This cemetery is west of Jeffersonville on the "old" Marion Rd., which leads from the Bullard/Jeffersonville Rd. north to Macon at the site of the colored Marion Rd. Baptist Church, near the site of the "dead" town of Marion.


Faulk, Mark 1770 - 2/3/1836

Faulk, Mark Jr. 1815 - 1/1/1837

Faulk, James G. 3/2/1814 - 3/30/1847

Faulk, Henry 3/19/1827 - 11/7/1852

Garber, Dr. Abraham, born in Montgomery Co., PA,  who died in Charleston, SC  3/9/1815 - 8/21/1849

Faulk, James G., son of Wm. & V. Faulk  3/8/1854 - Age 15 months and 1 day


Taken from "Daughter's of the American Revolution Magazine"

ęCopyright 2001 by Tonya H. Crosby