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 Vietnam War Causalities of Georgia Citizens
Format by C. W. Barnum
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Name Grade Service Home DOD Place Birth Event Notes
Adair Samuel Young Jr MAJ Air Force Madison 15-Jul-1975 S.Vietnam 4-Jul-1941 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Adams Charles Henry SP4 Army Thomasville 14-Nov-1970 S.Vietnam 31-Jan-1950 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Adams Herbert Norman SP5 Army Vinings 10-May-1966 S.Vietnam 11-Feb-1945 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Adams Neil Jr SSGT Army Columbus 30-Jul-1971 S.Vietnam 27-May-1934 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Adams Russell Byrd PFC Army Atlanta 9-Feb-1969 S.Vietnam 6-Apr-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Addington Zack Taylor LCPL Marines Clermont 16-May-1968 S.Vietnam 1-Nov-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Adkins Wayne Lawrence BM1 Navy Hampton 19-Oct-1969 S.Vietnam 13-Mar-1945 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Ahouse William C 1LT Army Augusta 8-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 30-Dec-1945 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Alfred Bruce Crocklin PFC Marines Moultrie 27-Dec-1967 S.Vietnam 25-Apr-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Allen David Martin WO Army Warner Robins 10-Oct-1970 S.Vietnam 15-Jul-1950 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Allen Gus CPL Army Atlanta 23-Jul-1970 S.Vietnam 12-May-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Allen Larry Michael PFC Marines Decatur 18-Jun-1970 S.Vietnam 20-Jul-1951 Hostile, Killed ~
Allen Raymond SFC Army Rossville 9-Mar-1966 S.Vietnam 12-Mar-1937 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Allen Terry Jr CPL Army Newnan 23-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 5-Jan-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Alston Kennith A1C Air Force Sautee 19-May-1966 S.Vietnam 8-May-1941 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Altman David Brantley SP4 Army Blackshear 6-Oct-1967 S.Vietnam 17-Mar-1945 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Amerson Carlton SP4 Army Darien 16-Feb-1967 S.Vietnam 4-Nov-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Amos Floyd Lehman SGT Marines Blakely 16-May-1967 S.Vietnam 1-May-1944 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Amos Willie Frank PVT Marines Atlanta 19-Apr-1967 S.Vietnam 21-Oct-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Anderson Artis Wesley PFC Army Atlanta 17-May-1966 S.Vietnam 10-Dec-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Anderson Franklin Emmett QMC Navy Waverly Hall 1-Sep-1968 S.Vietnam 6-Jan-1933 Hostile, Killed ~
Anderson Gary PVT Army Griffin 29-Nov-1970 S.Vietnam 25-Aug-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Anderson John Ernest WO Army Columbus 21-Jul-1969 S.Vietnam 22-Mar-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Anderson Larry James PVT Army Chamblee 31-Dec-1970 S.Vietnam 2-Aug-1950 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Anderson Oliver SFC Army Dawson 3-May-1968 S.Vietnam 16-Jul-2027 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Anderson Ronald Carlis PFC Marines Columbus 4-May-1968 S.Vietnam 21-Sep-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Andrews Horace SP4 Army Butler 5-May-1970 S.Vietnam 31-Jul-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Anthony David Marshall 1LT Army Geneva 28-Feb-1967 S.Vietnam 20-May-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Arline Soloman David Jr SSGT Army Columbus 22-Feb-1967 S.Vietnam 27-Apr-1938 Hostile, Killed ~
Armstrong Atwell Asbell PVT Army Brunswick 11-Dec-1968 S.Vietnam 19-Aug-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Arnold Moses Anthony CPL Marines Union City 2-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 9-Sep-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Arnold Phillip Fred WO Army Columbus 17-May-1970 S.Vietnam 3-Sep-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Arnold Willard David SGT Army Oglethorpe 11-Feb-1967 S.Vietnam 5-Apr-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Arthur Jesse James Iii PFC Marines Atlanta 8-Sep-1969 S.Vietnam 30-May-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Arthur William Prescott CPL Marines Fitzgerald 19-Jun-1970 S.Vietnam 29-Sep-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Ashley Charles R Jr PFC Army Barney 25-Jan-1966 S.Vietnam 22-Jul-1944 Non-Hos. Died-Miss. ~
Athey Burder Smith Iii SP4 Army Savannah 21-Jun-1970 Cambodia 9-Oct-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Atkins Don Larry CPL Army Cedartown 12-May-1969 S.Vietnam 26-Nov-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Avery William Calvin PFC Marines Columbus 4-Oct-1969 S.Vietnam 2-Oct-1946 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Ayers William Herschel SP4 Army Toccoa 5-Jun-1969 S.Vietnam 29-Feb-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Bacon Barnard PFC Army Manassas 14-May-1970 S.Vietnam 21-Apr-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Bagley Jerry SP4 Army Millwood 26-Apr-1967 S.Vietnam 19-Apr-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Bailey Gene Thomas SP4 Army Villa Rica 26-Mar-1968 S.Vietnam 30-Jan-1942 Hostile, Killed ~
Bailey James Alvin CPL Army Rydal 6-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 26-Mar-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Bailey Larry William SP4 Army St Marys 2-Oct-1966 S.Vietnam 7-Jul-1947 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Baker Elbert James Jr CPL Army Quitman 11-Jul-1969 S.Vietnam 19-Aug-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Baker George Wayne PFC Army Dublin 9-Jun-1970 S.Vietnam 30-Apr-1950 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Baker John Wesley Jr SFC Army Macon 27-Dec-1968 S.Vietnam 16-Apr-2029 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Ballanger Enoch Andrew PFC Army Walker County 29-May-1967 S.Vietnam 2-Feb-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Ballard Gilbert Floyd PFC Army Savannah 18-Jul-1967 S.Vietnam 18-Feb-1946 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Ballew Henry Jr LCPL Marines Atlanta 27-Jul-1969 S.Vietnam 9-Aug-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Barber Mannie Alfred PVT Army Lenox 4-Apr-1970 S.Vietnam 10-Nov-1946 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Barbre Samuel David CPL Army Albany 2-Sep-1969 S.Vietnam 13-Dec-1949 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Barker Jack Lamar MAJ Army Waycross 20-Mar-1971 Laos 22-Mar-1939 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Barker Oscar Jr SP4 Army Matter 17-Nov-1965 S.Vietnam 30-Oct-1938 Hostile, Killed ~
