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Confederate Burials Upson County

Glenwood Cemetery
The following CSA soldiers were buried here in Upson County after being treated in the local "hospitals" for wounds received during the Battle for Atlanta, June-July, 1864.

Row 1
HENDERSON, E.  Pvt Co B, 4th MS Regt  died: 1/22/1864
CLOPTON, J.E.  Co C 1st MS Regt S.S.   died: 7/5/1864
DEAR, J.B.L.  2nd Lieut  Co A 6th MS Regt  died: 9/25/1864
ROUSTON, L.A. Sgt  Co E  4th LA Regt  died: 8/21/1864
WAGONER, H.F.  Hardee's Escort   died 10/14/1864
Unmarked cement slab
RALEY, C.C. Sgt Co. A  2nd GA Bat SS  (no date)
Unknown grave
BIRDSONG, A.H.  Co. K 5th GA inf CSA  (no date)
Unknown grave
TIELMAN, J.D.   1844-1927  CSA

Row 2
WELLS, S.A.  Capt 15th Arkansas Reg  (no date)
CARTER, J.M. Co. B. 35th MS Reg  died 7/129/1864
Unknown grave
BRADY, J.W. Pvt. Co. I, 20 MS Reg  died 7/25/1864
SHEPARD, W. Corp Co. G 46 MS Regt  died 7/25/1864
SPRAWLS, J.C. Pvt C. B 15th MS Regt  died 7/23/1864
HENLY, William  Pvt Co. B 18th AL Regt  died 7/22/1864
JONES, J.A.  Pvt Yates' Batty  died 7/14/1864
BLAIR, W.T.  Pvt  Co. B Perrin's MS Cav  died 7/14/1864
BAKER, A  Co G  1st MS Cav  died 7/5/1864
HARRISON, W.H.  Sgt Co. B 1st MS Reg  died 6/26/1864
GILLESPIE, W.A. pvt Co. C 56TH GA Reg died 6/25/1864
BROWN, S.  Co. C 4th MS Reg S.S.  d. 6/18/1864

Row 3
BROWN, S.T. Co. H. 9th MS Reg  died 10/1/1864
CORLEY, W.A.	 Co. B  Perrin's MS  Cav  died 10/3/1864
MULKEY, J.B. Pvt  Co. F  8th GA Batty  died 10/3/1864
WARR, Abel  Corp  Co. D 3rd MS Reg  died: 10/6/1864
SHOEMAKER, J.H. Pvt  Co. 29th Tenn Reg  died 10/6/1864
WRIGHT, E.M.  Sgt Co. E 44th MS Reg  died: 10/11/1864
QUIGLEY, J.  Co. F 5th Confed Reg  (no date)
JOHNSON, B.F. Bo. B 1st MS Reg  (no date)
SMITH, W.A.  Pvt Co. E. GA Cav. Regt  died: 8/18/1864
WHITE, J.R. Pvt Co. C 20th Ms Reg  died 8/16/1864
RUMLEY, W.L. Pvt  Co. G 5th Tenn Reg   died 8/18/1864
GENTRY, J.T.   Co. D 19 Arkansas Reg  (no date)
BRYAN, A.B.  Pvt  Co. A. 57th GA Reg  died 8/2/1864
RALEY, James  Pvt Co A 5th GA reg died 7/31/8164
GASTON, H.  Co. H. 40th GA Reg  died 7/31/8164
INGRAM, O.R.  Co. A. 20 AL Reg  died 10/1/1864
LOYD, B.F. Pvt  Co. A. Perrin's Miss Cav  died 9/30/1864
DUNLAP, L.D. Co. E 19th S.Carolina Reg  died 9/30/1864
MARBLE, A.G.  Sgt Swett's Batty,  died 9/29/1864
FORD, J.R.  Co. E 15th MS Regt  died 9/25/1864
DUNHAM, E.J. Co. H 23 MS Regt  died: 9/25/1864
USSERY, T.J.  Yates' Batty   died 9/24/1864
DELAHAUNTY, W.H.  Co. G  Arkansas Regt  died 9/26/1864
MICHEAL, W.H.  Lieut. Co F 29th TN  Reg  died 9/19/1864
CHAMBERS, J.S.  4th MS Regt  (no date)
Unknown grave
HART, W.A.  Field Private Co. F 3rd MS Cav died 9/8/1864

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