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Religion in Early Upson County

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Churches appeared in the county almost as soon as the settler arrived in the early 1820s even before the founding of the county itself.


An circuit rider from Monroe County visited the area as early as 1823 and by 1826.

Community Church

Embry's Chapel


Primitive Baptist

Missionary Baptist

King's Chapel

Congregational Church

African American Church

Prior to 1870, the former slaves did not have their own churches, but worshipped in the established churches of the area.

Antioch Baptist Church (white frame building)

Cedar Grove Baptist Church

Gray's Chapel

Macedonia Baptist Church

St. Mary's AME Church



See First Baptist Church - Thomaston.
Upson Church Records on Microfilm at Mercer Library and GA State Archives

First Church Thomaston (originally Bethesda)

Organized Jan 15, 1825 two miles northwest of Thomaston on Barnesville Road. Present at this meeting were:
Andrew Hood
Jeptha F. Walker
William Shipp
Isom Meadows
Nancy Hood
Ann Walker
Mary Marible
Mary Turner
Jane Trice
Nancy Matthews
The Presbytery was composed of the Reverends Gray and Chipman, from Rocky Creek and Thomas Leverett from Bethlehem Church. The chosen name was "Bethesda"--A Hallowed Place. Rev. Leverett was the first pastor; followed the next year by the selection of Jacob King (1826-1853). (Member of Echeconee Association at that time)
pg 341 (History of Upson County) contains more detailed history and names of pastors and members.
Upson Church Records on Microfilm at Mercer Library and GA State Archives
The Unbroken Line - History of First Baptist Church of Thomaston by Ed Cliburn

Trail Branch (1871-1936)

Hendricks Baptist Church

Organized Dec 29, 1894 and joined the Centennial Association in Crawford Co, on Sept 6, 1895.
For more information including charter members and pastors, see The Early History of Upson, pg. 352

Hopewell Baptist Church

This church history is somewhat of a mystery. 1850 Apr 2 Robt Tysinger to Philip Jenkins, James Smoot, John Neily, Arthur W. Brown, Sam Fackler trustee of Hopewell Church - lot in 15 District pg. 309 (The Early History of Upson)

pg 453 James Smoot and Mrs. Harriet Smoot as well as Robt S. Tisinger (died 1882)and are buried in the Hendrix Baptist Church Cemetery. The present day Hendrix Church appears to be very near that Hopewell location.

Antioch Baptist Church

Yatesville (1823) Located on the Yatesville - Barnesville Road at corner of Willis Road. The earliest fellowship to come together in what was to become Upson Co was Antioch Baptist Church, founded on Sept 13,1823, while the area was still a part of Pike County.

Cemetery beside the church. A Church History was published containing information 1823-1873. Available in Mercer Collection, Macon.

Shiloh Baptist Church

On Oct 23, 1847 in the vicinity of Walker's and Jackson's Mills, Jacob King, Henry Garland and J.L. Minter formed the Presbytery. First pastor was Jacob King. See The Early History of Upson County for charter members pg. 365.

Thomaston Archives has a file on this church.

Primitive Baptist Churches


(1824-1959)   Take Trime Mill Rd 7.3 miles. Cemetery on right. Feb 6, 1824 established a meeting house on Lot #17, District #10, formerly Monroe County, then Pike County, on the west side of the [Tobler] creek.
Thomas Leverett was chosen as first pastor followed by Jacob King in 1826.
More information: (History of Upson County pg 327)including abstracts of early minutes and early member names.

Published in Genealogical Quarterlies:
Bethleham church members (sel.)
 Alabama-Georgia Queries
Volume: 5	Number: 1 (January 1996)
Volume: 5	Number: 3 (May 1996)1824-33, G-I
Volume: 5	Number: 5 (September 1996) I-N
Volume: 6	Number: 1 (January 1997)
Volume: 6	Number: 2 (March 1997)

They Were Here
Bethlehem church members, 1824-39

Volume: 2	Number: 3 (September 1966)

Emmaus (1838-1965)

One half mile east of Thomaston on Hwy. 74 was the location of Emmaus church. Originally part of the Echeconee Association.
It was moved later to the top of Chrystal Hill. From there it was moved to Emmaus Church Rd. located within the city. Contact Bobby C. Smith ( for more detailed information . "near William A. Cobb's Mill and on the south side of the old M. & B. Railroad"
More information: History of Upson County pg 354. Includes early members and pastors.
Upson Church Records on Microfilm at Mercer Library and GA State Archives

New Hope Primitive Baptist Church

in Yatesville, Ga., is one of the oldest churches in Upson County, having been founded in the 1820s. It is still active and in existence. This line of Primitive Baptist is known as progressive.