Barnaby Roland Nathaniel SP5 Army Ft Benning 12-Jul-1968 S.Vietnam 12-Sep-1948 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Barnes Bernard PVT Army Columbus 7-Jun-1971 S.Vietnam 12-Apr-1951 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Barnes Robert Lee PFC Army Albany 9-Jul-1966 S.Vietnam 18-Sep-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Barnes Tommy Lee SGT Army La Grange 10-Feb-1970 S.Vietnam 19-Jun-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Barrett Donald CPL Army Dalton 30-Apr-1970 S.Vietnam 30-Oct-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Barrett John Harold SP4 Army Ft Valley 1-May-1970 S.Vietnam 18-Jun-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Barrett Michael Owen SP4 Army Atlanta 1-Jul-1967 S.Vietnam 18-Nov-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Barrow Thomas Melvin Jr PFC Marines Atlanta 26-Apr-1967 S.Vietnam 19-Dec-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Bass Jackie Dennis PFC Army Cochran 31-May-1969 S.Vietnam 22-Feb-1948 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Beam Raymond PFC Army Chatsworth 13-Sep-1968 S.Vietnam 4-Feb-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Beauford Samuel Porter PFC Army Atlanta 8-May-1968 S.Vietnam 13-Jul-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Beavers Charles Evan LCPL Marines Dalton 16-Oct-1967 S.Vietnam 10-Jul-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Beck David Michael SP4 Army Cordele 12-May-1969 S.Vietnam 29-Aug-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Beckworth Harley Daniel SSGT Army Baxley 17-Nov-1965 S.Vietnam 15-Oct-1930 Hostile, Killed ~
Bedgood Jimmy SSGT Army Milledgeville 6-May-1968 S.Vietnam 20-May-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Belcher Herbert Eugene GMG1 Navy Douglas 31-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 9-Dec-2028 Hostile, Killed ~
Belflower James H TSGT Air Force Atlanta 25-Apr-1969 Thailand 27-May-1936 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Bell John Darvin SSGT Army Ludowici 17-Jun-1970 Cambodia 26-Nov-1939 Hostile, Killed ~
Bellew Guy Lester SSGT Army Atlanta 13-Oct-1967 S.Vietnam 9-Apr-1932 Hostile, Killed ~
Bembry Snyder Pattishall PFC Army Unadilla 17-Nov-1965 S.Vietnam 30-Jan-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Bemis Earle John 2LT Army Marietta 1-Jun-1969 S.Vietnam 2-Dec-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Bender Gernot SSGT Army Columbus 25-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 2-Mar-1935 Hostile, Killed ~
Benfield Don Curtis PVT Marines Macon 8-Apr-1967 S.Vietnam 18-Feb-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Benford Howard Gilbert SMS Air Force Thomaston 19-Dec-1969 S.Vietnam 4-Jan-2022 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Bennett Charles Duane CPL Army Calhoun 7-Jul-1968 S.Vietnam 2-Nov-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Bennett George Rogers SP4 Army Fitzgerald 26-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 28-Jul-1944 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Bennett James Stephen PFC Marines Augusta 30-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 30-Sep-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Bennett John Arthur SP4 Army Waynesboro 16-Sep-1969 S.Vietnam 16-Mar-1946 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Benson David Eugene CAPT Air Force Doraville 18-Sep-1965 S.Vietnam 28-Oct-1934 Non-Hos. Died-Miss. ~
Bernard William Edwin SSGT Army Columbus 6-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 5-Jan-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Berry Charlie E SGT Army Atlanta 17-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 3-Dec-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Berry Joe Cleveland CPL Army Sylvania 24-Sep-1968 S.Vietnam 24-Apr-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Berry William Arthur SSGT Air Force Savannah 31-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 7-Nov-2027 Hostile, Killed ~
Betleyoun Gola Calvin PFC Army Macon 23-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 13-May-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Biddulph Thomas Arthur 1LT Army Atlanta 27-Oct-1968 S.Vietnam 17-Jan-1945 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Biggers Lewis Lamar CPL Marines Metter 26-Aug-1968 S.Vietnam 31-Aug-1948 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Bird George Allison Iii CPL Marines Savannah 30-Nov-1967 S.Vietnam 1-Mar-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Bishop Edgar Lee SGT Army Decatur 9-Jan-1970 S.Vietnam 29-Jun-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Bishop Joseph Adrian MAJ Army College Park 19-Sep-1968 S.Vietnam 11-Jan-1935 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Black Harvey SP4 Army Hawkinsville 23-Oct-1968 S.Vietnam 21-Oct-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Blair Kenneth Ray SP4 Army Mableton 12-Aug-1968 S.Vietnam 19-Dec-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Blanks Thomas Lee SGT Army Riverdale 4-Jan-1970 S.Vietnam 1-Nov-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Blount James Curtis SP4 Army Columbus 25-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 14-Feb-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Blount John William PFC Army Atlanta 14-Jul-1970 S.Vietnam 10-Sep-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Bogart Charles Robert SGT Army Mc Donough 13-Nov-1968 S.Vietnam 25-Jun-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Boggs Paschal Glenn MAJ Marines East Point 27-Aug-1967 N.Vietnam 7-Mar-1936 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Boles Robert Madison SFC Army Columbus 8-Sep-1970 S.Vietnam 15-Jan-1942 Hostile, Killed ~
Boling Charles George PFC Army Canton 8-May-1969 S.Vietnam 21-Feb-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Bolton Melvin PFC Army Tignall 8-May-1969 S.Vietnam 26-Mar-1949 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Bonner Roger Lee Jr PFC Army Glenwood 30-Sep-1966 S.Vietnam 23-Jul-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Bonner William Edward 1LT Army Augusta 27-Dec-1969 S.Vietnam 13-Sep-1947 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Boren Tom Edwin PFC Marines Fayetteville 10-Jun-1966 S.Vietnam 4-Apr-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Boswell Johnnie Lee PFC Army Eatonton 15-Nov-1965 S.Vietnam 23-Feb-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Bowden James Ronald SP4 Army Macon 4-May-1968 S.Vietnam 7-Dec-1948 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Bowen Harvey Lewis Jr PFC Army Atlanta 24-Feb-1966 S.Vietnam 26-Jan-1944 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Bowen Roland Michael PFC Army Iron City 31-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 20-Dec-1947 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Bowman Daniel Raymond PFC Army Elberton 8-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 25-Nov-1947 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Boynton Frank SP4 Army Columbus 18-Sep-1965 S.Vietnam 24-Mar-1940 Hostile, Killed ~
Bozeman Dwight Ervyn CPL Army Cochran 9-May-1968 S.Vietnam 6-Jan-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Brackins Allen SSGT Army Blakely 24-Apr-1966 S.Vietnam 12-Dec-1930 Hostile, Killed ~
Bradley Stanley Thomas SGT Army Cartersville 28-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 15-Oct-1946 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Bradshaw Floyd Lee Iii SP4 Army Boston 15-Jun-1971 S.Vietnam 2-Sep-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Brannen James Robert PFC Marines Statesboro 20-Sep-1966 S.Vietnam 2-Jun-1946 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Brant Richard F Jr PFC Marines Savannah 6-Jan-1970 S.Vietnam 12-Nov-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Brantley David Watson SP4 Army Brunswick 7-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 4-Sep-1946 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Brantley Troy Ellis Jr SFC Army Ray City 22-Aug-1971 S.Vietnam 3-May-2026 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Braswell Donny Joe CPL Army Lawrenceville 10-Jul-1970 S.Vietnam 22-Nov-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Brewer Grady Lee PFC Army Atlanta 12-Aug-1969 S.Vietnam 3-Oct-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Bricker William Edward PFC Army Decatur 28-May-1968 S.Vietnam 4-Dec-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Bridges R B Jr LCPL Marines Americus 15-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 17-Jul-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Brigham Albert LCPL Marines Savannah 14-Dec-1966 S.Vietnam 12-Apr-1945 Hostile, Killed BNR
