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Walker County, Georgia Marriages 1882 - 1920
Groom's Index

These Walker County, Georgia marriage records have been made possible by the generosity of Foye L. Johnson, Judge of the Walker County Probate Court, her Clerk, Nita (Myers) Henry, who did the typing and Benton Fletcher, who forwarded the information.

Certified copies of these marriage records are available for $5.00 from

Walker County Probate Court
Foye L. Johnson, Judge
P.O. Box 436
LaFayette, Georgia 30728

Be sure to include the book and page number when requesting your copy.

These records are here for your personal use and research and MAY NOT be copied or published without the written consent of Foye L. Johnson, Judge, Walker County Probate Court and Benton Fletcher.

Errors have probably occured in the original transcription and in the reproduction for which we apologize, but hope these records will prove useful to you in your research.


Abb to Akins

Alaway to Anderson

Andrews to Atwood

Au to Aymon

Back to Baker

Baldridge to Barrie

Barron to Beeman

Behymer to Bilups

Bird to Blaylock

Bledsoe to Bowen

Bowers to Brannan

Branner to Branhead

Brook to Brown, Gus

Brown, H. H. to Bruce

Brumby to Burnes

Burnett to Bryne

Caboon to Canaven

Cannon to Carroll

Carry to Catlett

Catlin to Childers

Childress to Clements

Clemons to Colgrove

Colina to Cooke

Cookston to Coulon

Coulter to Cronon

Crosby to Cuzzort

Dacus to Davis, John R.

Davis, John W. to Deck

Dedman to Dillard

Dillings to Dozier

Drake to Dyre

Eades to Elbrod

Elder to Epperson

Epps to Ezell

Facker to Fine

Finley to Foster

Fournier to Fricks

Friddell to Furgerson

Gabrel to Gentrey

Gentry to Gist

Given to Goodson

Goodwin to Greekmor

Green to Griffin

Griffith to Gwin

Hackett to Hall

Hallfield to Haralson

Harbin to Harris

Harrison to Hayden

Hayes to Henagear

Henderson to Hethley

Hewett to Hill

Hilley to Hixson

Hobbs to Holloway

Holman to Houtz

Howard to Humberd

Humphrey to Hyers

Ice to Ivey

Jacks to Jennings

Jeno to Johnson

Johnston to Justin

Kable to Keown

Kerley to Kinon

Kinsey to Kyle

LaBar to Lawler

Lawrence to Lemons

Lena to Little

Littlejohn to Louise

Love to Lynn

Mabry to Marks

Marler to Mason

Massenale to Mayfield

Mayhan to McCordell

McCormack to McGhee

McGill to McWalters

McWhorter to Millard

Miller to Mishoe

Mitchel to Mooreman

Moose to Mosley

Moss to Myricks

Nabors to Nichols

Nicholson to Nyerges

O'Bryan to Osburn

Osher to Owings

Pace to Parris

Parrish to Pearson

Peas to Phillps

Philpot to Plunket

Poe to Prescott

Presley to Putman

Qualls to Quirk

Raburn to Reece

Reed to Richards

Richardson to Roberson

Roberts to Romanoff

Romine to Ryder

Sabo to Scoggins

Scott to Shaver

Shaw to Shirks

Shoemaker to Sisco

Sisemore to Smirl

Smith to Smith, Joe

Smith, John H. to Snodgrass

Snow to Stansbury

Stansel to Stevens

Stevenson to Strickland

Stricklen to Sylvester

Taff to Taylor

Teabo to Thomson

Thore to Trimble

Tripp to Tyson

Ulrickson to Voyles

Wasaster to Wallace

Wallen to Wardlaw

Ware to Watts

Weakley to West

Westberry to Whitcomb

White to Willey

Williams to Williams, Willis

Williamson to Winsburgh

Winson to Woodworth

Woody to Wynn

Yong to Zumer


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