The church cemetery, right across Highway from the little white frame church (I believe it may be the original building, in fact) is just inside the city limits of Yatesville. It is the largest of the two cemeteries in town and is basically used as the city cemetery. The cemetery is located in the triangle created by the intersection of Childs Street and Highway 74.
Contributed by:Sherri Ellington (

Early families include: Willis and Caldwell members were relatives of John Adams ( William WILLIS (one of the first Deacons and also sold the land for the church) was a founding member. Creed Caldwell was ordained to the ministry at this church. He became and Elder in the Old Line Primitive Baptist Church and served Good Hope in Upson and Bethlehem Church in Meriwether Co., Ga. He was moderator of the Primitive Western Association of Primitive Baptist for many years.

Thomas Ratcliff and his wife Mary Ann Hobbs Ratcliff were also members. Researcher: Steve C. Johnson (

From this same book is more information on New Hope Primitive Baptist, which gives the following names as founders and, presumably, early settlers of the Yatesville area. They were Alan CADDIN, Jones PERSONS (my ancestor); Thomas, Marthy and Naomi SANDERS; Anna CADENHEAD; and Milly ALLEN.

The current building was erected in 1924 after the prior one, built in 1870, was lost in a tornado. That building replaced one that was "enlarged and practically rebuilt" in the 1840s. I would assume the original building was up by the end of 1824, since the church was organized on March 31 of that year.

Upson Church Records on Microfilm at Mercer Library and GA State Archives

Good Hope Primitive Baptist Church

Although the first 25 pages of the minutes book is missing, it is believed to be one of the earliest churches in Upons County as this is one of the first settled areas.

The home of Zachariah H. Gordon, father of John B. Gordon, was about two miles away, only a short distance from the Flint River.

From Thomaston Courthouse square go South on Highway 19 South 4 and two tenths miles, turn right onto John B. Gordon Road, go 2 and nine tenths miles. The Cemetery is on the right side of the road.

The interesting architecture of the meeting house has a high pulpit gox with a door for entrance very similar to Episcopal Churches in Virginia and South Carolina.

Rude wooden benches put together with wooden pegs, placed in as close juxtaposition as possible, and coming very close to the pulpit box, indicate that at one time this congregation was a large one.

One of the first minutes:

"Church of Christ at Good Hope met in conference according to appointment May 17, 1829. Opened a door for the reception of members. Came forward a women of color by the name Alley and joined by letter: Also Richmond and Rachel his wife who were received by ditto, the proprety of Edward Clerk, also Scoot and was received by Ditto, the property of Ditto.

Came forward our Brother J.W. Webster and joined by experience, also Sarah Stilwell, joined by ditoo.

[From The Early History of Upson County by Nottingham and Hannah]

The building no longer exists today. The minutes of the church are on the Archives in Thomaston.
(History of Upson Co pg 346)

Friendship Church

Originally called "The Baptist Church of Christ at Flint River" when formed in April 19, 1867. First pastor was Brother John Mullins. Located west of Thomaston in what is known today as the Sunset Village area. Cemetery next to the church. (See History of Upson Co pg 321 for more information -- list of members and minutes )

Ebenezer Baptist Church

"On Dec 8, 1826, Hiram Barron deeded to James R. Cox, acting as clerk of Ebenezer Church....two and one-half acres of Lot 313 in District 1 (two miles east of Hootenville)
No records have been found.

Fellowship Baptist Church

Constituted Dec 21, 1826 with Reverend Jacob King as pastor, who served until his death.
The Early History of Upson County includes early membership roll (1887-1904) and other historical information.

