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Gresham Cemetery

Also partially "verified" by Mrs. Nellie TUCKER
Some info provided by "Annette Wade"

EASLEY, Samantha E., Mrs. (nee:  STROUD)
        13 FEB 1845--12 SEP 1879
        Daughter of William & Mary Eleanor STROUD
GRESHAM, Infant Son
        27 MAR 1836--27 MAY 1836
        Child of Thomas (son of William Gresham & Martha A. Henderson) & Josie Gresham
GRESHAM, James Monroe
        24 DEC 1840--08 JUL 1913
        Married Martha C. ATKINSON
        Son of William & Mary Eleanor Stroud Gresham
GRESHAM, John Robert
        27 APR 1877--06 FEB 1896
        Son of J.M. & M.C. GRESHAM
GRESHAM, Joseph J.
        14 MAY 1881--08 JUN 1883
        Son of James Monroe & Martha Catherine Atkinson Gresham
GRESHAM, Katied (Kate Dell)
        25 MAR 1886--04 JUL 1887
        Daughter of JMG & MCA
GRESHAM, Lula V. (nee:  COLEMAN)
        06 APR 1861--07 NOV 1889
        Wife of William Henderson Gresham son of William Gresham & Martha A. Henderson.
GRESHAM, Martha C. (nee:  ATKINSON)
        15 JUN 1844--03 JUL 1903
        Married James Monroe GRESHAM
        05 AUG 1855--24 MAR 1857
        Daughter of William & Martha A.  Henderson Gresham
GRESHAM, William
        One who moved to Walton County from KY
GRESHAM, William Henderson
        28 JUN 1853/1863--22 OCT 1887
        Son of William & Martha A. Henderson Gresham
        Second wife of William Gresham (1809)
POORE, Mattie (Martha) C. (nee:  GRESHAM)
        05 AUG 1847--03 JUL 1889
        Married Dr. J.J. POORE
        Daughter of William & Mary Eleanor Stroud Gresham
STROUD, Mary Eleanor
        First wife of William Gresham (1809)