Brinson Hubert F CAPT Army Statesboro 5-Jan-1970 S.Vietnam 8-Aug-1941 Hostile, Killed ~
Britt Billy Winford PFC Marines Atlanta 2-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 13-Jul-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Britt Kenneth John SGT Army Norcross 25-Nov-1968 S.Vietnam 21-Aug-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Britt Ted Dennis PFC Marines Decatur 30-Mar-1968 S.Vietnam 26-Jan-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Brittian Charles Henry Jr CPL Marines Atlanta 5-Jun-1969 S.Vietnam 29-Jan-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Brock Daniel Lee SP4 Army Forest Park 1-Mar-1970 S.Vietnam 25-Oct-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Brock James Albert CPL Army Kingston 5-Apr-1969 S.Vietnam 30-Jul-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Brock Randy Hoffman SGT Army Austell 7-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 24-Jun-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Brooks Donald Ray MAJ Air Force Decatur 10-Oct-1968 S.Vietnam 30-Sep-1931 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Brooks John Woodruff SGT Air Force Savannah 8-Nov-1967 S.Vietnam 28-Jul-1943 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Brooks Leon Ray SGT Army Mc Donough 17-Dec-1968 S.Vietnam 26-Sep-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Brooks Thomas Jr PFC Army Augusta 8-Jul-1969 S.Vietnam 26-Feb-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Brooks Willie Lewis CS3 Navy Columbus 18-Dec-1966 S.Vietnam 21-Jan-1942 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Brown Albert Lee SSGT Army Monticello 17-Jan-1971 S.Vietnam 19-Nov-1932 Hostile, Killed ~
Brown Benton SGT Army Twin City 24-Oct-1969 S.Vietnam 2-Jul-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Brown Curtis Lee PFC Marines Columbus 19-Dec-1968 S.Vietnam 25-Nov-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Brown Dennis Adrain PFC Marines Moultrie 14-Oct-1969 S.Vietnam 30-Mar-1951 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Brown Donald William CPL Army Ft Benning 23-Aug-1968 S.Vietnam 8-Oct-1947 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Brown Douglas PSGT Army Columbus 31-Oct-1967 S.Vietnam 25-Nov-1931 Hostile, Killed ~
Brown Eddie Jr PFC Army Macon 16-Nov-1965 S.Vietnam 12-May-1940 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Brown James Anderson Ii WO Army Atlanta 24-Apr-1969 S.Vietnam 23-Sep-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Brown James Tharpe Jr PFC Army Atlanta 25-Jun-1965 S.Vietnam 19-Mar-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Brown Joe David SFC Army Augusta 28-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 4-Nov-1933 Hostile, Killed ~
Brown Robert Lewis HMC Navy East Point 26-Jan-1967 S.Vietnam 22-Jun-1930 Hostile, Killed ~
Brown Roger Ray SP4 Army Blairsville 26-Dec-1969 S.Vietnam 7-Sep-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Brown Terry Lee CPL Army Waycross 6-Mar-1972 S.Vietnam 20-Nov-1951 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Brown Tommy Lee PFC Army Pinehurst 14-May-1969 S.Vietnam 29-Jul-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Brown Willmatt PFC Army Savannah 17-May-1966 S.Vietnam 26-May-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Browning Bill Gwinn CPL Army Lyerly 20-Jul-1970 S.Vietnam 28-Jan-1947 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Browning Cleveland CPL Army Waycross 23-May-1969 S.Vietnam 3-Sep-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Brunt Arthur Lee PFC Marines Valdosta 1-Mar-1968 S.Vietnam 11-Jul-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Bryan David Gradey PFC Army Murrayville 11-Jun-1966 S.Vietnam 5-Jan-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Bryant David Eugene SGT Army Warner Robins 19-Oct-1970 S.Vietnam 15-Nov-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Bryant Freddie James SP4 Army Vienna 8-Mar-1968 S.Vietnam 3-Nov-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Bryant George Edward PFC Army Folkston 9-Nov-1966 S.Vietnam 30-Jun-1932 Hostile, Killed ~
Bryson Johnny Ray SP4 Army College Park 7-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 15-Feb-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Buffington Fred LCPL Marines Smyrna 30-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 28-Feb-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Buffington Sammy SP4 Army Barnesville 26-Dec-1967 S.Vietnam 17-Jun-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Bulloch Samuel Viel Jr CPL Army Ochlocknee 10-Dec-1967 S.Vietnam 29-Mar-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Burch Kenneth Eugene SGT Army Cataula 11-Aug-1969 S.Vietnam 4-Nov-1950 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Burdett Edward Burke BGEN Air Force Macon 18-Nov-1967 N.Vietnam 10-Mar-2021 Hostile, Died-Captured ~
Burgamy Ernie Lee PFC Army Wrightsville 4-Jul-1968 S.Vietnam 10-Sep-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Burgess Cleatis Lynn CPL Army Meigs 19-Oct-1970 S.Vietnam 29-Dec-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Burgess William C Jr PFC Army Ellijay 4-Jun-1969 S.Vietnam 16-Apr-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Burnett Richard James PFC Marines Atlanta 1-Mar-1968 S.Vietnam 5-Jan-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Burney Charlie Lee CPL Marines Smithville 25-Jun-1967 S.Vietnam 17-Oct-1947 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Burnham Richard Floyd Jr SP4 Army Decatur 1-Jul-1968 S.Vietnam 7-Oct-1946 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Burroughs Emanuel Fero CPL Army Mc Bean 15-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 27-Oct-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Burroughs James Michael PFC Army Comer 20-May-1967 S.Vietnam 3-Apr-1947 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Busby William Russell PFC Marines Sylvester 2-Sep-1968 S.Vietnam 16-Jul-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Bush James Howard Jr PFC Marines Guyton 18-Dec-1967 S.Vietnam 14-Sep-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Bush Milton Jackson SGT Air Force Barnesville 18-May-1969 S.Vietnam 8-Apr-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Bussey Jimmy Lee PFC Army Thomaston 6-Feb-1967 S.Vietnam 17-Feb-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Bynum Franklin Delano CAPT Marines Columbus 27-Jun-1967 S.Vietnam 4-Apr-1933 Hostile, Killed ~
