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Vietnam War Causalities of Georgia Citizens
Submitted by C. W. Barnum

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BRN = Body not recovered

Name Grade Service Home DOD Place Birth Event Notes
Giles Claude Vernor SGT Army Clayton 16-Feb-1970 S.Vietnam 27-Mar-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Gipson Robert Paul SP4 Army Athens 16-Mar-1966 S.Vietnam 6-Aug-1942 Hostile, Killed ~
Gittens Eric Eugene SP5 Army Hapeville 2-Nov-1969 S.Vietnam 15-Dec-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Glenn Livingston SSGT Army Boston 9-Dec-1967 S.Vietnam 2-May-1939 Hostile, Killed ~
Glenn Michael Robert SP4 Army Smyrna 11-Feb-1970 S.Vietnam 25-Mar-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Glisson Johnny William SP4 Army Savannah 28-Sep-1969 S.Vietnam 6-Jun-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Glover Donald Lawrence PFC Army Pelham 19-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 6-Sep-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Glover Willie Edward PFC Army Marietta 10-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 9-Sep-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Gnann Henry Mouzon 1LT Army Stillwell 14-Oct-1969 S.Vietnam 14-Feb-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Gober Billy Willie SP4 Army Monroe 4-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 22-Aug-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Godfrey Billy Lamar SP4 Army Calhoun 14-Dec-1967 S.Vietnam 25-May-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Godfroy Ralph Donald SP4 Army Columbus 29-Aug-1969 S.Vietnam 28-Feb-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Godowns Roy Willard SGT Army Louisville 1-Jan-1970 S.Vietnam 14-Feb-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Goen Richard Dean LCPL Marines Augusta 2-Aug-1968 S.Vietnam 24-Apr-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Goings Joseph Hubert Jr PFC Marines Albany 14-May-1967 S.Vietnam 19-Sep-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Gollahon John David LTJG Navy Rome 30-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 10-Oct-1942 Non-Hos. Died-Miss. ~
Goodale Joseph Daniel Jr CPL Army Grovetown 28-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 28-Sep-1948 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Gore Calvin Thomas MAJ Army Augusta 5-Jun-1972 S.Vietnam 8-Dec-1932 Non-Hos. Died-Miss. ~
Goswick Larry Eugene SP4 Army Adairsville 20-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 6-Jan-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Goudelock Forrest SGT Army Gainesville 19-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 26-Dec-1942 Hostile, Killed ~
Graham Larry Alonza CPL Army Thomasville 17-Jun-1969 S.Vietnam 9-Feb-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Graham Thomas Jr PFC Army College Park 27-Jan-1969 S.Vietnam 10-Aug-1948 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Grant Ed Nathan Louis SSGT Army Savannah 4-Sep-1967 S.Vietnam 27-Nov-1940 Hostile, Killed ~
Grant Houston Jr SSGT Army Dahlonega 23-Dec-1967 S.Vietnam 11-Jul-1935 Hostile, Killed ~
Grant Philo Derrick Iii PFC Marines Lizella 27-May-1968 S.Vietnam 1-Sep-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Graves Larry CPL Army Carrollton 2-Apr-1970 S.Vietnam 25-Dec-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Graves Randolph Edwin SP4 Army Cataula 8-Jul-1970 S.Vietnam 4-Apr-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Gray Clifford LCPL Marines Macon 15-Jul-1970 S.Vietnam 13-Feb-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Gray Herbert Hoover PFC Army Gray 20-Nov-1967 S.Vietnam 23-Oct-1946 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Green Donald Albie PFC Marines Columbus 17-Feb-1967 S.Vietnam 14-Sep-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Green Eugene PFC Army Swainsboro 16-May-1968 S.Vietnam 24-Jan-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Green Harold Alfred SGT Army Dalton 17-Jun-1970 S.Vietnam 28-Jun-1950 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Green Jewell Robert SP4 Army Blue Ridge 25-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 12-May-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Green Ronald Frank SGT Army Chamblee 26-Sep-1968 S.Vietnam 14-Jun-1941 Hostile, Killed ~
Green Stanley Norris SGT Army Macon 21-Nov-1968 S.Vietnam 9-May-1947 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Green Thomas Henry SMAJ Army Columbus 9-Jul-1969 S.Vietnam 21-Jan-2026 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Greene Charles Edward BM1 Navy Cordele 3-Feb-1972 S.Vietnam 3-Mar-1938 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Greene John Edward CAPT Army Albany 13-Mar-1972 S.Vietnam 4-Sep-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Greene Willie LCPL Marines Macon 21-Sep-1967 S.Vietnam 2-Jan-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Griffin Bobby Ronald SP4 Army Atlanta 20-Oct-1967 S.Vietnam 30-Aug-1943 Non-Hos. Died-Miss. ~
Griffin Carlton LCPL Marines Putney 21-Sep-1966 S.Vietnam 14-Jul-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Griffin Garland Alex Jr PFC Army Coolidge 10-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 14-Feb-1948 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Griffin James Donald WO Army Blackshear 31-May-1970 S.Vietnam 3-Jul-1945 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Griffin Oscar Lee LCPL Marines Adel 18-Nov-1969 S.Vietnam 14-Jun-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Griffis Joseph E SSGT Army Atlanta 25-Feb-1967 S.Vietnam 28-Dec-1936 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Griffis William Arland SSGT Army Waycross 25-May-1968 S.Vietnam 1-Sep-1942 Hostile, Killed ~
Griffith Robert Smith SSGT Army Hapeville 22-Oct-1974 Laos 26-Dec-1942 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Grimes Lloyd Harold Ii SGT Army East Point 25-Sep-1970 S.Vietnam 7-Jul-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Grooms Richard James SP4 Army Atlanta 17-Mar-1968 S.Vietnam 2-Apr-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Gross Billy Monroe SSGT Army Columbus 23-Jul-1968 S.Vietnam 18-May-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Gross Stephen Russell HM3 Navy Savannah 6-Jun-1969 S.Vietnam 25-Sep-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Grovner Allen Jerome LCPL Marines St Simons Island 26-Jul-1968 S.Vietnam 8-Feb-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Guthrie Charles Larry SP4 Army Kensington 22-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 25-Nov-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Guthrie Danny Eugene CPL Army Monroe 6-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 15-Dec-1946 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Guttilla Charles Richard 1LT Army Decatur 20-Feb-1967 S.Vietnam 18-Mar-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Hadley William Yancey SGT Army Thomasville 4-Dec-1967 S.Vietnam 18-Jul-1944 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Hagan John Robert MAJ Marines Savannah 31-Mar-1978 Laos 22-Aug-1945 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Haigler Cecil Morris CPL Marines Albany 30-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 28-Nov-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Haire Benjamin Wayne WO Army Jonesboro 20-May-1969 S.Vietnam 26-Mar-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Hale Hollis Ray SSGT Army Dallas 2-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 14-Oct-1935 Hostile, Killed ~
