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Transcription by Martha Clayton Clement

Please note:  this was transcribed as best as I could.  There were places where the paper had crumbled, making it unreadable.  The spelling and grammar is as exactly as it was published. 







Every Thursday for Everybody


Vol. 22

Blairsville, Georgia

Thursday August 9, 1945

$1.00 Per Year in Advance

No. 40



These are YOUR columns, Soldier Boys.



Pfc. Gamblin Enroute Home

With the 28th Infantry Division in Assembly Command

          Pfc. Lewis G. Gamblin in enroute home from the European Theater of Operations with the veteran “Bloody Bucket” Division, which in eight months saw vicious combat from Normandy’s hedgerow to the Reich.

          Entering action July 30, 1944, at St. Lo, the “Bloody Bucket” men battled across Normandy, paraded through Paris, proceeded east through Belgium and Luxembourg, and smashed into the Siegfried Line September 11th – the first troops to enter Germany in strength.  On December 16, it caught the full force of Von Rundsted’s Ardennes offensive.  Quickly recuperating, the 28th moved south to help liberate Colmar and Alsace and drive to the Rhine.  Within a month, it was again at the Rhine near Coblenz.

          Pfc. Gamblin is a son of Mrs. Hattie Gamblin, of Suches, Union County, Georgia.  He holds the following decoration:  Combat Infantry Badge, Purple Heart Eto. Ribbon, with four Campaign Stars, and Good Conduct Ribbon.

          [The above Release reached The News too late for last week’s publication – Editor]


          The following was among the “holes” in the newspaper and I could only figure out most of it.  Perhaps some of the Haralson descendants can identify the son featured below:


……… pt. Haralson Promoted

………news to the many friends here of Capt. ………to know that he has been promoted to the………and has received his commission as such.

          ………the son of Col. And Mrs. Pat Haralson, of Blairsville, and one of Union County’s volunteers in the present war.

          Congratulations, Major Haralson.


(The following are letters sent to the editor of the North Georgia News, Ira Butt.  One of Union County’s many prominent citizens, Mr. Butt sent copies of the newspaper overseas to “our” boys to keep them up to date on what was going on in the mountains from where they came.)


North Africa, July 27 (1945)

Dear Mr. Butt:

          Here’s a few lines to say hello to you and everybody back home, also to let you know I am receiving The News and enjoying it.  It gives me ALL the home news.

          I hope everything in old Union is moving along fine.  Let me add a special hello to Mother, Dad and the homefolks.  And keep that paper coming this way.  It’s “the whole cheese!”

                                      Sylvan R. Owenby, S. 2/c, 93467 28

                                      U.S. Naval Supply Depot, Navy No. 147, Box F

                                      Care of Fleet Post Office, New York City

          Son of Zack and Cordie Owenby of Gum Log.


Okinawa, July 14

Hello Ira:

          Have got a few spare minutes and will give you a line or two.  I haven’t been receiving my paper here of late and am getting behind on the home news.  Maybe they’ll finally catch up with me for I’m sure you’re starting them over here.  And here’s hoping for there is nothing like The News to give us the news.

          Let me say hello to everybody in this one letter.

                                      Pfc. Ray Towery, Anti-Tank Co., 383rd Inft

                                      APO 96, Care of Post Master, San Francisco Calif.

[Ray, I am sending you by First-Class Mail a few back copies of the paper to kinder get you up-to-date on home news. Let me know if you get them. – Ira]

          Son of Mark and Lula Belle Towery of Lower Young Cane.


Somewhere In The Phillippines, July 19

Hello Mr. Butt:

          This will let you know I have safely landed overseas.  How is everything in dear old Union County?  It is plenty hot over here.

          I wish to say hello to all my Union County friends and remind them to take advantage of their Christian opportunities.  When I see and realize what is going on in the world, it makes me glad to know I was reared in a Christian home.  In my traveling about I have seen so much evil – drinking, cursing, and all kinds of corruptness, it makes me shudder.  The people need to get right with God.  There are so many who do not seem to realize the great love of their Creator who died on the Cross for our redemption.

          If the American people who are striking for higher wages today would just stop and think of their comforts at home as compared with that of the soldiers who are fighting day and night, facing death on battlefields for $50 a month, I believe they would realize they are well paid and should be content and happy.  They should go on their knees and thank God for their many blessings.

