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Old Double Springs Cemetery

GEORGE, Sarah E.
        30 OCT 1852--23 MAR 1856
        Daughter  of Joseph & Elizabeth GEORGE
        "In Memory"
HAYES, Leonard B.
        15 SEP 1804--05 MAY 1870
        Husband of Louisa HAYES
HAYES, Louisa
        26 SEP 1811--03 JUL 1874
        Wife of Leonard B. HAYES
        20 SEP 1831--28 JUL 1871
SMITH, Alexander
        11 FEB 1838--13 APR 1862
        Son of William & Elizabeth SMITH
        "Sacred to the Memory"
        Died in hospital at Richmond, VA
        He was a bright member of the Baptist Church at this place, was baptized 13th Sept 1857.
        and lived the life of an exemplary Christian and Desciple of Christ.
        His exemplary life and Christian death will long be remembered by his comrades in arms and surviving
        friends.  He was a soldier in the Confederate Service and left this County 27th June 1861 to join the Army
        in Va. to assist in repulsing the Enemy from our once Happy Country where he acted well his part as an
        Officer and Soldier.
SMITH, Benjamin A.
        23 SEP 1825--01 SEP 1864
SMITH, Caroline (nee;  BENNETT)
        09 SEP 1832--28 AUG 1891
        Wife of Benjamin A. SMITH
SMITH, Elizabeth
        24 SEP 1798--29 AUG 1884
        Wife of William SMITH
        A member of the Baptist Church for 60 years
       Our lovely Mother taught us aright and pointed us heavenward
        Blessed are the Dead who die in the Lord
        09 AUG 1822--22 AUG 1868
SMITH, Laura A.
        09 MAY 1869--17 MAY 1869
        Daughter of Josephine SMITH
SMITH, Nicy F. (nee:  GRIFFITH)
        10 AUG 1822--19 JUL 1907
        Wife of  L.B. SMITH
SMITH, William
        11 JUL 1796--18 JAN 1887
        A member of the Baptist Church for 60 years
        Beloved & Honored by His Children & Revered by His Friends
TRIBBLE, Jessie May
        28 AUG 1886--26 APR 1887
TRIBBLE, Mary E. (nee:  SMITH)
        21 APR 1854--11 SEP 1886
        Wife of Jas. W. TRIBBLE