Warren County Queries 2001

Surnames:Taylor, Davis
Submitter:Larry Taylor
Email: taylorle@swbell.net

Looking for more information on the marriage and family history of my grandparents, John Henry Taylor and Sara(h) Elizabeth "Bell" Davis. Warren County Lookup shows marriage date as 1/1/1899. Family records indicate Barnett, GA. Want to know if Barnett or surrounding communities would have a newspaper that might have a wedding announcement with more information. Would like to find someone to research this (for a fee or otherwise).
Please contact me.
Larry Taylor
Submitter:Greg Lenhart

Looking for information on Bird Iron Works that William Bird owned. He died around Oct. of 1812. It is recorded that his will is one of the longest on record in Warren County. One of his sons was Wilson (an executor of William Bird's will). Any information on Bird Iron Works would be helpful. It was located in Shoals, GA, Warren County. The parents of William would be great if that is available. I cannot seem to get any further back than this.
Thank you for any help.

Surnames:Bruce, Warren, Terry
Submitter:Dick Bruce

I have reason to believe that Williamson Winter Bruce (Page 175 Warren County Tax List for 1794) could be either the father or grandfather of my gggrandfather, William Bruce, b. 1789 in GA. Does anyone know the names of his children?

The father of Williamson W. Bruce was a John Bruce and his mother was Judith Townley Warren, both of whom died about 1736 in Charles County, MD. Williamson and his brother Townley would have come to Warren County after that, possibly to live with relatives. My gggrandfather married Joyce Terry in Putnam County in 1819.

Thank you.
Dick Bruce

I am searching for information on a Samuel Hall, born 1777, in SC?
Married Lettie McCrary in GA, Warren County. Where did he come from, when, and why? I will be happy to share information on his descendents. Son James Hall, m. Celia Cody, in GA.
Submitter:Bill Ivey
Date:2 Dec 2001

Seeking information on Columbus C Ivey (AKA)C C Ivey, b 1849-d 1908. Married Isadora Jane Ivey b 1851 d 1928. Any information on these two Ivey's or their families will be appreciated. also have information on the Ivey family to share.

Bill Ivey
Submitter:Linda James Farley
Date:30 Nov, 2001

I am looking for siblings and/or parents of Gilly Ivy, born abt. 1815, married Silas Henry 1836 in Warren Co. They moved to Henry Co, GA and had large family. Any help appreciated to find my family.

Thanks. Linda James Farley
Surnames: SMITH
Submitter: (YvonneGengirl@aol.com)
Date: 28 Nov 2001

Looking for parents and siblings of ARCHIBALD SMITH b. 19 January 1809, Warren Co.?, GA; d. 19 October 1887, Hamilton Co., TX. Wife [1850 Census], Elizabeth A. ? Probably married ca. 1829. Family lived in Warren Co. in 1830 and 1840; moved to Sumner Co., GA before 1850; moved back to Glascock Co., GA, by 1860; 1870 Dale Co., AL; and 1880 Hamilton Co., TX.
Known children: Mary Ann Smith [md William J. Hamnel - buried Warren Co.12 May 1855]; John Smith, Lemuel Calvert Newton Smith [b. 17 Sept. 1835, Warren Co.; d. 13 Jan 1910, Hamilton Co., TX; md. Sarah Matilda Irby, 24 Jul 1859, Warren Co.]; Samuel Smith; and Sarah Smith.

Submitter: Pat in FL (PattiJean3@aol.com)
Date: 28 Nov 2001

I am seeking information on Joseph Roberts who died on 10/22/1836 in Warren County. He is either a Revolutionary War Veteran or the son of one. His children are: Daniel, Burch M, Jesse, Coleman, Betsy (Elizabeth), Rebecca Ann. His second wife was Clarissa unknown Wright. Joseph, s stepdaughter was Fannie Wright. All of these were mentioned in his will. Am willing to pay a reasonable sum for an obit. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: FULLER LAY
Submitter: Elsie Cahill (fishing93@thegateway.com)
Date: 07 Aug 2001

I would link to know the father of Spivey Fuller Sr. and the father of Melinda Lay.In Gordon Co.or Warren Co. Georgia.