          When you are three thousand miles out on the ocean it is a comfort to know God is with you.  Let me urge that you pray and give thanks to God for your many blessings. 

          I will appreciate letters from any who will write me.  And Editor, please send paper to the address below.

                                      Pfc. Clyde Sullivan, R.C. 658, 4th R.D, 2nd Plt

                                      APO 703 Care of Post Master San Francisco Calif.

          Son of Berney and Florida Sullivan of Choestoe.



Dear Ira:

          I guess it’s about time I was letting you hear from me.  I am getting the paper ok now and sure am enjoying each copy.  It lets me hear from SO many of the boys and where they are and also “keeps me up to snuff” on home news.  I want to thank you for what you are doing for us soldier boys.  It means more than I can tell you.  Keep it coming.

          In closing, let me say hello to all the Union County service boys and everybody back home.

                                      Ralph C. Brooks, S. 2/c USNR

                                      1st Division, USS Samaritan

                                      Care of Fleet Post Office, San Francisco Calif.

          Does anyone know who this soldier is the son of?  




Dear Mr. and Mrs. Butts:

          A few lines to let you know I am still “around” and in the best of health.  I am getting the paper ok and enjoying it 100 percent, and I want to thank you both for your kindness to us soldier boys, for the home news is something we sure enjoy. 

          I have completed my three year term and still making the roll toward Victory.  We work 12 hour shifts and never know when Sunday co(mes) unless someone happens to tell us.

          Allow me t………Dad and my son, Odis. 

          This is one of the spots on the newspaper that was crumbled and is unreadable.  I could not see who the writer was.  Perhaps someone out there knows who this might be…if so, please let us know!

                                      APO…….San Francisco Calif.


A Poem From Germany

If only we’d move a little ways,

We’d be in France and see happier days.

But as things stand to this late date,

All we can do is sit and wait.

I sleep ‘til I can sleep no more;

I read ‘til it is just a chore.

I talk and walk ‘til there’s no enjoyment,

Just waiting here for redeployment.


                                       Pfc Eugene F. Nix, Co. B. 310th Inft.

                                       APO 78, Care of Post Master, New York City

          There are many Nix families in Union County but unable to figure out which family Eugene belongs to. 






At Blairsville, Georgia


IRA BUTT, Editor & Publisher

Subscription $1.00 Per Year


Entered at the Post Office at Blairsville, Georgia

November 9, 1923

As Second Class Matter under Act of

Congress of March 3, 1879





Pleasant Hill News

          Singing at Pleasant Hill next Sunday afternoon, August 12, at 2:30

          Vivian Akins was Wednesday night visitor of Mr. & Mrs. John Hughes.

          Kathleen and Billy Lewis, of Charleston, SC, were last week visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rogers

          Junior Bowling, of Chattanooga, is visiting his grandmother, Mrs. Ida Bowling.

          Maxine Kelley was Saturday night guest of Ruby Rogers.

          A number from here attended singing at Providence Sunday

                                                (submitted by)

                                                “Three Sisters”


Pleasant View News

          We regret to report the continued illness of Aunt Josie Plott.

          Mr. and Mrs. Willard Stroud and Velt Smith and children, of Blairsville, and Wiley Stroud, of Monks Corner, were Sunday guests of Mr. & Mrs. Mart Stroud.

          John Stroud, Lois Plott and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Henderson, who have employment in Marietta, were home for the weekend.

          Mrs. Louise Martin was Sunday guest of Aunt Nancy Thomas.

          Miss Geraldine Plott was Sunday visitor of Miss Dorothy Owenby.

                                                (submitted by)



Oak Ridge News

          Mrs. Boyd Carringer was called to Ellijay Saturday on account of the illness of the infant son of her sister.

          We extend our sincerest condolence to the would like-to-been Smoky Mountain visitors, who were deterred by the weather, bean-picking, etc.  Better luck to you next time, folks.

          Paul Hickman is visiting Jasper and Ellijay friends this week.

          If a man loves his country, he must love his community first, and work for the betterment of it.  So why don’t we all try to make Union County the pride of Georgia?  We can if we’ll get behind it and push hard enough. 

          Little Linwood Carringer spent Sunday night with Miss Inez Lee.

          James and J. W. were all grins Sunday.  Now, what’s up?

