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Locklin Cemetery
Directions with photos by donated by: Sarah Locklin TAYLOR

#01 - This sign is located approximately 5 miles NE of Monroe on Hwy 78.  Notice mile Marker 19 in the background and the road in the farther background is Locklin Road.

#02 - Just for my pleasure - kind of neat having a road named Locklin.

#03 - From Hwy 78, turn right onto Locklin road.

#03a - Immediately on your right when you turn onto Locklin Rd. is this historical marker.

#04 - Continue traveling down Locklin Road, about 1/2 - 3/4 miles, you will see a road to the left which is Lockland Rd.  This is where Locklin Rd becomes Locklin Cemetery Rd.  Continue traveling straight on Locklin Cemetery Rd.

#05 - as you continue traveling straight - you will see the sign that says "Bridge Out" and a road that turns right.  You will not have to go as far as where the bridge is out.  You only need to go about another 1/2 - 3/4 mile straight on Locklin Cemetery Rd.  The road that goes right is the Mt. Ena Church Rd.

#06- photo of Locklin Cemetery Rd. and Mt. Ena Church Rd.

#07 - Begin looking for a fallen tree on the left side of the road.  If you pass this tree, there will be a house on the left and you have gone too far.  There is a fence at the beginning of this home owner's property that will also clue you that you have gone too far.

#08 - This is the road/trail just in front of the fallen tree on the left that leads up to the cemetery in the woods about 100' or so.  If you look through the trees you can see a couple of the markers from Locklin Cemetery Rd.  During the winter, I would assume that the cemetery is in much better view from the road for the lack of leaves on the trees.

#09 - This is the first view you will see of the cemetery as you walk up the road/trail.  I would not advise attempting to drive up this road.