Submitter: Ray Williams (Rkwmmw@aol.com)
Date: 18 Aug 2001

Here is a marriage for Warren co. ga. ANDREW J. CHAMBERS TO ELIZA A GRIZZLE 9-25-1893 IN Warrem co G. I am researching Chambers & Grizzle.

Submitter: Linda Bailey Rollins (Lindar@cp-tel.net)
Date: 11 Aug 2001

I am looking for information on Zachariah Bailey born In Lynchburg Virginia in 1793.  He appears on the 1820 Warren County census.  I am interested in who his brothers and sisters are or mother and father.  We think he might be related to Bryant Bailey who is in my direct line.  He later lived in Cuthbert Georgia, Randolph County, was the Sheriff of Cowetta County and also lived in Morgan County.  Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

Surnames: JONES
Submitter: Annette Ford (agford@aol.com)
Date: 14 Aug 2001

My great, great grandfather, James Jones, died and was buried in Warren Co. in 1864. I would like to know if he was serving in the Confederate army at the time. He would probably have enlisted in a Warren Co. unit.

Submitter: Sam Wilkes (wilkes@ebicom.net)
Date: 08 Aug 2001

I am looking for any information on Col. Isaac B. Huff, 12 th Georgia Militia in an attempt to put the unit together Any help appreciated.

Submitter: Dan Crumpton (Dan@FandLS.com)
Date: 10 Aug 2001

I am researching the lost town of Georgetown, once in Warren County, and is located on the Ogeechee River near Mitchell,GA in Glascock County.

"Georgetown: A Lost Town in Warren County:  Among the lost towns of Georgia might be listed
Georgetown, once a flourishing township located in the southwestern portion of Warren County. That the town existed is shown in the records in the office of clerk of court in the courthouse in Washington, Wilkes County (from which Warren County received a portion of land), and later in Warren County after it was established.  Crossing the old public county line road that leads from Shoals to Augusta (about one mile from Shoals) was an old Indian trail which later became known as the Old Georgetown Road. This road ran north  toward Warrenton and south toward the Ogeechee River.  Between the crossroads and the river was situated the town of Georgetown. It must have been a good-sized town because the street was named.  In bounding the lots that changed hands, mention is made of Asbury Street, Jameson Street, Dame Streete and Broad Street. On a map elsewhere in this volume and engraved in 1818, Georgetown is given as one of the towns in Warren County. The road that led to Georgetown from the northern part of the county went by Norris, bettter known as "Four Mile Siding".    The first mention of Georgetown was made in 1791, and at that time Augusta was the nearest market and city from which supplies were secured.  There were no railroads and Georgetown's water-routed freight was quite a convenience to the farmers of Warren County, even though it had to hauled by miles in ox carts and mule-drawn wagons.  A warehouse was located in Georgetown in which freight brought by pole boats up and down the Ogeechee River was stored, and the farmers would go with their wagons and convey these supplies to their respective homes.  Records show that John Barnhill deeded to William Devereaux Lot No. 7 in the town of Georgetown, April 19, 1791.
This was two years before Warren County was created.  Harris R. Patrick and A. Devereaux were testators.There were business houses in Georgetown.  William Riley and John Hammill are known to have been merchants there." quote from History Of Warren County (1976) by Wilhoit, Virginia.  I would appreciate receiving old data on this lost town.
Dan Crumpton email Dan@FandLS.com

Surnames: PARISH
Submitter: Lawaha Parrish (lawpar@knology.net)
Date: 07 Aug 2001

John PARISH is listed on plack erected on courthouse lawn. His wife, Elizabeth won in the 1832 Georgia lottery. Does anyone know how to obtain records of Burkhalter chapter of DAR or if the lottery records remain at the local courthouse?


Submitter: Dickie C. Grubbs (dickiegrubbs@hotmail.com)
Date: 06 Aug 2001

I am looking for information on William McCullars,who married Widow Rachel (Joseph) Cobb.
They were married in abt 1786 and lived on Little Briar Creek in Wilkes Co. (now Warren),GA.