                                                (submitted by)


[Sure, come in and see the old editor.  He’s in the very best of humor and almost Methodist enough to shout. – Editor]


Choestoe News

          The three soldier sons, Charlie, Bartley and Everett, of Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Winn, are home on furloughs.

          Mr. and Mrs. Homer Reid were Sunday visitors of his sister, Mrs. Jeff Nix.

          Mrs. W. E. Ash, of Clermont, has been visiting Choestoe relatives.

          Mr. and Mrs. Tom Self, of St. Petersburg, Fla., are visiting relatives in our midst.

          Miss Augusta Self, of Atlanta, is spending this week here with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Ed Self.

          Mrs. Lorena Berry was Sunday visitor of Mrs. Claud Rawlins.

          James R. M. Ash, of the Navy, is spending some days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ash.

          ………tion of last week:  Rev. ………-notWhitmore – con………ices at Salem.

                                                (submitted by)



Smoky Road

          Saturday night guest in the home of Velt Smith were Mr. & Mrs. Mark Stroud and C. J. Thomas.

          Miss Ruth Thomas was Monday night visitor of her sister, Mrs. Brown King.

          Mrs. Toy Kirby spent the weekend here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Jarrett.

          Walter Lovell and family were weekend visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Verdie Lovell.

          Mrs. Thelma Smith was Friday visitor of her mother, Mrs. Leila Lovell.

                                                (submitted by)

                                                “Bachelor Button”


Canal Lake

          Wayne Bowling, of Chattanooga, was Saturday night visitor of his mother, Mrs. Ida Bowling.

          Mrs. Woodrow Wilson was a Sunday visitor of Mr. and Mrs. Ford Wilson.

          Sunday visitors in the home of Hulet Carpenter were Misses Mary and Ruth Colwell, Betty & Margaret Kelley and Frances Hughes.

          Frank Bowling, of Waycross, is here visiting his mother, Mrs. Ida Bowliing.

          Mr. and Mrs. Bob Kelley were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Huges.

          Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Towery, of the Pleasant Grove community, are spending a few days with their son, Mark, and family.

          Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rich were Thursday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Ketron Colwell.

                                                (submitted by)



Ivy Log Roundup

          Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Kuykendoll and daughter, Miss Louelle, and Mr. W. V. Poteete were Sunday visitors of Mr. Poteet’s sister, Mrs. Sparks, of Martin Creek.

          After almost three years of oversea service, Sgt. Henry C. Owenby has received an honorable discharge from the Army and returned to his home here.

          Dwight Owenby and family were weekend visitors of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Owenby.

          Cora Lee Potts was Sunday visitor of Mrs. Wade Leonard.

          Protracted services are being conducted by Revs. Cochran and Conley at Ivy Log church this week.  You are urged to attend.

          Misses Kathleen and Wilma Kuykendoll were Sunday guests of Miss Thelma Twiggs.

          After a few days visit to home folks here, Staff Sgt. And Mrs. Dale Elliott have returned to his Army post at Columbia, SC

          Miss Kathleen Kuykendoll will leave Friday for a visit of some days to Mrs.  C. E. Coats, of Ashville, NC.

                                                (submitted by)



Coosa Clippings

          Mrs. Lula Woody and children, of Gainesville, are spending some time with Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Tow.

          Mrs. Lovell Owenby spent the weekend with Mrs. Ed Morgan.

          Robert Corn was Sunday visitor of Carl Tow.

          J. T. White, of Marietta, spent Saturday night with Dan Crawford.

          Miss Idell Nelson is visiting Ivy Log relatives.

          Mrs. W. D. Fortenberry was a weekend visitor of Mrs. George Bowers, of Blue Ridge.

          Mr. and Mrs. Loyd McKin, of Ohio, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Reynolds.

                                                (submitted by)

                                                “Sky Lark”


Lower Young Cane

          Revival in progress at Bethlehem this week.

          Pvt. Beecher McGlamery, of a Florida Army Camp, is with his family, on account of the illness of his son. 

          Mr. and Mrs. Nulion Jackson were Sunday visitors of his sister, Mrs. Bonnie Rich.

          Dorothy and Maggie Sullivan were weekend guests of Daisy and Lexie Emerson.

          Mrs. Knox Walker was Friday visitor of her daughter, Mrs. Edith Holbrooks.

          Hello and best wishes to James Huggins in the South Pacific.

