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Index to Delayed Birth Certificates
filed in
Upson County Georgia

For privacy reasons the following list contains only people born between 1873
& 1900  who applied for Delayed Birth Certificates in Upson Co GA. Dates filed in
the office were from 1943 to 1962.
Abstracted from  LDS film #282923 by: Carol Storey


(1) NAME: Females are listed by BIRTH MAIDEN name. If married name was on original
application record it will be in parenthesis.

(2) COLOR: W = white   C = colored ... very few were listed during this
	          time period.

(3) SEX: M = male       F = female

(4) (COUNTY): Places of birth OTHER than Upson Co GA will be
indicated in parenthesis. They could apply for Delayed Birth Certificate within
the county they were presently residing.

(5) (?) = illegible text

Andrews, William Riley (W/M) 25 Mar 1883 (born Crawford Co)
father: William N. Andrews mother:Ida Sandeford

Allen, Nelson Pruitt (W/M) 14 Dec 1883
father: Joseph Young Allen mother:Rebecca Pruitt

Allen,Sallie Dover(now Jenkins)(W/F) 22 Feb 1881(b.Henry Co)
father: Fielden Allen mother: Matilda Burnett

Alsobrook, Willie Brownie (W/M) 5 Sep 1900 (born ? Co)
father: Willie Freeman Alsobrook mother: Lulla Greathouse

Adams, Glena (now Paxson) (W/F) 6 Apr 1882
father: James K. Adams mother: Eula Sneed

Adams, Horace Greely (W/M) 2 Jun 1892
father: Joseph Milton Adams mother: Eliza Jones

Adams, Robert Jackson (W/M) 13 Oct 1894
father: Joseph Milton Adams mother: Mary Elizabeth

Adams, William Jordon (W/M) 6 Jun 1899
father: James Patterson Adams mother: Janie Hunt

Adkins, Leroy (W/M) (?) Feb 1887
father: John W. Adkins mother: Elizabeth Kennington

Allen, James Thomas (W/M) 24 Apr 1889
father: Calvin Allen mother: Emily Bryant

Addison, Ida Lorena (W/F) 24 Oct 1886
father: Benjamin Franklin Addison
mother: Martha Melinda Garrison

Andrews, Mary Pauline (W/F) 6 Nov 1897
father: George Capers Andrews mother: Alice Ann Williams

Allen, Bamma Bell (W/F) 9 Mar 1892
father: William C.S. Allen mother: Eliza Melvinia Tice

Adams, Henry Odus (W/M) 17 Nov 1890
father: Lenard Hamilton Adams mother: Lenora Cardwell

Allen, Ruby Louise (now Gillespie) (W/F) 10 Feb 1892
father: John Wesley Allen mother: Lena (?) Atwater

Alexander, Lonnie Arthur (W/M) 4 Nov 1889
father: Jessie Rabinson Alexander mother: Alav Ada Diol/Dial

Adams, Tressie Mae (W/F) 12 May 1896
father: Joseph Milton Adams mother: Mary Elizabeth Hardage

Arnold, Lela Morelle (now Kennington) (W/F) 13 Jul 1894
father: James Willie Arnold mother: Emily India Ogel

Andrews, Daisy James (W/F) 11 Nov 1893
father: Robert Capers Andrews mother: Alice Ann Williams

Anglin, Evie Mandy (now Carter) (W/F) 7 Jan 1893
father: Jasper David Anglin mother: Sara Elizabeth Odom

Allen, James Ernest Bryant (W/M) 22 Oct 1898
father: William Simeon Cidney Allen
mother: Eliza Melvinia Tice

Aughtman, Julius Angley (W/M) 7 Apr 1898
father: Jesse Powell Aughtman mother: Emmalina Williams

Adams, Flossie Neta (now Rogers) (W/F) 24 Nov 1900
father: Joseph Milton Adams mother: Mary Elizabeth Hardage

Adams, Robert Curtis (W/M) 1 Jul 1900
father: Curtis Frank Adams mother: Fannie Cherry McFarlin

Adams, John Issac (W/M) 11 Jul 1897
father: Daniel Adams mother: Tilda Bailey

Ansley, William Neely (W/M) 23 Oct 1898
father: William Tom Ansley mother: Alice Channel
Bethel, Julia Cotter (M/F) 8 Oct 1879 (born Pike Co)
father: Thomas Benjamin Bethel mother: Dora Packer

Bentley, Jack Taylor (C/M) 11 Jun 1898
father: Harry Bentley mother: Anna Dixion

Birdsong, Ward Threate (W/M) 14 Jun 1888
father: Emmett (?) Birdsong mother: Mary Hunt

Black, Eula Denson (now Boles) (W/F) 16 Apr 1894
father: Oscar Sherwood Black mother: Sarah Reliance McGee

Berry, Robert Farnklin (W/M) 12 Jun 1900 (born Rockdale Co)
father: Andrew Jackson Berry mother: Mary Ellen Bowen

Bridger,Katie M.Lorie(now Parker)(W/F)21 Sep 1891(b.Pike Co)
father: Jessie Riley Bridger mother: Martha Maderia Thompson

Black, Talmage Griffin (W/M) 5 Jul 1890
father: James Robert Black mother: Addie L. Andrews

Bland, Carrie Bell (now Butler) (W/F) 16 Feb 1881
father: Robert J. Bland mother: Mary Etta Muke

Bland, Achatan Gertude (W/F)10 Oct 1885
father: Robert J. Bland mother: Mary Etta Muke

Bales, Charlie Mathew (W/M) 22 Sep 1880 (born Baldwin Co)
father: William Bales mother: Missouri Dee Bose

Boles, William Irby (W/M) 6 Nov 1887
father: John Bardeman Boles mother: Mary Emma Taylor

Barrett, Inez (now Thompson) (W/F) 7 Aug 1893 (born Pike Co)
father: Samuel Slade Barrett mother: Ida Elizabeth Howell

Bowles, Ernest (W/M) 6 Aug 1886 (born Harris Co)
father: Jesse Franklin Bowles
mother: Hettie Elizabeth Bartley

Burnette, Chester Alexander (W/M) 18 Aug 1882
father: Washington Pierce Burnette
mother: Georgia May Ann Gordy

Butts, Fred Rawlings (W/M) 29 Apr 1884
father: William F. Butts mother: Anna Rawlings

Brown, Callie Louise (now ?) (W/F) 22 Jul 1898
father: McCurdy Benjamin Brown mother: Mary Hopkins Mills

Braswell, Sallie Mae (Kersey) (W/F) 2 Nov 1888 (born ? Co)
father: John William Braswell mother: Frances Victory Morris

Boyt, Lucious Lafayette (W/M) 18 Aug 1883
father: James Matterson Boyt mother: Elizabeth Usery Boyt

Boggs, Jay D. (W/M) 19 Oct 1893 (born ? Co)
father: Brady Napoleon Boggs mother: Elizabeth McManus

Berry, Ulysses (W/M) 20 Apr 1884 (born Terrill Co)
father: Jonas Wingard Berry mother: Virginia Frances McVey

Buchanan, Revel Jackson (W/M) 7 Dec 1896 (born Coweta Co)
father: Samuel Emory Buchanan mother: Annie Liza Barnett

Buchanan, Vermodis (W/F) 2 Jun 1900
father: Benjamin Hill Smith ? mother: Nettie Collins

Burt, Rufus Alfonso (W/M) 30 Mar 1885 (born Oglethope Co)
father: John Hopkins Burt mother: Sarah Elizabeth Kidd

Britt, Minnie Lee (W/F) 27 Jul 1884
father: Colman Britt mother: Sally Matthews

Blackston, John Franklin (W/M) 12 Nov 1882 (born Marion Co)
father: Benjamin Franklin Blackston mother: Sallie Appson

Buckingham,Mary Lee(now Cheek)(W/F)30 Mar 1890(Marion Co TN)
father: Robert Daniel Buckingham
mother: Mattie Leona Norvell

Britt, Daniel Ace (W/M) 25 Aug 1884
father: Daniel Britt mother: Mary Teal

Bevel, Lillian Agnes (now Reynolds) (W/F) 9 Apr 1897
father: James Madison Bevel mother: Martha Frances Hilton

Buckholts, James Thomas (W/M) 7 Oct 1885 (born Monroe Co)
father: John James Buckholts mother: Mary Jane Dumas

Blankenship, Fred Garland (W/M) 1 Mar 1891 (born Newton Co)
father: William Blankenship mother: Mollie Parr

Barron, Alvah Votelle (W/M) 8 Mar 1897
father: Madison Wiley Barron mother: Effie Clyde Mills

Bishop, Clarence Edgar (W/M) 20 Dec 1889(born Meriwether Co)
father: James Levi Bishop mother: Elizabeth Hennessey

Butts, Lucius Lee (W/M) 2 Feb 1887
father: John Henry Bartow Butts mother: Sallie Holliman

Birdsong, Embry Lamar (W/M) 19 Jan 1887
father: Benajah Ross Birdsong mother: Margaret Edna Watson

Barron, Vista Celo (now Jenkins) (W/F) 21 Dec 1894
father: Madison Wiley Barron mother: Effie Clyde Mills

Barron, Jewell Nancy (now Pasley) (W/F) 8 May 1899
father: Madison Wiley Barron mother: Effie Clyde Mills

Boles, Mattie Lou (now McMichael) (W/F) 22 Aug 1891
father: John Hardeman Boles mother: Mary Emma Traylor

Boyers, Nettie Z. Banks (now McFarlin) (W/F) 28 Aug 1885
father: William Boyers mother:Mary Ann Eliza Burnette

Bray, Henry Jackson (W/M) 18 Jul 1882 (born Crawford Co)
father: George Washington Bray mother: Martha Ann Hartman

Brooks, Louie Sameon (W/M) 29 Jan 1881
father: Simeon Henry Brooks mother: Hattie Lewis

Barron, Alma Electra (now Matthews) (W/F) 5 Mar 1896
father: John Thomas Barron mother: Lora Emma Miller

Barron, Mary Grace (now Frazee) (W/F) 12 Mar 1893
father: John Thomas Barron mother: Lora Emma Miller

Bowles, Annie Ruth (now Miller) (W/F) 21 Mar 1899 (born ?Co)
father: Madison Ferrell Bowles mother: Avaline Sitton

Bevel, James Edgar (W/M) 23 Sep 1885 (born Pike Co)
father: James Madison Bevel mother: Frances Hilton

Bates,Ludie Alverda(now Dunn)(W/F) 20 Nov 1887(born Pike Co)
father: James Loyd Bates mother: Annie Malinda Johnston

Barnes, George Alonzo (W/M) 17 Nov 1889 (born NC)
father: Benjamin Franklin Barnes mother: Clemintine Ashley

Britt, Flossie Pearl (W/F) 20 Mar 1891
father: Berry Z. Britt mother: Mary Emma Burgess

Bates, Robert Roy (W/M) 14 Dec 1892
father: William Thomas Bates
mother: Arlerian Josephine Reeves

Brewer, James Patrick (W/M) 21 Jul 1897
father: Charles Arthur Brewer mother: Alaff Elmyra Powell

Bankston, Cora (W/F) 17 Dec 1889
father: Hiram Everett Bankston mother: Sarah Dixon Askin

Booth, James Ervin (W/M) 1 Dec 1887
father: John Kendrick Booth mother: Lula Aurelia Nelson

Barnes, Lucy Emily (W/F) 20 Oct 1888
father: Homer Burton Barnes mother: Lula Barfield

Barentine, Lizzie Adelle (W/F) 21 Sep 1889
father: "not stated" mother: George Ann Barentine

Bunn, Charley Cleveland (W/M) 21 Oct 1892
father: Richard Andrew Bunn mother: Sara Jane Wilder

Brown, Georgia Elizabeth (W/F) 28 Feb 1883
father: (?) Franklin Brown mother: Mary Frances Sims

Britt, Clara Mae (W/F) 2 May 1886
father: Coleman Goodman Britt mother: Sallie Matthews

Byce, Barney Chalmers (W/M) 19 Dec 1889
father: Mafield Colton Byce mother: Olive Isabelle Pague

Barker, Lola Frances (W/F) 30 Oct 1900
father: Ornan Levi Barker mother: Elzora Elizabeth Reid

Barron, Lena Mae (W/F) 15 Nov 1900
father: James Washington Barron mother: Dollie Warren

Barwick, Ruby (now Downs) (W/F) 3 Apr 1899
father: George Manning Barwick mother: Laura Ohpelia Johnson

Brooks, Robert (C/M) 15 Jan 1889
father: Major Brooks mother: Jane Hutcherson

Blount, Samuel Artis (W/M) 23 Dec 1887
father: William Oliver Blount mother: Elizabeth Smith

Brown, Thomas Rayborn (W/M) 22 Jul 1888
father: William Thomas Brown mother: Ella Louvenia Beverly

Britt, Nina Lee (now Ellington) (W/F)  2 Sep 1892
father: William Orlin Britt mother: Mary Elizabeth Brooks

Blackman, Jesse (W/M) 13 Sep 1892
father: James Henry Blackman mother: Vennie Chasteen

Berry, Walter Lee (W/M) 1 Apr 1893
father: Francis Marion Berry mother: Anna Moon

Boggs, Ida (W/F) 21 Mar 1893
father: Brady Napoleon Boggs mother: Elizabeth McManus

Barner, Arthur Velma (W/F) 24 Dec 1891
father: Arthur I. Barner mother: Sarah Alverta Viola Pope

Britt, John Levi (W/M) 25 Jun 1891
father: Daniel H. Britt mother: Mary Teal

Blount, Emma (?) (now Burkett) (W/F) 8 Sep 1897
father: James Oliver Blount mother: Ada Mack Smith

Burkett, Charlie Henry (W/M) 16 May 1896
father: John Thomas Burkett Sr. mother: Lena Gilbert

Boyt, Mattie Mason (now Corley) (W/F) 5 Jan 1894
father: James Mills Boyt mother: Martha Lavenia Britt

Brock, Lucile (now McKendree) (W/F) 25 Nov 1894
father: Charles Cleveland Brock mother: Harriet Serena Emory

Burkett, Otis Edgar (W/M) 17 Nov 1899
father: John Thomas Burkett mother: Lena Gilbert

Blount, Emmie Frances (now Colquitt) (W/F) 15 Sep 1894
father: William Oliver Blount
mother: Elizabeth Virginia Smith

Blount, Mattie Pearl (now Colquitt) (W/F) 27 Dec 1891
father: William Oliver Blount
mother: Elizabeth Virginia Smith

Bussey, Vera Lola (now Pitts) (W/F) 8 Jun 1896
father: James Watley Bussey mother: Jessie Emma Woodall

Bradley, Agnes Naomi (now Cox) (W/F) 4 Oct 1893
father: John Robert Bradley mother: Josie Della Cox

Bradley, Robert Joseph (W/M) 25 Apr 1896
father: John Robert Bradley mother: Jossie Della Cox

Bussey, Iris Leon (now Rowell) (W/F) 18 Dec 1899
father: James Watley Bussey mother: Jessie Emma Woodall

Bevel, Gordon Colquitt (W/M) 23 Oct 1887
father: James Madison Bevel mother: Martha Frances Hilton

Burkett, Jesse Will (W/M) 19 Jun 1898
father: John Thomas Burkett mother: Lena Elizabeth Gilbert

Britt, Minnie Lee (now Fallin) (W/F) 19 Sep 1899
father: William Mildredge Britt
mother: Mary Virginia Jackson

Buntyn, William Clifton (W/M) 30 Sep 1892
father: William Washington Buntyn mother: Mary Butler

Bowden, Sallie Irene (now Shadburn) (W/F) 3 Jan 1893
father: Idus Bowden mother: Sallie Whelckel

Bankston, Minnie Eve (now Hammond) (W/F) 30 Aug 1895
father: Percy Bankston mother: Carrie Louisa Hardy

Britt, Maddie Belle (now Pike) (W/F) 16 Apr 1892
father: Marion Longg Britt mother: Roanna Emeline Bennett

Boatwright, Beulah Argusta (now Anderson) (W/F) 21 Apr 1890
father: James Jason Boatwright
mother: Sarah Elizabeth Jackson

Brownlee, Guy Hugh (W/M) 14 Jul 1897
father: Jona James Brownlee mother: Nancy Lanier

Barron, Mary Lee (now Morris) (W/F) 3 Mar 1896
father: Henry Brooks Barron mother: Ollie Ophelia Warren

Braswell, Homer Benton (W/M) 9 Jul 1893
father: James Madison Braswell
mother: Harriett Cornella Nawls

Burkett, Jimmie Lee (W/M) 29 Jan 1893
father: John Thomas Burkett mother: Lena Gilbert

Bentley, Hillery Gould (C/M) 1 Jan 1892
father: Green Bentley mother: Savannah Cunningham

Barron, Una French (now Carson) (W/F) 5 Apr 1900
father: John Thomas Barron mother: Lora Miller

Bond, Ella (now Corley) (W/F)  3 Oct 1893
father: Wilburn Simpson Bond mother: Sara Moore

Barker, Irene Lamar (now Starling) (W/F) 28 Feb 1890
father: James Monroe Barker mother: Josie Lee

Bentley Jennie (now Ivey) (C/F) 18 Mar 1896
father: Harry Bentley mother: Anna Dixon