Byrd Walter Frank Jr SP4 Army Vidalia 4-Dec-1968 S.Vietnam 8-Nov-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Byrd William Larry CAPT Army Rossville 6-Jun-1970 S.Vietnam 6-Dec-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Cabe Dennis Stewart SP4 Army Dillard 22-Jul-1969 S.Vietnam 3-Mar-1948 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Cagle Allen James PFC Army Chatsworth 25-Jun-1967 S.Vietnam 25-Feb-1944 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Cagle Randy Graham CPL Army Menlo 11-Sep-1969 S.Vietnam 20-Sep-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Cail John Edward Jr SP4 Army Savannah 9-May-1966 S.Vietnam 25-May-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Caldwell Allen Hayes SGT Army Columbus 17-Nov-1969 S.Vietnam 22-Oct-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Calhoun Johnny C SFC Army Newman 3-Sep-1974 S.Vietnam 14-Jul-1945 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Calhoun Patrick Palmer 2LT Army Columbus 19-Apr-1965 S.Vietnam 19-Mar-1941 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Calhoun Roderick Wesley LCPL Marines Atlanta 21-Feb-1970 S.Vietnam 9-May-1951 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Call John Granville LCPL Marines Columbus 6-Sep-1967 S.Vietnam 26-Sep-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Callahan Welborn A Jr 1LT Army Columbus 3-Mar-1967 S.Vietnam 6-Mar-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Callaway Allan Brooks SSGT Army Decatur 21-Feb-1969 S.Vietnam 6-Aug-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Callaway Lewis Andres Iii SGT Army West Point 28-Jan-1969 S.Vietnam 6-Dec-1942 Hostile, Killed ~
Camacho Gregorio Meno SFC Army Toccoa 26-Sep-1968 S.Vietnam 10-Dec-1931 Hostile, Killed ~
Cameron James Frederick CAPT Air Force St Simons Island 13-Sep-1969 S.Vietnam 29-Sep-1934 Hostile, Killed ~
Cameron Thomas Stewart PFC Army Hogansville 11-Jun-1966 S.Vietnam 30-Nov-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Camp Anthony Lorin CPL Marines Dallas 4-Jun-1969 S.Vietnam 13-Dec-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Camp John Wayne SP4 Army Decatur 15-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 6-Jan-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Campbell George Allen SP4 Army Columbus 1-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 16-Oct-1948 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Campbell Gordon Allan SGT Army Atlanta 10-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 1-Aug-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Campbell Stephen Manton PFC Marines Forest Park 20-Jul-1966 S.Vietnam 3-Feb-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Campbell Thomas David SGT Army Thomasville 29-May-1966 S.Vietnam 19-Oct-1941 Hostile, Killed ~
Campfield Melvin PFC Army Savannah 18-May-1968 S.Vietnam 15-Aug-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Cannady Woodrow Michael PFC Army Macon 22-Sep-1970 S.Vietnam 18-Jan-1951 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Cannon Bruce Alton CAPT Army Savannah 7-Sep-1971 S.Vietnam 20-Nov-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Cannon Ronald Lamar SP4 Army Albany 11-Oct-1969 S.Vietnam 25-Oct-1950 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Cappaert Jon Michael 2LT Army Columbus 29-Dec-1967 S.Vietnam 13-May-1947 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Carey Charles B SGT Army Athens 13-Oct-1969 S.Vietnam 11-Nov-1935 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Carlan Jack Morris AQF3 Navy Commerce 29-Jul-1967 N.Vietnam 17-Nov-1945 Non-Hos. Died-Miss. ~
Carpenter Charles Edward LCPL Marines Savannah 26-Jun-1969 S.Vietnam 17-Mar-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Carpenter William Johnny CPL Army Butler 1-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 31-May-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Carroll Joe David PFC Army Athens 18-Aug-1968 S.Vietnam 14-May-1948 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Carroll John Leonard MAJ Air Force Decatur 7-Nov-1972 Laos 6-May-1940 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Carroll Larry David SP4 Army Hartsfield 9-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 2-Jun-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Carroll Roy Arnold SP4 Army Thomaston 22-Apr-1969 S.Vietnam 29-Mar-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Carter Harold E SFC Army Columbus 21-Feb-1969 S.Vietnam 22-Nov-1930 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Carter Larry Reaumaine PFC Army Monticello 31-Aug-1970 S.Vietnam 3-Jan-1951 Hostile, Killed ~
Case Thomas Franklin COL Air Force Thomson 9-Jan-1978 N.Vietnam 22-Oct-1931 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Casey Johnny Dale SP4 Army Moultrie 21-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 23-Sep-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Castleberry Roy Lee ETR2 Navy Marietta 24-May-1967 S.Vietnam 13-Nov-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Cawthorne William Bayles 2LT Army Marietta 30-Jun-1964 S.Vietnam 8-Oct-1938 Hostile, Killed ~
Chamblee Daniel Lee SP4 Army Forest Park 20-Nov-1971 S.Vietnam 14-Dec-1952 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Chambliss Luther SP4 Army Atlanta 10-May-1967 S.Vietnam 26-Mar-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Champion Joseph SP4 Army Decatur 21-Mar-1967 S.Vietnam 27-Mar-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Chandler Anthony Gordon BM2 Navy Warner Robins 16-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 21-Oct-1944 Hostile, Killed BNR
Chapman Billy SP4 Army Jeffersonville 23-May-1968 S.Vietnam 9-Aug-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Charles Billy SFC Army Cummings 7-Feb-1967 S.Vietnam 30-Jan-1938 Hostile, Killed ~
Chasin Stephen C WO Army Decatur 14-May-1970 Cambodia 2-Feb-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Chatmon Charles Louis PFC Army Ailey 2-Jul-1966 S.Vietnam 18-Mar-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Cheshire Allen Donihue SP4 Army Waycross 2-Feb-1969 S.Vietnam 25-Feb-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Chesser Harry Edward SP5 Army Nahunta 15-Aug-1970 S.Vietnam 9-Nov-1948 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Chisholm James PFC Marines Savannah 23-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 1-Jun-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Christie James Miller LCPL Marines Augusta 1-May-1968 S.Vietnam 19-Aug-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Clark Arthur GSGT Marines Atlanta 3-Feb-1970 S.Vietnam 16-Jul-1932 Hostile, Killed ~
Clark Billy Earl MSGT Army Columbus 1-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 27-Feb-1931 Hostile, Killed ~
Clark Clyde Jr SSGT Marines Macon 16-May-1967 S.Vietnam 8-Jul-1941 Hostile, Killed ~
Clark Harlow Gary Jr LTC Army Savannah 7-Mar-1966 S.Vietnam 4-Jul-2021 Hostile, Killed ~
Clark James Lester SP4 Army Rising Fawn 5-Feb-1969 S.Vietnam 5-Dec-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Clark John Michael SGT Army Lakeland 10-Nov-1971 S.Vietnam 24-Dec-1952 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Clark Lem SFC Army Eastman 5-Jun-1971 S.Vietnam 9-Jun-1936 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Clark Ronald Cleveland SP4 Army Gainesville 22-Jun-1967 S.Vietnam 16-May-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Clark Thomas PFC Marines Athens 3-Feb-1969 S.Vietnam 10-Mar-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Clark William Jr BM3 Navy Vienna 1-Oct-1972 N.Vietnam 26-Jan-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Clarkson James La Fayette SGT Army Trion 1-Dec-1969 S.Vietnam 30-Jun-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Clements Dawson SFC Army Glenwood 3-Oct-1968 S.Vietnam 2-Aug-1938 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Clements Lonnie Edward 1LT Army Atlanta 20-Jun-1966 S.Vietnam 13-Dec-1937 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Clements Walter Lee GMG3 Navy Soperton 13-Mar-1967 S.Vietnam 28-Dec-1941 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Cleveland Clark Edward PFC Army Elberton 14-Sep-1967 S.Vietnam 20-May-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Cleveland