                                                (submitted by)

                                                “Chatter Boxes”


Gum Log

          Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Ingram were Sunday visitors in the home of Clink Henderson.

          Mrs. Joe Phillips was Sunday visitor of her parents.

          Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Griggs announc………a son, August………

          Mrs. Le………weekend.

          Reviv………at Smyr………additions to the church.

          Reported on the sick list this week are Wm. Henderson, Mrs. Elbert Griggs and Mrs. Carl Gilbert.

          Gurley Mashburn was Sunday night visitor of his brother, John.

                                                (submitted by)



Upper Choestoe News

          Genelle Ballew spent Saturday night with Betty Spiva.

          Velma Spiva was Saturday night guest of Edith Sullivan.

          Mercer Shuler and Everett Winn were Sunday night visitors in the home of B. H. Spiva.

          Friends of Ray Sullivan, of the Navy, will be interested to know he has been promoted to Fireman First Class.  His wife has returned from a visit to him in Florida.  Ray Sullivan was the son of Leara and Mae Sullivan of Choestoe.  Does anyone know who his wife was?

                                                (submitted by)

                                                “Grey Eyes”


Gum Log Gleanings

          Rev. Fred Weaver was Saturday visitor of Buford Long.

          Will King and family were Sunday visitors in the home of his father.

          Misses Lennie Belle Long and Gertrude Dye were Friday visitors of Mrs. Lester Dockery.

          Mravin Weaver, of the Ivy Log community, was Thursday visitor of Marion Gilbert.

          J. C. Long was Saturday visitor of Bobby Huges.

                                                (submitted by)




Pleasant Grove News

          Married Sunday, August 5, at the home of Rev. J. C. Wade, Mr. Ferrell Penland and Miss Grapelle Davis, Rev. Wade officiating.

          Mr. and Mrs. Edward Millsap are here this week visiting his sister, Mrs. W. B. Potts.

          Rev. Wade and son, Doyle, are home from Ohio, after a visit to Rev. Wade’s brother, who has just returned from Germany.

          Demas Mason and Jasper Kelley, of our Armed Forces, are visiting homefolks here.   Sgt. Mason has a discharge.  Welcome home, soldier boys.

          The revival at Pleasant Grove closed with three additions to the church and a good church revival.

          Mrs. Margie Jackson is visiting in Lower Young Cane this week.

          Married last Sunday afternoon by Rev. John Wade, Mr. Harold  Humphre and Miss Loraine Wickirle, both of Murphy, NC.

          Miss Reba Prince has gone to Detroit seeking employment.

          Elbert Hutson was Sunday visitor guest of Rev. Wade and family.

          Looks if Coosa is to have a new merchant.  Mr. Terrell Jones is building for that purpose.

          Barney Brown and family were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Mason.

                                                (submitted by)

                                                “Pleasant Grove Reporters”


Lower Gum Log

          Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Owens and daughter were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Myers.

          Allen Coffey, Jeanette and Eloise Ivester, Mrs. Dorothy McClure, Glenn Payne and Clay Ivester were Saturday visitors in Murphy.

          Evelyn Miller and Alice Reece were Saturday night guests of Mrs. Frank Broels.

          Mrs. Wilma Reece and Miss Lessie and Mildred Reece are visitors in our midst.

          Mrs. Fannie Ivester was Tuesday visitor of Mrs. Elmer Miller.

          Revival meeting in progress at Pine Log this week.

          Clay and Glenn are still hanging around Smyrna.

                                                (submitted by)





To All High School Students:

          Registration for the 1945-46 term of Union County High School will take place Thursday and Friday, August 23 & 24.

          All students who do not ride a school bus will register Thursday, August 23, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

          All students who ride a school bus will register Friday, August 24.  All busses will run on that day.  Registration will start as the busses arrive.

          The school term for the High School and Grammar School at Blairsville will begin Monday, August 27, at 8:30 a.m.

                                                J. H. COOLEY, Supt.




PURELY LOCAL    (local news)

          Look for the big “x” on your paper or wrapper.  It means your subscription has expired and your paper will stop.

          Mark Burnette, of Copperhill, was shaking hands with Blairsville friends Monday.

          Mr. and Mrs. Jay Duckworth announce the birth of a daughter at Downey Hospital, Gainesville, July 24.

          Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hemphill and son, of Chattanooga, were weekend visitors in their Blairsville home.