Hall Arvel Hugh PFC Marines Columbus 27-Sep-1966 S.Vietnam 25-Feb-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Hall Charles Wayne PFC Army Griffin 7-Nov-1968 S.Vietnam 22-Feb-1948 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Hall Elmore Lawrence SSGT Air Force Savannah 8-Oct-1969 S.Vietnam 18-Dec-1937 Non-Hos. Died-Miss. ~
Hall Jackie Wayne PFC Army Norman Park 13-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 6-Dec-1944 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Hall Perry Woodrow James CPL Army Lilburn 27-Dec-1969 S.Vietnam 13-Jul-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Hallman Paul Truville BU1 Navy Atlanta 4-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 22-Jun-2027 Hostile, Killed ~
Halsey John Calvin SP4 Army West Point 25-Jul-1971 S.Vietnam 8-Nov-1950 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Halstead Stephen Lloyd PFC Army Bainbridge 24-Mar-1968 S.Vietnam 28-Jul-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Hambrick James Jr LCPL Marines Atlanta 11-Nov-1968 S.Vietnam 16-Nov-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Hamby Kirby Lynn SP4 Army Marietta 8-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 26-Aug-1948 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Hamby Lanny Mayes SP4 Army Marietta 14-Oct-1969 S.Vietnam 26-Jun-1950 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Hamilton James Edward SGT Army Adairsville 1-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 6-Sep-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Hamilton Mark Leland SP4 Army Atlanta 4-Aug-1971 S.Vietnam 8-Nov-1948 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Hamlin Robert Wayne SGT Army Conyers 5-Feb-1969 S.Vietnam 11-Mar-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Hammond Billy Joe PFC Army Winder 23-Mar-1972 S.Vietnam 13-Dec-1953 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Hammond Carey Jr CPL Marines Newington 4-Sep-1967 S.Vietnam 3-Sep-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Hammond Herbert Lee PVT Army Atlanta 22-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 11-Apr-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Hampton Horace Alvester PFC Army Valdosta 27-Mar-1966 S.Vietnam 7-Aug-1945 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Hancock William Tyler PFC Army Brunswick 6-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 13-Jul-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Harden Robert Wesley Jr SP4 Army Waycross 8-Nov-1965 S.Vietnam 3-May-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Harding Steve Aldman SSGT Army Augusta 26-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 8-May-1941 Hostile, Killed ~
Hardison Allen Carson SP5 Army Macon 2-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 23-Oct-1942 Hostile, Killed ~
Hardwick Robert Cuspert PFC Marines Midville 13-May-1970 S.Vietnam 31-Dec-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Harmon James Edward CPL Marines Griffin 8-May-1967 S.Vietnam 10-Feb-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Harmon Lewis Andrew PFC Army Atlanta 23-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 17-Nov-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Harper Allan G SGT Army Villa Rica 27-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 30-Aug-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Harper Clarence Eugene Jr SP5 Army Rockmart 29-Dec-1969 S.Vietnam 9-Jan-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Harper James Cecil Jr SGT Army Nicholls 13-May-1969 S.Vietnam 11-Mar-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Harper John David Jr PFC Army Coolidge 25-Mar-1968 S.Vietnam 2-Aug-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Harrell William Franklin SP4 Army Adel 9-Dec-1968 S.Vietnam 18-Nov-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Harris Clinton Eugene Jr SP4 Army Quitman 8-Nov-1967 S.Vietnam 19-Jul-1947 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Harris Edgar SGT Army Thomasville 26-Jun-1970 S.Vietnam 1-Mar-1942 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Harris Isaac SGT Air Force Bainbridge 12-Sep-1968 S.Vietnam 8-Dec-1945 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Harris James Larry SP4 Army Fitzgerald 23-May-1969 S.Vietnam 9-Apr-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Harris James Thomas LCPL Marines Williamson 20-Dec-1966 S.Vietnam 18-Dec-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Harris Marvin SP4 Army La Grange 27-Jun-1966 S.Vietnam 19-Apr-1942 Hostile, Killed ~
Harris Perry Lee PFC Marines Thomaston 29-Jan-1967 S.Vietnam 10-Mar-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Harrison Donald Lee MAJ Army Chamblee 14-Jan-1980 N.Vietnam 24-Jul-1946 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Harrison Joseph CPL Army Thomasville 9-Aug-1967 S.Vietnam 26-Oct-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Harrison Larry Thomas SSGT Army Atlanta 19-Feb-1970 S.Vietnam 28-Mar-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Harrison Lonnie Hughlen PFC Army Calhoun 10-Jun-1969 S.Vietnam 13-Mar-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Harrison Ricky Gene PFC Marines Thomaston 23-Aug-1968 S.Vietnam 21-Feb-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Hart Fred D PFC Army Thomson 2-Jan-1967 S.Vietnam 26-Mar-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Hart Vernon SP4 Army Vidalia 15-Aug-1971 S.Vietnam 25-Feb-1951 Hostile, Killed ~
Hartenhoff Duane Leland MSGT Air Force Savannah 18-May-1969 S.Vietnam 12-Mar-2027 Hostile, Killed ~
Harwell Ronald Eugene SSGT Army Atlanta 2-Sep-1970 S.Vietnam 5-May-1938 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Hatcher Carlos Randall PFC Army Norcross 2-Mar-1966 S.Vietnam 16-Oct-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Hatcher Richard Anthony AN Navy Doerun 29-Jul-1967 N.Vietnam 3-Apr-1945 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Hatten George Edward PFC Army Hazelhurst 6-May-1967 S.Vietnam 7-Apr-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Haugabook Willie Clarence PFC Marines Marshallville 9-Jul-1969 S.Vietnam 19-Jul-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Hawes James Dale PFC Army Waycross 11-Nov-1965 S.Vietnam 24-Feb-1941 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Hawkins Ralls PFC Army Macon 21-Nov-1966 S.Vietnam 1-Jan-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Hayes David Bartow SFC Army Columbus 13-Jul-1970 S.Vietnam 13-Aug-1936 Hostile, Killed ~
Hayes Ivey Jackson CPL Marines Jesup 4-Apr-1969 S.Vietnam 31-May-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Hayslip Bobby Vernon SSGT Army Cordele 19-May-1967 S.Vietnam 9-Jul-1941 Hostile, Killed ~
Head Billy Ray SFC Army Chickamauga 19-May-1969 S.Vietnam 25-Jul-1939 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Heard Earnest Jr SP4 Army La Grange 7-Aug-1969 S.Vietnam 12-Jul-1948 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Heaton Tommy Calvin CPL Army Toccoa 17-Apr-1969 S.Vietnam 4-May-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Helton John Kenneth SGT Marines Griffin 6-Jul-1967 S.Vietnam 20-Oct-1942 Hostile, Killed ~