Ronald SP4 Army Atlanta 30-Mar-1971 S.Vietnam 16-Apr-1947 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Cline Charles William SP4 Army Dalton 22-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 9-Oct-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Cline William Louis SGT Army Decatur 14-Feb-1970 S.Vietnam 1-Apr-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Cloud Milam Edward PFC Army Columbus 19-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 26-Sep-1948 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Clovis Franklin PFC Army Cedartown 8-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 19-May-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Cochran William Sherwood PFC Army Macon 6-Nov-1966 S.Vietnam 24-Jun-1946 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Cofer James Terrell SP5 Army Covington 18-May-1969 S.Vietnam 13-Aug-1947 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Cofield Jessie Clifford CPL Army Newnan 13-Sep-1967 S.Vietnam 2-Aug-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Coggins James Terry PFC Army Griffin 28-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 17-Jul-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Coker Dennis Sanders 1LT Army Monroe 2-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 7-May-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Cokley Troy Wesley PFC Marines Savannah 21-Sep-1967 S.Vietnam 26-Jan-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Colbaugh Howard Lebron SSGT Army Atlanta 28-Nov-1971 S.Vietnam 20-Jul-1946 Non-Hos. Died-Miss. ~
Cole Timothy Jr WO Army Newnan 18-Oct-1968 S.Vietnam 19-Dec-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Coleman Donnie SP4 Army Albany 7-Sep-1967 S.Vietnam 7-Jul-1946 Non-Hos. Died-Miss. ~
Coleman John Thomas CPL Marines Atlanta 10-Feb-1969 S.Vietnam 28-Jul-1948 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Coleman Lenard PFC Marines Portal 12-Mar-1968 S.Vietnam 9-Apr-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Collier Alonzo Carlton CPL Army Riverdale 25-May-1968 S.Vietnam 29-Dec-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Collier Larry Eugene SP5 Army Toccoa 4-Jul-1968 S.Vietnam 11-Mar-1944 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Collier Noah Chandler Jr PFC Army Wiley 26-Oct-1966 S.Vietnam 11-Feb-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Collins Albert PFC Army Atlanta 3-Sep-1966 S.Vietnam 14-Aug-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Collins Douglas Woodrow WO Army Cusseta 21-Aug-1968 S.Vietnam 5-Jul-1943 Non-Hos. Died-Miss. ~
Collins Floyd Eugene Jr SP5 Army Lithonia 9-Oct-1967 S.Vietnam 13-Mar-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Collins Franklin Thomas PFC Marines Tifton 4-Jun-1967 S.Vietnam 2-Feb-1947 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Colon-Motas Esteban SSGT Army Benning Park 18-May-1967 S.Vietnam 3-Aug-1937 Hostile, Killed ~
Conaway London CPL Army Valdosta 3-Apr-1969 S.Vietnam 12-Sep-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Condon Frank Alloysius SFC Army Augusta 6-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 6-Dec-2020 Hostile, Killed ~
Condrey George Thomas Iii WO Army Atlanta 8-May-1968 S.Vietnam 12-Feb-1944 Hostile, Killed BNR
Cone Ralph Asberry COL Air Force Atlanta 8-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 23-Feb-2028 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Conkle Joe Thomas 1LT Army Hampton 20-May-1969 S.Vietnam 17-Mar-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Conley James Grady SFC Army Calhoun 7-Nov-1971 S.Vietnam 10-Jun-1937 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Conner Jessie Wendell PFC Army Statesboro 16-Nov-1967 S.Vietnam 24-Nov-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Conner Lorenza CAPT Air Force Cartersville 27-Oct-1967 N.Vietnam 19-Feb-1943 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Cook Charles CPL Army Columbus 23-Apr-1970 S.Vietnam 1-Jun-1941 Hostile, Killed ~
Cook Jerry Robert PFC Army Alpharetta 17-Jun-1967 S.Vietnam 20-Jul-1946 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Cook John William Jr SP4 Army Atlanta 29-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 15-Jan-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Cook Patrick Henry Jr SP4 Army Marietta 13-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 22-Jan-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Cooper Curtis SP4 Army Lumber City 15-Aug-1970 S.Vietnam 27-Apr-1950 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Cooper James Arthur PFC Marines Folkston 19-Dec-1969 S.Vietnam 12-Oct-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Cooper James Ennis SP4 Army Dublin 8-May-1968 S.Vietnam 10-Feb-1944 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Cooper John Randolph Jr SP4 Army Lawrenceville 28-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 21-Oct-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Cooper Ulysses Cornelius SFC Army Eastman 18-Jul-1966 S.Vietnam 2-Aug-1931 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Cooper William Earl COL Air Force Albany 9-Feb-1978 N.Vietnam 16-Sep-2020 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Cooper Willie A SP4 Army Cuthbert 24-Feb-1966 S.Vietnam 9-Aug-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Copeland David Lee CPL Army Dudley 1-Oct-1969 S.Vietnam 29-Nov-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Copeland James Randall CPL Marines Rockmart 25-Jan-1969 S.Vietnam 12-Dec-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Corbett Donald June SP4 Army Adel 13-May-1969 S.Vietnam 18-Nov-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Corbett Isaac Joseph SSGT Air Force Willacoochee 6-Oct-1969 S.Vietnam 15-Sep-1941 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Cordell Ralph Durward MAJ Army Hartwell 15-Jan-1967 S.Vietnam 7-Jul-1935 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Cordle Donald Calvin SFC Army Milledgeville 18-Dec-1970 S.Vietnam 1-Nov-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Corn Jack Alvin SP5 Army Ranger 22-Oct-1968 S.Vietnam 21-Aug-1947 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Corry Charles Michael SP5 Army Washington 15-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 7-Aug-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Couch Julian Wayne PSGT Army Cedartown 23-Feb-1967 S.Vietnam 28-Oct-1930 Hostile, Killed ~
Couch Robert Edward SGT Army Senoia 30-Dec-1968 S.Vietnam 22-Jul-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Cousar William James SSGT Army Columbus 22-Apr-1969 S.Vietnam 6-Feb-1944 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Cousin Robert Lee CPL Army Hogansville 8-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 8-Jul-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Covington William Lee LT Navy Rome 16-Aug-1977 S.Vietnam 5-Jun-1943 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Cowan James Alton Jr SGT Army Chamblee 18-Jun-1969 S.Vietnam 5-Apr-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Cox Allan Lamar WO Army Atlanta 1-Aug-1966 S.Vietnam 3-Nov-1934 Hostile, Killed ~
Cox Jackson Elliott 2LT Marines Waynesboro 25-Mar-1967 S.Vietnam 15-Aug-1941 Hostile, Killed ~