King's Chapel

Minutes and Membership

King's Chapel is a Missionary Baptist Church My great-grandfather, James Henry "Son" Maze, was a member there for many years; I can still remember as a child going to "dinner on the grounds" there once every year--the pianist, whose first name was Mae, really pounded the keys. Vic Oglesby ( The Early History of Upson: I found that Jacob KING was a "noted Baptist minister of Upson". He founded almost a score of churches, preaching at eight or ten. He was the pastor of Thomaston Baptist Church from 1825 until his death in 1862. (He appears on many, many marriage licenses of the time) Rev. Jacob King and his cousin Zachariah Gordon were in the Rehoboth Association which was made up of a group of churches in different counties. (therefore perigrination) "He and his cousin Zachariah Gordon instituted the "ride and tie" plan in their peregrinations from church to church. Jacob King never accepted any payment for his services. The phrase somes from "ride their horses and tie them outside the church for the services; even using one pony between them to go through the different counties preaching.
Thomaston Archives has a file on this church.

Harmony Church, Primitive Baptist

Harmony Church was built about 1835 in Hootenville and was the place where Upson County's famous son, John B. Gordon, at the age of 10, stood to make his confession of faith at one of the annual camp meetings.

Henry Hooten was a Minister of the Gospel and is listed as having married a number of individuals from 1826 - 1840. Thomaston Archives has a file on New Harmony Baptist church.

Embry's Chapel

This church located at the corner of LL 313 in Hooteenville District (southeast part of county) was a community building used by the Methodist, Missionary Baptist, Primitive Baptist and Congregational. The name derived from an early preacher, H.L. Embry (probably around 1886) It also was used as a school house for many years.

It was built on land belonging to W.J. McMichael. The Early History of Upson County provides early membership as well as pastors from 1886-1892.


First United Methodist Church of Thomaston

29/3     Thomaston First United Methodist Church, 1959-1969.

Glenwood Cemetery was originally the property of the Methodist Church. The first portion was obtained in 1826. In 1860 an additional acre was purchased from Simeon Rogers to expand the cemetery. Today it is owned by the City of Thomaston.

Martin's Chapel Methodist Church and Cemetery

Martin's Chapel was organized in 1867 with the following charter members:
Elisha Martin, Mrs. Elisha Martin, John M Martin, Mrs. John M. Martin, J.M. Martin, Mrs. J.M. Martin, Isaac Coleman, Mrs. Isaac Coleman, Job B. Smith, Mrs. Job B. Smith and Mrs. Mariah Adams.

The church building was erected in 1874.

Cemetery is listed in History of Upson County page 417.

Burials include a number from the ZORN family, a John G. MARTIN, and Rev. Abel Ansley who might have been a pastor?

Antioch United Methodist Church

1/22     Antioch United Methodist Church, Thomaston, 1972.

MANUSCRIPT NUMBER 028 l)Located North of Thomaston on Highway 19.
Telephone Number: 706-648-6263
4 acres of Land Lot 232, District 10 being reserved for the use of Antioch Church. See Upson Co. Deed Book H, page 212, recorded 7 Feb. 1857.

History of Antioch Methodist Church - Thomaston, GA

Printed in Thomaston Times  April 4, 1913 by Mrs. J. Fain
>Johnson. Mr. John Childs updated at a later date, mid 1940's.

Just a little preliminary remark: It may be that some of you will notice the absence of a great many names that you expected to hear in this sketch of the history of our church. By way of explanation, let me say that no doubt that it was the case at that time as it is with us today in seeking for ones to fill these official places, so many refused to accept these positions if nominated, and we are expected to give the names of those we find on record who accepted the nomination, neveretheless, the ones who did not accept these places were true faithful Christians, and their faithfulness in regular attendance upon the services, and their noble contributions in all walks of life were an inspiration. We have been reliably informed that this church, Antioch Methodist Church, was first organized and constituted in a log house near the Alabama Road some distance west of where it now stands.

It was founded by James PIERCE, Casper HOWELL, Samuel WILSON, others of like faith about the year 1830. You will find in the clerk's fofice this deed made the 4th day of December, 1855 between William CRAWFORD, executor of Casper HOWELL and Richard FORD, James R. BLACK, Mims RODNEY, Washington McKENZIE and Harvey TRICE, Trustees of Antioch Church, Upson County recorded Dec 7, 1855. These trustees together with their companions were among the original members of Antioch Church.

