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My grandfather Silas Aaron Carter wrote this info in his family Bible, it is his family and their birthdates. It starts with his father.
JOHN C. CARTER- born December 9, 1852 in SC
POLLY ANN HUGHES- born April 21, 1858 in GA
married- January, 1874
PINKIE B. CARTER- born November 16, 1874
MARY MOLLIE CARTER- born May 7, 1876
JOHNNIE D. CARTER- born July 16, 1877
MINNIE E. CARTER- born August 11, 1881
ISACC W. CARTER- born September 22, 1883
MICHAEL K. CARTER- born October 24, 1885
SINDIE B. CARTER- born August 8, 1887
SILAS A. CARTER- born March 24, 1889
NANCY M. CARTER- born February 6, 1892
LEECY L. CARTER- born April 6, 1894
ALICE CARTER- born October 12, 1896
My grandparents married February 3, 1912, near "COFFEE" GA, Bacon Pierce County.
SILAS AARON CARTER nickname "Tike" married EMMA JANE ROWELL- "Janie"
They were married by Rev. W.B. Carter his uncle. Other people attending were: Mr. & Mrs. J.D. Rowell, T.H. Harrison, W.S. Bryant, a Baptist Minister. Their family are as follows:
SILAS A. CARTER- born March 24, 1889
EMMA JANE ROWELL- born February 14, 1895
married February 3, 1912
HENRY MACON CARTER- born December 3, 1912
PAUL TYSON CARTER- born September 8, 1914
NANCY MOZELL CARTER- born April 19, 1916
WILLIAM CECIL CARTER- born April 10, 1918 (my father)
RUTHIE MAE CARTER- born October 30, 1927
CHARLES KENNETH CARTER- born March 5, 1932
HUGH ROSWELL CARTER- born November 12, 1936 in Appling County
We know that our GG grandfather (John C. Carter's) father's name was George but that is as far as we got. We know that they lived in the Bacon Pierce County area and in the Appling County area but are not sure of the time period.