Burson, Frank Sykes (W/M) 3 Jun 1895
father: Green Henry Burson mother: Cherry McGee

Brasiel, Comer Lavode (W/M) 1 Mar 1897
father: James Thomas Brasiel mother: Mittie McMursay

Bradshaw, Clarence (W/M) 26 Oct 1899
father: John Robert Bradshaw mother: Mary Caroline Thomas

Black, Raymond Demarcus (W/M) 5 Feb 1898
father: Joshua Black mother: Iva Lenora McDonald

Borders, Ophelia Susanna (now Edwards) (W/F) 4 Apr 1895
father: Isaac Lexington Borders mother: Martha Muler

Ballard, Annie Lou (now Sheperd) (W/F) 14 Aug 1899
father: Ambros Ballard mother: Clem Brannon

Bishop, George Adams (W/M) 24 Jan 1896
father: Andrew Jackson Bishop mother: Mollie Susan Salter

Ballard, George Harvey (W/M) 1 Aug 1900
father: John Harvey Ballard mother: Martha Rinder Banks

Bates, Morell (now Sims) (W/F) 19 Mar 1899
father: James Loyd Bates mother: Annie Malinda Johnston

Baughcum, Annie Pearl (now Young) (W/F) 25 Dec 1899
father: Algie J. Baughcum mother: Emma Louise Williams

Bishop, Mattie Lou (now Parrott) (W/F) 20 Apr 1900
father: Andrew Jackson Bishop mother: Mollie Susan Salter

Carswell, John Mc (?) (W/M) 11 May 1899 (born Jefferson Co)
father: John Mc (?) Carswell mother: Florence Moxley

Chatfield, Sr. Robert Emmett (W/M) 17 Mar 1893
father: Thomas Raines Chatfield mother: Martha Brown

Chatfield, George Alva (W/M) 11 Sep 1888
father: Thomas Raines Chatfield mother: Martha Brown

Compton, Ola Mae (now Bowden)(W/F) 16 Jun 1883(b.Madison Co)
father: Howell Thomas Compton mother: Sarah Armindo Veal

Colquitt, George Harrison (W/M) 14 Mar 1896
father: Calvin Drake Colquitt mother: Lizzie Andrews

Caldwell, William Alvah (W/M) 21 Aug 1892
father: Robert Lenard Caldwell mother: Maggie Ellington

Chatfield, Margaret Esther (W/F) 23 Oct 1898
father: Thomas Ranier Chatfield mother: Martha Brown

Corley, Willie Grace (now Boyt) (W/F) 2 Oct 1896
father: Jonah Hartley Corley mother: Dorrie Carolyn Barker

Cleveland, Mary Lou (now Danielly) (C/F) 3 Sep 1875
father: Judge Cleveland mother: Phoebe Jones

Chaney, Robert (C/M) 5 May 1891 (born Talbot Co)
father: "unknown" mother: Sarah Chaney

Creamer, Charlie Monroe (W/M) 15 Feb 1880 (born Pike Co)
father: Lacy Creamer mother: Anna Thornton

Cauthen, Ernest (C/M) 29 Jan 1892
father: Warner Cauthen mother: Hester Sneed

Calhoun, Willie Ernest Pate (W/M) 22 Apr 1883 (born Pike Co)
father: Thomas J. Calhoun mother: Louise Bailey

Childs, Thomas Sidney (W/M) 16 Oct 1894 (born Talbot Co)
father: Walton Thomas Childs mother: Ava Virginia Noell

Carlton, John Howard, (W/M) 5 Aug 1895 (born Hart Co)
father: John Howard Carlton mother: Frances Josephine Winter

Connally, John James (W/M) 8 Aug 1888 (born Spalding Co)
father: Henry Cicero Connally mother: Melinda Asenith Differ

Childs, Eleanor Ruth (now Perdue) (W/F) 30 Jun 1900
father: James Jared Childs mother: Donie Warren

Cannada, Mary Edna (now Garrett)(W/F) 26 Dec 1887 (Clark Co)
father: James Cannada mother: Annie Louise Center

Collins, George Homer (W/M) 31 Jul 1891
father: John H. Collins mother: Anna Riggs

Cole, Boshia Cathleene(now Britt)(W/F) 5 Jun 1891 (born?Co)
Father: Lemuel Mackie Cole mother: Frances Ingram

Creamer, Ollie L. (W/M) 1 Jun 1884
father: Lasey Creamer Mother: Amie Thornton

Cumbie, Mattie Maud(now Fallin)(W/F)3 Jan 1897(born Pike Co)
father: John Frank Cumbie mother: Eva Carine McCard

Conner, Cora Lee (now Story) (W/F) 10 May 1892 (born AL)
father: William L. Conner mother: Mary B. Varnon

Cochran, Zallie (W/M) 1 Nov 1895 (born Monroe Co)
father: Charlie C. Conner mother: Susie A. Bagley

Cole, Robert Avery (W/M) 29 Dec 1893 (born Paulding Co)
father: William Henry Cole mother: Rebecca Weeks

Caraway, Clodie Virginia (W/F) 21 Oct 1897 (born KY)
father: Thomas X. Caraway mother; Emma Brown

Cochran, Artemus (W/M) 28 Jul 1898
father: Charlie Cochran mother: Susie Bagley

Cochran, Hattie Amanda (W/F) 21 Mar 1894
father: Elijah Cochran mother: Abbigill Kelley

Chapman, Benjamin (W/M) 7 Aug 1888 (born Richmond Co)
father: Henry Chapman mother: Betty Smith

Cox, Joseph Herman (W/M) 12 Jan 1890
father: John Wesley Cox mother: Alice Lucy Peterman

Cody, Bessie (W/F) 2 Sep 1893
father: James Monroe Cody mother: Susan Virginia Childers

Coker, Lyman Hall (W/M) 17 Aug 1900
father: William Henry Coker mother: Della Wallis

Cox, Bessie Opal (W/F) 11 Dec 1896
father:James Edward Cox mother; Lizzie Maro Scoggins

Crockett, Bennie Limyel (W/M) 5 Aug 1887
father: Charlie Limyel Crockett mother: Sallie Lou McKay

Cody, James Hugh (W/M) 27 Nov 1895
father; James Monroe Cody mother: Virginia Sue Childers

Clay, George Franklin (W/M) 25 Oct 1890
father: Wesley Clay mother: Nancy Waddell

Childs, Anna Ruth (now Matthews) (W/F) 7 Dec 1889
father: Beverly Allen Childs mother: Annie (?) Cobb

Childs, Allie Cobb (W/F) 3 Jul 1894
father: Beverly Allen Childs mother: Annie (?) Cobb

Cobb, Allie Octavie (now Jarrell) (W/F) 15 Mar 1895
father: Ben Hill Cobb mother: Alice Hutchinson

Chasteen, William Eddie (W/M) 6 Jan 1892
father: Josh Acoy Chasteen mother: Emma Chasteen

Carithers, Ruby Mamie (W/F) 28 Aug 1898
father John Dickerson Carithers
mother: Eliza Elizabeth Benton

Cheek, Lawrence Moore (W/M) 26 May 1892
father: Gilbert Thomas Cheek mother: Nora Albertine Moore

Chambers, Sarah Florence (now Stallings) (W/F) 23 Apr 1891
father: John Joseph Chambers mother: Addie Jane Ussery

Colquitt, Mary Frances (W/F) 27 Jul 1893
father: John Franklin Colquitt mother: Ella Denson Black

Corley, Alma (now Dukes) (W/F) 10 Dec 1895
father: William Preston Corley mother: Elizabeth Britt

Callahan, Hardy Lee (W/M) 24 Feb 1895
father: Lee Callahan mother: Bell Cane

Crawford, William (W/M) 1 Feb 1900
father: Thomas Crawford mother: Lula Brewer

Chapman, Lavonia Ethel (W/F) (now ?) 19 Feb 1892
father: Homer T. Chapman mother: Edna Lavonia McCarkle

Calhoun, Harrison (C/M) 16 Jun 1891
father: John Calhoun mother: Sara Dallas

Carter, Tillman Jackson (W/M) 19 Mar 1892
father: Nathan Noah Carter mother: Mary Jane Wigley

Clay, Lonnie Mae (now Fallin) (W/F) 9 Aug 1896
father: Jim Elis Clay mother: Elizabeth McGraw

Chambley, Effie Elizabeth (now Haywood) (W/F) 8 Apr 1893
father: William Thomas Chambley mother; Annabelle McCard

Caraway, Thomas Ruthelle (now Winn) (W/F) 29 Nov 1898
father: Thomas Xenephan Caraway mother: Emma Brown

Colquitt, Robert James (W/M) 27 Mar 1895
father: John Franklin Colquitt mother: Ella Denson Black

Carlton, John Howard (W/M) 5 Aug 1895
father; John Monroe Carlton mother: Frances Josephine Winter

Cochran, Mary Annie (now Maze) (W/F) 9 Feb 1892
father: Elijah Clayton Cochran mother: Abigail Kelley

Cochran, William Harvey (W/M) 23 Feb 1893
father: William James Buchanon Cochran
mother: Lucinda Streetman

Cromer, Frank Marion (W/M) 17 Jun 1899
father: George Enic Cromer mother: Janie Lee Gil(?)

Cason, Thomas Hannah (W/M) 30 Dec 1896
father Charlie Monroe Cason mother: Eliza Matten

Corely, Jonah Franklin (W/M) 17 Jul 1893
father: Jonah Hartley Corley mother: Dorrie Caroline Barker

Cranford, Minnie Lavonia (now Jackson) (W/F) 18 Aug 1898
father: Andrew Benjamin Cranford mother: Emma Louise Kent

Croom, George Bruce (W/M) 23 Nov 1894
father: John W. Croom mother: Eliza Clark

Crawell, Hoyt (W/M) 11 Feb 1895
father: Sidney Mitchell Crawell mother Mattie Williams

Clifford, Thomas (C/M) 25 Mar 1892
father: Samuel Clifford mother: Sarah Holloway

Cantrell, Henry Albert (W/M) 25 Aug 1897
father: Merrill Cantrell mother; Georgia Ann Baker

Calhoun, Ben Hill (W/M) 4 Apr 1894
father: John Thomas Calhoun mother: Dora Ellerbee

Cain, Mattie Mae (now Gerald) (W/F) 14 Dec 1900
father: Seaborn Seawood Cain mother: Nannie Carr

Cummings, Beulah Mattie (now Turner) (W/F) 28 Sep 1898
father: Samuel Grey Cummings
mother: Elizabeth Palmyra Rhodes

Crenshaw, Fannie Sue (now Cantrell) (W/F) 23 Apr 1899
father: General Harison Crenshaw mother: Fannie Izera Dixon

Castleberry, Jewel Walton (now Smith) (W/F) 11 Jun 1900
father: James William Castelberry
mother: Georgia Lorena Brown

Cobb, Fredrick Dewey (W/M) 9 Jul 1897
father: Jim Will Cobb mother: Annie Lee Whitlock

Coley, Herschel Howard (W/M) 28 Feb 1900
father: William Francis Coley mother: Hattie E. Blackstock

Chestnut, Sidney Carlis (W/M) 11 Jun 1896
father: John Lewis Chestnut mother: Angieline Kelley

Clark, Jesse Homer (W/M) 25 Oct 1896
father: Sam Clark mother: Katherine Hancock

Cochran, Clyde Lorene (now Henderson) (W/F) 11 Feb 1900
father: Edwin Early Cochran mother: Lila Lou Quinton

Cumbaa, Annie Eliza (now Halley) (W/F) 14 Dec 1899
father: Leon J. Cumbaa mother: Lizzie Comerford


Drake, Rebecca Viola (now Rhodes) (C/F) 25 Nov 1876
father: Augustus Drake mother: Amanda Trice

Davison, Mattie Belle (now Riley) (C/F) 6 Oct 1886
father: Parham Davison mother: Amy Raines

Dozier, Alma Rosa (now Shell) (W//F) 2 Jan 1880
father: John Thomas Dozier mother: Marianna J. Davis

Dunahoo, Jim Jackson (W/M) 3 Feb 1896 (born Chattooga Co)
father: Earl Dunahoo mother: Julia Pattie

Danielly, Wiley Leonard (C/M) 16 Nov 1871 (born Crawford Co)
Father: Joe Gus Danielly mother: Louise McCrary

Dickens, Johnnie Elijah (W/M) 25 Sep 1897
father: John Franklin Dickens mother: Jamie Smith

Dawson, Robert Gipson (W/M) 12 Aug 1879
father: Charlie Pearson Dawson mother: Mattie Ann Pippins

Dunnahoo, James Morgan (W/M) 25 Nov 1895 (born Jackson Co)
father: William Wesley Dunnahoo mother: Nanny Bell Lowry

Daniel, John Thomas (W/M) 30 Jun 1882
father: Terry Moses Daniel mother: Mary Milton Kelley

Dean, John Lafayette (W/M) 4 Dec 1883
father: William Lafayette Dean mother: Ludie Howell

Dickens, Addie Lou (now Penn) (W/F) 14 Feb 1888
father: John Franklin Dickens mother: Nancy Jane Smith

Daniel, James Charlie (W/M) 2 Jul 1890 (born Talbot Co)
father: James Madison Daniel mother: Nettie Daniel

Davis, Mary Frances (W/F) 20 Sep 1884 (born Randolph Co)
father: Clemie Davis mother: Betty Burks

Day,Alice Florence(now Burt)(W/F) 14 Jan 1884 (b.Jackson Co)
father: Thomas Walter Day mother: Georgia Frances Burson

Daniel, Lewis Cornelius (W/M) 8 Mar 1885 (born Talbot)
father: James Madison Daniel mother: Nettie Daniel

Dinkins, Bessie Lee (now Carter) (W/F) 25 Aug 1884
father: John William Dinkins mother: Nancy Ann Long

Dobbs, Dee Grover (W/M) 5 Nov 1885 (born Chilton Co, AL)
father: William Dobbs mother: Susie Weathers

Dickens, William Dennis (W/M) 31 Dec 1885
Father: John F. Dickens mother: Janie Smith

Daniel, Carrie Sandwich (W/F) 1 May 1879
father: Thomas Henry Daniel mother: Harriet Emma Sandwich

Driskell, Sallie (now Clay) (W/F) 13 Jan 1888 (born Lee Co)
father: Willaim Henry Driskell mother: Mattie Ford

DeLoach, Clarence Vernon (W/M) 24 Aug 1899
father: Kirb S. DeLoach mother: Louisa Wilder

Dyer, Marvin David (W/M) 21 Apr 189?
father: George A. Dyer mother: Gillie Lindsay

Daniel, George Washington (W/M) 13 Aug 1884 (born ? Co)
father: Obie Daniel mother: Martha Caroline Daniel

DeLoach, Mary Pettie (W/F) 1 Feb 1888
father: Alfred Soloman DeLoach mother: Elizabeth Lavender

Daniel, William Floyd (W/M) 9 Sep 1897
father: George Washington Daniel
mother: Sallie Frances Arrington

Dyer, Altha Elizabeth (W/F) 3 Aug 1891
father: George W. Dyer mother: Josephine Bottoms

Daniel, Sam Jones (W/M) 24 Mar 1888
father: Terry Moses Daniel mother: Mollie Kelley

Dixon, Lewis Edwin (W/M) 8 Dec 1896
father: William Augustus Dixon mother Georgia Belle Poole

Daniel, Albert (W/M) 15 Jan 1888
father: Riley Daniel mother: Mary Killabraw

Daniel, Allen (C/M) 15 Aug 1886
father: Calvin Daniel mother: Mollie Dixon

Davis, Avant (C/M) 14 Aug 1889
father: Tom Davis  mother: Julia Minter

Duke, Addie Elizabeth (W/F) 30 Sep 1893
father: John Calvin Duke mother: Sara Frances Pitts

Davis, Cecil Downing (W/F) 13 Nov 1899
father:Merritt Wombel Davis mother: Lou Ridley Womble

Durrah, Louis (C/M) 20 Aug 1883
father: Sam Durrah mother: Martha Jane Wright

Dean, Clarice Ada (W/F) 14 Oct 1897
father: Iverson Jimmy Dean mother: Martha A.D. Welch

Darby, James William (W/M) 9 Nov 1894
father: Joseph Thomas Darby mother: Hattie Jane Gattis

Dunnahoo, Docia Mae (now Mangum) (W/F) 2 May 1889
father: William Wesley Dunnahoo mother: Nannie Bella Lowry

Driver, Ada Gertrude (now Harper) (W/F) 20 Nov 1894
father: James Andrew Driver mother: Lillie Ann Holladay

Davison, Robert Parham (C/M) 3 Mar 1898
father: Parham H. Davison mother: Amy Raines

Darsey, James Oscar (W/M) 23 Jan 1893
father: Tom Darsey Mother: Nellie Davis

Drake, Carrie Louise (C/F) 8 Oct 1894
father: Charles Edward Drake mother: Sarah Cunningham

Denham, Jamie Britton (W/M) 17 Oct 1899
father: George Emory Denham mother: Sarah Armenia Holliman

Denham, Achsah Naomi (now Lewis) (W/F) 22 Oct 1892
father: George Emory Denham mother: Sarah Armenia Holliman

DeLoach, Mary Elizabeth (W/F) 27 Jun 1891
father: Ira Arthur DeLoach mother: Ella Mabell Gerald