And we have been further informed that with the aid of the church and community, this sacred house was moved from its original place to this plot of ground. This church then had for its pastor such noble Christians, William CRAWFORD, James STAFFORD, and others.

These pastors were self sacrificing going miles on horse-back to fill their appointments. This church was then known as Thomaston Circuit, which embraced so many churches the services of two ministers were required to do the work. During these first years and through the Civil War, we have been unable to find any records. The first recorded minutes available were dated July 14, 1866, 11 years after the deed was recorded and one year after the close of the Civil War.

W.D. McKENZIE was elected secretary at this meeting, and as noticed by reading the minutes, we find many items of interest which we no longer practice; but no doubt we would be better informed of the works of our church if this system could be revived. No doubt some of you older members may recall the order of business that was transacted at these meetings which were held monthly on Saturday after preaching.

First roll call and if it was found that there were delinquent members, some that had missed several meetings, a committee was appointed to visit them and ascertain the cause of their absence and report back at next conference. This today, seems like strict discipline, but if this was still in effect, we would not be wondering of the whereabouts of some of our members.

Next came the report from the pastor in charge, stating whether he had filled the pulpit regularly, and the number of families he had visted since last meeting and lastly the financial business. There was no Sunday School at this time.

In October of that year, W.D. McKENZIE, Peter BUTTS, W.P. FRANKLIN, Thomas BLACK, Oliver WALLS, and T.H. BARRON were elected church trustees. At that time Rev. John REYNOLDS was pastor in charge.

Many other names we find appointed on different committees, and not having a church register for these years, still we can safely rely on the names given below as original members:

Fletcher WHITE
Washington, William and Benjamin GORDY
Benjamin STOREY
and others.

Some years later, we find the sons and aughters of older members unting with the church. Many whose names time will not permit us to mention. Later on new ones moved into the community. Captain Frank VINING, J.W. WARREN, J.W. STOREY, F.M. GARNER, J.R. MURDOCK, E.E. THOMPSON, Ed SMITH, Jesse HOWELL, Nathan XORN, W.S. CHALKLEY, and Henry FULLERTON

The following brethren served as secretary in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's:

Thomas BLACK
J.W. BARRON and many others

R.T., W.P. and Elihu BURNETTE, C.M. GORDY served as class leaders.

With the passing of the Saturday meetings, these conferences were discontinued. We find several widows who were members at that time: Mrs. Martha BOYERS, Mrs. P. SLEDGE, Mrs. Cum FULLERTON, and later Mrs. Maggie SMITH and Mrs. Nannie GRUBB.

The following served as pastors during these years: J.W. REYNOLDS, W.W. GRAHAM, T.A. MITCHELL, J.R. PATE, J.B. HOLLAND, B.R. TRAMMELL, J.P. BURGERS.

First Sunday School was organized in 1876. Teachers were: J.F. LEWIS, W.D. McKENZIE, J.W. WARREN, E.T. WALLS, Ed SMITH, W.S. WHITE

In 1873 Uncle Billie FRANKLIN was elected Choirister.

In 1892 the first organ was bought for the church.

Since 1900 we have had the following pastors: Walrave, Tarpley, Lewis, Yarbrough, Carmichael, Bowden, Miller, Thurmond, Self and Hardy in 1916.

On June 11th at church conference a building committee was elected to raise money to build a new church:

C.B. McKenzie, Chairman;  C.A. Warren, J.C. Burnette, J.A. Harp, E.L. Harp.
W.F. Beall, C.D. Smith, Mrs. W.S. White, Mrs. O.A. Franklin, and Mrs. C.B.

We find this on record Aug 1, 1916 the old church was torn down by the people of the community, the ground was made ready in two days for building a new church. A finance committee was appointed by the pastor, Rev. J.H. Hardy was made foreman of the building and work was begun at once. After the foundation was about completed at a cost of $290 the committee thought best to have building finished up by contract and was so ordered. E.L. Harp resigned and J.W. Barron was appointed in his place. Sealed bids were received for the completion of the building from the foundation up. The Garner Nelson Lumber Co was awarded the contract for $2500, their being the lowest bidders. After the contract was let work was begun, it was found necessary to make some changes in the plan of the building at an extra cost of $320. The building was turned over to the committee and accepted Dec 1, 1916.