Hembree James Thomas Jr SSGT Army Commerce 14-Jul-1970 S.Vietnam 20-Feb-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Henderson Billy Hugh PFC Marines Moultrie 6-Mar-1968 S.Vietnam 1-Aug-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Henry Willie Lee PFC Army Lakeland 18-Aug-1968 S.Vietnam 6-Dec-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Herendon David Mack PFC Army Cherrylog 4-Nov-1967 S.Vietnam 21-May-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Herren Everett Deloy CAPT Army Albany 27-Jan-1970 S.Vietnam 30-Jun-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Herren Ronald Wayne CPL Army Marietta 27-May-1968 S.Vietnam 10-Oct-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Herring Elijah Jr PFC Marines Leslie 9-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 2-May-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Herrington Jerome PFC Army Sardis 25-Jan-1966 S.Vietnam 25-Feb-1946 Non-Hos. Died-Miss. ~
Hertlein George B Iii CAPT Air Force Decatur 24-Apr-1968 Laos 13-Jun-1938 Hostile, Killed ~
Hester Martin David CPL Army Hogansville 5-Oct-1967 S.Vietnam 22-Mar-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Hester Steven Lewis LCPL Marines Chamblee 20-Feb-1970 S.Vietnam 24-Dec-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Hesterlee Ray Wesley LCPL Marines Forest Park 20-Dec-1968 S.Vietnam 10-Jun-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Hewitt Aubrey Laurence SGT Army Decatur 3-Jun-1967 S.Vietnam 29-Dec-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Hicks Earlie Henry Jr PFC Marines Atlanta 18-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 5-Apr-1948 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Higdon Leonard Thomas CAPT Army Ft Benning 21-May-1970 S.Vietnam 20-Sep-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Higginbotham Oscar K Jr CPL Army St Marys 15-Aug-1968 S.Vietnam 17-Feb-1948 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
High Theodore W Iv SP5 Army Augusta 15-May-1970 S.Vietnam 11-May-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Hill Larry Edwin CPL Army West Point 15-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 23-Sep-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Hines Arthur PFC Army Grantville 10-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 24-May-1941 Hostile, Killed ~
Hinson Ralph Leon SSGT Air Force Macon 17-Dec-1965 S.Vietnam 31-Dec-1934 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Hipp Joseph Earnest PFC Army Albany 11-Jan-1966 S.Vietnam 14-Sep-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Hiscock Stephen Mayo CWO Army Atlanta 23-Feb-1971 Laos 17-Nov-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Hoag James Dean CAPT Air Force East Point 19-Jun-1969 S.Vietnam 18-Oct-1941 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Hodges Joseph SGT Army Midville 3-Jul-1968 S.Vietnam 24-Apr-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Hodges Richard Preston CPL Marines Atlanta 22-Feb-1969 S.Vietnam 15-Oct-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Hogan David Cleveland SGT Army Columbus 22-Jan-1969 S.Vietnam 7-Dec-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Holbrook Carl Eugene SP4 Army Louisville 25-Jun-1967 S.Vietnam 10-Mar-1941 Hostile, Killed ~
Holcomb Daniel SSGT Army Columbus 20-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 3-Jun-1930 Hostile, Killed ~
Holland Eddie Herman SGT Army Lafayette 5-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 29-Dec-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Holmes Harold Anthony CPL Army Pine View 20-Jul-1970 S.Vietnam 26-Mar-1950 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Holmes Joseph CPL Army Atlanta 16-Oct-1969 S.Vietnam 4-Sep-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Holmes Larry Lamar CPL Army Port Wentworth 18-May-1969 S.Vietnam 3-Sep-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Holmes Nathan PFC Marines Columbus 1-Mar-1968 S.Vietnam 6-Sep-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Holt Jack English PFC Army Columbus 1-Jan-1967 S.Vietnam 5-May-1944 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Holt Richard Ancil 1LT Army Atlanta 6-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 25-Nov-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Holton Leon G 1LT Army Douglas 8-Oct-1965 S.Vietnam 16-May-1938 Hostile, Killed ~
Holtzclaw Philip Bruce CPL Army Omaha 11-Mar-1971 S.Vietnam 9-Nov-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Holtzclaw Thomas J Iii PFC Marines Atlanta 21-Apr-1967 S.Vietnam 24-Apr-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Honaker Raymond Kermit Jr SP4 Army Brunswick 31-Aug-1968 S.Vietnam 16-Feb-1949 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Honour Charles M Jr LTC Army Norcross 18-Feb-1966 S.Vietnam 17-Jan-2026 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Hood Carlton Harvey LCPL Marines Barnesville 27-May-1968 S.Vietnam 11-Jan-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Hooks Wiley Dean SP4 Army Metter 9-May-1970 Cambodia 12-Dec-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Hopkins James Harrison SP4 Army Marietta 4-Jun-1969 S.Vietnam 28-Apr-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Hopkins Perry Bernard PFC Army Waycross 30-Oct-1969 S.Vietnam 26-Jul-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Horne Lamar PFC Army Mc Rae 12-Mar-1967 S.Vietnam 9-Nov-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Hounshell Jeffrey David SP4 Army Decatur 30-Nov-1968 S.Vietnam 30-Jan-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Howard Haze Iii SP4 Army Macon 3-Jul-1966 S.Vietnam 11-Feb-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Howard Jimmie SSGT Army Columbus 23-Apr-1967 S.Vietnam 13-Nov-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Howard Lewis Jr SSGT Army Macon 11-Sep-1978 S.Vietnam 3-Oct-1949 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Howard Ronald Herbert PFC Marines Smyrna 16-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 8-Jun-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Howard Roy Lee CPL Army Monticello 23-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 24-Oct-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Howell Ben Willis SFC Army Tennille 28-May-1968 S.Vietnam 5-Jul-1931 Hostile, Killed ~
Howell Calvin Lamar Jr PFC Marines Atlanta 23-Feb-1969 S.Vietnam 17-Sep-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Howell Dwight Brinson SGT Army Albany 22-Aug-1971 S.Vietnam 28-Sep-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Hubbard Lamar SGT Army Cumming 14-Sep-1968 S.Vietnam 8-Jan-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Huddleston Thomas Pate SP4 Army Newnan 19-Nov-1967 S.Vietnam 4-Sep-1946 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Hudson Calvin Clifford SP4 Army Abbeville 11-Nov-1967 S.Vietnam 23-Sep-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Hudson Joe David CWO Army Moultrie 7-Apr-1972 S.Vietnam 19-Apr-1940 Hostile, Killed ~
Hudson Roy LCPL Marines Perry 31-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 18-Feb-1946 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Hudson Samuel Bernard PFC Army Glennville 8-Mar-1968 S.Vietnam 18-Sep-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Hufstetler James Thomas SP4 Army Acworth 30-Jun-1967 S.Vietnam 31-Mar-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Hughes Carl Patrick WO Army Savannah 3-Sep-1969 S.Vietnam 12-Oct-1946 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Hughes Carl Wayne PFC Army Adel 15-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 26-Nov-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Hughes Jesse Howard SSGT Army Hazlehurst 15-Jan-1966 S.Vietnam 2-Jun-1939 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Hughie Warner Prater CPL Army Newnan 12-Mar-1970 S.Vietnam 4-Jan-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Hulsey Larry Bryson SGT Army Gainesville 6-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 16-May-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Hulsey Roger CPL Army Powder Springs 10-Aug-1968 S.Vietnam 22-Oct-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Humphrey Johnny William SP4 Army Vidalia 5-Oct-1968 S.Vietnam 5-Nov-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Humphries Bennie Frank PFC Army Dawson 12-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 17-Feb-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Hunter Kenneth Ronald CAPT Army Hapeville 9-Nov-1967 S.Vietnam 15-Dec-1935 Hostile, Killed ~