Donahoo, Joseph Gordon (W/M) 7 Mar 1896
father: William Wesley Donahoo mother: Nannie Bella Lowry

Dunnahoo, George Thomas (W/M) 18 Nov 1891
father: William Wesley Dunnahoo mother: Nannie Bella Lowry

Dotson, Annie Ethel (W/M) 27 Jun 1891
father: Thomas Alanda Dotson mother: Mary Bartlett

Dickens, Mattie Belle (now Smith) (W/F) 15 Jan 1892
father: John Franklin Dickens mother: Nancy Janie Smith

Duke, Robert Henderson (W/M) 8 Jun 1896
father: Robert Lee Duke mother: Judy Hardy

Daniel, Lillian (now Crawford) (W/F) 3 Mar 1889
father: James Martin Daniel mother: Rebecca Gibson

Dearing, Celia (now Sears) (W/F) 25 Nov 1891
father: William Dearing mother: Margaret Sockwell

Dawson, Beulah Pearl (now Birdsong) (W/F) 12 Aug 1892
father: Charlie Pierce Dawson
mother: Martha Elizabeth Pippin

Dover, Cora Elizabeth (now Nuckells) (W/F) 30 Appr 1891
father: Lewis Bethel Dover mother: Lucy Jane Smith

Dillinger, Daniel Hollister (W/M) 23 Dec 1896
father: Daniel Wilmington Dillinger mother: Rosa Bell Cason

Daughtry, Mary Elizabeth (now Thompson) (W/F) 14 Dec 1893
father: Henry Clay Daughtry mother: Ada Kent

Denby, Noah Foyster (W/M) 6 May 1892
father: Allen Denby mother: Catherine Reynolds

DeLoach, William Samuel (W/M) 6 Jul 1894
father: Ira Arthur DeLoach mother: Ella Janell

Dunn, Rosa Lee (now Alexander) (W/F) 16 Oct 1895
father: Alex Dunn mother: Josephine Starks

Duncan, Eddie Lee (W/M) 9 Jun 1900
father: Columbus Howard Duncan mother: Dollie Swan

Diggers, Robecca Ann (now Harden) (W/F) 5 Jan 1897
father: James Madison Diggers mother: Fannie Head

Duckworth, Ruby (now ?) (W/F) 10 Jun 1898
father: Oscar Eugene Duckworth
mother: Bessie Lee Ola Sanders

Dunnahoo, Edna Clara (now Brown) (W/F) 5 Sep 1898
father: Willaim Wesley Dunnahoo mother: Nannie Bella Lowry

Dean, C.D. (W/M) 5 Jan 1896
father: John Dean mother: Mollie Williamson

Dyer, Della Dorothy (now Stowe) (W/F) 14 Apr 1895
father: Jefferson Boregard Dyer mother: Rhoda Jane Souther

DuBose, Charles Wesley (W/M) 2 Jun 1895
father: John Hammond DuBose mother: Naomi Anna Lingold

DeLoach, Wonnie Lee (now Gray) (W/F) 17 Nov 1894
father: Willaim David DeLoach mother: Annie Hudgins

Drake, Schleringer (C/F) 26 Mar 1893
father: Shadrick Drake mother: Nettie Hicks

Dawson, Ernest Thaxton (W/M) 28 Sep 1900
father: Enoch Thaxton Dawson mother: Amanda L. Fleda Harrell

Dunn, Mary Elizabeth (now Dawson) (W/F) 31 Jul 1900
father: William Henry Dunn mother: Nancy Anna Kitchens

Dingler, Bertha Lillian (now Weaver) (W/F) 14 Mar 1899
father: Daniel Roderson Dingler mother: Mattie Strang Peak

Daniel, James Cobertte (W/M) 14 Aug 1897
father: Riley Daniel mother Lottie Teal

Driver, Clarence Dewey (W/M) 25 Sep 1900
father: Lank Thomas Driver mother Emma Kelley
Ellington, Nettie Ruth (now Franklin) (W/F) 16 Feb 1892
father: Charlie Suggs Ellington mother: Alice Sue Adams

Evans, William Daniel (W/M) 4 Jun 1892 (born Spalding Co)
father; Milledge Joseph Evans mother: Cora Rodgers Goodard

Edwards, William McGee Jr. (W/M) 30 May 1897 (born Dooly Co)
father: William McGee Edwards Sr. mother: Cora Lane

Etheridge, Allan Maxey (W/M) 14 Feb 1885
father: Maxey Etheridge mother: Martha Washington Mallory

Elliott, James Edward (W/M) 1 Nov 1884
father: Joe Elliott mother: Sallie Perry

Edwards, Mable (W/F) 10 Jun 1888 (born Dooly Co)
father: William M. Edwards mother: Cora Lane

Eidson, Andrew Frank (W/M) 23 Apr 1887
father: George Mason Eidson mother: Mary Elizabeth Adams

Ellington, John Thomas (W/M) 27 Mar 1888
father John Perry Ellington mother: Alice Beatrice Adams

English, Gilbert Mason (W/M) 17 Jun 1898 (born Macon Co)
father: Joseph Richard English mother: Lena Belle Dyers

Ellington, Lillie Pearl (W/F) 17 Oct 1895
father: Charlie Suggs Ellington mother: Alice Sue Adams

Etheridge, Herbert Owen (W/M) 13 Jun 1898
father: George Washington Etheridge mother: Charity Sapp

Ellington, Mamie Lou (W/F) 4 Feb 1890
father: Charlie Suggs Ellington mother: Alice Sue Adams

Ellington, Leola (W/F) 18 Oct 1888
father: Charlie Suggs Ellington mother: Alice Sue Adams

Ellington, Lillie Ann (W/F) 25 Nov 1892
father: Lucious Thadious Ellington
mother: Ludie Frances Smith

Elliott, Lemmie Lee (W/M) 18 May 1897
father: Tyron Elliott mother: Sara Elizabeth Bowen

Edwards, Garnel Dewey (W/M) 23 Aug 1899
father: William McGee Edwards mother: Cora Lane

Eberhardt, Ruth (now Arnold) (W/F) 19 Oct 1893
father: David Clifford Eberhardt mother: Nannie Davis

Ellerbee, William Thomas (W/M) 15 Jul 1892
father: John M. Ellerbee mother: Mary Elizabeth Arrington
Emmett, Lucius Ernest (W/M) 8 Jan 1898
father: James Washington Emmett mother: Martha Ann Lynn

Earles, Clara Lee (now Burkett) (W/F) 30 Jul 1890
father: James Riley Earles mother: Sallie Self

Edwards, Hiram Preston (W/M) 18 Oct 1891
father: John Thomas Edwards mother: Sara Kittie Pierson

Ellington, Acie Grady (W/M) 27 Feb 1894
father: Lucius Thadious Ellington
mother: Loudie Frances Smith

Ellerbee, Lonnie Thompson (W/M) 31 Aug 1895
father: Willaim Oliver Ellerbee
mother: Betty Elizabeth Wright

Ellerbee, Robert Marcus (W/M) 19 Aug 1899
father: John M. Ellerbee mother: Mary Elizabeth Arrington
Farley, Thomas Larkin (W/M) 14 Sep 1873 (born Monroe Co)
father: Larkin Franklin Farley mother: Mary Lucy Fambro

Ferguson, Tommy Hugh (W/M) 14 Dec 1900
father: Albert Sydney Ferguson mother: Madia Hancock

Furbow, John Thomas (C/M) 7 May 1897
father: George Furbow mother: Maggie Joiner

Fallin, Thomas Jackson (W/M) 26 Apr 1871
father: Asa C. Fallin mother: Leola Kent

Fountain, John Franklin (W/M) 16 Mar 1883 (born Bartow Co)
father: William Taylor Fountain mother Victoria Conaway

Fowler, William Grover (W/M) 25 Dec 1880(born Meriwether Co)
father: John Simpson Fowler mother: Adeline Threadgill

Fowler, Mannie Iola (now Bowles) (W/F) 4 Dec 1886
(born Meriwether Co)
father: James Louis Fowler mother: Nettie Threadgill

Freeman, Roy Frank (W/M) 26 May 1888 (born Gwinnett Co)
father: Samuel Edward Freeman mother: Martha Knight

Ferguson, Lonie Mae (C/F) 12 Sep 1886 (born Talbot Co)
father: Lun Ferguson mother: Monie Pye

Forbus, William Alonza (W/M) 18 Nov 1884 (born Troup Co)
father: Dave Forbus mother: Elizabeth Banks

Fallin, Benjamin William (W/M) 12 Oct 1894
father William Herrin Fallin mother: Sara Anna Gilbert

Fallin, Mattie (now Russell) (W/F) 24 Apr 1885
father: Edward Richard Fallin mother: Mary Etta Battles

Finley, Robert Pose (W/M) 7 Apr 1893 (born ? Co)
father: James Edward Finley mother: Mary Raines

Ferguson, Carrie (?) (now Pitts) (W/F) 20 Dec 1884
father: William H. Ferguson mother: Elizabeth Brown

Fuller, Henry Isom (W/M) 25 Sep 1887 (born Meriweather Co)
father: James Kelly Fuller mother: Theodious Ann Milan

Franklin, Will Arns (W/M) 6 May 1882
father: Willis Craft Franklin mother: Martha Ann Means

Fortner, Jesse Warren (W/M) 2 Oct 1877 (born Pike Co)
father: William Riley Fortner mother: Susan Catherine Waller

Fallin, Mitchell Dolphus (W/M) 19 Mar 1888
father: Richard Jackson Fallin
mother: Mary Elizabeth Thompson

Ferguson, Clara Mae (now Mallory) (W/F) 5 May 1895
father: Elbert Sidney Ferguson mother: Madie Frances Hancock

Ferguson, Aubrey Hudson (W/M) 15 Aug 1887
father: William E. Ferguson mother: Lizzie Brown

Foster, Sadie Cecil (now Fallin )(W/F) 27 Sep 1894
(borm Walker Co)
father: Francis Marion Foster mother: Fannie Kerbie Walker

Franklin, Curtis Roland (W/M) 18 Sep 1890
father: William Crawford Franklin
mother: Nettie Henrietta Goodin

Fallin, Beatrice (now Torbert) (W/F) 10 Sep 1888
father: William H. Fallin mother: Anna Gilbert

Ferguson, McCurdy Alvis (W/M) 16 Aug 1889
father: William Edwin Ferguson mother: Lizzie Brown

Foster, Maudie Edna (W/F) 30 Sep 1888
father: Thomas Jefferson Foster mother: Elizabeth Thompson

Fowler, James Graham (W/M) 3 Jul 1890
father: Benjamin Hill Fowler mother: Edna Frances McCrary

Ferguson, James Godard (W/M) 27 Aug 1881
father: William G.H. Ferguson mother: Texas Elizabeth Reeves

Fenley, John Riley (W/M) 2 Mar 1888
father: James Edward Fenley mother Mary Elizabeth Raines

Fowler, Simpson Barnes (W/M) 8 Oct 1894
father: Allen Henderson Fowler mother: Mildred Arra Woodson

Fennell, Julia (now Darsey) (W/F) 30 Aug 1888
father: George Fennell mother: Frankie Mullis

Fortner, Lora Kate (W/F) 15 Aug 1895
father: Willaim Melton Fortner mother: Martha Lucy Hagans

Fallin, Vester (now Rogers) (W/F) 15 Nov 1898
father: Jess Fallin mother: Ola Fallin

Fallin, Owen (W/M) 20 May 1898
father: Asa Fallin mother: Samanthy Lee (?) Kent

Ferguson, Mattie Lizzie (now ?) (W/F) 12 Oct 1891
father: William G.H. Ferguson mother: Texas Annabelle Reeves

Ferguson, Bennett Dixon (W/M) 25 Jul 1897
father: Albert Sidney Ferguson mother: Madie Frances Hancock

Fallin, Grover Hill (W/M) 12 Jun 1898
father: William Edward Fallin mother: Sadie Jimmerson

Feltman, Ollie Olive (now Morgan) (W/F) 20 Oct 1892
father: John Robert Feltman mother: Mattie Eugenia Hancock

Franklin, Willie Pearl (now Storey) (W/F) 24 Sep 1887
father: William Crawford Franklin
mother: Nettie Henrietta Goodin

Foy, J.D. (W/M) 22 Aug 1898
father: Clarence Gorman Foy mother: Lena Elliott

Flewellen, Mattie Carrie (now White) (C/F) 14 Jun 1900
father: Equlla Flewellen mother: Anna Whatley

Fallin, Anna May (now Storey) (W/F) 12 May 1901
father: William H. Fallin mother Sara Anna Gilbert

Foster, Charlie (C/M) 27 Oct 1896
father: Will Foster mother: Mattie Mathis

Farr, William Franklin (W/M) 21 Jul 1899
father: William Jefferson Farr mother: Evie Lou Hale

Farr, Inez Julia (now Corley) (W/F) 2 Oct 1896
father: William Jefferson Farr mother: Evie Lou Hale
Gordy, Joseph Henry Malone (W/M) 3 Apr 1883
father: Watt L. Gordy mother: Fabin Wellingham

Garrett, Loyd Wilburn (W/M) 2 Nov 1891 (born Meriwether Co)
father: George Russell Garrett mother: Sallie Ward

Granger, Mattie Lee (now Ellerbee) (W/F) 6 Aug 1899
(born Talbot Co)
father: John Robert Granger mother: Alice Porter

Girardeau, Joylyn (W/F) 16 Oct 1900
father: John Bohun Girardeau mother: Emmie Trice

Gilbert, Ollie Clayton (W/M) 30 Jul 1881
father: John Dan Gilbert mother: Mary Frances Smith

Graham, Pearl Annie Leona (now Freeman) (W/F) 16 Mar 1896 (born Dawson Co)
father: Henry Richard Graham mother: Emma Jane Little

Glover, Josephus S. (W/M) 4 Aug 1881 (born ? Co)
father: Dock Samuel Glover mother: Georgia Ann Fagin

Gladin, Benjamin Ira Sr. (W/M) 21 Dec 1889 (born Baldwin Co)
father: Eugene Lee Gladin mother: Eudora West

Gatlin, King Arch (W/M) 6 May 1883
father: Lemuel Moore Gatlin mother: Lucy Ann Parker

Gilbert, Charles Edward (W/M) 17 Mar 1888 (born Heard Co AL)
father: Henry P. Gilbert mother: Nettie Jenkins

Gill, Martin Eldridge (W/M) 16 Dec 1891 (born Taylor Co)
father: Walter D. Gill mother: Mahaley Watson

Goff, John Wesley (W/M) 13 Apr 1892 (born ? Co)
father: Johnison Goff mother: Mary Jane Linton

Gordy, Asa Leonard Garfield (W/M) 14 Jan 1882
father: Henry Leonard Gordy mother:SaraLou Symthia Fallin

Greene, John Miles Stewart (Jr.) (W/M) 7 Oct 1886
father: John Miles Stewart Greene (Sr.)
mother: Amanda Elizabeth Lundy

Gill, Beunola (now Watson) (W/F) 10 Sep 1896
father: Walter Davis Gill mother: Delia Watson

Griggers, Freeman Gordon (W/M) 26 Dec 1886
father: William Elmo Griggers mother: Martha Janie Kinsey

Gatlin, Lena Jane (now Bunn) (W/F) 18 Feb 1887
father: Jim Gatlin mother: Lucindy Sanders

Granger, Willie Andrew (W/M) 2 Jul 1894 (born Meriwether Co)
father: John Franklin Granger mother: Alice Porter

Gordy, Oscar Thomas (W/M) 9 Aug 1900
father: Oscar Thomas Gordy mother: Lou Ada Barrow

Gissendaner, Loura Mae (now Peterson) (W/F) 8 Mar 1888
father: John Gissendaner mother: Ada Phillips
Gordy, Mattie Lou (W/F) 21 Feb 1898
father: Robert Wilson Gordy mother: Martha Jane Cochran

Gatlin, Rosa Vean (W/F) 6 Apr 1888
father: James W. Gatlin mother: Lucinda Sanders

Gordy, Walter Conner (W/M) 16 May 1888
father: James Beverly Gordy mother: Josephine Peugh

Gray, Arris (C/F) 23 Apr 1896
father: Floyd Gray mother: Clara Green

Goggins, Ervin Clifford (W/M) 27 Aug 1893
father: George Midlin Goggins mother: Amy Emily McKinley

Gill, Benjamin Terrell (W/M) 2 Jan 1890
father: Walter Davis Gill mother: Delia Watson

Gilbert, Leavy (W/F) 20 Oct 1889
father: John James Gilbert mother: Rhoda Alice Gilbert

Gilbert, Esther Annie (W/F) 9 Dec 1887
father: John James Gilbert mother: Rhoda Alice Gilbert

Garrett, Mary Marie (W/F) 16 Jun 1895
father: William Henry Garrett mother: Mary Etta Garrett

Garrick, Mary Ivor (W/F) 11 Aug 1895
father: Joseph Daniel Garrick mother: Julia May Collins

Gordy, Ellinne Amelia (now Killard) (W/F) 24 Oct 1899
father: Luther Marcus Gordy mother Rosa Anna Gilleland

Garrick, Robert Collins (W/M) 28 Apr 1892
father: Joseph Daniel Garrick mother: Julia May Collins

