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Brand Family Cemetery

BRAND, Charity
        02 MAY 1810--03 OCT 1870
BRAND, Elizabeth "Betty" (nee:  SIMONTON)--Photo--donated by:  Edie BRAND
        11 JAN 1842--20 MAR 1863
        First wife of Martin Van Buren BRAND
BRAND, Isiah C.
        03 OCT 1808--19 JAN 1889
BRAND, Sarah (nee:  BRYANT)--Photo--donated by: Edie BRAND
        15 JUL 1760--09 DEC 1834
BRAND, Singleton Stewart--Photo--donated by:  Edie BRAND
        28 MAY 1835--23 FEB 1865
        Son of Isaiah C. & Charity (RAWLINS) BRAND
BRAND, William Warren--Photo--donated by:  Edie BRAND
        23 MAY 1756--1848
SMITH, Fariby Ann Elizabeth (nee:  BRAND)--Photo--donated by:  Edie BRAND
        05 JUL 1839--23 MAR 1863
       Wife of Egbert SMITH
        3rd. Daughter of Isaiah & Charity BRAND
SMITH, Eliza J.--Photo--donated by:  Edie BRAND
        01 MAY 1860--25 JUN 1880
        Daughter of Egbert & Fariby Ann Elizabeth (BRAND) SMITH