Milton Knoles, David Barton Coffman Elrod, P.E. Eops, Walton Pierce, Twiggs J Cunnicutt (These names were in handwriting, and I'm not sure I translated them correctly....if anyone can help me, please do)

In 1917 and 1918 Rev. Wright and Rev Tatum were faithful pastors in charge and we find encouraging reports read at each quarterly conference. Just for a moment, let us notice the amount of the salaries paid at that time. In 1902 W.C. Franklin, W.P. Burnette, W.H. Boyers, J.W. Warren, stewards, assessed our church for pastor in charge and Presiding Elder $115. In 1917 $300 assessments. It is hard to realize the salaries beins so small, but they were gradually increased from year to year.

At that time the Sunday School was in prosperous condition. J.W. Barron was secretary for a number of eyars latter part of 1800 and 1st years of 1900.

This brings us up to 35, 36, 37, 38 with Rev. Timberlake in charge. During these years, the church gradually moved forward. The revival at Antioch began with homecoming in August. Rev. C.B. McKenzie brought the homecoming message. During the next week, he preached soul-stirring sermons to his home church as probably no other preacher could have done. His sudden passing a short time afterwards brought deep sorry to a large circle of friends. On that Homecoming Day our own Annie Mae White, who six years previously answered the call to carry the message to far distant lands, brought a wonderful message of the work being accomplished from time to time. On that visit and on recent visits to her home church, she has poured out the soul messages stored away for her own church.

In the minutes of these years we find interesting reports of the Epworth League, having as earnest leaders Mr and Mrs. E.H. Storey, Christine Storey, Kathleen Downs, and otehrs. We find on record outstanding reports from our Missionary Society which was organized by our consecrated and efficient president, Miss Mary Kelly in 1933. In 1949, W.S.C.S. was organized to take the place of the Women Missionary Society. From the beginning until the present time, our society has moved forward with enthusiasm on the part of all..

Well prepared and inspiring programs are given at each meeting and there has been renewed interest and increase in attendance. We are keeping well in advance of all financial obligations and bringing our pledge up to date and all reports are sent to conference and district officers on time. For all this, we are indebted to our group of efficient officers. We enter each New Year with prayer and faith in God to help us do better work than ever before. The spirit of cooperation manifested each to the other is inspiring as the proceeds collected and perhaps more valuable. Our goal is to enlist every woman who is a member of our church in the W.S.C.S.

All through the years as we review the records we find excellent reports from the Sunday School under the efficient leadership of our faithful and consecreated superintendent, J.C. Burnette. A wonderful record is his having filled this place ___ years. During these years several daily vacation Bible schools were held in these schools and a great deal of interest was manifested as a result of these schools. Great interest has been shown in our church school; all officers and teachers have been unusually faithful.

Bethel Methodist Church - Hendricks

Records are incomplete but The Early History of Upson includes the pastors from 1871 and a listing of membership.

Arnold Methodist Church

Located in southeastern part of the county near Yatesville. As early as Aug 2, 1828, Mark Jackson deed a tract of land one hundred yards square to "Robert Jackson, Shepherd B. Sanders, Thomas J. Sanford, E. Robertson, James Smith and David Askin, Trustees of Arnold Meeting house of the Methodist Episcopal Church". Early minutes are not available.
See The Early History of Upson p. 367 for more information and list of pastors since 1846 and partial list of oldest members. Early Methodists living in Yatesville included the McDONALD, PURIFOY (related to the Persons), SIMS and REVIERE families.

Upson Camp Ground

On Jan 16, 1829, Soloman Stephens deeded to Peter Holloway, James Hightower, Simeon Rogers, Thomas Flewellen and William Philip Younge, trustees of the Methodist Society of Upson County, the west half of Lot #26 in the 10th Land District of Upson County for the sum of $200....about 7 miles east of Thomaston.

Meetings were held each year during August for ten days. Families established "tent-houses" (rock chimneys with all cooking done over the fire places) to live in for these days of inspiration. (The Early History of Upson County lists the families involved)

During Sherman's march,(1865) these tents were occupied by Union soldiers and then burned.

Several years later the camp ground was organized near The Rock with many of the same families (second generation) rebuilding their tents. (These families are listed also) In 1895 camp meetings were discontinued and in 1904 the are was bought by Camp Gordon for holding annual reunions of Upson County Confederate Veterans. A cemetery is now on the North Side of the grounds.