Gill, George Talbot (W/M) 24 Sep 1894
father: Walter Davis Gill mother: Mahalia Delia Watson

Gill, Nina (C/F) 3 Sep 1890
father: Alexander Gill mother: Katie Worthy

Gilbert, Nettie Lee (now Watts) (W/F) 9 Aug 1891
father: John Phillip Gilbert mother: Sara Lou White

Grubb, Edna Earl (now Ferguson) (W/F) 25 Aug 1891
father: John Roy Grubb mother: Nancy Hudson Trice

Gilbert, Leacy (now Page) (W/F) 21 Jul 1891
father: John James Gilbert mother: Rhoda Alice Gilbert

Garrett, Emma Estelle (W/F) 30 Mar 1897
father: George Russell Garrett mather: Sara Luella Ward

Grant, Claude Newton (W/M) 14 May 1898
father: James Alex Grant mother: Susie Evina Helms

Gladin, Essie Jane (now Bevel) (W/F) 13 Jul 1899
father: Eugene Lee Gladin mother: Mollie Evdora West

Granger, Myrtice Appleline (now Harris) (W/F) 20 Aug 1895
father: John Granger mother: Lou Viney Gordy

Glanton, Paul Montell (W/M) 5 Feb 1899
father: Charles Gordon Glanton mother: Fannie Steward

Griggers, Mattie Lizzie (now White) (W/F) 1 Jun 1896
father: William Elmo Griggers mother: Marthey Janie Kinsey

Green, Myra (now Eubanks) (C/F) 9 Mar 1882
father: George Green mother: Mourning  Threatt

Garland, William Ira "Pat" (W/M) 19 Feb 1899
father: Henry Jackson Garland mother: Willie Augusta Clary

Greer, Mary (now Jones) (W/F) 1 Jan 1898
father: Charles Pearson Greer
mother: Sallie Frances Trussell

Gillispie, Anna Juanita (now Swink) (W/F) 12 May 1896
father: Paul Christopher Gillispie
mother: Dora Etta Hunycutt

Grant, Frances Emma (W/F) 29 Sep 1895
father: James Alex Grant mother: Susie Evans Helms

Grice, Martha Jane (now Calhoun) (W/F) 26 May 1895
father: George Washington Grice mother: Ethel Hadaway

Gray, Benjamin Franklin (W/M) 30 Aug 1891
father: John Gray mother: Mellie White

Gray, Artie Robecca (now Fullerton) (W/F) 12 Jan 1895
father: Lee Franklin Gray mother: Myrtice Obelia Hudgins

Gordy, Lizzie Estelle (now McFarlin) (W/F) 29 Oct 1898
father: James Benjamin Gordy mother: Sara Marintha Hill

George, Odessa Lee (now McAbee) (W/F) 24 Dec 1899
father: Mack George mother: Mary Elizabeth Obie

Haywood, Eugene Field (W/M) 23 Sep 1898 (born Pike Co)
father: James Franklin Haywood mother: Lillie Blanche Rhodes

Hartsfield, James (C/M) 6 Dec 1899
father: Edd Hartsfield mother: Sebelle King

Hollerman, Mary Frances (W/F) 24 Mar 1877
father: George T. Holliman mother: Louise C. Simmons

Harvey, Annie Bell (now LeRoy) (C/F) 9 Apr 1892
(born Crawford Co)
father: Sandy Harvey mother: Fannie Brown

Hickman, Willie (C/M) 20 Mar 1897
father: George Hickman mother: Sylvia Middlebrooks

Hall, Kate Estelle (now Wood) (W/F) 15 Feb 1898
(born Newton Co)
father: John Alonzo Hall mother: Elizabeth Burden

Harris, Clayborn Anderson (W/M) 9 Oct 1877 (born Forsyth Co)
father: William West Harris mother: Sallie Hope

Harvey, Thomas Welburn (W/M) 18 Sep 1891
father: Moses Jackson Harvey mother: America Elizabeth Lyons

Hancock, Abner Richard (W/M) 8 Jul 1892
father: George Morgan Hancock mother: Laura Annette Smith

Hancock, Marshall Jackson (W/M) 11 Feb 1891
father: George Morgan Hancock mother: Laura Annette Smith

Hart, Mabell (now Hanson) (W/F) 30 Mar 1892 (born Taylor Co)
father: John Wesley Hart mother: Laura Frances Hays

Hill, Leonard Monroe (W/M) 6 Oct 1899 (born Taylor Co)
father: Benjamin Franklin Hill mother: Anna Hammonds

Hood, Sarah Alice(now Melton)(W/F) 9 Nov 1895 (born Pike Co)
father: Thomas Edward Hood mother: Julia Anna Leavell

Haney, Flora Rebecca (W/F) 9 Jan 1898 (born Forsyth Co)
father: Edgar Martin Haney mother: Eva Iver Jackson

Hardy, Alvah Allen (W/M) 24 Nov 1897
father: William James Hardy mother: Georgia Tisinger

Hardy, James Broughton (W/M) 25 Sep 1882 (born Jasper Co)
father: James Parker Hardy mother: Sophronia Broughton Smith

Hickman, Edward Whitfield (W/M) 18 Jan 1881
father: Aaron Copeland Hickman mother: Martha Townsend Ray

Herndon, James Franklin (W/M) 3 Jun 1880
father: Benjamin Franklin Herndon mother: Mary Sanders

Hamm, Lemuel Jackson (W/M) 14 Mar 1883 (born Wilkinson Co)
father: James Henry Hamm mother: Clifford Frances Hudson

Hampton, Elijah Hilliard (C/M) 18 Mar 1896
father: Elijah Harrison Hamptom mother: Laura Woodard

Hightower, Julian Thomas (W/M) 16 Dec 1896
father: Robert Edgar Hightower mother: Mattie Lou Harrison

Holmes, Wiley Cleveland (W/M) 25 Apr 1897 (born Monroe Co)
father: William Thomas Holmes mother: Carolyn Florence Smith

Hewett, Mary Elizabeth (now Whitten) (W/F) 17 Apr 1890
father: John Thomas Hewett mother: Emily Frances Harrell

Hewett, Edward Bruce (W/M) 30 Jul 1894
father: John Thomas Hewett mother: Emily Frances Harrell

Harrell, Alice Symanthy (W/F) 31 Mar 1884
father: Russell G. Harrell mother: Mary Carrie Pickard

Hardy, Edgar (W/M) 6 Apr 1884
father: Thomas Emmett Hardy mother: Martha Jane Pasley

Hardy, Emmett (W/M) 27 May 1898
father: Thomas Emmett Hardy mother: Martha Jane Pasley

Helms, Dewey Harland (W/M) 18 May 1899 (born ? Co AL)
father: Caswell A. Helms mother: Rosa Clarah Wells

Holliman, Henry Lee (W/M) 16 Apr 1885
father: Andrew Lewis Holliman mother: Emma Theodosia Mallory

Harvey, Florrie (now Butts)(W/F) 3 Dec 1886 (born Marion Co)
father: Moses Jackson Harvey mother: America Elizabeth Lyons

Harris, Mary Annie (now Chasteen) (C/F) (?) Mar 1900
father: Albert Harris mother: Roda Gardner

Holloway, Eddie Mae (W/F) 28 Aug 1888
father: Thomas Oscar Holloway
mother: Mamie Elizabeth McFarlin

Howard, Bena (W/F) 11 Dec 1888
father: Ramsey Colonel Howard mother: Sarah Winford Creamer

Hardage, Omie (W/F) 19 Nov 1899
father: John Jackson Hardage mother: Weimar Birdsong

Hardage, Oscar Andrew (W/M) 9 Apr 1888
father: Charles Robert Hardage mother: Mary Allen Stewart

Hardy, Lillie Ora (W/F) 7 Aug 1892
father: Emmett Thomas Hardy Sr. mother: Martha Jane Pasley

Hickman, George William (W/M) 23 Nov 1887
father: Oliver Commodore Hickman mother: Betty Turner

Histon, Wilson H.C. (W/M) 18 Aug 1889
father: George Histon mother: Ellie Lewis

Hamrick, Henry Floy (W/M) 15 Oct 1896
father: William Wyatt Hamrick
mother: Lizzie Elizabeth Fowler

Hawkins, Mattie Lizzie (W/F) 7 Aug 1900
father: James Edward Hawkins mother: Fannie Mae Clary

Hammond, John Robert (W/M) 6 Dec 1900
father: Walter Dale Hammond mother: Mary Jane Healey

Hambree, Margaret Hannie (W/F) 11 Nov 1887
father: William Dempsey Hambree mother: Mary Hannie Hyde

Helms, Cliff (W/M) 5 Oct 1891
father: Hardy Richmond Helma mother: Mary Elizabeth Smith

Holloway, Tom Pete (W/M) 19 Jul 1895
father: Joel Myrick Holloway mother: Maggie Louise McKenney

Hammond, Cyrena Alma (W/F) 29 Jul 1896
father: Walter Dale Hammond mother: Mary Jane Henley

Harper, Thomas Denver (W/M) 6 Mar 1896
father: Thomas Madison Harper mother: Minnie Viola Lock

Hurst, Sara (W/F) 31 Dec 1892
father: Columbus Franklin Hurst mother: Mattie Partridge

Hesterly, Cora Lee (W/F) 15 Apr 1890
father: James Madison Hesterly mother: Laura Ann Watson

Horton, Drewry Erskine (W/M) 19 Jul 1890
father: John Paul Horton mother: Charlsea Ann Spurlin

Hardeman, Pat Lenton (W/M) 12 Nov 1894
father: Hugh Columbus Hardeman mother: Cora Savannah Benton

Horton, Ida Mae (now Green) (C/F) 7 Oct 1889
father: George Horton mother: Betty Elizabeth Cunningham

Hicks, John Wilson (W/M) 21 Jan 1879
father: John Colbert Hicks mother: Ella McGee

Harris, Henry Grady (W/M) 12 Jan 1892
father: Mack Harris mother: Janie Davenport

Harp, William Alfred Jr. (W/M) 6 Jul 1888
father: William Alfred Harp Sr.
mother: Ella Elizabeth Waller

Hudgins, Beatrice (now Peugh) (W/F) 9 Oct 1900
father: James Franklin Hudgins mother: Addie Byrd Stephens

Hobbs, Joe (C/M) 7 Dec 1896
father: Ike Hobbs mother: Lizzie York

Haney, Eunice Lillie (now Martin) (W/F) 8 Jan 1892
father: William Friend Haney mother: Clara India Mitchell

Hunt, Eddie Glawson (W/M) 9 Jan 1886
father: George Hunt mother: Mary Frances Hutcherson

Harrell, Samuel Hanson (W/M) 24 Feb 1888
father: Charles Jackson Harrell mother: Martha Pickard

Harp, Marion Martin (W/M) 18 Jun 1890
father: Henry Dixon Harp mother: Sallie Frances Roberts

Harvey, Janie Mae (now Brown)(C/F) 1 Mar 1892
father: unknown mother: Dilly Harvey

Hooten, Fred LeRoy (W/M) 7 Oct 1900
father: Enoch LeRoy Hooten mother: May Belle Perkins

Harvey, Elnora Partia (now Collins) (C/F) 21 Jun 1899
father: James Henry Harvey mother: Mary Jane Sneed

Hines, Ethel May (now ?) (W/F) 26 Nov 1897
father: Lewis Flemming Hines  mother: Bobbie Jones

Hood, Pollie (now Aughtmen) (W/F) 13 Oct 1899
father: Robert Hood mother: Dovie Hammond

Harris, Clarence Henry (W/M) 8 Apr 1893
father: James Harris mother: Stella Flowers

Holt, Thomas Dewey (W/M) 10 Jun 1898
father: Hilliard Holt mother: Phronie Smith

Hay, Essie Erma (now Brownlee) (W/F) 30 Sep 1895
father: Benjamin Rack Hay mother: Mary Leavie Cater

Hardeman, Earlie Norman (W/M) 14 Jan 1896
father: Hugh Hardeman mother: Aris Ann Benson

Hammock, Dennis Edmon (W/M) 2 Mar 1896
father: John Will Hammock mother: Frances Alice Nixon

Holloway, Durwood Gaines (W/M) 8 Jun 1898
father: Thomas Gaines Holloway mother: Mary Adella McDaniel

Hobbs, Jack (C/M) 25 Mar 1893
father: Ike Hobbs mother: Lizzie York

Hammonds, Susie Ollie (now Gill) (W/F) 12 Nov 1894
father: William Thomas Hammonds mother: Emma Hill

Harden, Warren (W/M) 18 Jul 1893
father: James Cal Harden mother: Minnie Pearl Lewis

Hobbs, Willie Martin (W/M) 9 Mar 1899
father: Enoch Mitchell Hobbs mother: Jennie Pridgeon
Howell, Vesta Mae (now Williams) (W/F) 5 aug 1889
father: Charlie Loyd Howell
mother: Martha Elizabeth Singleton

Harp, Florence Rebecca (now Purifoy) (W/F) 1 Feb 1886
father: William Alfred Harp mother: Ella Elizabeth Waller

Hammond, William Thomas (W/M) 7 Sep 1898
father: Walter Dale Hammond mother: Mary Jane Henley

Hayes, Nannie Mae (now Bassett) (W/F) 18 Oct 1900
father: George Jordon Hayes mother: Mary Jane Holt

Howard, Vester Douglas (W/M) 13 Oct 1895
father: John W. Howard mother: Ida Kennedy

Howell, Jesse Emmett (W/M) 31 Jna 1890
father: Henry Haywood Howell mother: Eldora King

Hardy, Johnnie Loyd (W/M) 9 May 1898
father: Benjamin Hill Hardy mother: Frances Drucilla Jones

Heath, Milah Louvenia (now Cook) (W/F) 11 Apr 1896
father: William Amos Heath mother: Lula Lord

Hardy, Clarence Boty (W/M) 26 Oct 1894
father: Pharis Hardy mother: Nancy Caroline Waller

Heaton, Lee Roy (W/M) 7 Nov 1900
father: Robert Heaton mother: Hattie Ward

Helms Fletcher Brantley (W/M) 14 Jul 1899
father: Hardy Helms mother: Mary Elizabeth Smith

Hammock, Fannie Vick (now Smith) (W/F) 3 Jul 1900
father: John Will Hammock mother: Alice Nixon

Hill, Arthur Chappell (W/M) 2 Oct 1897
father: Robert Thomas Hill mother: Minnie Stephens

Hoyal, James Cobb (W/M) 7 Mar 1898
father: Joseph Bulo Hoyal mother: Florella Cobb

Hay, Emmie Pearl (now Selph) (W/F) 14 Aug 1898
father: Ben Rack Hay mother: Mary Leavie Cates

Helms, Albert Matthews (W/M) 8 Feb 1897
father: Hardy Richmond Helms mother: Mary Elizabeth Smith

Hendrick, Morris (W/M) 11 Feb 1898
father: Oscar Rolandus Hendrick mother: Martha Susan Petty

Henderson, Charlie Lee (W/M) 6 Nov 1896
father: Nathan Butler Henderson mother: Fannie Kitchens

Holley, Roy Sylvester (W/M) 6 Mar 1900
father: Jim Holley mother: Catherine Morris

Hancock, Naomie (now Woodson) (W/F) 5 May 1899
father: Marshall Lennie Hancock
mother: Lula Elizabeth Holliman


Ivey, Oscar (C/M) 14 Dec 1890
father: Rich Ivey mother: Rebecca McCrary

Irvin, Joseph Clark (W/M) 14 Sep 1896
father: Elijah Clark Irvin mother: Martha Jane Butler

Irvin, James Arch (W/M) 2 Nov 1881
father: Elijah Clark Irvin mother: Martha Jane Butler

Ingram, Mildred Amanda (now Grant) (W/F) 9 Aug 1900
father: Charles Thomas Ingram mother: Lizzie Mae Wadsworth

Ivey, Jim (C/M) 4 Oct 1891
father: Lony Ivey mother: Rosa Lockett

Ivey, Morris (C/M) 28 Oct 1894
father: Charlie Ivey mother: Emma Lupress

Johnson, Sarah Frances (now Roper) (W/F) 8 Feb 1885
father: John Sankie Johnson mother: Elsie E. Brown

Jimmerson, Sara Varilla (now Short) (W/F) 18 Nov 1890
father: Joseph Jimmerson mother: Laura Clara Fallin

Jenkins, Walter Herring (W/M) 1 Sep 1891
father: Randall Izah Jenkins mother: Myra Peugh

Johnson, Phoebe Alrada (now Connally) (W/F) 3 Aug 1898
(born Spalding Co)
father:Ewell Jackson Johnson mother: Annie Eliza Evans

Jackson, Thomas Otis (W/M) 2 Appr 1887
father: Issac Jackson mother: Sallie Corley

Jones, Mary Electa(now Spier)(W/F) 10 Nov 1888(born Pike Co)
father: Alfred Harp Jones mother: Susan Louise Horne

Jones, Samuel Ernest (W/M) 14 Mar 1886 (born AL)
father: Samuel Franklin Jones mother: Annie Jane Hall

Jones, John Henry (W/M) 22 Nov 1896
father: Dan Jones mother: Emma Castleberry

Jordan, Sanford Elihue (W/M) 15 Dec 1891 (norn AL)
father: Marion Sabion Jordan mother: Georgia Ann Fair

