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Troup County, GA

Updated: 1/21/2010

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Location Coordinates:
N32 54.593, W85 09.375
Images of James Lovelace Cemetery
From the square, drive west/south west on Vernon Rd/West Point Rd 13.2 mi. The cemetery is 200 ft on the left (west) . The is a service road to cemetery entering West Point Rd (US 29) at N32 54.572, W85 9.417.
The service road was locked by a gate when I visited the cemetery, but it was an easy walk around the gate.

The cemetery is now surrounded with a locked, chain link fence, 110' x 110'. In 2009, the keys for the cemetery locks were obtained from Steven Johnson of West Point.

A survey of this cemetery was performed by Janie Lovelace Heard, and dated August 30, 1952. A copy of this survey was obtained from Steven Johnson. The survey contained a hand-drawn plat of the cemetery, which is included as the third image of the cemetery. The plat indexed each grave, and these indexes are referenced for each tombstone record.
Previous Survey:
Family, Church, and Community Cemeteries of Troup County, p. 79
Survey History:
First Visit: Don Flynn (2/2/2008)
Survey Visit: Don Flynn (3/12/2009)

BAKER, Arthur Branch     Birth: 10/24/1806     Death: 8/27/1868
Row: 2   Grave: 8
South Face of monument:: Arthur Branch Baker; Oct. 24, 1806; Aug. 27, 1868; "Love On West Face of monument: "Our Father and Mother" From Janie Lovelace Heard: Arthur Branch Baker, husband of Elizabeth Lovelace Baker.

Reference Number 37
BAKER, Elizabeth Shields Lovelace     Birth: 6/21/1814     Death: 7/10/1888
Row: 2   Grave: 9
North Face of monument: Elizabeth Lovelace; Wife of Arthur B. Baker; June 21, 1814; July 10, 1888; "Faith" On West Face of monument: "Our Father and Mother" From Janie Lovelace Heard: 6th child of James and Mary B. Lovelace. Mother of Elizabeth V. Baker, Flora Baker, and William Gilmer Baker. Also, her middle name is Shields.

Reference Number 36
BAKER, Elizabeth V.     Birth: 9/29/1847     Death: 9/12/1919
Row: 2   Grave: 12
Unlettered Brick and concrete slab

From Janie Lovelace Heard: (Lizzie), dr of Arthur Branch and Elizabeth Shields Lovelace Baker; b Dec. 10, 1847 d Sept. 12, 1919.

Reference Number 34
BAKER, Flora     Birth: 12/10/1852     Death: 11/2/1912
Row: 2   Grave: 11
Unlettered Brick and concrete slab.

From Janie Lovelace Heard: Sister of Elizabeth V. Baker; b Dec. 10, 1852 d Nov. 2, 1912

Reference Number 35
BAKER, William Gilmer     Birth: 11/17/1845     Death: 8/6/1864
Row: 2   Grave: 7
South Face of moment: Our Brother William Gilmer Baker; Nov. 17, 1845; Aug. 6, 1864 From Janie Lovelace Heard: Son of Arthur B. and Elizabeth Lovelace Baker.

Reference Number 38
EDGE, Amanda Elvira Miller     Birth: 6/5/1835     Death: 5/29/1909
Row: 1   Grave: 6
In memory of A. E. Edge; Born June 5, 1835; Died May 29, 1909 On slab: "To them that over cometh will I grant to eat the tree of life" 15' x 12' granite enclosure

From Janie Lovelace Heard: Amanda Elvira Miller, dr of Jacob and Nancy S. Lovelace Miller; m1st David Daniel Knowles, no issue; m2nd Wm. R. Edge, no issue.

Reference Number 47.
HAMES, Henry Sidney     Birth: 10/9/1813     Death: 3/14/1905
Row: 2   Grave: 3
Unlettered Brick and concrete slab

From Janie Lovelace Heard: Husband of Louisa Ann Lovelace Hames. Born Oct. 9, 1813; d Mar.14, 1905.

Reference Number 42
HAMES, Louisa Ann Lovelace     Birth: 9/18/1823     Death: 2/24/1905
Row: 2   Grave: 4
Unlettered Brick and concrete slab.