The Rock Methodist Church

This church was organized in 1875 and was locted near the "old campground" in the southeastern part of The Rock. The Early History of Upson County gives the early pastors and early members--several of which transferred from Liberty Chapel.

Liberty Chapel

Liberty Chapel was probably one of the earliest Methodist churches in the county. It is listed on the 1897 map at the southeast corner of Land Lot 62 in Land District 11 and also on present day maps at the corner of Liberty Chapel Road and The Rock Road. Several members of this church were charter members for The Rock Methodist Church organized in 1875.

Unidentified Church

Upson Co., Ga. History page 287 - 1841, Oct. 25 - O. C. Gibson, and Austin Martin, to Tilman Ansley, Burwell Howell, James Hicks, Peter Butts, Cary W. Allen and David Gibson, Trustees Methodist Church. (Most probably Martin's Church - Ed. note)

Congregational Church

Hebron Congregational Church Located in the northwest corner of county one mile west of Crest, it was organized Aug 21, 1889 with the following officers: J.S. Tisinger, clerk; Dr. W.A. Means, treasurer: D.R. Womble and T.J. Long, deacons. J.S. Tisinger, J.W. Mangham, Dr. W.A. Means, trustees. Rev. W.H. Graham was the first pastor.

For more information see The Early History of Upson County pg. 347...includes partial list of organizing members.

African American Church

Prior to 1870, the former slaves did not have their own churches, but worshipped in the established churches of the area.

Gray's Chapel

(Located sw of Yatesville, Ga. There was an African-American school located there before l900.)On W. J. Matthews 1897 map of Upson County, there is a "Gray's Chapel"located in the eastern portion of the county in Land Lot 260, Land District 11, original Monroe County (470 Georgia Militia District)--this is located about three miles southwest of Yatesville.
On the current Upson County general highway map, this same site is annotated as "Grace Chapel" with a map symbol indicating it is a "church with cemetery."
To get to this Chapel, travel west from Yatesville on State Highway 74 for about one mile, then turn left on Grays Chapel Road. Travel down Grays Chapel Road for about 1 1/2 to 2 miles to where it looks like an unimproved road branches off to the left. To get to "Grace Chapel," you will either have to turn left onto this unimproved road (possibly a driveway to the church), or go just past this road and the Chapel will be on the left.

Macedonia Baptist Church The charter members came from the First Baptist Church around 1870. The "mother church" helped them build their first building.

Source:Upson Historical Society Feb 2002 issue

This great and historic congregation was founded on the 7th day of May in 1870. With the Civil War decided and emancipation a potent reality, the black members of the Thomaston Baptist Church [now First Baptist] determined that it ws in God's will that they establish their own church.

Forty men and women requested their letters of membership. Familiar names like Trice, Zorn, Walker, Holloman, Sherman, Cobb, Drake, King, Dicekerson, Worthy, Sandwich, Woodson and Reeves dot this list.

Next followed 13 silent years. Records of the church's location are gone with the dusts of history. Newspapers indicate that there were no black school buildings at that time, and it is generally believed that the churches also did duty as school houses.

The first property record reveals that on June 16, 1883, Moses Cameron, a charter member of the church, deeded to Jerry Worthy, Jesse Holliman, and William King, deacons, for and in consideration of the sum of $30.00, lot number 216 containing one half acre.

The first paster of this congregation, Claude Gilmore, perhaps one of the greatest orators of his day, put Macedonia on th emap. [Claude Gilmore was born in Indian Spring, Georgia. He served more than 20 years and baptized more than 2000 converts and married 1500 couples before his death in 1897.

W.M. Watts born a slave in Monroe County, but self educated, he served 25 years.

I.S. Mack, a native of Pike County, arrived in 1920 and served seven years giving Macedonia great leadership.

Under the leadership of pastor H.M. Alexander, the present Macedonia building was erected. [2002]

By 1960 the officers of the church felt it strong enought to support a full-time minister and program. Across the years this congregation has helped to send worthy young people to college.

St. Mary's AME church Thomaston Archives has a file on this church.