Jordan, Alma Eugenia (W/F) 14 Feb 1888
father: Samuel Franklin Jones mother: Annie Jane Hall

Johnson, Sammie Lee (W/M) 19 Sep 1888
father: Albert Sidney Johnson mother: Theodo Doshie Fulton

Johnson, Daniel John (W/M) 5 Mar 1890
father: Samuel P. Johnson mother: Mary Ann Paramore

Johnson, Sam Washington (W/M) 28 Jun 1888
father: William Johnson mother: Harriett Johnson

Jarrell, Ralph (W/M) 23 Oct 1896
father: George Washington Jarrell mother: Annie Walker

Jarrell, Charlie Grady (W/M) 11 Jul 1890
father: Andrew Jackson Jarrell mother: Mary Carolyn Farmer

Joiner, Thomas Jackson (W/M) 31 Oct 1899
father: Montgomery Joiner mother: Mary Rebecca Owen

Jackson, Lucy Jane (now Berry) (W/F) 10 Sep 1891
father: Union Asbury Jackson mother: Mary Carolyn Farley

Jackson, Flossie Mae (now Morris) (W/F) 25 Feb 1898
father: John Alva Jackson mother: Rosie Fallin

Johnson, Phillip Chesterfield Jr. (W/M) 30 Jan 1886
father: Phillip Chesterfield Johnson mother: Elizabeth Nany

Jones, Lizzie Mae (now Crockett) (W/F) 17 Mar 1891
father: Daniel Jones mother: Emma Elizabeth Castleberry

Jones, Janie (now Wilder) (W/F) 23 Nov 1898
father: Daniel William Jones mother: Emma Elizabeth Castleberry

Johnson, Daisy Ester (now Caster) (W/F) 19 May 1898
father: Albert Sidney Johnson mother: Theodoshie Fulton

Jones, Mamie (C/F) 7 Jun 1897
father: Jim Jones mother: Ella Nimes

Johnson, Joe Wheeler (W/M) 19 Mar 1899
father: John Martin Johnson mother: Ida Isabelle Williams

Jackson, Joe (C/M) 29 Mar 1896
father: Charlie Jackson mother: Fannie Rogers

Joiner, Oscar Bailey (W/M) 5 Jul 1891
father: Hamlin Joiner mother: Emma Broom

Jackson, Horace Neal (W/M) 17 Sep 1893
father: Thomas Jefferson Jackson mother: Betty Jackson

Judah, Leo (W/M) 19 Jan 1894
father: Jim Judah mother: Saphronia Windham

Johnston, Effie (now Rowe) (W/F) 9 Aug 1898
father: William Sylvanus Johnston
mother: Mary Corina Nelson

Jackson, Charlie Joel (W/M) 29 Nov 1895
father: Issac Newton Jackson mother: Sara Elorina Corley

Jones, Cathern (C/F) 27 May 1896
father: Wesley Jones mother: Henretta Raines

Jordan, Monroe Augusta (C/F) 2 Dec 1895
father: Don Tallos Jordan mother: Dollie Green

Johnson, Harvey (C/M) 3 Dec 1896
father: Frank Johnson mother: Fannie Ellerbee

Jackson, Mossie (W/F) 23 Oct 1900
father: John Alva Jackson mother: Rosa Fallin

Johnson, Etta (now Cornwell) (W/F) 19 May 1900
father: J. Fain Johnson
mother: Francis Minta Wilkins McFarlin

Johnson, Fred Herman (W/M) 11 Sep 1899
father: Willie Johnson mother: Mary Simmons

Jones, Clara Vera (now Jones) (W/F) 17 Oct 1900
father: Eddie Jones mother: Effie Shirak
King, James Eker (C/M) 30 Jun 1895
father: Reuben King mother: Fannie Townsend

King, Otis (C/M) 25 Feb 1899
father: Reuben King mother: Fannie Townsend

King, John Lee (C/M) 16 Jul 1889
father: "don't remember" mother: Cora King

King, Sallie Lee (now Brown) (C/F) 1 Jul 1893
father: Will King mother: Anna Clayton

Kendrick, Sandie Arilla (now Marler) (W/F) 5 May 1882
father: Wiley Vann Kendrick mother: Sis Moore

Kennedy, John Daniel (W/M) 12 Jan 1884
father: John Daniel Kennedy mother: Ella Richardson

Kersey, George Ernest (W/M) 18 Dec 1880
father: Arthur W. Kersey mother: Carrie S. Partridge

Kent, Andrew (W/M) 30 Mar 1887
father: John Kent mother: Mattie Trice

Kelly, Mary (W/F) 17 Nov 1884
father: Michael Kelly mother: Mattie Gordy

Kersey, Clifford Daniel (W/M) 5 Mar 1886
father: Julius Clark Kersey mother: Mattie Gilbert

Kersey, John Henry (W/M) 21 Nov 1886
father: John Wesley Kersey mother:Mary Elizabeth Mauldin

Kersey, Esther (now Campbell) (W/F) 3 Sep 1889
father: John Wesley Kersey mother: Mary Elizabeth Mauldin

Kersey, Annie Mae (W/F) 3 Nov 1895
father: John Wesley Kersey mother: Mary Elizabeth Mauldin

Knowles, Mary Lou (W/F) 19 Jul 1893
father: William Albert Jackson Knowles
mother: Miriah Louise Edwards

Kelley, James Bob (W/M) 11 Sep 1889
father: Lewis David Kelley mother: Emma Genara Bowen

Kirby, Nellie Maggie (now Savage) (W/F) 19 Oct 1885
father: Billy Kirby mother: Betsy Elizabeth Davison

Kent, Kernell Curtis (W/M) 19 Mar 1897
father: Jeff Davis Kent mother: Leona Jackson

Knight, Stella Maude (now Davis) (W/F) 4 Jan 1897
father: John Ervin Knight mother: Hester Ann Oakes

Kersey, Walter Thomas (W/M) 16 Oct 1897
father: John Wesley Kersey mother: Mary Elizabeth Mauldin

King, Ezekiel (C/M) 28 Sep 1896
father: Eddie King mother: Lillie Stanford

Kinsler, Clifton Odell (W/M) 21 mar 1892
father: John Franklin Kinsler mother: Sarah Simpson

Kelley, J.T. Jr. (W/M) 10 Jul 1894
father: J.T. Kelley Sr. mother: Mary Baggley

Kendrick, Sam C. (W/M) 28 Sep 1900
father: Wyle M. Kendrick mother Frances Boyt

King, Dolly (now Cherry) (C/F) 28 Jul 1898
father: James Henry King mother: Mary Mollie Andrews
Lynch, Jeff Davis (W/M) 18 May 1883 (born Jasper Co)
father: Griff Howell Lynch mother: Mary Jane Cotney

Long, Victoria (now Jones) (W/F) 14 Aug 1881 (born Union Co)
father: Nathan B. Long mother: Susan Edmondson

Laramore, Grace Estelle (now Hightower) (W/F) 22 Nov 1900 (born Lee Co)
father: Harris H. Laramore mother: Mary McDonald

Lumpkin, Nannie Stanley (now Sanders) (W/F) 3 Aug 1892
(born Oglethorpe Co)
father: Thomas Harrison Lumpkin mother: Dora Matilda Milner

Long, Effie Howard (W/F) 16 Nov 1889
father: Drewie Lee Long mother: Susan Rebecca Taylor

Lyon, Clara Elizabeth (now Carreker) (W/F) 2 Jul 1886
father: James Madison Lyons Sr.
mother: Sallie Victoria Spruce

Lowe, Viola (now Whittington) (W/F) 5 Oct 1887
(born Crawford Co)
father: William Lowe mother: Isabelle Spain

Lord, Phoebe Mable (now Lackey) (W/F) 21 Jun 1894 (born?)
father: Thomas Simon Lord mother: Mary Elizabeth Parr

Lumkpin, Sara Frances (C/F) 22 Jan 1886
father: Mose Lumpkin mother: Betty Hunt

Land, Virgie (W/F) 3 Nov 1890
father: John Land mother: Laura Parker

Leroy, Charlie (C/M) 9 Aug 1891
father: Anderson Leroy mother: Rebecca Leroy

Legg, Willie Mae (W/F) 19 Sep 1900
father: George Webster Legg mother: Laura Elizabeth Smoot

Lowe, Otis (C/M) 12 Jun 1880
father: Nath Lowe mother: Marie Goode

Long, Holmes Clemons (W/M) 6 Sep 1893
father: Henry Davis Long mother: Frances Rebecca Sanders

Littleton, John Will (W/M) 18 Sep 1890
father: James Bartow Littleton mother: Ella Ruffin

Lowery, Virgil Benjamin (W/M) 1 Mar 1891
father: Samuel Calloway Lowery mother: Sarah Jane Bailey

Lussi, Joseph Topping (W/M) 11 Nov 1899
father: Arnold Lussi mother: Mattie Johnson

Lewis, Charles Edward (W/M) 23 May 1894
father: Joel Lewis mother: Mary Edna Morgan

Lifsey, Lonnie Ruth (now Mills) (W/F) 5 Aug 1900
father: Lonnie Titus Lifsey mother: Letha Janie Whitman

Little, Bright (now Pasley) (W/F) 7 Feb 1893
father: James Newton Little mother: Frances Rebecca Copeland

Little, Cora Lee (now Lossier) (W/F) 10 Jul 1897
father: Jasper Lafayette Little mother: Edna Pernica Terry

Lingold, Henry Thomas (W/M) 4 May 1895
father: William Thomas Lingold
mother: Mary Catherine Akeridge

Lester, Flora Cornelia (now Brown) (W/F) 4 May 1894
father: John Thomas Lester mother: Mattie Cornelia Yates

Murphy, Clifford Waton Sr. (W/M) 24 Apr 1893(born Troup Co)
father: James Thomas Murphy mother: Mollie Eliza Burk

Mann, Grady (C/M) 11 Mar 1899 (born ?)
father: A.L. Mann mother: Mandy Dallas

Middlebrooks, Annie Mae (now Andrews) (W/F) 22 Jun 1883
father: Roswell R. Middlebrooks mother: Janie Middlebrooks

Meeks, Clifford Grady (W/M) 27 Apr 1891 (born Banks Co)
father: William Beuregard Meeks
mother: Mary Frances Fullerton

Moore, Nova Paten (W/M) 30 May 1880 (born Pike Co)
father: William Edward Moore mother: Luerayne Minter

Mallory, Lorrie Missouri (now Turner) (W/F) 10 Apr 1895
father: William Allen Mallory mother: Permelia Ann Eidson

Moore, Annie Clyde (now McCart) (W/F) 27 Aug 1887
(born Newton Co)
father: John Moore mother: Alva Johnson

Moore, Fred Earl (W/M) 4 Jun 1897
father: Curtis T. Moore mother: Nettie Warren

Murray, Tom (C/M) 10 May 1891 (born Taylor Co)
father: James Murray mother: Martha Ann Foy

Morgan, Tom (W/M) 11 Apr 1883
father: Jason Kindred Morgan
mother: Alice Ann Lucretia Denham

Mallory, Leila (now Turner) (W/F) 12 Nov 1888
father: William Allen Mallory mother: Permelia Ann Eidson

Mathis, Leroy (W/M) 24 Jan 1893
father: Warren Harrison Mathis mother: Nora Thomas

Moore, Walter Herbert (W/M) 1 Aug 1887
father: John Joel Moore mother: Marianne Brandon

Maze, Jessie May (W/F) 28 Aug 1895
father: Charlie Maze mother: Mary Edna Wilder

Massengale, John Henry (W/M) 30 Mar 1888
father: Hiram Warner Massengale
mother: Mary Sophronia Coe

Massey, Leila Augusta (W/F) 19 May 1888
father: Jenkins Edward Massey mother: Alice Rebecca Kinsler

Mealer, Birda Nancy (W/F) 3 Nov 1894
father: George Wilson Mealer mother: Elizabeth Anderson

Mullis, John Samuel (W/M) 18 Dec 1888
father Charlie Irvin Mullis mother: Mollie Mary Thomas

Moore, Emma Elizabeth (W/F) 28 Jul 1894
father: Thomas Harrison Moore mother: Ella Martin Bankston

Mullins, Brooxie Irene (W/F) 16 Jun 1890
father: John Thomas Mullins mother: Huldah Ann Browning

Mitchell, Sarah Eula (now Bates) (W/F) 25 Feb 1887
father: William Mitchell mother: Margaret Millsipps

Matthews, Loudie Melvinie (W/F) 3 Jan 1887
father: John Franklin Matthews
mother: Virginia Adolphus Ferguson

Montgomery, Lee Eunice (W/F) 1 Oct 1890
father: Isaac Arnold Montgomery mother:Eldora Alberta Rogers

Moore, Ellis Thompson (W/M) 23 Nov 1899
father: Arbin William Moore
mother: Minnie Jane "Jennie" Ambrose

Morris, Roy Elmo (W/M) 21 Feb 1900
father: William Henry Morris mother: Willie Inez Grantham

Morris, Alcie Claude (W/M) 11 Nov 1897
father: Thomas Marion Morris mother: Janie Elizabeth Brown

Meeks, Minnie Lee (now Wilson) (W/F) 4 Nov 1888
father: William Benjamin Meeks mother: Mary Frances Fulton

Mullis, Sallie Mae (now Thompson) (W/F) 4 Jun 1897
father: Frank Mullis mother: Emma Phillips

Moore, William Ambrose (W/M) 4 Oct 1894
father: Arbin William Moore mother: Minnie Jane Ambrose

Mann, Willie (C/M) 2 Feb 1897
father: Abraham Mann mother: Amanda Dallas

Moore, Alva Malton (W/M) 15 Sep 1896
father: Thomas Harrison Moore mother: Ella Martin Bankston

Marlowe, Jessie Lee (now Crawford) (W/F) 2 Dec 1900
father: William Grady Marlowe mother: Ludie Belle Campbell

Manes, Donie (C/F) 22 Jun 1890
father: Will Manes mother: Martha Jane Dickerson

Middlebrooks, Estellar Mae (now Kendall) (C/F) 1 Aug 1895
father: Alfred Middlebrooks mother: Lucinda Maze

Marchman, Carrie (now McKenny) (W/F) 10 May 1889
father: James Hightower Marchman
mother: Mary Martha Stephens

Marchman, Dove (W/F) 6 Oct 1885
father: James Hightower Marchman
mother: Mary Martha Stephens

Mauldin, Jessie Mae (now Dean) (W/F) 10 Dec 1896
father: Charles Edward Mauldin mother: Ida Rebecca Turner

Matthews, Mary Annie (W/F) 23 Oct 1900
father: Joel Nelson Matthews mother: Sarah Josephine Bevel

Mote, Daisy Lee (now Chasteen) (W/F) 20 Mar 1898
father: John Jackson Mote mother: Martha McGouirk

Mullins, Spencer Grady (W/M) 2 Aug 1892
father: William Joseph Mullins mother Mary Louise Reynolds

Mathews, John Thomas (W/M) 17 Sep 1900
father: Jessie J. Mathews mother: Mary Youngblood

Martin, Fay Samuel (W/M) 9 Nov 1900
father: George Thomas Martin mother: Emma Estelle McBrayer

Meeks, Robert (W/M) 24 Jan 1895
father: William Benjamin Meeks mother Mary Frances Fulton

Metcalfe, Edgar Phineas (W/M) 29 Dec 1889
father: Lewis Edward Metcalfe mother: Georgia Ann Payne

Mosley, John Thomas (W/M) 2 Mar 1896
father: John Morgan Mosley mother: Mattie Wesley Pollard

Moore, Laura Katherine (W/F) 2 Nov 1899
father: Curtis T. Moore mother: Nettie Cornelia Warren

Melton, Lewis Lee (W/M) 1 Mar 1895
father: Green Burrows Melton mother: Basha Louise Owens

Mitchell, Clyde (now Lewis) (W/F) 21 May 1898
father: John Thomas Mitchel mother: Elizabeth Boyt

Moye, Roger Smith (W/M) 28 May 1899
father: Robert Tully Moye mother: Florine Smith

Mathis, Carl (W/M) 22 Dec 1897
father: Warren Harrison Mathis mother: Nora Thomas

Mallory, Bertha Mae (now Cumlie) W/F) 3 Nov 1895
father: Jack Mallory mother: Georgia Brannon

Morton, Nell Rose (now Teal) (W/F) 6 Sep 1892
father: Charles Jackson Morton mother: Cynthia Winfrey

Milddlebrooks, Joe (C/M) 19 Mar 1891
father: Alfred Middlebrooks mother: Lucinda Maze

Martin, Mattie Sue (now Braswell) (W/F) 9 Jun 1895
father: Claud Aphus Martin mother: Mary Elizabeth Shivers

Moss, Harvey E. (W/M) 23 Mar 1900
father: Benjamin Laffet Moss mother: Katie Josephine Minor

Meeks, Mary Frances "Fanny" (now Todd) (W/F) 7 Apr 1893
father: John Allen Meeks mother: Mollie Rivers Bland

Maze, Winnie Lavonie (now Jones) (W/F) 23 Aug 1900
father: Charles Alexander Maze mother: Mary Edna Wilder