Coy James Anthony A1C Air Force Atlanta 11-Jun-1965 S.Vietnam 21-Jul-1944 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Craig Thomas Richard Jr PFC Marines Atlanta 8-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 10-Aug-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Crawford Harold Jerome SGT Army Thomson 11-Jun-1969 S.Vietnam 4-Apr-1948 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Crawford Walter Norman SGT Army Atlanta 12-Feb-1969 S.Vietnam 8-Jan-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Creech Billy Gene 1LT Army Chamblee 6-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 17-Aug-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Crews Arthur Blake SGT Air Force Barnesville 24-Sep-1968 S.Vietnam 16-Feb-1945 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Crisp John Harold PFC Army Marietta 12-May-1969 S.Vietnam 2-Dec-1946 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Crockett James Brannah CWO Army Albany 23-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 23-Jun-1935 Non-Hos. Died-Miss. ~
Crook Jimmy Ray PFC Marines Austell 3-Jun-1967 S.Vietnam 1-Aug-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Croom Rufus Ray SP4 Army Donalsonville 20-Apr-1967 S.Vietnam 22-Dec-1945 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Crow Edward David SGT Army Columbus 14-May-1968 S.Vietnam 19-May-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Croy Willard Winston SGT Army Gainesville 8-Jan-1970 S.Vietnam 28-Feb-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Crumpton Eugene Hayward SP4 Army Macon 3-Nov-1970 S.Vietnam 18-Oct-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Cruse Gary Robert SP4 Army Dalton 18-Aug-1968 S.Vietnam 22-Nov-1946 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Cumbee Jimmy Dean SP4 Army Twin City 3-Jun-1969 S.Vietnam 10-Sep-1948 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Curry Jimmy Lee PFC Marines Macon 28-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 24-Aug-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Daniel Cantrell Monro Iii SP4 Army Atlanta 30-Apr-1971 S.Vietnam 22-Dec-1951 Hostile, Killed ~
Daniel James Robert CAPT Army Atlanta 19-Jun-1969 S.Vietnam 23-Mar-1939 Hostile, Killed ~
Daniell Thomas Fred SP4 Army Aragon 20-Oct-1969 S.Vietnam 13-Dec-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Daniels Earl Jr SSGT Marines Thomasville 26-Jun-1967 S.Vietnam 26-Jan-1940 Hostile, Killed ~
Daniels James Dennis PFC Marines Savannah 20-Oct-1966 S.Vietnam 17-Feb-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Darrisaw Curtis SP4 Army Tennille 23-Feb-1969 S.Vietnam 27-Mar-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Daugherty Ralph Olen Jr WO Army Decatur 17-Oct-1968 S.Vietnam 19-Aug-1947 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Davis Andrew James Jr PFC Marines Musella 24-Jun-1967 S.Vietnam 4-May-1947 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Davis Billy Charles SP4 Army Atlanta 24-Apr-1969 S.Vietnam 2-Jul-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Davis Daniel Richard CAPT Air Force Atlanta 30-May-1974 Laos 10-Aug-1943 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Davis Eligah Lamar PFC Marines Cecil 5-Apr-1970 S.Vietnam 6-Jan-1951 Hostile, Killed ~
Davis Herbert Carson SGT Army Blairsville 15-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 5-May-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Davis James Lee PFC Marines Harlem 6-Jul-1969 S.Vietnam 9-Jun-1950 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Davis James Leroy SGT Army Columbus 12-Nov-1965 S.Vietnam 22-Oct-1940 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Davis Jerry Lloyd SGT Army Resaca 25-Aug-1968 S.Vietnam 14-Nov-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Davis Jerry Vanoid LCPL Marines Tucker 29-Jul-1967 S.Vietnam 17-Feb-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Davis John Gaylealon PFC Army Jefferson 24-Nov-1967 S.Vietnam 12-Apr-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Davis Larry Franklin SGT Army Ellijay 15-Sep-1970 S.Vietnam 20-May-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Davis Marvin Royce SGT Marines Albany 15-Dec-1967 S.Vietnam 5-Jan-1947 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Davis Rodney Maxwell SGT Marines Macon 6-Sep-1967 S.Vietnam 7-Apr-1942 Hostile, Killed ~
Davis William Dewitt SSGT Army Columbus 11-Dec-1967 S.Vietnam 20-Jun-1935 Hostile, Killed ~
Dawson Thomas Phillip PFC Army Kingston 11-Jun-1969 S.Vietnam 14-Apr-1946 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
De Loach David Lloyd CPL Army Statesboro 2-Aug-1969 S.Vietnam 9-Feb-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Deacon James Dala CPL Army Atlanta 11-Mar-1971 S.Vietnam 27-Dec-1951 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Deese Jack Dempsey SSGT Marines Columbus 26-May-1968 S.Vietnam 17-Jun-1930 Hostile, Killed ~
Delaigle Theus Everette SGT Army Waynesboro 28-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 22-May-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Delaney Warren C TSGT Air Force Coolidge 25-Apr-1969 Thailand 29-Jun-1937 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Dennis Walter Kenon SFC Army Atlanta 12-Feb-1970 S.Vietnam 18-Aug-2017 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Devine John Willie PFC Army Waynesboro 20-Mar-1967 S.Vietnam 7-Nov-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Dickens Delma Ernest CAPT Air Force Omega 21-Dec-1972 Laos 20-Apr-1947 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Dickerson Thomas Gerald SP4 Army Thomaston 23-Nov-1968 S.Vietnam 5-Jan-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Dismuke Albert Royce 1LT Army Swainsboro 3-Mar-1968 S.Vietnam 8-Jun-1942 Hostile, Killed ~
Dixon Carlton Leo SGT Army Macon 13-Jan-1972 S.Vietnam 6-May-1950 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Dixon Donald Wayne PFC Army Rome 16-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 20-Dec-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Dobyns Russell Martin Jr LCPL Marines Atlanta 10-May-1969 S.Vietnam 25-Nov-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Dodd Charles David SP4 Army Summerville 6-Nov-1971 S.Vietnam 5-Feb-1951 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Dodson David Paul PFC Marines Atlanta 25-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 11-Sep-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Dominick Charlie Junior PFC Army Bremen 17-Jul-1968 S.Vietnam 4-Sep-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Dorsey Robert Lee SGT Army Albany 16-Aug-1966 S.Vietnam 1-Jun-2029 Hostile, Killed ~
Dorsey Roger PFC Army Augusta 10-May-1966 S.Vietnam 22-Nov-1942 Hostile, Killed ~
Dotson Michael Lee PFC Army Ringgold 29-May-1967 S.Vietnam 13-Dec-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Douberly James Oden SSGT Army Patterson 13-Jan-1967 S.Vietnam 17-Jul-1936 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Dowd Carter Wayne SSGT Army Lilburn 1-Apr-1970 S.Vietnam 23-Nov-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Dowdell Marvin PFC Army Cordele 15-Oct-1966 S.Vietnam 19-Oct-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Dowdy Mitchel Anthony SGT Army Jefferson 14-Apr-1972 S.Vietnam 6-Aug-1945 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Downs Arthur Mitchell PFC Army Brunswick 17-Oct-1966 S.Vietnam 2-Aug-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Dozier John Tillman Ii SSGT Army Atlanta 18-Jun-1971 S.Vietnam 24-Mar-1951 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Drury Jacky Lee SP4 Army Toccoa 6-Feb-1970 S.Vietnam 24-Aug-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Duckett Thomas Allen MAJ Air Force La Grange 27-Jul-1979 Laos 12-Nov-1946 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Duff Phillip Randall SGT Army Cornelia 7-Jul-1972 S.Vietnam 5-Dec-1951 Hostile, Killed ~