Surnames: BAILEY
Submitter: Linda Bailey Rollins (Lindar@cp-tel.net)
Date: 04 Aug 2001

I am searching for Zachariah Bailey.  I understand he is on the 1820 Warren County Census.  I am trying to connect him to Bryant Bailey who is my descendant.  Any info on who Zachariah's brothers and sisters or mother and father are would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks


Submitter: Maxine Allen (maxine@bgnet.bgsu.edu)
Date: 04 Aug 2001

Looking for information on Andrew J. DANIELLY and wife Rhoda SIMMONS, my ggg-grandparents.  They were listed as members of Long Creek Baptist Church, Beall Springs, Warren Co. GA 1819.  Their daughter Jane DANIELLY joined the church July 22, 1828.  Other children of Andrew & Rhoda (Simmons) DANIELLY were: McDade; John A.: Anne; Arthur; and Francis F. B.  McDade is my gg-grandfather.  John A. DANIELLY b. 1803 in Warren Co. GA, married Martha (Patsie) CASTLEBERRY, daughter of Peter CASTLEBERRY and Mary BAKER.  Peter CASTLEBERRY and another daughter named ANNE were also listed as members of the Long Creek Baptist Church.  Any information on these families will be greatly appreciated.

Submitter: Maxine Allen (maxine@bgnet.bgsu.edu)
Date: 01 Aug 2001

Looking for information on any Dannielly's in Warren  Co. In particular Andrew J. DANIELLY.  He was b. in
Crawford Co. GA 1764, but died in Warren Co. GA on 27 Dec 1822, age 57.  He married Rhoda Simmons who
also died in Warren Co. GA 15 Oct 1826.  They had the following children:  Jane; McDade; John A.;  Anne; Arthur; and Francis F.B.  McDade DANIELLY is my gg-grandfather.  Andred J. DANIELLY was son of  John DANIELLY and Nancy Goatee.  Any information will be appreciated.  Thanks


Submitter: Melissa Mokel (missyfnp@hotmail.com)
Date: 02 Aug 2001

My great great grandfather was a slave; his name was William Swain and he was married to Elizabeth (Bell) Swain ?year; Elizabeth was born about 1853.  I would like to know if there are any records of when he was born, parent's names and  birthdates, siblings names, church that family attended with slaveowners.  I do know his children included Zachariah, Shadrack, Abednego and Jim Swain.

It is also thought that the slaveowner family was headed by Jim Swain.  There have been rumors that the ancestors came from North Carolina and possibly Madagascar.  Any information as to the origins of this family and when they came to Georgia?


Surnames: JOHNSON
Submitter: Charles Johnson (charlesj@technonet.com)
Date: 30 Jul 2001

Looking for the parents of John Franklin Johnson, born 1810, died 1864.  Found an LDS site that listed his father as Willis Johnson, brother of William Johnson, who migrated together from Southampton County, Virginia, in 1793, but Willis would likely have been in his 60s by 1810.  Maybe Jacob Johnson, who died in the 1820s?  And what became of the bible of John Franklin Johnson cited as a source in the 1974 history of the Rock House by Kenneth H. Thomas, Jr.

Submitter: Mary Davis (mldavis@teacher.esc4.com)
Date: 02 Jan 2001

I am searching for the family of GEORGE WASHINGTON UNDERWOOD that was born in Warren County, Georgia around 1815-1816. 


Surnames:  Chapman Fuqua Pool
Submitter:  Jeanita V. Ives  goodthyme@juno.com
Date:  January 3, 2001

My ancestor John Chapman born abt. 1759 died Dec 1798 in Warren Co. GA.  Any ideas as to how I can find his records? He married Millie Fuqua bef 1775 who was born abt 1792 and died Jul1830 Baldwin GA. They had a daughter, Nancy Chapman who married a Nicholas Pool bef 1790. He died abt 1819 in Baldwin GA. The Pools had a plantation somewhere in Georgia--Warren, Balwin or Muscogee are the probable sites. My Uncle Jesse Pool met a black man named Pool in Tecumseh OK who was a descendant of a slave from the Pool Plantation in GA. Am trying to track these links. Any ideas would be helpful. Jeanita Ives, Kansas City, MO


Surnames: HILL LEWIS
Submitter: Timothy S. Padgett (tpwoodman@iol14.com)
Date: 05 Jan 2001

Researching the families William S. Hill and Anna Rebecca Lewis. Any help is appreciated. I have some info on this couple and some of their descendants, will share. TSP.