Middlebrooks, Willie (C/M) 30 Mar 1900
father: Enoch Middlebrooks Mother: Emma Andrews

Mann, Lillie Mae (now Respress) (C/F) 15 Jun 1897
father: Monroe Mann mother: Betty Dickerson

Moore, Franklin Hess (W/M) 18 Mar 1897
father: Steven Hillard Moore
mother: Victoria Abigail Wainwright

Montgomery, Horace Joel (W/M) 23 Jul 1897
father: Isaac Arnold Montgomery mother: Bertie Rogers

Morris, Sidney James (W/M) 12 Aug 1900
father: Thomas E. Morris mother: Josie Emory Morris

Miller, James Lloyd (W/M) 3 Dec 1898
father: Joseph Lane Miller mother: Susan Mary Gun


McDaniel, Sanford Clark (W/M) 6 Aug 1897
father: Allen Franklin McDaniel mother: Edna Eugene Black

McCants, James (C/M) 10 Apr 1896
father: Curtis McCants mother: Susie Walker

McDaniel, Olin Black (W/M) 8 Feb 1882
father: William Jasper McDaniel
mother: Lucinda Permelia E. Black

McKenzie, John Marvin (W/M) 9 Feb 1877
father: William David Mc Kenzie mother: Sarah Ann Franklin

McDaniel, Charlie Homer (W/M) 6 Feb 1895 (born Talbot Co)
father: Henry Patrick McDaniel mother: Emma Williams

McFarlin, Robert Carlton (W/M) 14 Jul 1881
father: Robert Martin McFarlin mother: Etta Virginia Nelson

McCard, William (W/M) 21 Aug 1894
father: Hiram Matthew McCard mother: Tommie Wilkerson

McCoy, Joel Lawson (W/M) 11 Dec 1891
father: Isham Passhol McCoy mother: Carrie Pasley

McCart, Perry Davis (W/M) 13 Oct 1884 (born Newton Co)
father: Benjamin Franklin McCart mother: Lucy Shelton

McAbee, Alonzo Parks (W/M) 9 Oct 1889 (born Catoosa Co)
father: George Washington McAbee mother: Elizabeth Norman

McSwain, Howard Green (W/M) 5 Aug 1881
father: John McSwain mother: Florence Nellie Sanders

McNair, Louis Frank (W/M) 25 Jul 1885 (born ? NC)
father: James Archie McNair mother: Josephine Cox

McKoone, Mildred Eugene(W/F) 8 Apr 1887(born Meriweather Co)
father: John Robert McKoone mother: Mary Caroline Mills

McCrary, James Blumer (W/M) 20 Oct 1891 (born ? CO)
father: James Dozier McCrary mother: Mary Jane Storey

McCard, Nettie Ann Melinda (W/F) 2 Jun 1896
father: Henry Jackson McCard mother: Margaret Ruffin

McChargue Una (now Garrett) (W/F) 29 May 1893 (born ? Co)
father: Sanford Monroe McChargue mother: Mattie Brooks

McGuire, Ventnor Jerrigan (W/M) 25 Sep 1893
father: Albert Griss McGuire mother: Louvenia Adline Hudgins

McAlum, Lemuel Lee (W/M) 4 Oct 1886
father: Duncan Gribbs McAlum mother: Cassie Laura Bridges

McCard, Murry Wells (W/M) 4 Apr 1888
father: William Joseph McCard mother: Frances Bailey

McGehee, James Andrew (W/M) 16 Aug 1889
father: James Putman McGehee mother: Susie Wheeles

McLemore, Charles Henry (W/M) 9 Sep 1900
father: Charles Heat McLemore mother: Nancy Adams

McKinley, Benjamin Franklin (W/M) 17 Jun 1890
father: Joseph Gregory McKinley mother: Nannie J. Trice

McDaniel Mamie Gladys (now Watkins) (W/F) 20 Apr 1895
father: Daniel Tillman McDaniel mother: Mamie Lula Shumate

McCarty, Elijah Lewis (W/M) 15 Sep 1894
father: Charles Jason McCarty mother: Mary Lucy Williams

McFarlin, Thomas Hudson (W/M) 8 May 1892
father: Thomas Jefferson McFarlin mother: Martha Pierce

McKinley, Robert Raymond (W/M) 17 Apr 1898
father: George Oscar McKinley mother: Allie Farr

McCullers, Cora Lee (now Philpott) (W/F) 4 Sep 1898
father: Clay Otis McCullers mother: Nellie Emily Fetner

McCard, Early E. (W/M) 14 Jul 1896
father; Hiram Matthew McCard
mother: Tommie Lovania Wilkerson

McCrary, Edna Lenora (now Moore) (W/F) 11 Jul 1892
father: Franey E. McCrary mother: Suzanna Hortman

McMickle, Lillie Maud (now Johnson) (W/F) 22 Jan 1897
father: William David McMickle
mother: Bessie Elizabeth Mathis

Nelson, Mary Lee (now Tyson) (C/F) 27 Feb 1900
father: John Nelson mother: Sallie Trice

Norris, Ernest Liswood (W/M) 7 Nov 1880
father: Cornelius Abner Norris mother: Laura Annie Snelson

Nix, Clarence (W/M) 16 Feb 1895 (born Meriwether Co)
father: Amealus Stanford Nix mother: Judy Collins

Nichols, Armon Andrew (W/M) 7 Jul 1899
father: Andrew Jackson Nichols
mother: Sara Elizabeth Woodson

Nelson, Jesse Clifford Nelson (W/M) 7 Feb 1899
father: Thomas Parham mother: Sallie Malinda Williams

Noel, Eula Vesta (now Howell) (W/F) 15 Sep 1890
father: Edward Fluellen Noel mother: Fannie Starling

Noell, Sindey Smith (W/M) 4 Dec 1896
father: Edward Fluellen Noell mother: Fannie Starling

Neely, Lorine Hortense (now Buntyn) (W/F) 9 Apr 1900
father: James Walter Neely mother: Fannie Lula Strickland

Nixon, Frank Lee (W/M) 5 Aug 1900
father: Wyatt Larkin Nixon mother: Annie Lee Thornton


Ogletree, Emma Georgia (now Presley) (W/F) 4 Aug 1892
(born Fayette Co)
father: William S. Ogletree mother: Gladys Isabelle Evans

Oates, Aklin Elnora (W/F) 10 May 1891
father: William Robert Oates mother: Mary Carnelia Williams

O'Neal, Maudie Mell Vinie (now Gill) (W/F) 2 Apr 1896
father: Allen Offie O'Neal mother: Elmira Eubanks

Oglesbee, Mattie (now Lee) (W/F) 9 Apr 1895
father: William Oglesbee mother: Ida Elizabeth Campbell

Perry, William Welborn (W/M) 7 Nov 1895 (born Harris Co)
father: Jessee Welborn Perry mother: Lula Slaughter

Pound, George Sharman (W/M) 10 Jan 1887
father: James Madison Pound mother: Hortense D. Sharman

Parkmon, Edward (C/M) 27 Feb 1899
father: Taylor Parkman mother: Betty McDowell

Peugh, Alva Hill (W/M) 1 Mar 1888
father: Jack Peugh mother: Roda Minter

Pasley, Southern Preston (W/M) 15 Apr 1890
father: Edmon Hamilton Pasley mother: Elvira Powers

Peurifoy, Irene Gertrude (now Hobbs) (W/F) 12 Nov 1888
father: Charles Hardy Peurifoy
mother: Virginia Richmond Fryen

Peugh, Neta (W/F) 10 May 1880
father: Jack Peugh mother: Roda Minter

Pearse, Della (now Dallas) (C/F) 15 Mar 1882
father: Nelce Pearse mother: Susie Collier

Pasley, Ada (now Stalcup) (W/F) 10 May 1880
father: William D. Pasley mother: Elizabeth Harden

Pasley, Ida (now Cowan) (W/F) 11 Jan 1878
father: William D. Pasley mother: Elizabeth Harden

Penn, Emma Izora (now Terry) (W/F) 17 May 1890
father: William Monroe Penn mother: Henrietta A. Smith

Persons, William Bryant (W/M) 23 Jul 1899
father: Erastus Jones Persons mother: Lula Zellner

Peugh, Maude (now Watts) (W/F) 4 Oct 1889
father: John Samuel Peugh mother: Georgia Ann Willingham

Purifoy, Charles Hardy Jr. (W/M) 18 Nov 1892
father: Charles Hardy Purifoy mother: Virginia Fryor

Parker, Mary Ann (now Thompson) (W/F) 18 Oct 1881
(born Dooly Co)
father: James Parker mother: Mattie Herring

Pasley, Evie May (now Beverly) (W/F) 5 May 1883
father: Robert Pasley mother: Lou Vining

Pasley, Marvin Hamlin (W/M) 15 Sep 1885
father: Edwin Hamilton Pasley mother: Vierry Powell

Penn, George Marlin (W/M) 12 Jan 1884
father: William Moore Penn mother: Henrietta Smith

Page, James Arthur (W/M) 29 Dec 1879
father: John H. Page mother: Eldora Adams

Pitts, Willie Marshall (W/M) 2 Mar 1885
father: Bartley Pitts mother: Mattie Weatherly

Phillips, Rosa Bell (now Hickman)(W/F) 10 Apr 1895 (born FL)
father: Samson Sanford Phillips mother: Ellen Matilda Horne

Presley, James Edward (W/M) 4 Feb 1885 (born Pike Co)
father: William Thomas Presley
mother: Nancy Elizabeth Oliver

Poole, Esther (now Hunt/Hurt) (W/F) 1 Sep 1887
(born Hancock Co)
father: Fred Poole mother: Narcia Reese

Partain, George Oliver (W/M) 13 Aug 1886
father: John James Partain mother: Martha Hambrick

Parker, Bessie Inez (now Chafin) (W/F) 23 Jul 1898
(born Talbot Co)
father: Edward Daniel Parker mother: Sarah Frances Hart

Peacock, Walter Hunt (W/M) 17 Nov 1884 (born ? Co)
father: Peter Lewis Peacock mother: Sarah Ann O'Berry

Powell, Saddie Mezzs (W/F) 7 Jun 1895 (born ? Co)
father: Benagy Beaugard Powell mother: Lincy Cecelia Claxton

Pasley, Emma Jane (W/F) 22 Aug 1890
father: Henry James Pasley mother: Mary Eliza Holliman

Potts, Flordia Idella (now McGuire) (W/F) 7 Aug 1894
father: James B. Potts mother: Mary Emma Gurly

Patrick, Augustus Edwin (W/M) 15 Nov 1894
father: Pernal Cornelius Patrick
mother: Laura Pauline Dooling

Pippin, William Oscar (W/M) 26 Nov 1889
father: William Bailey Pippin mother: Elizabeth Heath

Persons, Susie Alice (W/F) 14 Sep 1897
father: Erastus Jones Persons mother: Lula Ann Zellner

Page, Maryann Agnes (W/F) 28 Dec 1888
father: John Henry Page mother: Eldora Mervina Adams

Pryor, Coggins S. (W/M) 10 Jan 1899
father: Mattie Lee Pryor mother: Annie Laura Coggins

Pugh, John Chatman (W/M) 3 Sep 1890
father: Asa Pugh mother: Lydia Melvina Bushy

Presley, Ephrain Thomas (W/M) 27 Feb 1890
father: William Thomas Presley
mother: Nancy Elizabeth Oliver

Partain, Della Caroline (W/F) 8 Nov 1883
father: Thomas Jefferson Partain mother: Nancy Annie Sanders

Pitts, Henry David (W/M) 19 Aug 1891
father: Stanms Butler Pitts
mother: Sara Anne Missouri Daniel

Peacock, Annie (W/F) 3 Oct 1893
father: William Augustus Peacock mother: Malinda Burch

Payne, Robert Lester (W/M) 15 Jan 1883
father: Alfred Fletcher Payne mother: Mary Goodwin

Pasley, Jesse Austin (W/M) 19 Jul 1869
father: William Dan Pasley mother: Elizabeth Harden

Pennington, Ethyl Esther (now Johnson) (W/F) 20 Aug 1889
father: Albert Price Pennington mother: Nettie Wall

Pierson, John Thomas (W/M) 13 Oct 1889
father: John Francis Pierson mother: Della Harris

Pasley, Luke Jesse (W/M) 27 Dec 1893
father: Jesse Austin Pasley mother: Ida Crawford

Pearce, Estee (C/F) 18 Jan 1892
father: Nelson Pearce mother: Susan Henry

Powers, Lennie (W/M) 17 Dec 1895
father: Robert Jackson Powers mother: Mary Womble

Prater, Corine (C/F) (now Davison) 24 Aug 1896
father: James Prater mother: Josie Day

Pitts, Benjamin Cornelius (W/M) 1 May 1893
father: Samore Butler Pitts
mother: Sarah Ann Missouri Daniel

Pitts, Robert James (W/M) 3 Aug 1895
father: Stanms Butler Pitts mother Sarah Ann Daniel

Pilkenton, Edna (now Pitts) (W/F) 4 Feb 1899
father: George Coleman Pilkenton mother: Willie Belle Fowler

Pilkinton, Willie Pearl (now Granger) (W/F) 21 Apr 1896
father: Robert Pilkinton mother: Mary Matilda Shepherd

Pasley, Howard Northern (W/M) 10 Sep 1890
father: Robert Pasley mother Lou Vining

Persons, Emmie Lee (now Williams) (W/F) 21 Nov 1892
father: Abner Thoddous Persons mother: Aura Lee Zellner

Persons, Alma Owen (now Sorrells) (W/F) 2 Nov 1897
father: Abner Thoddous Persons mother: Aura Lee Zellner

Paramore, Mary Frances (now Judah) (W/F) 24 Dec 1896
father: John Benjamin Paramore mother: Sophie Hartzog

Puckett, Essie B. (now Trawick) (W/F) 31 Aug 1899
father: Clifford Swan Puckett mother: Mary Etta McCarty

Pound, Emmie Irene (W/F) 30 Sep 1899
father: James Edward Pound mother: Leola Margaret Gordy

Pye, Sara (now Thurston) (W/F) 19 Oct 1895
father: William Benjamin Pye mother: Estelle Norris

Pollard, Grady Jackson (W/M) 27 Oct 1899
father: James Pollard mother: Georgia Ann Self

Quiller, Mose (C/M) 21 Apr 1894
father: Edd Quiller mother: Ellen Garmon


Redmond, John Henry (W/M) 26 Apr 1874 (born Clarke Co)
father: John Washington Redmond
mother: Pamelia Frances Aaron

Roberts, Thomas Nolan (W/M) 2 Apr 1890 (born Jasper Co)
father: John William Roberts mother: Martha Annie Nollen

Ragland, America Darling (now Price) (C/F) 10 Feb 1891
father: Bose Ragland mother: Lucinda Evans

Raines, Charlie (C/M) 29 Mar 1899
father: Henry Raines mother: Lulla Raines

Rogers, William Daniel (W/M) 13 Jul 1889 (born Meriwether)
father: Ben R. Rogers mother: Sudie Poe

Ragland, Carrie (now Barker) (C/F) 10 Jun 1888
father: Base Ragland mother: Lucinda Evans

Ryals, George Frank (W/M) 27 Jan 1897 (born Chattahoocheee)
father: James Wilson Ryals mother: Mary Turner

Raglin, Wema (C/F) 25 Sep 1898 (born ? Co)
father: J.T. Raglin mother Lizzie Moreland

Reed, Elizabeth (W/F) 23 Dec 1878 (born Bartow Co)
father: Robert Reed mother: Mary Jane Cole

Respress, Leola (C/F) 2 Apr 1889
father: Tom Respress mother: Mary Jane Dallas

Repress, Susie (now Seay) (C/F) 23 Nov 1891
father: Richard Repress mother: Emily Huff

Rye, Bessie (now Blankenship) (W/F) 26 May 1898
(born Newton Co)
father: James William Rye mother: Mary Elizabeth Arnold

Ramsey, Asa Guy (W/M) 24 Mar 1886 (born Pike Co AL)
father: George Washington Ramsey mother: Eugenia Newberry

Rogers, James Mansel (W/M) 23 Apr 1887 (born Meriwether Co)
father: Benjamin R. Rogers mother: Susie Poe

Reeves, Mattie (now Brooks) (W/F) 15 Mar 1883
father: James Townsend Reeves mother: Frances Matthews

Ryals, Leila Mae (W/F) 17 Aug 1887 (born Chattahoochee Co)
father: James Wilson Ryals mother: Mary Jane Turner

Rogers, Charlie Howard (W/M) 26 Aug 1887
father: Fredrick Rogers mother: Mattie Viola Dickens

Ruffin, Ernest Grover (W/M) 1 May 1888
father: James David Ruffin mother: Leola Isabell

Reeves, Francis Willard (W/M) 2 Sep 1900
father: Walter William Reeves mother: Dora Lee Williams

Rowell, Emma Nell (W/F) 1 Jul 1898
father: Elbert Shellie Rowell mother: Mamie Eugenia Smith

Rigdon, Otis Felton (W/M) 18 Oct 1889
father: Edgar Stevens Rigdon mother: Annie Mae Davis

Riggins, Tallman O'Neal (W/M) 17 Oct 1892
father: James William Riggins mother: Ollie Missouri Melton