Hunter Robert Gerald 1LT Air Force Douglasville 25-May-1966 Laos 26-Apr-1941 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Hunter Washington SFC Army Atlanta 20-Nov-1968 S.Vietnam 7-Jun-1937 Hostile, Killed ~
Hurston Hugh Larry SP5 Army Buchanan 18-May-1967 S.Vietnam 23-Jul-1943 Non-Hos. Died-Miss. ~
Hutto Curtis Woodrow CWO Army Savannah 19-Nov-1967 S.Vietnam 8-Jan-1933 Hostile, Killed ~
Hyatt Joseph Lamar SP4 Army Fayetteville 13-Nov-1967 S.Vietnam 26-Jun-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Hyde Lloyd Patterson LT Navy Atlanta 26-Oct-1966 N.Vietnam 19-Mar-1938 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Hyman Wallace SGT Army Columbia 9-Jul-1966 S.Vietnam 18-May-1930 Hostile, Killed ~
Idlett James SP4 Army Albany 12-May-1969 S.Vietnam 17-Feb-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Inglett Gerald Wayne PFC Marines Augusta 4-Jun-1967 S.Vietnam 7-Feb-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Inman James Wesley CPL Marines Valdosta 16-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 19-Jul-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Ireland Leroy SSGT Army Athens 17-Nov-1965 S.Vietnam 23-Jun-2026 Hostile, Killed ~
Isbell Marshall Howard PFC Army Eastanollee 22-Apr-1967 S.Vietnam 19-Jun-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Ivey Herman Fred CPL Army Lenox 15-Dec-1970 S.Vietnam 16-Dec-1950 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Jackson Allen Verone CPL Army Moultrie 22-Nov-1968 S.Vietnam 5-Aug-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Jackson Calvin Otis PFC Marines Columbus 7-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 19-Feb-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Jackson Clarence CPL Marines Leary 6-Nov-1967 S.Vietnam 15-Dec-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Jackson Fred Orr Jr CAPT Army Ft Benning 5-Sep-1969 S.Vietnam 14-Jan-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Jackson James Wesley Jr GSGT Marines Atlanta 7-Aug-1980 S.Vietnam 26-Feb-1948 Non-Hos. Died-Miss. ~
Jackson Terry Kent LCPL Marines Hawkinsville 13-Feb-1969 S.Vietnam 27-Mar-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Jackson Willie PFC Army Albany 22-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 31-Oct-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Jacobs Willie Brewster SP4 Army Augusta 15-Apr-1969 S.Vietnam 20-Apr-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Jaeger Julius Patrick CAPT Air Force Atlanta 6-Apr-1970 S.Vietnam 4-Jan-1940 Hostile, Killed ~
James Bobby SGT Army Bowersville 13-May-1968 S.Vietnam 25-Feb-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
James Dan Ninkey SP4 Army Riceboro 29-Dec-1968 S.Vietnam 20-Mar-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
James Mark Everett LCPL Marines Bremen 15-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 17-Feb-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
James Samuel Reese Ii CPL Army Carrollton 10-Aug-1968 S.Vietnam 5-Apr-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Janca Louis Emil FSGT Army Augusta 13-Oct-1970 S.Vietnam 14-Sep-1932 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Janes Nicklos Byron SGT Army Gainesville 4-Nov-1967 S.Vietnam 14-Mar-1948 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Jarrard Jerry Edwin CPL Army Buford 13-Sep-1968 S.Vietnam 14-Dec-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Jarrell Sidney Wade SP4 Army Albany 13-May-1970 S.Vietnam 15-May-1951 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Jarvis William Thomas SP4 Army Savannah 5-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 26-Oct-1946 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Jay Brian Edward PFC Army Douglasville 29-Aug-1970 S.Vietnam 15-Jul-1951 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Jefferson Nelson Jr SFC Army Columbus 24-Aug-1968 S.Vietnam 18-May-1935 Hostile, Killed ~
Jenkins Anthony Leroy SSGT Army Bainbridge 9-Sep-1969 S.Vietnam 12-Feb-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Jenkins Barnette Gartrell PFC Army Savannah 2-Mar-1966 S.Vietnam 27-Jul-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Jenkins Robert Wiley PFC Marines Gray 31-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 20-Oct-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Jennings Elton Lee Jr SP4 Army Macon 27-Jan-1969 S.Vietnam 22-Jun-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Jinks Raymond Arthur SGT Army Pulaski 13-May-1969 S.Vietnam 20-Aug-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Jivens Jerry SSGT Army Savannah 15-Nov-1965 S.Vietnam 10-Jan-2029 Hostile, Killed ~
John William Thomas SFC Army Martinez 17-Dec-1970 S.Vietnam 1-Oct-2025 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Johnson Charles Buford Jr CAPT Army Oglethorpe 14-Jun-1963 S.Vietnam 7-Apr-1934 Hostile, Killed ~
Johnson Clifford Thomas PVT Army Atlanta 29-Jan-1966 S.Vietnam 7-Jul-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Johnson David Lee PFC Marines Columbus 7-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 20-Jun-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Johnson Emory Franklin LCPL Marines Toccoa 24-Feb-1967 S.Vietnam 25-Mar-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Johnson Forest Denver Jr CPL Army Bremen 12-Oct-1969 S.Vietnam 3-May-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Johnson Freddie Lee LCPL Marines Sandersville 27-Jun-1967 S.Vietnam 17-Feb-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Johnson George Milton PFC Marines Clarkston 9-Oct-1968 S.Vietnam 4-Jan-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Johnson Horace Jr PFC Marines Macon 19-Aug-1968 S.Vietnam 28-Mar-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Johnson Jerry PFC Army Covington 6-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 24-Mar-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Johnson Jimmy Alvin SGT Army Macon 23-Sep-1966 S.Vietnam 22-Jul-1941 Hostile, Killed ~
Johnson Marion Edward PFC Army Milledgeville 21-Nov-1966 S.Vietnam 24-May-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Johnson Melvin PFC Army Douglasville 9-May-1969 S.Vietnam 16-Feb-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Johnson Milo Preston CAPT Army Augusta 1-Sep-1967 S.Vietnam 2-Oct-1939 Hostile, Killed ~
Johnson Milton CPL Army Savannah 1-Jun-1969 S.Vietnam 11-Nov-1948 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Johnson Robert Milton CPL Marines Forest Park 24-Jul-1966 S.Vietnam 1-Mar-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Johnson Russell Lee SGT Army Dixie 30-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 8-Aug-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Johnson Tommy PFC Marines Fitzgerald 24-Feb-1969 S.Vietnam 9-Apr-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Johnson Walter Billy M SFC Army Union Point 14-Apr-1969 S.Vietnam 1-Jan-1937 Hostile, Killed ~
