This cemetery is located about 1/2 mile, turning right from Highway 96 about 9 miles from Jeffersonville.  The cemetery is perhaps 1/10 mile from Richland Creek, with signs of a road once leading to it from Highway 96.      

G. R. Asbell, (Masonic emblem on stone) born March 29, 1840, died August 11, 1906.

Alma J. Sanders, born July 19, 1895, died October 15, 1896.

Between these two graves is an unmarked adult grave, bricked up.  On the opposite side of the G. R. Asbell's grave stone are these words: "Farewell my wife and children all, from your father Christ doth call."

Laney Cunningham, wife of E. W. Hill, born November 2nd, 1852 in Lenox County, North Carolina, died Twiggs County, GA on February 4, 1887.

J. S. Lamb, son of H. C. & L. W. Lamb, born September 26, 1869, died July 19, 1900.

L. B. Lamb, son of H. C. & L. W. Lamb, born November 17, 1873, died February 12, 1898.

C. B. Lamb, son of H. C. & L. W. Lamb, born September 8, 1875, died May 2, 1892. 

John S. Sanders, died July 2, 1877, age 65 years.  

Jane T. Sanders, wife of John S. Sanders, born December 1, 1828, died July 23, 1898.


        Copied by Marvin Newberry and Jas. G. Maddox


Taken from "Collections of Twiggs Countians:  Here and There by Kathleen Jones Carswell"

Copyright 2002 by Tonya H. Crosby

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