Submitter: Gene Jones (gene.jones@ndchealth.com)
Date: 09 Jan 2001

Need help finding info on the Jones and Norris families of Warren County. Charity Norris married James Jones and Mary Norris married Elias Jones. Does anyone have info on these families?


Submitter: Ernie Wentrcek (winter@tca.net)
Date: 10 Jan 2001

Seeking information on the Tomlinson and Dees families who resided in Warren County, Georgia, circa 1780 to 1830. Several of them then migrated to Conecuh County, Alabama, and then to Falls County, Texas during the 1850s.


Submitter: J. Norvill Jones (nj3568@mindspring.com)
Date: 12 Jan 2001

I am interested in the family of Hendley Jones, born 1772 in Virginia, who married Mary Baker in Warren County, Georgia in about 1803. He was the son of Benjamin Jones who settled in the Long Creek area after the Revolution.  She was a daughter of Charles and Priscilla Baker.  I would like to know where Benjamin and Hendley Jones were from in Virginia because I believe that they tie into my own Jones family in some way.  My Jones'(Thomas, James, Samuel and Adam) also settled in the Long Creek area of Wilkes/Warren County in the mid-1780s.

Hendley and Mary Jones named one of their sons Walker Perry Jones.  I am interested in knowing who he was named for.  There were Walkers in Amelia County, VA before the Revolution - and a Benjamin Jones was also living there at that time. There may be a connection here.  Any information on the Benjamin/Hendley Jones family will be appreciated.


Submitter: Jack Bedsole (reb@quepasa.com)
Date: 15 Jan 2001

Travis Bedsole and Mary Stanley married in 1858. Need help in finding info about these people and their descendants. Any help appreciated.


1. Thomas Draper & Rebecca Granada Sept. 5
   married by: John English J P
2. Joseph Baker & ----Wade Sept. 11
3. Elisha Smallwood & Nancy Davis Sept. 15
4. Jack Smith & Sarah Banks Oct. 10
5. Samuel Jones & Elizabeth Neal Oct. 5
6. Hardy Pitts & Drucilla Neal Nov. 18
7. Thomas Gibson & Patsy Neal Nov. 18

These are some madates I had in my files from Warren Co.,Ga.
How does one go about getting a querie on the Warren Co.,Ga.
web page?
NAn Gorton


I found the following Warren County marriage records in a book at Dallas
Public library on early Georgia marriages. Hope it will be helpful to someone.

FEARS, Absalom to McDONALD, Esther  October 15, 1820 

SANFORD, John M. to BLACKSOM  Sept 11, 1828

SANFORD, Presley to WYNNE, Polly  April 4, 1794

Diana Samford Benat


Surnames: BRAY
Submitter: Gene E. Bray (gebray@primenet.com)
Date: 26 Jan 2001

On 12 Sept 1918 Ulric Bannister Bray (DOB Sept 10, 1900) registered for the WWI draft in Warren County indicating he was age 18 (barely), single, a student at Emory, a resident of Norwood, with nearest kin as B. R. Bray (likely his father).  Ulric's brothers were Percy Algiers Bray and Aubrey Oliver Bray.  Can anyone furnish more detail on this family, particularly the full names and ages of the parents?


Surnames: GEESLIN
Submitter: Mattie Geeslin Thomas (MattieThomas@webtv.net)
Date: 27 Jan 2001

Any information on Little Brier Creek Church .1825 and earlier.I dont know if this was a Baptist or Methodist.Thanks.

Submitter: Kenneth Kennemore (kdk@airmail.net)
Date: 28 Jan 2001

Looking for info on Henry Thomas Williams born 12 mar 1832 Warren Co Ga. who married Martha Linsdey Thomas from Jasper Co Ms.      kdk@airmail.net


Submitter: Mary Ewing Fears Best (ewingb@pilot.infi.net)
Date: 01 Feb 2001

Looking for any information anyone might have on a couple who lived in Camak, GA in Warren County.
Samuel Ivey & Josephine Wright.  They are my husband's Great-Grandparents.  I have little else to go on, so if you have heard of this couple, please let me know.  I suspect they were born around late 1800s, but don't have any dates.  They had a daughter, Alice Clara Ivey, who was my husband's Grandmother.  She married William Thomas Clark in Barnett, GA on 5-17-1911.  Thanks much for any responses.