Johnson William C Jr CPL Marines Augusta 25-Sep-1967 S.Vietnam 13-Jun-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Johnson Willie C Jr PSGT Army Savannah 9-Nov-1967 S.Vietnam 1-Jan-1941 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Johnston Donald Ray SP4 Army Columbus 21-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 19-Nov-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Joiner William Franklin SP4 Army Fairburn 12-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 16-Apr-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Jones Allen Winfred PFC Army Elberton 13-Jan-1966 S.Vietnam 22-Feb-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Jones Bobby Joe SSGT Army Cartersville 6-Aug-1969 S.Vietnam 20-May-1940 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Jones Bobby Marvin MAJ Air Force Macon 29-Aug-1978 S.Vietnam 5-May-1945 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Jones Boyd Eugene SGT Marines Atlanta 27-Dec-1967 S.Vietnam 15-Apr-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Jones Cleveland David SSGT Marines Valdosta 9-Mar-1967 S.Vietnam 9-Mar-1935 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Jones Curtis PFC Army Valdosta 25-Jul-1969 S.Vietnam 10-Oct-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Jones Daniel Cleveland LCPL Marines Savannah 28-Sep-1966 S.Vietnam 17-Jan-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Jones Gary C 1LT Army East Point 9-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 24-Mar-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Jones George Edward Jr SGT Marines Atlanta 7-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 25-May-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Jones Halcott Pride Jr HM2 Navy Atlanta 8-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 25-Aug-1944 Non-Hos. Died-Miss. ~
Jones James E SMAJ Army Alapha 8-Dec-1977 Laos 3-Sep-1939 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Jones James Walter CPL Army Atlanta 30-Jun-1969 S.Vietnam 18-Oct-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Jones Joseph Barry CAPT Army Lyons 5-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 9-Dec-1942 Hostile, Killed ~
Jones Joseph Melvin MSGT Army Eastman 16-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 16-May-2029 Hostile, Killed ~
Jones Larry Paul CPL Army Clarkesville 13-May-1969 S.Vietnam 4-Feb-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Jones Leroy Elton SGT Army Thomasville 21-Dec-1965 S.Vietnam 3-Aug-1942 Hostile, Killed ~
Jones Luther M SP4 Army Statesboro 2-Jul-1967 S.Vietnam 2-Jan-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Jones Lynn SP5 Army Remerton 19-Sep-1971 S.Vietnam 29-Apr-1952 Hostile, Killed ~
Jones Mitchell Jr SGT Army Thomasville 23-Jul-1970 S.Vietnam 6-Sep-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Jones Robert Lee SP4 Army Waynesboro 23-Feb-1969 S.Vietnam 20-Sep-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Jones Ronnie Joe LCPL Marines Macon 2-May-1968 S.Vietnam 27-Mar-1949 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Jones Russell Jr SP4 Army Woodstock 30-Nov-1969 S.Vietnam 11-Jun-1948 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Jones Sterling M Jr CPL Marines Columbus 30-Nov-1967 S.Vietnam 14-Oct-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Jones Thomas Howard SGT Army Tennille 30-Nov-1969 S.Vietnam 3-Aug-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Jones Thomas Steven SP4 Army Rome 24-Oct-1967 S.Vietnam 22-Sep-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Jones William Jr SGT Army Savannah 18-Jun-1966 S.Vietnam 18-Aug-1934 Hostile, Killed ~
Jordan Jerry Kenneth SGT Army Resaca 7-Aug-1967 S.Vietnam 2-May-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Jordan Joseph Lamar PFC Marines Thomaston 3-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 23-Nov-1941 Hostile, Killed ~
Joslyn James Eugene SSGT Army Elberton 15-Oct-1966 S.Vietnam 23-Jan-1936 Hostile, Killed ~
Junkins Johnny Juergen CPL Marines Marietta 8-Mar-1968 S.Vietnam 13-Jul-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Justice Richard Lee LCPL Marines Rome 24-Jul-1968 S.Vietnam 3-Feb-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Kays James G CAPT Air Force Atlanta 13-May-1975 Thailand 4-Oct-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Kelley Nathaniel SSGT Army Stockbridge 7-Oct-1968 S.Vietnam 10-Jan-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Kelly Charles L MAJ Army Warm Springs 1-Jul-1964 S.Vietnam 10-Apr-2025 Hostile, Killed ~
Kelly Joel Ray PFC Army Columbus 13-May-1969 S.Vietnam 15-Feb-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Kelly Paul Edward Jr PFC Army Smyrna 17-Jun-1967 S.Vietnam 8-Feb-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Kelly Stephen Allen SGT Army Atlanta 22-Jun-1967 S.Vietnam 27-Jun-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Kelsall Billy Allen SP4 Army Savannah 10-Dec-1967 S.Vietnam 13-Jun-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Kendrick Homer Phillip CWO Army Columbus 13-May-1969 S.Vietnam 16-Sep-1933 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Kenerly Warren Eugene CPL Army Griffin 31-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 6-Feb-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Kent Wayne Lee PFC Army Rockmart 5-Dec-1970 S.Vietnam 30-Nov-1948 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Kerr James Clayton SGT Army Palmetto 6-Dec-1968 S.Vietnam 16-Jun-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Kesler Lawrence David SP4 Army La Grange 25-Jun-1966 S.Vietnam 16-Nov-1946 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Key Hulus Edgar Jr SGT Army Tifton 2-Nov-1969 S.Vietnam 21-Oct-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Kile John Terrence SP4 Army Millen 13-Dec-1970 S.Vietnam 3-Nov-1949 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Killingsworth Scott E SP4 Army Rossville 18-Jun-1970 S.Vietnam 6-Apr-1950 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Kilpatrick Larry Ronald LCDR Navy Stone Mountain 17-Apr-1978 N.Vietnam 21-Nov-1943 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Kimble Eddie Claude SGT Army Mc Donough 16-Nov-1968 S.Vietnam 16-Aug-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Kimbrell Gordon T Jr CAPT Army Athens 11-Jun-1970 Cambodia 5-Aug-1941 Hostile, Killed ~
Kinasz Monte Clifford PFC Army Griffin 25-Mar-1968 S.Vietnam 29-Jul-1947 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Kines Edward Wray CPL Marines Cairo 10-Sep-1967 S.Vietnam 23-Aug-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
King Alexander SP4 Army Woodbine 20-Jan-1969 S.Vietnam 26-Jul-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
King Charles Ray PFC Army Millwood 26-Apr-1970 S.Vietnam 27-Mar-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
King De Wayne PFC Marines Douglas 14-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 28-Jun-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
King Edward Earl CPL Army Decatur 5-Jun-1969 S.Vietnam 13-Jan-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
King Johnny SP4 Army Columbus 12-Dec-1968 S.Vietnam 13-Feb-1948 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
King Larry Eugene LCPL Marines Macon 2-Oct-1968 S.Vietnam 22-Oct-1946 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
King Michael Eli SP4 Army Calhoun 5-Mar-1971 Laos 3-Aug-1949 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
