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Mt. Vernon Christian Cemetery

CHURCH ----------- SIGN

AUTRY, Clarence
          15 JUL 1884--23 JAN 1885
AUTRY, Frances
BURNETTE, Abijah W.--Photo--Donated by:  Donated by:  Denise MURPHY
        Husband of Eugenia; Son of Samuel P. & Jinnie BURNETTE, buried at Shiloh
BURNETTE, Eugenia--Photo--Donated by:  Donated by:  Denise MURPHY
        Wife of Abijah W. BURNETTE
BURNETTE, Fred H.--Photo--Donated by:  Denise MURPHY
        08 FEB 1907--27 MAY 1967
        Husband of Ruth M. BURNETTE
BURNETTE, Gerald--Photo--Donated by:  Denise MURPHY
        26 JUN 1947--01 OCT 1955
        Husband of Jackie M. BURNETTE
BURNETTE, Jackie M.--Photo--Donated by:  Denise MURPHY
        27 JAN 1942--16 JUL 1960
        Wife of Gerald BURNETTE
BURNETTE, Ralph M.--Photo--Donated by:  Denise MURPHY
        16 JAN 1919--21 JUN 1954
        Husband of Vinelle BURNETTE
BURNETTE, Ruth M.--Photo--Donated by:  Denise MURPHY
        25 MAY 1906--19 SEP 1990
        Wife of Fred H. BURNETTE BURNETTE
BURNETTE, Vinelle--Photo--Donated by:  Denise MURPHY
        11 MAR 1924--01 OCT 1955
        Wife of Ralph M. BURNETTE
          21 MAR 1900--4 FEB 1965
HEARN, Stephen Thomas
          11 MAY 1837--03 DEC 1912
JOHNSTON,  William LaFayette
          20 JAN 1843--28 OCT 1950