilchrist
Company C Captain John A. Condon
Company L 1st Lieutenant William Neher
Company E Captain W. Y. Carter
Outposts of E company  
Lose Canos 1 sergeant, 1 corporal, 4 soldiers
Santa Cecilla 1 sergeant, 1 corporal, 4 soldiers
San Carlos 1 corporal, 4 soldiers
Romila 1 company officer, 4 soldiers
La Luisa 1 non-commissioned officer, 4 soldiers
Company F Mack E. Laird
Fellcidad 1 non-commissioned officer, 5 soldiers
Sorpresa 1 non-commissioned officer, 4 soldiers
K company R.V.D. Corputt
Santa Fe 2 non-commissioned officers, 8 soldiers
San Jose 2 non-commissioned officers, 9 soldiers
Santa Rosa  
H company Captain J. D. Twiggs, Outposts
Confluente 1 non-commissioned officer, 6 soldiers
Colonia Santa Maria 1 non-commissoined officer, 6 soldiers
Santa Maria 1 non-commissioned officer, 6 soldiers
Colonta Confluente 1 non-commissioned officer, 4 soldiers
D company, Captain R. D. McBride
San Miquel 2 non-commissioned officers, 6 soldiers
San Vicente 1 non-commissioned officer, 6 soldiers
Santa Yetinel 1 non-commissioned officer, 4 soldiers
Guaso none
Lieutenant Col. T. S. Wylle, commanding
I company Capt. W. H. Westmoreland
A company Captain S. R. Wiley
M company Captain W. A. Jones
Saqua de Tanamo
G company Captain W. R. Wheatley
Tiquabos 5 civil guards
San Antenjo 5 civil guards
Soledad 5 civil guards
Guantanmo 15 civil guards
Jamaica 2 civil guards
Ysabel 2 civil guards

Personnel who died in service
Name Grade Place Company
Pye, Tom O. Private Savannah E
McCormick, L. V. B. Private Santiago K
Crosby, Elisha Private Santiago L
McSheban, Richard Private Santiago E
Pugh, James F. Private Santiago B
Morgan, J. W. Private Santiago H
Clemmons, G. R. Private Santiago K
Peixottas, D. L. M. Captain Guantanamo 3rd
Blount, Hugh G. Sergeant Major Guantanamo 3rd
Rivers, Lawrence W. Sergeant Guantanamo D
Johnson, Joshua W. Sergeant Guantanamo E
Falkner, James R. Corporal Guantanamo B
Green, George Artificer Guantanamo D
Reese, Lewis Private Guantanamo H
Curson, Robert L. Private Guantanamo L
Gray, Walter Private Guantanamo H
Edwards, Frank Private Guantanamo F
Cooney, James Private Guantanamo F
Ennis, Thomas H. Private Guantanamo L
Demery, Benton F. Private Guantanamo B
McAlpin, William Private Guantanamo D
Buchler, Frederick Private Guantanamo E
Pugh, William J. Private Guantanamo B
Young, Ralph J. Private Guantanamo F
Williams, Robert Private Guantanamo H
Hamilton, Stready R. Private Guantanamo F
McDaniel, John P. Private Guantanamo D
Canniff, W. J. Private Guantanamo F
Irving, William L. Private Guantanamo D
Hall, John M. Private Guantanamo B
Whiteaer, Brownlow Private Guantanamo K
Tankely, Private Robert Private Santa Rosa H
Burdett, Ed. R. Private Manzanillo L
Miller, John W. Corporal Baracoa M
Stibbins, Charles A. Private Baracoa I
Carroll, J. Frank Private Fort Monroe, VA ns
Hawkins, Walter Private Macon, GA M