King Rayford Henry SFC Army Kingsland 3-Apr-1971 S.Vietnam 14-Nov-2023 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Kirby Bobby Alexander COL Air Force Atlanta 21-Dec-1972 N.Vietnam 11-Jul-1931 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Kiser Leon Emmanuel SFC Army Augusta 31-Oct-1970 S.Vietnam 8-Jun-1941 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Kitchens Harry Moss SSGT Army Warner Robbins 2-Aug-1966 S.Vietnam 6-Jul-1940 Hostile, Killed ~
Kitchens Perry Castellion SGT Army Decatur 4-Nov-1971 S.Vietnam 31-Aug-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Miss. ~
Knight Billy SSGT Army Climax 22-Oct-1968 S.Vietnam 18-Dec-1935 Hostile, Killed ~
Knight Troy Lee SP4 Army Scottdale 16-Feb-1967 S.Vietnam 4-Jul-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Knowles Nathaniel SFC Army Menlo 16-Aug-1967 S.Vietnam 19-Aug-1942 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Koster Kenneth Leroy SP4 Army Atlanta 16-Feb-1967 S.Vietnam 18-Dec-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Kretschmann Wolfram J PFC Marines Chamblea 23-Feb-1969 S.Vietnam 9-Aug-1939 Hostile, Killed ~
Kroboth Stanley Neal CAPT Air Force Savannah 21-Dec-1962 Laos 16-Aug-1946 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Kroeger John Curtis SP4 Army Atlanta 21-Jan-1970 S.Vietnam 19-Mar-1950 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Lamb Bricey Elrod 2LT Army Macon 11-Sep-1967 S.Vietnam 25-Aug-1946 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Lamb Donald Carol Jr CPL Army Savannah 22-Apr-1970 S.Vietnam 24-Apr-1949 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Lamb Larry Nesbit PFC Army Gibson 5-Jan-1970 S.Vietnam 28-Apr-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Lamberton George Magee Ii PFC Marines Doraville 7-Mar-1968 S.Vietnam 19-May-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Lance Samuel Stephen PFC Army Chickamauga 1-May-1970 S.Vietnam 24-Nov-1949 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Lane Thomas PFC Marines Lincolnton 5-Sep-1968 S.Vietnam 2-Oct-1948 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Lang Mainor David Jr SFC Army Savannah 21-Aug-1968 S.Vietnam 12-Jun-1938 Hostile, Killed ~
Langford Robert Candler CPL Army Atlanta 25-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 22-Jun-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Langley Billy Guinn CPL Army Nelson 11-Feb-1969 S.Vietnam 21-Sep-1945 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Lanier James Arthur PFC Marines Guyton 3-May-1968 S.Vietnam 9-Mar-1948 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Laslie Joseph Taylor Jr 2LT Marines Attapulgus 25-May-1968 S.Vietnam 23-Dec-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Lassiter David Steven PFC Army Atlanta 17-Aug-1968 S.Vietnam 28-Dec-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Latini Gerald Leopold WO Army Columbus 29-Nov-1967 S.Vietnam 27-Dec-1942 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Lawrence Dennis Roland PFC Marines Union City 17-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 10-Mar-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Lawrence Larry Eugene LCPL Marines Brunswick 6-Jun-1967 S.Vietnam 31-Mar-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Lay Gene Wendell PFC Army Winder 2-Oct-1967 S.Vietnam 6-Nov-1946 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Leach Douglas Horace SP4 Army Atlanta 15-Nov-1965 S.Vietnam 8-Mar-1940 Hostile, Killed ~
Leach Roy Hamilton PVT Army Decatur 30-Aug-1967 S.Vietnam 21-Jan-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
League Roy Barry SGT Army Tallapoosa 4-May-1968 S.Vietnam 2-Apr-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Leary Solomon CPL Marines Macon 29-Jul-1968 S.Vietnam 3-Apr-1947 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Leavell Melvin Randolph PFC Army Atlanta 9-Mar-1968 S.Vietnam 30-Jan-1942 Hostile, Killed ~
Leboff Johnny Hans SFC Army Augusta 28-Oct-1967 S.Vietnam 31-Oct-1942 Hostile, Killed ~
Lee Anthony Irvin CPL Army Rossville 9-Jul-1968 S.Vietnam 21-Feb-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Lee Homer Virgil SSGT Army Rockmart 31-May-1970 Cambodia 13-Feb-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Lee Moses Calvin SP4 Army Atlanta 28-Apr-1966 S.Vietnam 30-Sep-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Lee Travis Bertrand Jr 1LT Army Marietta 17-Apr-1969 S.Vietnam 13-Oct-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Leigh Newell Ferrell Jr SP4 Army Baxley 22-Aug-1968 S.Vietnam 24-Jun-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Lester James Thomas SGT Army Atlanta 23-Jun-1966 S.Vietnam 7-Aug-1938 Hostile, Killed ~
Lewis Nathaniel PFC Army Vidalia 29-Oct-1970 S.Vietnam 18-Mar-1950 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Lewis Robert Alan CPL Army Moultrie 3-Jul-1969 S.Vietnam 12-Jan-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Lightsey Danny Lee PFC Army Valdosta 25-Jul-1971 S.Vietnam 14-May-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Lightsey John Henry CPL Army Odum 9-Aug-1970 S.Vietnam 17-Dec-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Lindbloom Charles David PH2 Navy Atlanta 20-Aug-1968 S.Vietnam 5-Jan-1943 Non-Hos. Died-Miss. ~
Lindsey Edward Byron SP4 Army Dublin 29-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 8-Mar-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Lindsey William Jefferson PFC Army Augusta 17-Nov-1965 S.Vietnam 1-Dec-1941 Hostile, Killed ~
Linse Kenneth David CPL Army Atlanta 30-Jul-1968 S.Vietnam 15-Oct-1948 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Lipscomb Melvin SP4 Army College Park 14-Mar-1967 S.Vietnam 9-Aug-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Little Donnie Hugh CPL Marines Atlanta 9-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 25-Nov-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Lloyd Orland Thomas SSGT Army Augusta 7-Apr-1970 S.Vietnam 22-Nov-2027 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Locklar Ted T SGT Army Columbus 31-Oct-1966 S.Vietnam 2-Apr-1944 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Long Douglas Leonard Jr PFC Marines Savannah 13-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 10-Feb-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Long Herlihy Townsend COL Army Macon 27-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 15-Mar-2024 Hostile, Killed ~
Long Johnny F WO Army College Park 19-Jul-1966 S.Vietnam 22-Oct-1942 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Lord Arthur James MAJ Army Savannah 13-Apr-1977 S.Vietnam 6-Jan-1941 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Lott Douglas Hugh Jr SP5 Army Columbus 30-Oct-1969 S.Vietnam 9-Nov-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Lowe Jere Rone SGT Army Tallapoosa 14-Oct-1969 S.Vietnam 2-Apr-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Lowery Donald Steven PFC Army Newnan 15-Feb-1967 S.Vietnam 29-Jul-1947 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Lumpkin Harry James PVT Army Albany 10-Oct-1970 S.Vietnam 24-Feb-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Luse Michael John PFC Army Atlanta 11-Mar-1971 S.Vietnam 13-Jul-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Lynn Weldon George PFC Marines Winder 17-Feb-1969 S.Vietnam 10-Oct-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Mack Joseph Bingham Jr MAJ Army Atlanta 17-Sep-1966 S.Vietnam 12-Jan-1935 Hostile, Killed ~
Mack Willie Edward LCPL Marines Thomson 10-Jun-1970 S.Vietnam 20-Aug-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Macken Charles Davis PFC Army Albany 8-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 6-Jul-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Mackey Vertis L SP4 Army Manassas 24-Nov-1967 S.Vietnam 15-Aug-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Mallard Morris A Jr SFC Army Chamblee 7-Aug-1968 S.Vietnam 23-Jul-1933 Hostile, Killed ~