Submitter: Patricia Graham (PGraham536@aol.com)
Date: 03 Feb 2001

Need info on William Bray son of Hannah Hodgins and adopted by Richard Bray.  William Married Epsy Dozier.
Also need info on Lucy Bray b- abt 1772 she names Jasper Newton Bray B-1827 and lucy Bray B-1832 as sole heirs. Her will dated 1850. Wish I could remember where I found this Info, but I can't. Can any one in Warren Co. Help. Thanks Patricia Graham


Surnames: SIMMONS
Submitter: Melba Simmons Lewis (lewhchbn@alltel.net)
Date: 09 Feb 2001

I am looking for the parents of Lewis Gustavus Simmons. Lewis was born in Warren County Georgia, in 1829. He was in Worth County, Georgia in 1860.


Submitter: Roy Hunter (rghunter3@juno.com)
Date: 09 Feb 2001

I am researching Hunter and Hilson families in Warren Co. 

Surnames: HOGAN WOOD
Submitter: Gerald F. Greene (jgreene@gator.net)
Date: 11 Feb 2001

Looking for information on a William J. Hogan, b. ca 1827, Warren County, Ga.  Married a Julia Elizabeth Wood(s), b. ca 1825.  William died while in Confederate service at Gettsburg on July 2, 1863.  Thanks.

Surnames: ADKINS
Submitter: Keith Adkins (keithjosef@usa.net)
Date: 13 Feb 2001

I am looking for any information on Reverend Aaron ADKINS(b 1795). My family worked for him as slaves up until the Emancipation. He was married to a Sarah Hart ADKINS. There was also an ADKINS district within Warren County circa 1860. I am trying to locate his last will and testament, bills of sales, anything that will help me gather more information about my family's experience working for the Rev. Aaron ADKINS.  Thank you very kindly.


Submitter: Ted Kerr (Rewind64@Yahoo.com)
Date: 13 Feb 2001

Hugh Kerr married Lucy Fontaine Thomson on Feb. 27, 1806 in Warren County, GA. Several of their children were born in Warren County or in Augusta during the time period 1806-1812, including Mary Fontaine, John and Lewis (twins), George Alexander, and Augustus Thomson. After the birth of A. T. in 1812 the family moved to Montreal, Canada, then to Pennsyvania, where the their next child, William Penn, was born. The remainder of their children were born in Tennessee, and the family remained there until moving to Washington County, Texas about 1829/30.    Hugh emigrated from Sligo, Ireland in the early 1800s. Lucy was the daughter of Alexander Thomson married Lucy Fontaine, the daughter of a well known family. I am interested in learning more about their life in Warren County, and am seeking information on local resources I might use. Any sugggestions will be appreciated.


Submitter: Rebecca Aldrich-Bagnall (hrbagnall@att.net)
Date: 17 Feb 2001

I am researching the Duckworth Family from the 1850 & 1860 census.  My great grandfather was James Pinkerton Duckworth/Duck.  They lived and had their children in the Franklin County area.  Please let me know if there is any connection with these Duckworth's or if anyone has any information.

Submitter: Linda Johnson (LLJohnsonC@aol.com)
Date: 21 Feb 2001

I am seeking the parents of Elizabeth HART who married George Washington JOHNSON 21 Nov 1838 in Warren Co, GA.  Elizabeth was born about 1825 and died in 1880 in Marion Co, GA.  She and George had lived in Marion and Schley Counties after 1846.  George was the son of Lewis (1789 -1859 in Warren Co). George's grandfather was William Johnson of South Hampton Co, Va and Warren Co.

I know that Elizabeth was related to Isaac Hart who moved to Marion and Schley Co, but I don't know how. Four of George and Elizabeth's children then moved to Hunt Co, TX after 1886.  Any suggestions are appreciated.