The Daughters of Mary and Martha Society was a mutual-aid society started by the ladies of St. Mary AME Church in the 1880s. It was primarily to provide funds for decent burial for members - hence the tombstone inscriptions. The society was later expanded to include men, so became the Sons and Daughters of Mary & Martha Society. It later opened membership to persons outside the AME church, and expanded its charitable missions. Today, it owns and operates several houses in Thomaston that it rents to low-income persons, and runs a youth program.

Cedar Grove Baptist Church

Cedar Grove Baptist Church is on Hwy 36,(Woodland Road) west from Thomaston, on the right side of the road. There is a cemetery next to the church.

Presbyterian Church

Jones, John, Rev. (Presbyterian 1871- ?1875) Rev. John Jones, the Evangelist of Atlanta Presbytery, visited Thomaston Jan 23, 1871, as guest of Dr. J.W. Suggs. They used the Methodist Church and Rev. Jones began a regular time of visitation and monthly meetings.

June 23, 1871, was the day of formal organization in the home of Mr. William S. Oliphant. The following persons were in attendance:

Dr. J.W. Suggs
Mrs. N.M. Suggs
Miss Marcy C. Suggs
Mr. Willias S. Oliphant
Mrs. L.M. Oliphant
Miss Sallie Oliphant
Dr. G.W. T. Hannah
Mrs. G.A. Hannah
Mr. J.K. Adams
Mrs. E.A. Adams

The following children were baptized:
Children of Mrs. and Mrs. W.S. Oliphant:
George Franklin ,  Jane Amanda,  James Telford

Children of Dr. J.W. and Mrs. N.M. Suggs
John M.  and Robert McGowan

See pages 317-321 for further information.

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Liberty Chapel

Logtown Bethel Ame Church  706-472-3372
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NOTE:  This could also be the Bethlehem Church listed under LOGTOWN

Mount Olive Church

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New Hope Primitive Baptist Church
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Yatesville United Methodist Church - No Telephone
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NOTE: Caretaker w/records for Church and Cemetery
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Effasy Primitive Baptist Church (historical)

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Emaus Church

Emory's Chapel Baptist Church  706-647-8229
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2088 Yatesville Hwy
Thomaston, GA 30286-3910

Fellowship Baptist Church  706-647-5814
3133 Crest Hwy
Thomaston, GA 30286-2634

Fellowship Baptist Church  706-647-7041
Thurston Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286

First Assembly Of God  706-648-3939
205 W County Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286-2121

First Baptist Church  706-647-7889  (1 of 2)
208 S Church St
Thomaston, GA 30286-5534

First Freewill Baptist Church  706-648-2055
203 Poplar St
Thomaston, GA 30286-2190

First Freewill Baptist Church  706-648-3834
146 Harp Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286-1909

First Presbyterian Church  706-647-5914
403 Birdsong St
Thomaston, GA 30286-4027

First United Pentecostal Chr  706-647-3744
3409 Barnesville Hwy
Thomaston, GA 30286-1512

First United Methodist Church  706-647-3335
132 Cherokee Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286-3401

Flint River Primitive Baptist  706-647-6039
Roland Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286

Friendship Baptist Church  706-647-5242
679 Walton St
Thomaston, GA 30286-7227

Grace Primitive Baptist Church  706-647-5613
401 S Center St
Thomaston, GA 30286-4138

Greater Mt Zion Baptist Church  706-647-4819
Traylor St
Thomaston, GA 30286

Hightower Memorial United Meth  706-647-5912
204 Park Ln
Thomaston, GA 30286-3727

Holsey Temple Cme  706-648-4078
217 W Moores Crossing Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286-2395

Holy Ground Worship Center  706-647-1400
3029 Barnesville Hwy
Thomaston, GA 30286-1509

Jeff Davis Baptist Church  706-648-3479
236 Jeff Davis Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286-1806

Kingdom Hall  706-648-6598
E County Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286

Kings Chapel Baptist Church  706-472-3228
4128 Waymanville Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286-5069

Hwy 19 N
Pastor Billy Waldrop   706-647-6436 or 1320
More info  Kerri

Macedonia Baptist Church  706-647-6874
512 N Hightower St
Thomaston, GA 30286-3671

Mary Lizzie Baptist Church  706-647-7970
Triune Vlg
Thomaston, GA 30286

Midway Baptist Church  706-647-2434
5340 Crest Hwy
Thomaston, GA 30286-1657

Mountain View Baptist Church  706-648-6224
2569 Jeff Davis Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286-1755