From Janie Lovelace Heard: b Sept. 18, 1823; d Feb. 24, 1905. 12th child of James & Mary S. Lovelace. Married Henry S. Hames, widower of her sister Mary Shaw Lovelace Hames. Mary buried in the Hames Cemetery near West Point, Ga. Louisa, mother of Rosa and Leona Hames.

Reference Number 41
LOVELACE, A. Obedience "Biddy"     Birth: 12/28/1873     Death: 11/9/1909
Row: 4   Grave: 7
A. Obedience Lovelace; Dec. 28, 1873; Nov. 9, 1909; "The law of the Lord is my delight." From Janie Lovelace: "Biddy", daughter of Lucius Todd Cicero and Amanda D. Lovelace.

Reference Number 21
LOVELACE, Amanda Davidson     Birth: 1/27/1847     Death: 9/25/1924
Row: 4   Grave: 9
Amanda D.; Wife of L. T. C. Lovelace; Jan. 27, 1847; Sept. 25, 1924 From Janie Lovelace Heard: Mother of Samuel Calvin Lovelace, Lucius Beall Lovelace, and A. Obedience (Biddy) Lovelace. Daughter of Elias and Lucretia Leverette Davidson.

Reference Number 19
LOVELACE, Eliza Obedience     Birth: 3/11/1853     Death: 5/5/1864
Row: 4   Grave: 3
Eliza O.; Daughter of Lucius B. & Obedience Lovelace; Born Mar. 11, 1853; Died May 5, 1864 From Janie Lovelace Heard: Eliza Obedience Lovelace.

Reference Number 25
LOVELACE, Eliza Smith
Row: 3   Grave: 2
Unlettered Rock pile

From Janie Lovelace Heard: The wife of Mark Tully Cicero, Eliza Smith, who was sister of Gov. Smith of Georgia.

Reference Number 32
LOVELACE, Irene Hudson     Birth: 11/13/1876     Death: 4/30/1969
Row: 6   Grave: 15
Irene Hudson; Wife of Samuel C. Lovelace; Nov. 13, 1876; Apr. 30, 1969 Reference Number 2
LOVELACE, J. H.     Birth: 12/15/1825     Death: 4/22/1879
Row: 6   Grave: 3
Col. J. H. Lovelace; Born Dec. 15, 1825; Departed this life April 22, 1879; "A sleep in Jusus" From Janie Lovelace Heard: 13th child of James and Mary Stapler Lovelace.

Reference Number 14
LOVELACE, James     Birth: 4/12/1779     Death: 1/18/1860
Row: 6   Grave: 5
In memory of James Lovelace; Who was born in Iredell Co., N.C.; April 12th 1779; And departed this life Jany 18th 1860 in the 81st year of his age; " Ille non mortuus est sed dormit" Second marker: James Lovelace; Georgia ; SGT; L. FGT GA Militi; War of 1812; April 12, 1779; January 18 1860 From Janie Lovelace Heard: Thre father of the Lovelace family in Troup County. Latin means: He is not dead, but sleeping.

Reference Number 12
LOVELACE, James Russell     Birth: 9/12/1827     Death: 9/22/1836
Row: 6   Grave: 6
In memory of James R. Lovelace; Born Sept. 12th 1827; Died Sept. 22th 1836; Aged 9 years & 10 days. From Jamie Lovelace Heard: James Russell Lovelace, the 14th child of Mary Stapler and James Lovelace. This was the first grave in the cemetery.

Reference Number 11
Row: 3   Grave: 6
Our Infant Jenny; Too pure for Earth; L. T. C., and A. T. J. Lovelace; From Janie Lovelace Heard: The name should have been "Janie". Oldest child of L. T. C. and Amanda Jane Davidson Lovelace. No dates on grave. S. C. L. her brother, 3rd child b 1871. Sister Elizabeth, 2nd child buried Bethel Church, Troup Co. in 1873.

Reference Number 28
Row: 4   Grave: 1
Unlettered Rock pile

From Janie Lovelace Heard: A mound of rocks - Cousin Ola Miller Johnson said this is the grave of John L. Lovelace, son of Dr. M. T. C. Lovelace and Eliza Smith Lovelace. In Jan. 1954 we found a clipping notice of his death in her files. No dates; he evidently died after his father as "he was a young boy survived by his mother and sister (Ella)". He was nephew of Gov. Smith of Ga.