          Preaching next Sunday at Pleasant Hill at 11:0 a.m. by Pastor Rev. Glenn Dorris. Singing in the afternoon at two o’clock.

          LOST – On Blairsville-Murphy Highway.  Two truck wheels, tires and tubes and one spare rim.  Finder please notify:

                                      D. C. Owenby, Rt. E

                                      or the News Editor

          Mr. and Mrs. Walter Breeden, of Knoxville, Tenn., were here the past weekend visiting their daughter-in-law, Mrs. Mary Breeden, and their grandson, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rich.

          Mr. and Mrs. Link ……… of Rt. 2 have had with them for a few days their daughter, Miss Mae, who has employment in Gainesville.

          Highly enjoyed past weekend callers at the News office were Mr. Emmen Kincaid, of Cairo, Ga., and son, Rev. J. R. Furman, SC, and Otis Kincaid, of Ivy Log.

          LOST – In Blairsville, one billfold, containing Gas books A & C, Social Security card, drivers license and $2.  Finder notify:

                                      Naman Thomas, Rt. 2

                                      or the News Editor

          Mrs. Virginia Davenport, of Macon, visited Blairsville relatives this past weekend.

          Mr. and Mrs. Manly Hamby, Jr. and two sons of Waverly, Tenn., who are visiting country relatives, were Tuesday visitors in Blairsville, and while here, paid their respects to The News office.

          A brief, but most appreciated Tuesday caller at The News office was our life long friend, Joe L. Reid, formerly of Young Cane, now of Marietta.

          Monday callers at The News office included Messrs. K. J. Coker, a former Union County citizen, now of Adairsville; Dew and Frank Reid, of Choestoe; A. F. Cook, of Arkaquah and Floyd Burnett, of Coosa.

          FOR SALE – 105 acre farm in Union County, Gaddistown Dist. Two residences and out buildings. In heart of cabbage growing section of North Georgia.  Good spring of pure water, fresh mountain air.  Good community.

                                      Rev. W. D. Mathews

                                      Baxter, Ga.

                                      (enquire at News Office)




For the week:


J. H. Cooley, City (Blairsville)

J. L. Nicely, Copperhill, Tenn.

J. B. Brookshire, Margaret

J. G. Ensley, Hansen, Idaho

Miss Josephine Atkins, Canton, Ga. (by father)

Mrs. Martha Payne, Brasstown NC

F. V. Dyer, Carlsbad N. M.

W. B. Watkins, Culberson route

Pfc. Fred Chastain, Overseas soldier (by sister, Mrs. C. C. Hughes)

Laura Owenby, Rt. 3

K. J. Coker, Adairsville, Ga.

Fran……… Rt. 2

………Texas Army


E. ………sisburg, Pa.

J. S. Nix, Hermosa Beach, Calif.

Jerry D. Chambers, U. S. Navy (by mother)

N. E. Kincaid, Cairo, Ga.

Mrs. John Condrec, Macon, Ga.

Everett Wimpey, Rt. 2

Mrs. Nathan Dyer, Young Harris, Ga.

Mrs. J. C. Walcott, Star Route

Ray Dyer, Overseas soldier (by father-in-law)

Bright Deaton, Rt. 4

Mrs. W. L. King, Marietta, Ga.

Mrs. H. P. Browning, Rt. 2

Miss Geldie Collins, Blue Ridge


          Mr. and Mrs. John Condrec, of Macon, Ga., were weekend visitors of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Killian, out on Young Harris Highway.  Mr. and Mrs. Condrec were married in Macon July 21, and will make their home in that city.

          Miss Josephine Atkins, who has employment at Canton, Ga., was weekend visitor of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Atkin, out on Route 4.

          Mr. J. S. Nix, of Hermosa Beach, Calif., who is visiting Choestoe relatives, was an appreciated visitor at the News office.



          The regular communitation of Aleghaney Lodge No. 114, will be held in its Temple Saturday night of this week, August 11, at 7:30 o’clock.

          The John Rosier Fellowcraft Club, of Atlanta, will confer the Masters Degree on five candidates.

          All qualified brethren are urged to attend.  Visiting brothers are cordially invited to be with us.

                                                By order of

                                                          O. F. Wellborn, W.M.

                                                          C. C. Ernest, secty


          E. l. Davenport, of Dooly, his son Frank and family, of Ohio, and Fred Foster were brief Monday visitors in Blairsville, returning from Neel Gap, where they had been picknicking for a day.