Submitter: James (Jim) McCord (jwmccordsr@aol.com)
Date: 22 Feb 2001

My maternal grandfather Cecil Thomas Bradshaw was from Warren County.  Would like any information available on his father, grandfather etc. as I am interested in starting a family search.

Submitter: Michael Lance (mblance@nexet.com)
Date: 06 Mar 2001

Looking for information on Joel Hall who shows on the Warren County census for 1850, 1860 and 1870 (as Joel Hale).  I would like to know who his parents were - could they have been Samuel and Elizabeth Hall?  His great Granddaughter, Edith Hall, married Harvey Jordan Reese.  I have information on Reese of Warren and loads of information on Lance/Lentz of Wilkes.

Surnames: HALL HALE
Submitter: Michael B. Lance (mblance@nexet.com)
Date: 06 Mar 2001

For interested researchers of Hall, Hale:

1860 Census data for Joel Hall is incorrect - his age is shown as 37, but it should be 51 (he was 41 in 1850 and 61 in 1870).

1870 Census data for Joel Hale should be Joel Hall.  Joel shows on 1850 age 41 with wife Harriet age 19, and kids.  He shows on 1860 age 37 (error) with wife Harriet age 28, and some of the younger kids.  Joel Hale shows on 1870 age 61 (right for Joel Hall) with wife Harriet age 39.

I am not sure if those errors are due to the recorder of transcriber.

Submitter: Rob Brewer (robconnie@earthlink.net)
Date: 07 Mar 2001

Looking for any info on Isaac Brewer or Richard B.Fletcher, families etc.... Both men are listed on a 1794 Tax listing. My grgrgrgrandfather Jacob Fletcher Brewer was b.1795 in Hancock Co. GA. Trying to find info on his parents. Thanks


Submitter: Maggie Pond (mponds@uswest.net)
Date: 09 Mar 2001

I am looking for the parents or relatives of Ferry Oliver, born 1823 in Warren County, Georgia. (However, he was raised in Monroe County, according to some records). He was married to Mary Ann (may have been Moore). His sibling were Reuben Oliver, Floyd Oliver, and Randall Brown. His children were Sarah Ann, Mary, Alice, Lena,
Emeline and Ellen Oliver. He most likely was in bondage in both counties,but was in Pulaski County, AR in 1874 and in Conway County, AR by 1900. Any information on this family appreciated.

Maggie at mponds@uswest.net

Submitter: Gay Kennedy (gkennedy26@home.com)
Date: 10 Mar 2001

John BLACKSTON SR and John BLACKSTON JR are both enumerated on the 1820census of Warren Co.,GA. Both were married and with children in home in 1820. I know that a John Blackstone married Mary CLIETT 1817 Warren Co. Believe this to be SR's 2ed marriage. To whom was he married 1st? Who did John Blackstone JR marry? Willing to share BLACKSTON/BLACKSTONE/CLIETT information.

Some Warren County Marriages

Atchison, Arnold & Patsy Gibson-11 Feb,1804
Atchison, Barton & Prudence Hill 24 July 1794
David Atchison & Mary Ann Allen 6 Jan 1845
Green Atchison & Matilda Littlejohn 3 Spt 1844
Hamilton Atchison & Sarah Rossetter 20 Oct 1825
John Atchison & Rebecca Jenkins 27 Spt 1804
Louisa Atchison & Jefferson Threlkeld 6 Mch 1845
Mary Atchison & William Price 2 Nov 1841
Mary Atchison & Irby Winn 8 Spt 1844

Judy Graven - grannyg@mcleodusa.Net

Surnames: DELANEY
Submitter: ALLEE MCNAMEE (alleemc@email.com)
Date: 11 Mar 2001

Searching for family from Ga. they were Delaney, Delany, Dullaney and other spelling of surname.  Do you know the WARREN CO. DELANEY LISTED IN THE 1870 CESUS?