Reference Number 27
LOVELACE, LC     Birth: 2/24/1903     Death: 10/30/1985
Row: 6   Grave: 16
L. C. Lovelace; Feb. 24, 1903; Oct. 30, 1985 From Steven Johnson: Her full name was Lucius Clay, but was called LC her whole life. She was the daughter of Irene Hudson Lovelace and Samuel Calvin Lovelace.

Reference Number 2A
LOVELACE, Lucius B.     Birth: 2/1/1806     Death: 11/19/1876
Row: 4   Grave: 5
North Face of monument: Lucius B. Lovelace; Born Feb. 1, 1806; Died Nov. 19, 1876 East Face: Our parentts Common monument with Obedience Robinson Lovelace

From Janie Lovelace Heard: Oldest child of James & Mary Lovelace.

Reference Number 23
LOVELACE, Lucius Beall     Birth: 2/19/1878     Death: 11/5/1918
Row: 7   Grave: 1
Unlettered From Jamie Lovelace Heard: Lucius Beall Lovelace, Born December 19, 1878, Died November 5, 1918. Son of L. T. C. Lovelace and Amanda Davidson Lovelace.

Reference Number 1
LOVELACE, Lucus Todd Cicero     Birth: 12/1/1839     Death: 1/5/1921
Row: 4   Grave: 8
Lucus T. C. Lovelace; Dec. 1, 1839; Jan. 5, 1921; "A Confederate Soldier" Second Marker: Lucuis T C Lovelace; PVT CO D 4 Regt GA Inf; Confederate States Army; Dec 1 1839; Jan 3 1921 From Janie Lovelace Heard: Lucius Todd Cicero Lovelace - Father of Samuel Calvin Lovelace, Lucius Beall Lovelace, and A. Obedience Lovelace. Son of Lucius Beall and Obedience Robinson Lovelace.

Reference Number 20
LOVELACE, Malissa Brooks     Birth: 10/10/1838     Death: 7/5/1869
Row: 3   Grave: 1
Malissa Brook; Relict of Jno. T. Lovelace; Born Oct. 10, 1838; Died July 5, 1869 From Jamie Lovelace Heard: Born Elba, Ala; Mother of John LaFayette Lovelace who m Vashti Tucker, and Sallie Lovelace who m Thomas Anthony Lovelace. Husband John T. Lovelace son of Lucius Beall Lovelace was killed in the Battle of Chancellorsville Dec 22, 1863. His grave was never found.
Reference Number 33
LOVELACE, Margaret Cade     Birth: 6/30/1850     Death: 11/29/1880
Row: 4   Grave: 6
Margaret C.; Daughter of L. B. & O. Lovelace; Born June 30, 1850; Died Nov. 29, 1880; "Blessed are the pure in hearth For they shall see God." From Janie Lovelace Heard: "Aunt Cade".

Reference Number 22
LOVELACE, Mark Tully Cicero     Birth: 10/8/1807     Death: 1/8/1872
Row: 3   Grave: 3
M. T. C. Lovelace; Born Oct. 8, 1807; Died Jan. 8, 1872; "He was an honest man, and a faithful christian." From Janie Lovelace Heard: Mark Tully Cicero, the 2nd child of James & Mary S. Lovelace. James was a Latin and Greek scholar and used the name Marcus Tullius Cicero.

Reference Number 31
LOVELACE, Martha L.     Birth: 4/28/1859     Death: 12/20/1859
Row: 3   Grave: 4
In memory of Martha L. Lovelace; Daughter of M. T. C. & E. L. Lovelace; Born Apr. 28, 1859; Died Dec. 20, 1859 Reference Number 30
LOVELACE, Mary Stapler     Birth: 12/22/1783     Death: 9/30/1864
Row: 6   Grave: 4
Mary Lovelace; Born in Columbia Co.,, Ga. Dec. 22, 1783; And departed this life September 30, 1864; "Not dead but sleepth" From Jamie Lovelace Heard: Wife of James Lovelace; daughter of John and Jean (or Jane) Stapler.