Duke Larry Wade SGT Marines Summerville 10-Mar-1970 S.Vietnam 31-Jan-1948 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Dumas Oliver Dewitt SFC Army Atlanta 25-Aug-1966 S.Vietnam 4-Mar-1933 Hostile, Killed ~
Duncan Benjamin Wayne PFC Army Baconton 22-Mar-1971 S.Vietnam 2-Aug-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Duncan Glenn Christie SSGT Army Tucker 3-May-1970 S.Vietnam 13-Feb-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Duncan Onnie David SGT Army Vidalia 26-Aug-1970 S.Vietnam 24-Aug-1948 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Dupree Benny Ray PFC Marines Summerville 9-Oct-1969 S.Vietnam 4-Jun-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Dupree Bill Jake SP5 Army Thomaston 27-Apr-1969 S.Vietnam 12-Jun-2022 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Durham Harold Bascom Jr 2LT Army Tifton 17-Oct-1967 S.Vietnam 12-Oct-1942 Hostile, Killed ~
Dwight William Lamar LCPL Marines Dalton 2-Dec-1967 S.Vietnam 8-Aug-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Dykes Robert Lee Jr PFC Army Tifton 8-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 24-Jun-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Earles Arthur James PFC Army Columbus 5-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 6-Apr-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Eaves Frank George PFC Army Atlanta 24-May-1968 S.Vietnam 29-Nov-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Eberhart Samuel Houston CAPT Army Atlanta 4-Feb-1971 S.Vietnam 22-Apr-1941 Hostile, Killed ~
Echols Robert Edwin PFC Army Bowman 12-Jul-1967 S.Vietnam 19-Feb-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Edwards Harry Sanford Jr LCDR Navy Decatur 16-Apr-1974 N.Vietnam 6-Oct-1942 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Edwards John H Jr SP4 Army Savannah 6-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 3-Dec-1946 Non-Hos. Died-Miss. ~
Elder Grady Lee SGT Army Grantville 11-Jun-1966 S.Vietnam 11-May-1936 Hostile, Killed ~
Eldred Robert Edward SSGT Army Savannah 1-Oct-1971 S.Vietnam 1-Aug-1938 Hostile, Killed ~
Elliott Anthony Edwin SP4 Army Gainesville 30-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 21-Apr-1944 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Ellis James Lee Jr SP4 Army Jesup 6-Nov-1967 S.Vietnam 22-Jun-1947 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Ellis Joe Henry SP4 Army Lyons 9-Jan-1969 S.Vietnam 20-Feb-1945 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Ellis John Patrick CAPT Marines Cochran 28-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 27-Jan-1936 Hostile, Killed ~
Ellison Alton Leon PFC Army La Grange 3-Oct-1969 S.Vietnam 13-Oct-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Elrod David Lamar LCPL Marines Decatur 22-Jul-1969 S.Vietnam 24-May-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Elrod James Thomas HM3 Navy Moultrie 10-Aug-1966 S.Vietnam 17-Dec-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Elrod William Carroll Jr MAJ Army Byromville 14-Apr-1971 S.Vietnam 8-Sep-1940 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Ely Daniel Gerard SGT Marines Macon 26-Feb-1969 S.Vietnam 7-Dec-1947 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Embrey Grady Keith PFC Army La Grange 19-Sep-1965 S.Vietnam 16-Dec-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
England Michael PFC Army Athens 3-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 21-Feb-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
English William Welton Jr SP4 Army Rome 17-Oct-1966 S.Vietnam 10-Jan-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Estes Nedward Clyde Jr FN Navy Hiram 16-Jan-1970 S.Vietnam 26-Dec-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Etheridge James Ralph LTC Army Milledgeville 23-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 23-Oct-1932 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Eukel David Dean PVT Army Columbus 8-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 20-Aug-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Evans Albert PFC Marines Macon 21-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 21-Feb-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Evans Charles James SGT Army Guyton 23-Jul-1967 S.Vietnam 5-Aug-1945 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Evans Freemon SGT Army Gordon 4-Dec-1968 S.Vietnam 26-May-1949 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Evans Michael Eugene CPL Army Greensboro 10-Oct-1968 S.Vietnam 31-Dec-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Evans Paul Raymond CPL Marines Iron City 5-May-1968 S.Vietnam 4-Jun-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Evans Russell CPL Army Sylvania 31-May-1969 S.Vietnam 26-Jan-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Everest Robert K Iii WO Army College Park 14-May-1970 Cambodia 12-Jul-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Everett Clarence E MSGT Army Brookhaven 29-Dec-1966 S.Vietnam 6-Mar-2029 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Evitt Wayne Lee SP4 Army Fitzgerald 20-Jun-1966 S.Vietnam 17-Mar-1945 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Faircloth Arthur Craig CWO Army Atlanta 16-Sep-1969 S.Vietnam 17-Dec-1939 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Faircloth Ellis Lovine SP5 Army Bainbridge 8-May-1968 S.Vietnam 3-Jan-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Faircloth Henry Floyd SGT Army Lyons 27-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 30-Nov-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Faircloth Johnnie William SSGT Army Cordele 18-Sep-1965 S.Vietnam 13-Feb-1939 Hostile, Killed ~
Falkner Rufus Perry Jr SSGT Army Duluth 26-Oct-1971 S.Vietnam 1-Oct-2029 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Fann Danny Wayne PFC Marines Marietta 13-May-1969 S.Vietnam 25-Jan-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Farmer Bobby Gene SP4 Army Monroe 10-Jul-1969 S.Vietnam 2-Aug-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Farmer Charlie Will Jr SSGT Army La Grange 11-Jun-1969 S.Vietnam 20-Sep-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Faust Timothy Ray SGT Marines Atlanta 12-Apr-1970 S.Vietnam 28-Jun-1949 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Felts Eugene Jr PFC Army Macon 29-Dec-1968 S.Vietnam 3-Sep-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Fennell Alton Jimmy PFC Marines Warner Robins 8-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 17-May-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Ferguson Earl PFC Army Savannah 28-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 21-Nov-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Fetherolf Larry Steven PFC Army Lilburn 16-Feb-1967 S.Vietnam 15-Sep-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Fickling Roy Edward SP4 Army Marietta 28-Nov-1969 S.Vietnam 5-Mar-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Fields Bobby Jene SP5 Army Dahlonega 14-Mar-1971 S.Vietnam 8-Feb-1940 Hostile, Killed ~
Fields Herman Thurston SP4 Army Winterville 14-Aug-1969 S.Vietnam 6-Jul-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Fields Robert Jr PFC Army Louisville 9-Oct-1969 S.Vietnam 3-Jun-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Fields Willie Stephen SP4 Army Macon 19-Aug-1968 S.Vietnam 25-Jul-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Finkel Kenneth Ian CPL Army Dalton 20-Sep-1967 S.Vietnam 13-Mar-1943 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Finley William Edward SP4 Army Rome 2-Feb-1969 S.Vietnam 17-Sep-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Fitzgerald Paul L Jr SSGT Army Ft Valley 20-Mar-1978 S.Vietnam 3-Oct-1947 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Flowers Lawrence Buford 1LT Army Dalton 1-Oct-1967 S.Vietnam 14-Jun-1944 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Flowers William Edward Th CWO Army Columbus 12-Dec-1963 S.Vietnam 2-Mar-2026 Hostile, Killed ~