Ruffin, Annie Bell (W/F) 4 Feb 1900
father: Charlie Lewis Ruffin mother: Nannie Lou Harwell

Robinson, Leatha (now Clay) (C/F) 1 Apr 1884
father: Charlie Robinson mother: Elizabeth Drain

Rogers, Benjamin Fredrick (W/M) 15 Aug 1892
father: Adolphus Rogers mother: Mattie Storey

Rogers, Ira Abner (W/M) 29 Sep 1885
father: Freddie Rogers mother: Mattie Leola Dickens

Riviere, Anna Gardner (W/F) 30 Apr 1894
father: Frank Davis Riviere mother: Fannie Mae Gardner

Rutledge, Nora Lee (now Berry) (W/F) 28 Jun 1900
father: Walter Sharon Rutledge mother: Alice Henry Horten

Rhodes, Dorence Selesta (C/F) 13 Mar 1897
father: Edward Rhodes mother: Rebecca Viola Drakes

Richardson, James Andrew (W/M) 15 Mar 1894
father: Marshall Richardson mother: Effie Andrews

Rogers, Dora (now Brooks) (W/F) 6 May 1896
father: John Thomas Rogers mother: Leola Reynolds

Rutherford, James Thomas (W/M) 2 Apr 1896
father: Thomas Franklin Rutherford mother: Lettie Ola Teat

Reeves, Lonnie Livingston (W/M) 16 Jun 1891
father: Ethan Wayne Reeves mother: Dorie Agnes Mallory

Richardson, William Walton (W/M) 28 Nov 1892
father: Robert Nosworthy Richardson
mother: Elizabeth Verlula Adams

Roberts, Raymond (W/M) 4 Jan 1900
father: Odis James Roberts mother: Clara Rutledge

Richardson, Nellie May (now Mitchell) (W/F) 25 May 1894
father: Robert Nosworthy Richardson
mother: Elizabeth Verlula Adams

Rogers, Mary Frances (now Smith) (W/F) 17 Jul 1896
father: Robert Lee Rogers mother: Mary Pierce

Ridgon, Nettie Cleone (now Partridge) (W/F) 16 Mar 1896
father: James Robert Rigdon mother: Ida Florence Crawford

Rodgers: Paul Ellsworth (W/M) 4 Feb 1896
father: William Ellsworth Rodgers mother: Rosella Matthews

Reeves, James Alfred )C/M) 23 Nov 1893
father: Alfred Reeves mother: Virginia Collier

Rigdon, Myrtice (now Burson) (W/F) 29 Aug 1900
father: James Robert Rigdon mother: Ida Crawford

Rogers, Otis Asbury (W/M) 8 Sep 1894
father: Benjamin Rustin Rogers mother: Susie Poe

Ricketson, Nina Jackson (now Mincey) (W/F) 29 Mar 1894
father: Robert Fleming Ricketson
mother: Mary Lucretia Jackson

Reeves, Margaret Elizabeth (now Edge) (W/F) 31 Jan 1899
father: Dixon Howard Reeves mother: Nettie Jane Smith

Riggins, William Blumer (W/M) 13 Feb 1893
father: William Riggins mother: Julia Ann Melton

Riley, Lottie Mae (now Hewett) (W/F) 10 May 1899
father: John Hardy Riley mother: Nora Barker

Rowell, John William (W/M) 8 Apr 1900
father: Elbert Shellie Rowell mother: Mamie Eugenia Smith

Rowell, Mattie Eudora (now Denham) (W/F) 19 Dec 1896
father: Elbert Shellie Rowell mother: Mamie Eugenia Smith

Starling, Dan (C/M) 1 Aug 1896
father: Nathan Starling mother: Nellie Mosley

Sandrich, Florence (now Brown) (C/F) 15 Sep 1890
father: Turner Sandrich mother: Minerva Garland

Sandrich, Vinnie (now Tell) (C/F) 16 Feb 1892
father: Turner Sandrich mother: Minerva Garland

Spear, Charles West (C/M) 28 Mar 1896
father: Miles Spear mother: Daisy Birdsong

Stamps, Henry Britt (W/M) 19 Jan 1899
father: Jonathan Britton Stamps mother: Mattie Dallas

Starling, Avis Irene (now Whittle) (W/F) 9 Sep 1890
father: John David Starling mother: Mary McDaniel

Smith, Annie (now Searey) (C/F) 5 Nov 1898
father: Frank Smith mother: Bethenia Harris

Snelson, Sarah Katherine (W/F) 17 Oct 1899
father: William Edgar Snelson mother: Ola Lee Norris

Smith, Odie Mae (now Dawson)(W/F) 8 Nov 1888(born Taylor Co)
father: Britt Greenberry Smith mother: Mattie King

Shaw, William Benjamin (W/M) 4 Jul 1878 (born Talbot Co)
father: Benjamin Shaw mother: Elizabeth Smith

Slaughter, Dorothy Clyde (now Livingston) (W/F) 23 May 1899
father: Charlie Slaughter mother: Mary Elizabeth Willis

Seay, Leona M. (now Franco) (C/F) 28 May 1899
father: Ed Seay mother: Robecca Jones Hugg

Ssnders, Verdie Cornelia (now Bagley) (W/F) 7 Jan 1898
father: Allen Thomas Sanders mother: Ida DeLoach

Shepherd, Charlie Edward (W/M) 13 Oct 1883
father: Lewis Shepherd mother: Charlotte Shepherd

Starling, Penelope Frances (W/F) 4 Jun 1896
father: John David Starling mother: Mary Hannah McDaniel

Shipman, Attie (W/F) 20 Nov 1889 (born Montgomery Co)
father: James Shipman mother: Liza Elizabeth Wiggins

Spier, Joseph Thomas (W/M) 6 Dec 1885 (born Pike Co)
father: James Gustavius Spier mother: Marietta Bussey

Sewell, Katie Lee (W/F) 23 Sep 1896 (born Alabama)
father: Robert Gregory Sewell mother: Ella Howard

Salter, Marion Thomas (W/M) 15 Oct 1898 (born Pike Co)
father: Thurman S. Salter mother: Lula Presley

Sanders, Florence (now McSwain) (W/F) 13 Feb 1885
father: John Brown Sanders mother: Ruthie Blount

Shehane, Effie Mae (now Fuller) (W/F) 2 Sep 1889
(born Harris Co)
father: Fredrick W.W. Shehane mother: Louisa Amanda Ray

Salter, Thurman S. (W/M) 8 Sep 1879 (born Pike Co)
father: Benjamin Salter mother: Jessie Belle Woodham

Starling, Thomas Hezekiah (W/M) 4 Nov 1888
father: John Danid Starling mother: Mary McDaniel

Seay, E. Lect (C/M) 16 Jul 1888 (born Talbot Co)
father: not stated mother Laura Seay

Smith, Ira Etheridge (W/M) 13 Sep 1889
father: James Wesley Smith mother: Susan Angeline Smith

Stewart, Willie Mae (now Smith) (W/F) 18 Sep 1893
father: John David Stewart mother: Orrie Iona Gordy

Stewart, Idella Myrtle (now Salter) (W/F) 26 Nov 1900
(born Pike Co)
father: John David Stewart mother: Orrie Iona Gordy

Self, Lennie Lawson (W/M) 10 Jun 1886
father: Sameul Jackson Self mother: Alice Jenkins

Short, John William (W/M) 13 Aug 1888 (born Miss.)
father: John Alexander Short mother: Lula Catherine Turnage

Stewart, Andrew Owen (W/M) 28 Jun 1884
father: John B. Stewart mother: Amanda Elizabeth Wynn

Sullivan, Thomas James (W/M) 14 Dec 1887
father: Spencer Sullivan mother: Martha Mary James

Singer, Pauline (W/F) 25 Oct 1897 (born Crisp Co)
father: William Singer mother Henrietta Fischer

Stalnaker, Mattie Jannie (now Caldwell) (W/F) 28 Jul 1899
father: John Elbert Stalnaker
mother: Catherine Frances Adams

Scott, George Adolph (W/M) 2 Sep 1892
father: James Adolph Scott mother: Georgia Frances Channell

Shurley, Walter Lee (W/M) 31 Aug 1890
father: John Edward Shurley mother: Sara Rebecca Cain

Smith, Grover Cleveland (W/M) 14 Jul 1887
father: James S. Smith mother: Mary Martha Wilson

Scott, John Daniel (W/M) 15 Apr 1888
father: James Adolph Scott mother: Georgia Channell

Smith, Arthur Lee (W/M) 10 Mar 1893
father: King Adolphus Smith mother: Emma Lee Casaday

Smith, Mamie Lou (W/F) 22 Feb 1888
father: Robert James Smith mother: Louisa Thomas Ellington

Smith, Sarah Jeanie (W/F) 26 Mar 1891
father: John Smith mother: Sally Pope

Self, Amy Grace (W/M) 19 Oct 1898
father: John Howard Self mother: Clyster Lou Mills

Smith, Laura Pearl (W/F) 27 Jul 1888
father: Charles Hardy Smith mother: Elizabeth McCoy

Spinks, Asa Thomas (W/M) 17 Jan 1891
father: Wesley Monroe Spinks mother: Emma Frances Jarrell

Smith, Jesse Harvey (W/M) 7 Apr 1896
father: Robert Jesse Smith mother: Ludie T. Ellington

Sharp, Ellis (W/M) 2 Oct 1894
father: James Sharp mother: Lizzie Kitchens

Storey, Robert Smoot (W/M) 10 Sep 1886
father: James Woodson Storey mother: Louisa Virginia Smoot

Stevens, Leonard Earl (W/M) 9 Feb 1893
father: John Herman Stevens mother: Beulah Ophelia Nelson

Salter, Alma Odessa (W/F) 29 Jul 1900
father: William Oscar Salter mother: Mettie Jane Helms

Smith, William Carson Jr. (W/M) 30 May 1879
father: William Carson Smith mother: Mattie Mitchell

Self, Susie Lois (now Kelley) (W/F) 10 Jul 1893
father: James Warren Self mother: Mattie Kate Hood

Smith, Effie Mae (now Oliver) (C/F) 15 Nov 1895
father: Mat Smith mother: Mamie Cherry

Stephens, Nonie Bertha Mae (W/F) 23 Jul 1892
father: Henry Stephens mother: Fannie Underwood

Sheppard, James Quincy (W/M) 16 Mar 1889
father: James Edward Sheppard mother: Julian Rowland

Smith, Sarah Etta (W/F) 7 Mar 1890
father: Robert James Smith mother: Louisa Thomas Ellington

Smith, Jodie Alma (now Matthews) (W/F) 25 Mar 1894
father Robert James Smith mother: Louisa Thomas Ellington

Starrett, Flossie (now Johnson) (W/F) 25 Sep 1889
father: Sanders Fredrick Starrett
mother: Nancy Ellen Burnett

Smith, Odessa (W/F) 15 Nov 1891
father: Robert Lee Smith mother: Mittie Lee Vining

Smith, Jesse Sutton (W/M) 11 Apr 1892
father: James Wesley Smith mother: Susan Angeline Smith

Smith, Willie Thomas (W/M) 1 Jan 1892
father: Thomas Jefferson Smith mother: Lou Lee

Stamps, Will Wilder (W/F) 22 Apr 1896
father: Jonathan Britton Stamps
mother: Martha Rebecca Dallas

Smith, Charlie Marvin (W/M) 12 Feb 1891
father: Frank L. Smith  mother: Mary Whitman

Smith, Willie James (W/M) 2 Jun 1900
father: William Thomas Smith mother: Jane Elliott

Stewart, Ludie Mae (now Dean) (W/F) 14 Mar 1891
father: Andrew Franklin Stewart mother: Elizabeth Ann Barron

Smith, Ada Mack (now Blount) (W/F) 17 Sep 1878
father: John Smith mother: Sallie Pope

Smith, James Blanton (W/M) 24 Jan 1893
father: John Thomas Smith mother: Mary Frances Edge

Sherherd, Dan Luther (W/M) 5 Jun 1883
father: Joseph Stodak Shepherd mother: Mildred Clara Head

Stansell, Blake Harwell (W/M) 22 Aug 1897
father: George Harwell Stansell mother: Maggie Pittman

Sharp, James Thomas (W/M) 23 Oct 1891
father: James Thomas Sharp mother: Elizabeth Kitchens

Sullivan, Paul (W/M) 31 Dec 1894
father: Abner Sullivan mother: Nannie Emory Trice

Shepherd, ? Head (W/M) 19 Dec 1895
father: Joseph Stodah Shepherd mother: Mildred Clara Head

Smith, Mettie Lee (now Watson) (W/F) 15 Aug 1898
father: Shadrick Nathaniel Smith
mother: Emily Elizabeth Coleman

Slaughter, Mattie Lou (now Mauldin) (W/F) 2 Aug 1895
father: John Rhubin Slaughter
mother: Mattie Loucinda McDaniel

Starling, Matilda (now Carlton) (W/F) 6 Apr 1899
father: John David Starling mother: Mary Hannah McDaniel

Sprayberry, Brice M. (W/M) 15 Aug 1900
father: Tom Sprayberry mother: Sally Scarbrough

Shumate, Talmadge Evans (W/M) 18 May 1890
father: John Wilson Shumate mother: Mary White Adams

Smith, Irving (W/M) 17 Mar 1900
father: Green Smith mother: Alice Stephens

Spivey, Charlie (C/M) 16 May 1885
father: Jim Spivey mothet: Anna Goole

Self, Tom Watson (W/M) 16 Jan 1896
father: Andrew Jackson Self
mother: Permelia Elizabeth Beverly

Sewell, Mary Permelia (now Whitman) (W/F) 7 Aug 1896
father: John Wesley Sewell mother: Laura Susan Smith

Salter, Joseph Benjamin (W/M) 13 Mar 1878
father: James Thomas Salter mother: Mattie Royal

Shurley, George Bennett (W/M) 5 Aug 1894
father: John Edward Shurley mother: Frances Rebecca King

Starnes, Naomi Ann (now Craven) (W/F) 12 May 1897
father: James Monroe Starnes mother: Mary Jane Venable

Spear, Miles Alex (C/M) 14 Jan 1894
Miles Alex Spear mother: Daisy Birdsong

Storey, Edgar Burton (W/M) 21 Jul 1898
father: Oscar Edgar Storey mother: Essie May McCard

Smith, Allie Estell (now Hoyle) (W/F) 10 Mar 1894
father: James Wesley Smith mother: Susan Angeline Smith

Short, Charles Bartlett (W/M) 23 Aug 1896
father: John Alexander Short mother: Lula Catherine Turnage

Sutton, Vesta Viola (now Howard) (W/F) 16 Jun 1894
father: Marion Alexander Sutton mother: Damie Padget

Short, Bernice Virginia (now Avant) (W/F) 15 Feb 1894
father: John Alexander Short mother: Lula Catherine Turnage

Short, Mable Alexandria (W/F) 25 Nov 1891
father: John Alexander Short mother: Lula Catherine Turnage

Stalnaker, Henry Homer (W/M) 18 Nov 1895
father: John Elbert Stalnaker
mother: Catherine Frances Adams

Smith, Josephine Minerva "Josie Mae"(now Mosely) 15 Jul 1898
father: Lewis Jasper Smith mother: Susan Kathryn Hogg

Smith, Edward Eugene (W/M) 14 Jun 1898
father: William Edward Smith mother: Minnie Lee Beverly

Stallings, Sallie Lizzie (now Rutledge) (W/F) 21 Sep 1894
father: William Jefferson Stallings mother: Mary Jane Boynes

Stanford, Lillie Virginia (now Wilson) (W/F) 14 Jan 1895
father: James Newton Stanford
mother: Lorane Elizabeth Kilgore

Stevens, Reuben Denson (W/M) 16 Dec 1900
father: John Young Stevens mother: Pattie Josie Ogburn

Storey, Arie Ann (now Hardeman) (W/F) 27 Jul 1877
father: John Storey mother: Dorthelow (unknown)

Streetman, Missouri (now Blackwell) (W/F) 25 Jun 1899
father: Nathan Melcarr Streetman mother: Claudia Fields

Smith, Ernest Alvah (W/M) 23 Aug 1898
father: Britt Smith mother: Laura King

Selph, William Austin (W/M) 29 Oct 1900
father: John Jackson Selph mother: Catherine Lummie Gunn

Self, Allie Ruth (now Riggins) (W/F) 15 Sep 1899
father: Samuel Jefferson Self mother: Alice Mae Jenkins

Scarbrough, Annie Mae (W/F) 27 Oct 1900
father: John Thomas Scarbrough mother: Lula George

Tisinger, Susie Wanda (now Elliott) (W/F) 10 May 1895
father: James Stinson Tisinger mother: Susie Freeman

Thompson, Mellie Mae (now Goddard) (W/F) 4 Sep 1891
father: Elijah Oliver Thompson mother: Mattie Ola Mauldin

Thornton, Fredrick Braxton (W/M) 20 Mar 1893(born Brooks Co)
father: Fredrick Braxton Thornton
mother: Josephine Strickland

Treadaway, Charlie Felton (W/M) 6 Jan 1884 (born Bartow Co)
father: George Washington Treadaway mother: Adeline Wood

Torbert, Nanie Ethel (W/F) 13 Nov 1887 (born Pike Co)
father: Drayton Torbert mother: Mary Liza Garner