Reference Number 13
LOVELACE, Obedience Robinson     Birth: 11/29/1809     Death: 12/17/1868
Row: 4   Grave: 4
Obedience South Face of monument: Robinson; Wife of L. B. Lovelace; Born Nov. 29, 1809; Died Dec. 17, 1868 East Face: Our parents Common monument with Lucius B. Lovelace

From Janie Lovelace Heard: Daughter of Leggett and Elizabeth Robinson.

Reference Number 24
LOVELACE, Samuel Calvin     Birth: 8/14/1871     Death: 5/26/1932
Row: 6   Grave: 14
Samuel C. Lovelace; Aug. 14, 1871; May 26, 1932 From Janie Lovelace Heard: Samuel Calvin Lovelace.

Reference Number 3
LOVELACE, Sarah Whitfield     Birth: 3/13/1848     Death: 1/12/1931
Row: 6   Grave: 2
Sarah Whitfield Lovelace; Wife of Col. J. J. Lovelace; Mar. 13, 1848; Jan. 12, 1931; "Wonderful Mother" From Janie Lovelace Heard: Sarah Whitfield Reese"

Reference Number 15
LOVELACE, William Daughtry     Birth: 4/25/1846     Death: 5/26/1846
Row: 4   Grave: 2
In memory of William D. Lovelace; Son of L. B. & O. Lovelace; Born Apr. 25, 1846; Died May 26, 1846 From Janie Lovelace Heard: William Daughtry Lovelace.

Reference Number 26
LOVELACE, William Reece     Birth: 6/9/1876     Death: 3/5/1877
Row: 6   Grave: 1
William Reece Lovelace; Son of J. H. & S. M. Lovelace; June 9, 1876; Mar. 5, 1877 Reference Number 16
MILES, Rosa Hames Stott  Death: 1938
Row: 2   Grave: 2
Unlettered Brick and concrete slab

From Janie Lovelace Heard: Died in 1938.

Reference Number 43
MILLER, Henry Washington     Birth: 11/25/1849     Death: 6/15/1931
Row: 1   Grave: 2
Henry W. Miller; Nov. 25, 1849; June 15, 1931 Common headstone with Lura D. Williams Miller

Reported by Janie Lovelace Heard: Henry Washington Miller, son of Jacob and Nancy S. Lovlace Miller

Reference Number 51
MILLER, Infant     Birth: 3/8/1877     Death: 3/8/1877
Row: 5   Grave: 2
Infant of H. W. & L. D. Miller; Born and Died March. 8, 1877 Reference Number 17
MILLER, Irl Williams     Birth: 11/1896     Death: 12/19/1896
Row: 1   Grave: 1
Irl Williams; Son of H. W. & L. L. Miller;; Nov. 1896; Dec. 19, 1896; Miller On slab: "Fold O, Father! in thine arms And let him henceforth be. A messager of love between Our human hearths and Thee."; "Darling, We miss thee!" Reference Number 52
MILLER, Jacob     Birth: 8/30/1803     Death: 7/9/1878
Row: 6   Grave: 11
Jacob Miller; Aug. 30, 1803; July 9, 1878; "And I hear a voice from Heaven saying unto me write blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth, you saith the spirit that they may rest from their labors, and their works do follow them." Reference Number 6
MILLER, James Allen     Birth: 9/29/1851     Death: 12/9/1857
Row: 6   Grave: 7
James Allen Miller; Son of J. and N. S. Miller; Born Sept. 29, 1851; Died Dec. 9, 1857 Inscription was almost unreadable. Provided by Jamie Lovelace Heard.

Reference Number 10
MILLER, John William     Birth: 8/14/1833     Death: 6/25/1868
Row: 6   Grave: 13
Sacred to the memory of John William; Son of J. & N. S.Miller; Born Aug. 14, 1833; Died June 25, 1868; "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints." Reference Number 4
MILLER, Louisa Ann     Birth: 10/9/1845     Death: 12/11/1912
Row: 1   Grave: 8
Lou A. Miller; Oct. 9, 1845; Dec. 11, 1912 On slab: "Though lost to sight, to memory dear." 15' x 12' granite enclosure

From Janie Lovelace Heard: Louisa Ann Miller; dr of Jacob and Nancy S. Lovelace Miller.