Floyd Alan Gregory PFC Marines Atlanta 28-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 30-May-1949 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Floyd Alvin Winslow SFC Army Augusta 2-Apr-1970 S.Vietnam 9-Feb-1942 Hostile, Killed ~
Folmar Harris Alan 2LT Army Pelham 6-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 11-Sep-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Forbes Thomas Leroy MSGT Army Rockmart 12-Sep-1967 S.Vietnam 1-Sep-2029 Hostile, Killed ~
Ford Charles Edward CPL Army Claxton 23-Jul-1969 S.Vietnam 9-May-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Fordham Jerry Lee SP4 Army Eastman 13-Aug-1969 S.Vietnam 27-Jan-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Fordham Kenneth Charles PFC Marines Macon 8-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 9-Jul-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Fordham Russell Carrell SFC Army Albany 4-Sep-1969 S.Vietnam 20-Nov-1933 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Foster Willie James PFC Marines West Point 25-May-1968 S.Vietnam 31-Oct-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Fouche Paul Jerry SP4 Army Macon 10-Jul-1970 S.Vietnam 23-May-1951 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Fountain Kenneth Loren 1LT Army Savannah 4-Jan-1969 S.Vietnam 17-Aug-1947 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Fowler Donald Randall SP6 Army Athens 17-Nov-1975 S.Vietnam 3-Aug-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Miss. ~
Fowler James Robert CAPT Army Winder 24-Apr-1970 S.Vietnam 31-Aug-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Fowler Michael Edward SSGT Army Marietta 30-Jun-1969 S.Vietnam 23-Nov-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Fowler William Ray HN Navy Rome 10-May-1967 S.Vietnam 1-Apr-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Fox James Darryl SP5 Army Springfield 20-Jan-1970 S.Vietnam 9-Sep-1942 Hostile, Killed ~
Fox Richard Herbert 2LT Army Atlanta 18-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 5-Dec-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Foy Thomas Lamar PFC Marines Coolidge 10-May-1967 S.Vietnam 6-Apr-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Frady Harvie Rena SP4 Army Suwanee 26-Jan-1970 S.Vietnam 29-May-1947 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Fraley Charles Albert PFC Marines Milledgeville 8-Apr-1970 S.Vietnam 29-Oct-1948 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Francis Oscar Thomas PFC Army Brunswick 24-Apr-1970 S.Vietnam 29-May-1951 Hostile, Killed ~
Francis Paul James 1LT Army Columbus 28-Mar-1970 S.Vietnam 29-Oct-1939 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Frank Harry Bernard Jr SP4 Army Alpharetta 28-Jun-1967 S.Vietnam 27-Aug-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Franklin John Alvin SGT Army Rossville 26-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 25-Jan-1942 Hostile, Killed ~
Frazier Ulysses Van PFC Marines Savannah 6-Oct-1966 S.Vietnam 25-Mar-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Frazier Willie James PFC Army Quitman 5-May-1969 S.Vietnam 23-Dec-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Freeman Bobby SGT Army Grantville 12-Aug-1968 S.Vietnam 20-Nov-1945 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Freeman Rube Alfred MSGT Army Columbus 27-Apr-1963 S.Vietnam 3-Dec-2024 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Freeman Willie Lee LCPL Marines Milledgeville 27-May-1968 S.Vietnam 3-Jan-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Friddle Kenneth Clayton SSGT Marines Atlanta 8-Oct-1966 S.Vietnam 20-Feb-1932 Hostile, Killed ~
Fuller George Ronald CPL Army Thomaston 19-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 3-Jul-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Fuller John Luther Jr 2LT Marines Atlanta 23-Mar-1967 S.Vietnam 10-Jun-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Fuller Johnny Thomas PFC Army Dallas 30-Sep-1968 S.Vietnam 19-Jan-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Fullerton Frank Eugene CDR Navy Jonesboro 18-Jan-1978 N.Vietnam 2-Jan-1934 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Furney Willis Lee SGT Army Macon 9-Mar-1967 S.Vietnam 13-Aug-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Gaddis Fred Ausbun PFC Army Atlanta 4-Nov-1966 S.Vietnam 22-Feb-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Gaddis Jonathan Royal SFC Army Quitman 24-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 29-Aug-1938 Hostile, Killed ~
Gaddy Willie Gene PFC Army Griffin 29-Sep-1968 S.Vietnam 29-Nov-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Gaines Gregory Randall SGT Army Atlanta 7-May-1968 S.Vietnam 31-Aug-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Gaines Thomas Gale LCPL Marines Ludowici 11-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 25-Dec-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Gallagher John Henry MAJ Marines Savannah 12-Nov-1966 S.Vietnam 12-Mar-2029 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Galloway Sam Harris 2LT Army Vidalia 31-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 2-Aug-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Gambrell John Lawrence PFC Army Powder Springs 20-Feb-1967 S.Vietnam 23-Apr-1944 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Gantt Johnny Edward SGT Army Rome 26-Mar-1968 S.Vietnam 26-Dec-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Garrett Donald Wayne PFC Army Conyers 12-May-1969 S.Vietnam 28-Feb-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Garrett Ernest William SGT Army Hiawassee 24-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 25-Apr-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Garrett Robert Eugene PFC Army Atlanta 7-Aug-1966 S.Vietnam 5-Feb-1944 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Garrett Tommie CPL Marines Augusta 18-Dec-1965 S.Vietnam 7-Jan-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Garth Robert Wilton Jr CAPT Army Madison 23-Sep-1966 S.Vietnam 28-Feb-1939 Hostile, Killed ~
Gates James Walter SP4 Army Atlanta 20-Aug-1968 S.Vietnam 13-May-1942 Hostile, Killed ~
Gay John Ben SSGT Army Dearing 25-Oct-1967 S.Vietnam 28-Jun-1941 Hostile, Killed ~
Gay William Ellis Jr 1LT Army Atlanta 30-May-1970 Cambodia 21-May-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Gayman John Duff PFC Marines East Point 10-Dec-1966 S.Vietnam 8-Mar-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Gazaway Charlie Tidwell SGT Army Cumming 4-Mar-1971 S.Vietnam 19-May-1950 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Gentry Dennis Wayne SGT Army Athens 13-Sep-1970 S.Vietnam 27-Aug-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Gentry Jerry Wayne PFC Army Cartersville 9-Nov-1967 S.Vietnam 4-Jun-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Gibbs Kenneth Samuel PFC Army Atlanta 4-Sep-1967 S.Vietnam 31-Jan-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Gibson John PFC Marines Riceboro 7-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 12-Sep-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Gibson Walter Murrah 1LT Army College Park 28-Oct-1969 S.Vietnam 7-Aug-1946 Hostile, Killed ~

BRN = Body not recovered