Malloy John Perry CWO Army Atlanta 21-Mar-1970 S.Vietnam 14-Nov-1948 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Manac Don PFC Marines Fargo 20-Aug-1970 S.Vietnam 4-Feb-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Mann Eddie Morris PFC Army Barnesville 9-May-1967 S.Vietnam 10-Dec-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Mann John Harold SP4 Army Mt View 2-Dec-1967 S.Vietnam 23-Apr-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Manning Ralph E SSGT Army Thomasville 23-Jun-1966 S.Vietnam 17-Sep-1932 Hostile, Killed ~
Manning Ralph Edward AN Navy East Point 29-Jul-1967 N.Vietnam 12-Sep-1947 Non-Hos. Died-Miss. ~
Marbutt Gary Thomas PFC Marines Summerville 16-Jul-1967 S.Vietnam 10-Dec-1945 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Marion Curtis PFC Marines Alma 29-Jul-1969 S.Vietnam 18-Jul-1949 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Marks Tommy Lee SP5 Army Albany 27-Dec-1969 S.Vietnam 25-Feb-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Martin Bennie Louis SGT Army La Grange 14-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 22-May-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Martin Charles Thomas PFC Marines Oakwood 25-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 14-Apr-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Martin Henry Olin Iii PFC Marines Savannah 30-Sep-1966 S.Vietnam 16-Oct-1945 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Martin Henry Ronald SSGT Army Macon 9-May-1971 S.Vietnam 28-Nov-1944 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Martin John Warren PFC Marines Forsyth 3-Oct-1966 S.Vietnam 5-Apr-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Martin William Harold SSGT Army Columbus 8-Dec-1970 S.Vietnam 20-May-1941 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Massey Michael Jay PFC Army Columbus 1-May-1968 S.Vietnam 13-Jun-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Mathis Roger Edward PFC Marines Jesup 18-Apr-1967 S.Vietnam 9-Sep-1948 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Mathis Ronnie Thomas SGT Army Atlanta 17-Nov-1965 S.Vietnam 31-Oct-1939 Hostile, Killed ~
Mathis Rubin Ii SP5 Army Cordele 25-Jun-1971 S.Vietnam 7-Oct-1946 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Mattox John Richard PFC Army Stephens 25-Apr-1970 S.Vietnam 24-Jul-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Mattox Wilbur Florence PFC Army Gainesville 25-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 16-Jan-1944 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Maxie Norman SP4 Army Albany 19-Jul-1971 S.Vietnam 30-Jan-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Maxwell Charles D MSGT Army Bowden 12-Jan-1967 S.Vietnam 15-Nov-1930 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Maybury Thomas Vincent LCPL Marines Chamblee 17-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 18-May-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Mayer Juergen August SGT Army Millwood 18-Aug-1966 S.Vietnam 9-Jan-1941 Hostile, Killed ~
Mayo Marvin Lacy CPL Army College Park 26-Mar-1968 S.Vietnam 24-Jun-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Mays Emmitt Jr PVT Army Columbus 11-Apr-1966 S.Vietnam 8-Feb-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Burrows Wendell D SGT Army Abbeville 1-Nov-1968 S.Vietnam 16-Jul-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Caden James Lee SSGT Army Columbus 12-Sep-1967 S.Vietnam 22-Jul-2027 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Mc Can Claude Jr PFC Army Alpharetta 20-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 17-Aug-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Carley Charles D Jr SGT Army East Point 7-Mar-1970 S.Vietnam 26-Dec-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Caskill William PFC Marines Boston 26-Apr-1967 S.Vietnam 7-Feb-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Clure Thurlo Merida CPL Marines Thomaston 16-Aug-1967 S.Vietnam 17-Aug-1939 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Collum Robert Henry PFC Army Marietta 27-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 18-Dec-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Cook Gregory Madison SGT Marines Atlanta 9-May-1967 S.Vietnam 23-Mar-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Cranie David Carroll SGT Army Conley 7-May-1970 S.Vietnam 19-Jul-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Crary Clifford Paul WO Army Dallas 16-Aug-1969 S.Vietnam 1-Jan-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Mc Cuaig Glenn Richard LCPL Marines Americus 2-Aug-1967 S.Vietnam 3-Nov-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Daniel Jerry Jackson PFC Army Winder 28-Dec-1967 S.Vietnam 2-Jul-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Daniel Morris Larosco Jr COL Air Force Ft Valley 27-Apr-1978 N.Vietnam 4-Apr-2029 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Mc Donald John Ethridge CPL Army Hahira 15-Apr-1969 S.Vietnam 31-Oct-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Donald Thomas R Jr PFC Army Atlanta 11-Sep-1969 S.Vietnam 5-Mar-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Dowall Francis Jr WO Army Lawrenceville 12-Aug-1969 S.Vietnam 3-Sep-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Dowell Gerald Lee SGT Army Fortson 27-Jun-1970 S.Vietnam 23-Sep-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Durmon Calvin Lavon CPL Army Moultrie 24-Jul-1969 S.Vietnam 7-Mar-1950 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Mc Elrath Winston Jr LCPL Marines Atlanta 31-May-1968 S.Vietnam 18-Jan-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Gee Danny Dean LCPL Marines Conyers 23-Jan-1967 S.Vietnam 10-Apr-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Gee Samuel Russell Iii HM3 Navy Atlanta 6-Sep-1967 S.Vietnam 27-Nov-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Gill Robert Andrew PFC Marines Columbus 4-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 28-Dec-1949 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Mc Gruder Edward PFC Army Cusseta 13-Jul-1967 S.Vietnam 22-May-1947 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Mc Guire William Edgar SSGT Army Moultrie 28-Dec-1968 S.Vietnam 21-Dec-2029 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Mc Hellon George S SP4 Army Atlanta 17-Nov-1965 S.Vietnam 5-Apr-1941 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Kenzie Jackie Ray CPL Army Gainesville 6-May-1969 S.Vietnam 4-Feb-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Kenzie Johnny Ray PVT Marines Columbus 16-Sep-1969 S.Vietnam 2-Oct-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Kenzie Willie James CPL Army Byromville 1-Oct-1968 S.Vietnam 4-Dec-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Kibben Ray SGT Army Cedartown 6-Dec-1968 S.Vietnam 27-Oct-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Kinley Wayne Houston PFC Marines Forest Park 21-May-1968 S.Vietnam 14-Mar-1947 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Mc Kinnie Herman CPL Army Augusta 19-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 23-Jan-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Lamb Harry Lawrence MAJ Air Force Ludowici 18-Jun-1970 Cambodia 11-Feb-1935 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Mc Lendon Ralph Werner PFC Marines Columbus 26-Jul-1968 S.Vietnam 10-Mar-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Murray Odie C SP4 Army Buena Vista 6-May-1969 S.Vietnam 13-Jun-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Mc Williams Roy M CAPT Army Mableton 20-Jan-1967 S.Vietnam 18-Jun-1940 Hostile, Killed ~