Reference Number 45
MILLER, Lura D. Williams     Birth: 1/7/1856     Death: 8/7/1933
Row: 1   Grave: 3
Lura D. Williams; Wife of Henry W. Miller; Miller; Jan. 7, 1856; Aug. 7, 1933 Common headstone with Henry W. Miller

Reference Number 50
MILLER, Mark T. C.     Birth: 4/18/1843     Death: 10/5/1846
Row: 6   Grave: 8
In memory of Mark T. C. Miller; Son of J. & N. S. Miller; Apr. 18, 1843; Oct. 5, 1846 Inscription was almost unreadable. Provided by Jamie Lovelace Heard.

Reference Number 9
MILLER, Martha Caroline     Birth: 2/27/1842     Death: 8/18/1909
Row: 1   Grave: 7
In memory of M. C. Miller; Born Feb. 27, 1842; Died Aug. 18, 1909 On slab: "The righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance" 15' x 12' granite enclosure

From Janie Lovelace Heard: Martha Caroline Miller, dr of Jacob and Nancy S. Lovelace Miller.

Reference Number 46
MILLER, Nancy S. Lovelace     Birth: 8/26/1810     Death: 2/13/1858
Row: 6   Grave: 10
In memory of Nancy S. Miller; daughter of James & Mary Lovelace; and consort of Jacob Miller; Born Aug. 26, 1810; Died Feb. 13, 1858; "Farewell ye friends Whose tender care has long enjoyed my love Your fond embrace Know exchanage for better friends above." Reference Number 7
MILLER, Nicholas Wesley     Birth: 11/24/1836     Death: 6/5/1865
Row: 6   Grave: 12
Sacred to the memory of Nicholas Wesley; Son of J. & N. S. Miller; Born Nov. 24th 1836; Died in Peace June 5th 1865; "They are blessed that trust in the Loard." Reference Number 5
MILLER, Sarah Jane     Birth: 2/18/1839     Death: 5/18/1840
Row: 6   Grave: 9
In memory of Sarah Jane Miller; Daughter of J. & N. S. Miller; Feb. 18, 1839; May 18, 1840 Inscription was almost unreadable. Provided by Jamie Lovelace Heard.

Reference Number 8
PHARR, Mary E. Miller     Birth: 2/4/1832     Death: 3/18/1908
Row: 1   Grave: 5
Sacred to the memory of Mary E. Pharr; Born Feb. 4, 1832; Died Mar. 18, 1908 On slab: "She welcomed death as the fruition of her eternal hopes." 12' x 12' granite enclosure

From Janie Lovelace Heard: Mary E. Miller, dr of Jacob and Nancy S. Lovelace Miller. Wife of Samuel T. Pharr.

Reference Number 48
PHARR, Samuel T.     Birth: 8/31/1852     Death: 3/22/1898
Row: 1   Grave: 4
In memory of Samuel T. Pharr; Aug. 31, 1852; Mch. 22, 1898 On slab: "Thus sink to rest the just whom Christ has blest. Death brings them light and peace and heavenly rest." 12' x 12' granite enclosure

Reference Number 49
STOTT, William P.
Row: 2   Grave: 1
Unlettered Brick and concrete slab

From Janie Lovelace Heard: First husband of Rosa Hames.

From Steven Johnson: William Stott was for a long time the superintendant of schools for West Point.

Reference Number 44
THOMPSON, Jane Crabb Lovelace     Birth: 4/22/1822     Death: 3/14/1890
Row: 2   Grave: 5
J. L. Thompson; Wife of W. P. Thompson; Born April 22, 1822; Departed this life March 14, 1890; "we have met to part no more." From Janie Lovelace Heard: Jane Crabb Lovelace Thompson, 11th child of James & Mary S. Lovelace. No issue.

Reference Number 40
THOMPSON, William Paul     Birth: 3/17/1807     Death: 4/28/1879
Row: 1   Grave: 9
William P. Thompson; Born March 17, 1807; And departed this life April 28, 1879; "We will meet again" The actual tomb is to the right of Jane Crabb Thompson. The headstone broke of in a storm, and is placed on top of Jane Crabb Thompson's grave.

From Janie Lovelace Heard: William Paul Thompson is hjusband of Jane Crabb Lovelace Thompson.

Reference Number 39

In addition to the 51 tombstones described above, an additional 3 unlettered graves were found

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