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      Take a preview tour of Thomaston! The online tour includes a look at the Pettigrew-White-Stamps House, the African American Museum, the Weaver House, the Glenwood Cemetary, and the Upson County Courthouse.

  • NOTE: The tour has many graphics. The tour is 143K in size and will take approximately 60 seconds to download on slower computers. Please wait for the introductory page to finish loading before continuing with the tour, so that your graphics will be preloaded.

  • NOTE: Although most of our web site is designed to work well even on the oldest web-capable computers, this pictorial tour may not work well for an older computer whose monitor is set for 640 by 480 pixels. If you have trouble and are using Internet Explorer, try clicking on the colored bar labeled "Untitled - Microsoft Internet Explorer" at the top of the window that contains the tour; that should expand that window to fill your screen, and allow you to use the scroll bar.
      To begin the tour, click on the link below; a new window will open up. You may end the tour at any time and return to this window by clicking the EXIT button in the lower right hand corner. We hope you enjoy your virtual visit!