Mt Sinai Seventh Day Adventist  706-648-1199
332 N Bethel St
Thomaston, GA 30286-3718

Mount Zion Baptist Church (historical)

Mt Zion Baptist Church  706-472-3601
Barnesville Hwy
Thomaston, GA 30286
NOTE: This may be the same as above

New Bethel Baptist Church  706-648-3883
Jeff Davis Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286

New Harmony Baptist Church  706-647-5848
145 New Harmony Church Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286-5046

New Hope Baptist Church  706-648-6521
1165 Hannahs Mill Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286-2821

New Life Church  706-647-4787
1694 Woodland Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286-4926

New Life Pentecostal Church  706-647-9672
Delray Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286

New Lincoln Park Ame  706-646-7972
475 Holloway St
Thomaston, GA 30286-4853

Outreach Church  706-648-6785
1936 Highway 19 N
Thomaston, GA 30286-1265

Pine Chapel Baptist Church  706-647-2792
Tom Mckinley Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286

Pleasant Hill Church

Pleasant Valley Campground  706-646-2074
1519 Pleasant Valley Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286
NOTE:  This *really* was listed as a *church*

Pritchett Memorial Baptist Chr  706-648-3578
Jogtown Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286

Rising Star Baptist Church  706-647-2676
1010 Prater St
Thomaston, GA 30286-4880

Rocky Mount Church

Saint Mary African Methodist Episcopal Church

Sandy Grove Church (historical)

Seventh-Day Adventist Church  706-648-2908
Highway 19 N
Thomaston, GA 30286

Shady Grove Baptist Church  706-648-2514
W Moores Crossing Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286

Shiloh Baptist Church  706-648-3550
2737 Highway 19 N
Thomaston, GA 30286-1288

Silvertown Baptist Church  706-647-4844
300 W Goodrich Ave
Thomaston, GA 30286-2904

Silvertown United Methodist  706-647-7525
300 4th Ave Se
Thomaston, GA 30286-6402

Smyrna Baptist Church  706-648-6112
Smyrna Church Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286

Springfield Baptist Church  706-647-3901
Crest Hwy
Thomaston, GA 30286

St Johns Catholic Church  706-648-2599
2969 Mccorkles Curve Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286-1208

St Marys Ame Church  706-647-3826
605 N Hightower St
Thomaston, GA 30286-3163

St Michael's Church  706-647-4032
317 W Lee St
Thomaston, GA 30286-5422

Sylvia Hill Baptist Church  706-647-5542
Cobbtown Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286

Temple Of Faith Revival Center  706-646-3005
409 S Bethel St
Thomaston, GA 30286-4190

Tree Of Life Non-Denomination  706-646-2409
Thomaston, GA 30286

Trinity Baptist Church  706-647-4234
410 S Church St
Thomaston, GA 30286-4107

True Church Of God & Christ  706-647-8751
Old Talbotton Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286

Twin Oaks Baptist Church  706-647-9501
55 Old Yatesville Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286-2544

United Pentecostal Church  706-648-2075
1876 Highway 19 N
Thomaston, GA 30286-1264

Valley Grove Baptist Church  706-648-2328
1372 Atwater Rd
Thomaston, GA 30286-1198

Welcome Grove Baptist Church  706-647-9592
Highway 19 S
Thomaston, GA 30286

Wilson Chapel

Arnold Methodist Church (historical)

Bethlehem Church

Kings Chapel

Pleasant Hill Church

Salem Church

China Grove Church (historical)

Flint River Church

Clarks Chapel

Good Hope Church (historical)

Mount Olive Church

New Harmony Church

Peaceful Valley Chapel

Pleasant Grove Church

Saint Paul Church (historical)

Welcome Grove Church

Zion Chapel

Crest Church

Elkins Creek Church

Faithful Christian Church

Fellowship Baptist Church (historical)

Friendship Church

Hebron Church

Hendricks Church

Jobe Chapel GA

Midway Church GA

Mount View Church

New Fellowship Church

Springfield Church GA

Holy Hill Church

Pleasant Valley Church

Thank you, Jana Jackson, for typing and researching this list.
Early Ministers of the Gospel

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