Mcdowell William Clayton SFC Army Brunswick 5-Apr-1971 S.Vietnam 4-Jul-1937 Hostile, Killed ~
Mcrae David Edward LCDR Navy Decatur 6-Apr-1973 N.Vietnam 30-Nov-1938 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Mcwhorter Henry Sterling LT Navy Savannah 29-Aug-1965 N.Vietnam 19-Nov-1934 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Meadows Artis Wilbur Jr CPL Marines Atlanta 7-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 30-Sep-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Meadows Roy Lester SFC Army Ashburn 23-May-1971 S.Vietnam 8-Nov-2028 Hostile, Killed ~
Means Vernon SGT Army Cordele 13-Nov-1967 S.Vietnam 27-Jan-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Mears Guy Lamar Jr SP4 Army Rockmart 17-Oct-1970 S.Vietnam 16-Jan-1950 Hostile, Died-Missing ~
Megar Herbert Leonard Jr PFC Army Decatur 25-Jun-1969 S.Vietnam 17-Dec-1948 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Melton Clifford Dean SSGT Army Columbus 21-Jul-1965 S.Vietnam 4-Jun-1932 Hostile, Killed ~
Melton Dennis Carol SP4 Army Rossville 6-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 30-Jun-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Melton Dennis Carol SP4 Army Rossville 6-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 30-Jun-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Melvin Stanley Tracy PFC Marines Atlanta 28-May-1967 S.Vietnam 17-Feb-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Mercer Jimmy Henry SGT Army Hazlehurst 26-Jul-1970 S.Vietnam 20-May-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Merchant Lonnie Vester SFC Army Hazelhurst 9-Sep-1969 S.Vietnam 9-Nov-1931 Hostile, Killed ~
Merritt John Clinton SSGT Army Ocilla 24-Mar-1971 S.Vietnam 19-Oct-1945 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Mewborn Weslie David AE1 Navy Atlanta 8-Sep-1964 S.Vietnam 29-Mar-1933 Hostile, Killed ~
Michael James Albert SGT Army Gainesville 13-Feb-1971 S.Vietnam 6-Apr-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Milam Wilbur Lawrence Iii PFC Marines Smyrna 10-Feb-1969 S.Vietnam 1-Mar-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Miles Palmer Beach SGT Army Columbus 17-Nov-1965 S.Vietnam 14-Feb-1938 Hostile, Killed ~
Miller Charles Russell SSGT Army Augusta 23-May-1968 S.Vietnam 10-Nov-1942 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Miller Herbert MAJ Air Force Brunswick 21-Apr-1971 S.Vietnam 31-Jul-1931 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Miller J D SFC Army Montrose 16-Feb-1970 S.Vietnam 28-May-1940 Hostile, Killed ~
Miller Roy Waldo Jr SP5 Army Augusta 2-Nov-1968 S.Vietnam 25-Jul-1941 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Millirons James Eugene CPL Marines East Point 2-Jun-1967 S.Vietnam 1-Aug-1946 Hostile, Killed ~
Mimbs Billie PFC Army Lollie 17-Jul-1967 S.Vietnam 5-Mar-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Mincey Dorsey Iii SP4 Army Savannah 25-Aug-1970 S.Vietnam 12-Aug-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Miner William David COL Air Force Atlanta 15-Mar-1971 S.Vietnam 23-Oct-2020 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Minnitee Johnson Jr PFC Army Ellenwood 27-Dec-1967 S.Vietnam 12-Aug-1944 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Mitchell Fred W Jr SSGT Army Grovetown 18-Aug-1967 S.Vietnam 30-Sep-1939 Hostile, Killed ~
Mitchell Gary Henton PVT Army Atlanta 8-Dec-1969 S.Vietnam 8-May-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Mitchell Larry Leon SP4 Army Valdosta 20-May-1968 S.Vietnam 25-Jan-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Mitchell Leroy PFC Army Athens 18-Apr-1970 S.Vietnam 1-Apr-1950 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Mobley Willie Roy SP4 Army Columbus 5-Jul-1968 S.Vietnam 19-Mar-1947 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Moldavan Edward A CPL Army Austell 27-Oct-1967 S.Vietnam 28-Aug-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Monfort Bennie Frank SSGT Army Albany 6-May-1968 S.Vietnam 7-Mar-1940 Hostile, Killed ~
Monson Joseph CPL Army Atlanta 18-Mar-1970 S.Vietnam 23-Apr-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Ill,Inj ~
Moog Phillip Jacob 2LT Army Augusta 10-Aug-1966 S.Vietnam 22-Aug-1941 Hostile, Killed ~
Moore Clyde Vernon 1LT Army Irwinville 29-Sep-1967 S.Vietnam 20-Aug-1939 Hostile, Killed ~
Moore Edward Lamar Jr SSGT Army Mc Donough 14-Mar-1967 S.Vietnam 29-Jan-1939 Hostile, Killed ~
Moore James Robert Jr PFC Army Atlanta 13-Jun-1970 S.Vietnam 22-Oct-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Moore Kenneth Dee SP4 Army Vidalia 20-Mar-1968 S.Vietnam 11-Oct-1945 Hostile, Killed ~
Moore Lawrence Michael WO Army East Point 23-Jun-1970 S.Vietnam 22-Sep-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Morgan Gregory Scott SP4 Army Atlanta 15-Mar-1971 S.Vietnam 24-May-1947 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Morgan Jackie Marcell SP5 Army Homerville 16-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 6-Mar-1941 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Morgan Luther Jr SGT Army Atlanta 14-May-1969 S.Vietnam 11-Jun-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Morgan Major Boone Jr CPL Marines Chamblee 21-Aug-1969 S.Vietnam 17-Jul-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Morris James Logan PFC Army Ellijay 14-Aug-1966 S.Vietnam 26-Aug-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Morris Jimmy Tony PFC Marines Rossville 26-Aug-1969 S.Vietnam 27-Dec-1950 Hostile, Killed ~
Morris John Nathan HN Navy Meldrim 15-Jul-1966 S.Vietnam 17-Aug-1943 Hostile, Killed ~
Morris Leon Lopez SP4 Army Albany 24-Jul-1969 S.Vietnam 11-Aug-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Morris Raymond Murphy CPL Army Austell 9-May-1970 Cambodia 19-Aug-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Morris Robert Davis PVT Army Savannah 19-Jul-1968 S.Vietnam 9-Apr-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Morris Robert Wesley PFC Marines Macon 26-Mar-1968 S.Vietnam 21-Dec-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Morris Thomas Hall SSGT Army Stockbridge 16-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 28-Aug-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Mosley Robert Lee SSGT Army Atlanta 18-Feb-1968 S.Vietnam 2-Dec-1940 Hostile, Killed ~
Moss Charles Nathan PFC Marines Atlanta 25-Mar-1969 S.Vietnam 14-Aug-1949 Hostile, Killed ~
Motes James Jackson CPL Army Columbus 27-Jul-1969 S.Vietnam 3-Mar-1944 Hostile, Killed ~
Mulkey Terry Lee PFC Marines Smyrna 5-Jun-1968 S.Vietnam 19-Feb-1948 Hostile, Killed ~
Mullis Charles Edward SP4 Army Waycross 23-Oct-1967 S.Vietnam 17-May-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Mullis Marvin Burnett Jr PFC Marines Valdosta 2-Nov-1968 S.Vietnam 26-May-1948 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Murphy David CPL Marines Griffin 23-Apr-1968 S.Vietnam 18-Jul-1947 Hostile, Killed ~
Murphy Larron David CAPT Army Dalton 11-Oct-1973 S.Vietnam 5-Oct-1944 Hostile, Died-Missing BNR
Murphy Paul William Jr PFC Army Atlanta 14-Sep-1969 S.Vietnam 3-Mar-1950 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Murphy Roy Lynwood LCPL Marines Moultrie 29-May-1965 S.Vietnam 13-Feb-1944 Hostile, Died-Wounds ~
Murray Larry Donnell SP4 Army Macon 21-Jan-1970 S.Vietnam 18-Dec-1949 Non-Hos. Died-Other ~
Murray Michael Van PFC Marines Macon 31-Jan-1968 S.Vietnam 28-Apr-1947 Hostile, Killed ~