          Col. Claude Christopher and family, of Griffin, are spending some days at their summer home in the Arkaquah community, 3 miles south of Blairsville.  Col. Claude ventured to show his handsome (?) countenance at the News office for a few minutes Tuesday afternoon.  (The question mark in this last sentence was apparently a good humored jab by Mr. Butt.)



Mrs. Sarah Dyer Dies

          Mrs. Sarah L. Dyer, 66, wife of Mr. Samuel R. Dyer, died at her Choestoe home Thursday of last week.

          Surviving her are her husband, three daughters, seven sons, seven brothers, three sisters and forty-one grandchildren.

          Funeral service, conducted by Rev. J. J. Hood, was at Pine Top Friday afternoon.

          Marvin Akins, representing Vickers & Edwards, funeral directors, in charge.



W. M. U.

          The Blairsville Baptist W. M. U. meets Thursday afternoon of this week with Mrs. Louise Butt.

                                                Mrs. Grady Cook, Pub. Chm.




by The Tattler

          Rev. Voyles has returned from a week’s meeting at Mt. Pleasant.  He reports 12 conversions, 9 of which requested baptism, which service was conducted by the Rev. Voyles Sunday.

          About the best news we have to report this week is the absence of the Tattler.

          And the worst news is that the editor invaded our district again Sunday.

          Frank Davenport and family, South Euclid, Ohio, are visiting his father, Mr. E. L. Davenport and family.

          Rev. Voyles and John Odom were in Blairsville Monday.

          Fine rains in our section and crops looking prosperous.

          Stanley Lance is said to have the largest hog in the community.



          Pair of 1,200 pound 8 year old mares.  Well fitted for logging and farm work.                    

                                                Rev. V. W. McClure

                                                Blairsville, Route 4



(The following are local advertisements)


Fresh Groceries!

I Carry A full Line

Of Staple & Fancy Groceries, Clean & Fresh

Also Feeds of all kinds so far as

Possible under present


Will Meet All Legitimate Prices

I will appreciate your trade


(five miles north of Blairsville on Murphy Highway)



Get Your Permanent

Wave NOW

AT these LOW Prices

Regular $5  Oil Croquignole

Complete, $4 NOW

Other All over Waves $4

To $10

Shampoos and Sets 75 cts.

Call or write for appointment


(Candler’s Store, Phone 53W)

Murphy, N. C.



          One 70 acre farm in Upper Coosa, near Mount Pleasant Church.  Good residence.  Fine Spring.  Will go at a baragin price for quick sale.

                                                Jewell Jones

                                                Blairsville, Rt. 1

                                                (enquire at The News office)



          One Trailer - $10

          See N. D. Brewer, Youngstown



Notla River Association

          The Notla Ri………will be held with New Union, 10 mil………Blue Ridge Highway, on August 16 & 17………we urge every church to be represented.

          Due to an unfortunate circumstance, we failed to have minutes printed for 1944-45.  We assure a bigger and even better minutes for 1945-46.  The circumstances of not having minutes printed were beyond our control.

                                                C. A. VOYLES, Clerk

                                                C. C. BOYNTON, Moderator




          This page is mostly advertisements, some from the more commercial stores.  The following are the local merchants and their advertisements:


To Our Customers:

          We are carrying in Stock as complete a stock of merchandise as can be bought on the market today under existing conditions.  This stock consists of:  boy’s & men’s suits, men’s and boy’s dress & work shirts, overalls, summer underwear, odd pants, men’s & boy’s slack suits, hats, ties, dress and work shoes, hose, bath robes.

          Ladies’ ready-to-wear, short coats, coat suits, skirts, slacks & slack suits, undergarments, blouses, ladies’ & children’s shoes (all sizes), children’s dresses (all sizes), towels, hose, lingerie, un-rationed shoes, hand bags, toilet articles.

New Stocks Arriving As Fast As Possible


Blairsville, Georgia





Phone Baldview No. 2


Funeral Director and Embalmer

Lady Attendant

Young Harris, Georgia




You furnish the woman – We’ll furnish the home

She trusted you – so will we

Frank Abernathy   

Young Harris, Georgia



          The newspaper also had two editorial type cartoons urging folks to buy U. S. War Bonds. 








 Transcription cMartha Clayton Clement, 2005

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