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Walton County
Michael Cemetery

by:  Jason Flanagan
Michael Cemetery - Moina Michael Road, Walton County, Georgia

Michael Cemetery is a small plot in a copse of trees next to the Poppyfield Farm subdivision. It is located in Walton County, Georgia 3 miles east of the community of Good Hope, off of Moina Michael Road, 1/4 mile west of Moina Michael's birth home. The cemetery itself is located about 3/4 of a mile north of Moina Michael Road up the hill on the right, across from the neighborhood pool.

The plot is in a copse of trees surrounded by a black chain link fence. Within this fence, an additional barbed wire fence cordons off the plot. Only one headstone still stands here (see below), but there are at least 6 other unworked stones that could indicate graves.

The lone, moss covered headstone reads:

Margaret Stovall
Born May 10 1846
Died June 15 1905?

[The stone has been damaged so that the last digit of the year of death is not completely clear.]

Ms. Stovall's headstone stands at the northern end of the plot and seems to basically be aligned, north to south, with the other unworked stones.