Tatum, Cecil Dyke (W/M) 25 Sep 1886 (born Troup Co)
father: John Ashbury Tatum mother: Mary Elizabeth Wheeless

Turner, Annie(now Hightower)(W/F) 1 Mar 1890 (born Troup Co)
father: William Weaver Turner mother; Mattie Hutchins Coker

Torbert, Evie Belle (now Smith) (W/F) 2 Dec 1888
(born Meriwether Co)
father: James Pickens Torbert mother: Fannie Mann

Thompson, Emmie Lou (W/F) 5 Dec 1895
father: Elijah Oliver Thopmson mother: Mattie Ola Mauldin

Thopmson, Silas Guyton (W/M) 26 Jan 1885 (born Dodge Co)
father: John L. Thompson mother: Martha Katherine Evans

Trice, Bertha Gertude (now ?) (W/F) 16 Jul 1891
father: William Jefferson Trice mother: Mollie Cato

Tribble, Mary Lou (now Griggers) 16 Oct 1888(born Monroe Co)
father: William Henry Tribble mother: Nancy Kathryn Shaw

Torbert, Robert Hooten (W/M) 24 Apr 1885 (born Pike Co)
father: Drayton Albert Torbert mother: Mary Liza Garner

Thrath, Frank (C/M) 15 Mar 1860 (born Monroe Co)
father: Charlie Jones mother: Elmira Tyler

Tarrer, Lester Madison (W/M) 27 Sep 1898 (born Macon Co)
father: Wiler Tarrer mother: Mattie Chapman

Turner, Mary Fontaine (now Finch) (W/F) 1 Jul 1892
(born Troup Co)
father: William Weaver Turner mother: Mattie Hutchins Coker

Taylor, Mononar Florence (now Bray) (W/F) 22 Mar 1886
(born Crawford Co)
father: Thad Taylor mother: Sara Frances Lindsey

Torbert, Ina Lois (now Anderson) (W/F) 19 Oct 1899
(born Talbot Co)
father: Jesse Torbert mother: Mattie Kelly

Thigpen, Walter Cheatham (W/M) 23 Aug 1877
(born Montgomery Co)
father: Lucian Thigpen mother: Sarah Hilburn

Teal, Andrew Jackson (W/M) 30 Oct 1879
father: Usiah Bradberry Teal mother: Mattie Hammock

Turner, Ardie Green (W/M) 4 Jul 1889
father: Joseph Green Turner mother: Ella Fredonia Barron

Torbert, Oscar Boyers (W/M) 20 Feb 1891
father: Samuel Joseph Torbert
mother: Leonora Williams Simonton

Trice, James Freeman (W/M) 21 May 1887
father: James Howard Trice mother: Virginia Elnora Stewart

Trice, Willie Lee (W/M) 10 Dec 1892
father: Willie Jefferson Trice mother: Mollie Cato

Thompson, Wesley Lee (W/M) 15 Jun 1891
father: John Labon Thompson mother: Martha Catherine Evans

Tidwell, Ethridge (W/M) 6 Oct 1889
father: Hugh Tidwell mother: Mary Jane Sanders

Trice, Claude Thomas (W/M) 28 Oct 1894
father: Oscar Trice mother: Delphia Morris

Toland, Henry Willis (W/M) 5 Jul 1888
father: Tom Toland mother: Caroline Martin

Taylor, Bessie Mae (now Johnson) (C/F) 20 Apr 1889
father: William Taylor mother: Mary Jane Kindall

Trice, Jesse Thurman (W/M) 14 Oct 1893
father: Henry Trice mother: Emma Graham

Thompson, Richard Berry (W/M) 15 Sep 1899
father: Jim Thompson mother: Mary Broom

Turner, Marion Bernise (W/M) 21 Jul 1895
father: William Rudolphus Turner mother: Ophelia Turner

Thompson, Ellis Alton (W/M) 2 Sep 1897
father: Willie Allen Thompson mother: Mollie Ida Smith

Thurston, John Allen (W/M) 12 Jun 1892
father: John Allen Thurston mother: Maynie A. King

Torbert, Annie Barnes (now Davis) (W/F) 23 Jan 1900
father: Samuel Joseph Torbert
mother: Lenora Williams Simonton

Taylor, Frank (C/M) 9 Jul 1892
father: Charlie Taylor mother: Laura Bullocks

Thompson, Jessie Apeline (now Eidson) (W/F) 1 Feb 1897
father: James Lafayette Thompson mother: Mattie Ellington

Trawick, Abner Allen (W/M) 18 Apr 1897
father: Perry Trawick mother: Mandy Driskell

Turner, Willie Bell (now Shepherd) (W/F) 5 Aug 1898
father: Jim Turner mother: Hilda Simpkins

Trice, Loyd Roscoe (W/M) 30 Sep 1900
father: Oscar Trice mother: Arkie Delphia Morris

Turner, Alice Vester (W/F) 20 May 1894
father: James William Turner mother: Julia Frances Long

Trice, Charlie West (W/M) 16 Nov 1900
father: Elijah Thompson Trice Sr.
mother: Emma Jackson Roberts

Turner, Delphia Mae (now Dean) (W/F) 29 Oct 1897
father: Edgar Murphy Turner mother: Mattie Simpkins

Trice, Rufus Gibson (W/M) 9 Jun 1895
father: James H. Trice mother: Virginia Ella Stewart

Tumlin. Winifred (now Smith) (W/F) 27 Aug 1891
father: Jasper Milton Tumlin mother: Mattie Malissa Perkins

Tapley, Addie Pearl (now Daniel) (W/F) 23 Nov 1896
father:Caneathus Swain Tapley mother: Ida Oliver

Thompson, Zack Elijah (W/M) 11 Jun 1898
father: Elijah Oliver Thompson mother: Mattie (?) Mauldin

Tidwell, Howard Thomas (W/M) 27 Mar 1899
father: Thomas James Tidwell mother: Lula Arnold

Trice, Robert Emmett (W/M) 24 May 1897
father: Thomas Benjamin Trice mother: Lula Stewart

Taylor, Sallie (now Simmons) (W/F) 30 Nov 1900
father: William Thomas Taylor mother: Dellia Pitts


Ussery, Cleveland Henry (W/M) 8 Nov 1889 (born Laurens Co)
father: Layfatte Ussery
mother: Samantha Ann Elizabeth Collins

Ussery, William David (W/M) 11 Sep 1882
father: William Eli Ussery mother: Ella Jane Corley


Van Houten, Abner Lewis (W/M) 11 Jan 1888
father: James Marcus Van Houten mother: Minnie Lee Gibson

Vining, Theodosia Earnest (now Adams) (W/F) 12 Nov 1898
father: John S. Vining mother: Osie McRoe

Vining, Marshall Lee (W/M) 17 Dec 1883
father: John Wesley Vining mother: Lucy Jenkins

Vinson, John Edward (W/M) 7 Feb 1900
father: Jim William Vinson mother: Mattie Houston Nations

Vining, Winnie Davis (W/F) 18 Jan 1898
father: Charles Stewart Vining mother: Sara Harriett Smith

Vining, Frankie Dye (now Daniel) (W/F) 31 Jan 1893
father: Charles Stewart Vining mother: Sara Harriett Smith

Williams, Annie Mae (now Smith) (C/F) 26 Jul 1897
father: Louis Williams mother: Mattie Trice

Wood, Homer William (W/M) 14 Sep 1895 (born Hart Co)
father: John Henry Wood mother: Nannie Bowers

Williams, Tressie Marie (now Eichorn) (W/F) 15 Dec 1888
father: Julius C. Williams mother: Josephine Worthy

Wright, Nita Belle (now McKnown) (W/F) 18 Nov 1900
(born Pike Co)
father: John Hicks Wright mother: Florence J. Gilleland

Watson, Thomas Lowell (W/M) 10 Sep 1880
father: John Henry Watson mother: Emma Ennis

Waldrop, Mamie Pearl (now Chambley) (W/F) 17 Sep 1896
(born Muscogee Co)
father: Walter Waldrop mother: Malissa Ann Watkins

Woodson, Ellie Ida (now Garrett) (W/F) 22 Dec 1895
father: Joseph Newton Woodson mother: Ida Vining

Wilmot, Mollie (now McCard) (W/F) 17 Jun 1900 (born Alabama)
father: George D. Wilmot mother: Mary Florence Cobb

Wilder, Emma (now Dawson) (W/F) 8 Nov 1882
father: Bob Wilder mother: Sally Castleberry

Walker, Ida (now Gennis) (C/F) 20 Jul 1896
father: Matt Walker mother: Emma Brown

Wilson, Odie Elzie (W/M) 11 Dec 1883
father: William Joseph Wilson mother: Liza Venabell Minter

Woodson, Maggie Lee (W/F) 22 Jul 1893
father: Newton Woodson mother: Ida Vining

Wood, Annie Lee (now Purvis) (W/F) 5 Feb 1900
father: Thomas Hinton Wood mother: Sallie Frances Thompkins

Warren, John Edgar (W/M) 22 Sep 1883
father: John W. Warren mother: Martha Ann Fullerton

Wilkerson, Joseph Wyart (W/M)18 May 1889(born Meriwether Co)
father: Alex Wilkerson mother: Nancy Anne Smith

Ward, Lillie Mae (now Finley) (W/F) 8 Jun 1895
(born DeKalb Co)
father: George Washington Ward mother: Susie Ann Meadows

Wyche, Eva Alma (W/F) 25 Mar 1885 (born Meriwether Co)
father: Edward Joshua Wyche mother Mary Louisa Chunn

Whitten, Charlie Green (W/M) 11 Aug 1875 (born Alabama)
father: Alfred Whitten mother: Annie C. May

Watts, Ida Ophelia (now Gordy) (W/F) 28 Apr 1885
father: Joseph Preston Watts mother: Lou Rainie Cato

Whittington, Walker Samuel (W/M) 7 Sep 1886 (born ? Co)
father: William Whittington mother: Leola Babb

Watson, William Thatis (W/M) 29 Feb 1886 (born Taylor Co)
father: John Watson mother: Missouri Watson

Watson, Henry Grady (W/M) 7 Jan 1895 (born ? Co)
father: John Watson mother: Missouri Watson

Watson, Walker (W/M) 4 Feb 1898 (born Taylor Co)
father: John Watson mother: Missouri Watson

White, Malissa (C/F) 31 Aug 1891
father: Edward White mother: Millie Gardner

Weaver, Martha Drake (now Sutton) (W/F) 10 Aug 1885
father: George Alva Weaver Sr.
mother: Martha Flewellen Drake

Weaver, Caroline Cook (now Porter) (W/F) 12 Sep 1883
father: George Alva Weaver Sr.
mother: Martha Flewellen Drake

Waller, Ernest (W/M) 1 Oct 1888
father: Charlie Waller mother: Frances Fortner

Webb, Neppie Elmora (W/F) 30 Dec 1887
father: Henry Buchanan Webb mother: Georgiana Cook

Walker, Robert (C/M) 20 Oct 1886
father: Allen Walker mother: Sallie Walker

White, Willie (C/M) 12 Mar 1886
father: Hammie White mother: Callie Grantling

Wilson, William Luther (W/M) 27 Apr 1886
father: William Joseph Wilson
mother: Liza Vinnie Bell Minter

Waller, Gracie (W/F) 28 Nov 1893
father: William Benjamin Waller mother: Clara Belle Yates

Williams, Horace (?) (W/M) 2 Dec 1899
father: Tillman Holston Williams
mother: Sarepta Jane DeLoach

Worthy, Walter (C/M) 12 Sep 1889
father: Jim Worthy mother: Mollie Patrick

Williams, Grace Freeman (W/F) 4 Dec 1899
father: John Leonard Williams mother: Mary Emma Fowler

Waller, Neugent E. (W/M) 25 Oct 1895
father: Charles Wesley Waller mother: Frances Fortner

Wilder, Susie Jane (W/F) 17 Oct 1889
father: Robert Wilder mother:Sally Ann Elizabeth Castleberry

Wilkerson, Luvada (now Smith) (W/F) 23 Dec 1885
father: Alexander Wilkerson mother: Nancy Smith

Wood, Allie Eugean (now Fenley) (W/F) 23 Jun 1890
father: Robert Nathan Wood
mother: Mary Elizabeth Frances Whaley

Watson, Henry Jesse (W/M) 27 May 1882
father: John Henry Watson mother: Emma Antionette Ennis

Wall, Katie Evelyn (W/F) 29 Sep 1895
father: Alonza Lafayette Wall mother: Roxanna Buford Hammock

Walker, George Wayland (W/M) 12 Nov 1897
father: William Benjamin Walker mother: Annie Laura Mitchell

White, Maggie Lee (now Richardson) (W/F) 7 Sep 1890
father: William Henry White mother: Josephine Patterson

West, Jaffie Emmer (now Wood) (W/F) 18 Jul 1890
father: Starling West mother: Mary Ida Wood

Williams, Edna (now Richardson) (W/F) 27 Apr 1896
father: Robert Andrew Williams mother: Ida Virginia Smith

Walker, Arch (C/M) 15 Nov 1888
father: Prim Walker mother: Julie Dallas

Williams, Thomas Sanders (W/M) 14 Jun 1898
father: Wiley Woodville Williams mother:Mollie Mildred Wills

Walker, Lena (now Hickmon) (C/F) 7 Jan 1900
father: unknown mother: Minnie Walker

Woodard, Ada (now Walker) (C/F) 7 Sep 1882
father: Newton Woodard mother: Ruth Ross

Walker, Pearlie Mae (now King) (C/F) 4 Jul 1900
father: Simmia Walker mother: Frannie Ann Edmondson

Watts, Samuel Dink (W/M) 14 Sep 1898
father: Charlie Green Watts mother: Emma Arnold

Watson, Thomas Elijah (W/M) 14 Sep 1896
father: William Jacob Watson mother: Josephine Stewart

Wood, Lula Irene (now Dellinger) (W/F) 17 Aug 1900
father: Wyatt Wood mother: Sarah Jane Hulsey

Williams, Ida Mae (now Hendricks) (W/F) 28 Aug 1894
father: Robert Andrew Williams mother: Ida Virginia Smith

Watkins, Claude (C/M) 10 Jan 1892
father: Willie Watkins mother: Lula Ansley

Wood, Bonnie Dell (W/M) 20 Sep 1891
father: James Franklin Wood mother: Sara Elizabeth Gentry

White, Essie Clyde (now Dickens) (W/F) 25 Sep 1893
father: William Richard White mother: Rebecca Lou Beverly

Walker, Fletcher (C/M) 15 Feb 1896
father: Jim Walker mother: Susie Ivey

Watson, Susan Lenora (now Watson) (W/F) 26 May 1896
father: William Newton Watson mother: Susan Faulk

Walker, Addie (C/M) 15 Mar 1892
father: Will Walker mother: Fannie Calhoun

Williams, Jesse (C/M) 1 Oct 1900
father: Joshua Williams mother: Mary Holloway

Wynn, Annie Mae (now Trice) (W/F) 27 Dec 1894
father: Emanuel Wynn mother: Annie Laura English

Wakefield, Lillie (now Searcy) (W/F) 9 Mar 1900
father: Sam Wakefield mother: Sara M. Ward

Wade, Mildred Achoah (now Royal) (W/F) 11 Dec 1893
father: Darrias Eugene Wade
mother: Temperance Elizabeth Mallory

Witcher, Benjamin Earl (W/M) 6 Jun 1899
father: Alonza Dallas Witcher mother: Josephine Watkins

Williams, Jessie Lee (W/M) 6 Jan 1898
father: William Berry Williams mother Minnie Lee Turner

Waller, William David (W/M) 17 Mar 1897
father: William David Waller mother: Susan Elizabeth Bailey

Wilson, George Curtis (W/M) 6 Sep 1892
father: William James Wilson mother: Ola Virginia Garner

Woodards, Annie Ruth (now Winfrey) (C/F) 21 Apr 1896
father: Manciel Woodards mother: Mattie Sanford

Watson, Durwood Mosley (W/M) 12 Aug 1896
father: Robert Lee Watson mother: Clara Ellis Birdsong

Walker, Conellious (C/M) 20 May 1892
father: Kallen Walker mother: Bessie Matthews

Woodson, James Curtis (W/M) 2 Dec 1892
father: Herschel Johnson Woodson mother: Clemmentine Eskew

Woumn, James C. (C/M) 15 Apr 1900
father: Albert Woumn mother: Nancy Calvin




Young, Emily (now McCrary) (W/F) 3 Mar 1896
father: William Joshua Young mother: Beulah Montana Smith

Young, Charlie Edward (W/M) 27 Feb 1891
father: William Joshua Young mother: Beulah Montana Smith

Yarbrough, Margie Malinda (now Faulkner) (W/F) 22 Jun 1886
(born Jackson Co)
father: Jasper Mitchell Yarbrough mother Jane Nash

Yates, Macon Pierce (W/M) 7 Apr 1886 (born Washington Co)
father: Nathaniel Green Yates mother: Sarah Elizabeth Brooks

Young, Earl (W/M) 16 Mar 1894
father: William Joseph Young mother: Beulah Montana Smith


Zachry, Richard Harvey (W/M) 7 Aug 1884 (born Morgan Co)
father: Clem Rosser Zachry mother Mary Augusta Paschal

(to be continued)

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