I am researching the following Hammocks who lived in Warren County, GA and also lived in Taliaffero County GA for a short time.  James Robert Hammock - born in 1870.  Benjamin Hammock born in 1847 married Laura Walden in 1865.  Benjamin's father - Gustave (Augustus) Hammock, born in 1811 in GA.  Married
to Parthena Hundley in 1830.  Gustave Hammock's parents - Robert Hammock and Nancy Combs.  If anyone has any information on this line I would appreciate any help. I am sure this is my line, my main concern is finding a document or something that proves Benjamin is the father of James Robert.  I will be glad to share my information.  Thanks.    Virginia   (neildalton88@hotmail.com)

Surnames: OLIVER
Submitter: Maggie Ponds (mponds@uswest.net)
Date: 14 Mar 2001

I am looking for the family of Ferry (wife,Mary Ann) Floyd, Reuben, James, R.J. Oliver, born in Warren County, Georgia who later lived in Monroe County before 1874. They then moved to Pulaski County and Conway County, Arkansas.

Maggie Ponds

My name is Robin Wallace and my mother was a Twilley born in Alabama. In researching her line I have located a William Twilley b. 1781 in Somerset Co., MD who died in Warren Co., GA abt. 1825. He had married a Maria Crawford and we know they had 2 children Samuel James & Ann Marie. When and if I locate his cemetery I will be happy to share that information with you too.This is new to me and I still have research to do.
Robin Wallace       robin.wallace2@gte.net


Submitter: Carmen Faglier Wheeler (looch15@hotmail.com)
Date: 16 Mar 2001
URL: Faglie

I am looking for any information on a William and Lucy Brannon Faglie.  Time frame 1823 and earlier.
Would like any land records, deeds, and any information on his and her parents, and where they originated from.


Submitter: Judy Henry (jchenry@flash.net)
Date: 17 Mar 2001

I am descended from the William Rose, whose name appears on the DAR marker on the Warren County Courthouse lawn - Revolutionary Soldiers who died in Warren County.  I have done extensive research on this family, which was in Halifax County NC during the Revolution. William Rose, Jr. who died in Warren Co. about 1801 married Sarah "Sallie" Crawley in Halifax Co.  There are tax records in Halifax for William Rose,Sr. and William Rose, Jr. There are Warren Co. records related to his estate, which name his children. 

There is a Halifax County letter about "William Rose of Halifax County" as a Wagon Master during the Revolution.  I haven't been able to prove Revolutionary service.  Can anyone tell me about documentation relating to the names on the DAR marker or how to contact someone in the local DAR chapter that might be able to help me?  I have much to share about this family.


Submitter: Sandy Martin (Csandii@aol.com)
Date: 17 Mar 2001

I am trying to research my family from Warrenton, GA.I know of Wendell Howell(my grandfather).

Submitter: Linda Chambliss Conovaloff (djconovaloff@aol.com)
Date: 18 Mar 2001

I am looking for a connection (maybe a marriage?) between the CHAMBLISS family and the LITTLETON family.  I have found both families in Warren County around the late 1700's and very early 1800's.  Then we started using the name "Littleton Chambliss" over and over in our family.  I would like to know why; if the two families were related, or friends, or whatever.


Surnames: BEDSOLE
Submitter: Jack bedsole (jack.bedsole@gte.net)
Date: 18 Mar 2001

John, lost your address need your help in finding out if you still have a copy of the book that you wrote on the 48th Ga. Regt.Ga Vol. Inf particularly about Warren Countys Company B. My GGGrandfather Travis Bedsole is probably mentioned in it as he was a member of that Company.


Submitter: Ewing F. Best (ewingb@pilot.infi.net)
Date: 18 Mar 2001

Does anyone have the mailing address for the Camak Methodist Church?  My husband's Great-Grandparents
are buried there.  If you have any further information about this cemetery [is it active, have an office etc.] please let me know. Thanks much.


Surnames: WYNN/WYNNE
Submitter: Hal W. McIntosh (mrmac1000@aol.com)
Date: 20 Mar 2001

I am researching my maternal grandmother's family, the Wilkins of Russell County, Alabama. My grandmother's oldest sister, Mary Elizabeth (MOLLY) Wilkins married Clement Wynn born in 1845 in Georgia. I understand that his ancestors lived in Warren County at one time.The Wynns that I have from the area are Clement Wynn, Sr. and Lemuel Wynn who was the father of the Clement who married Molly Wilkins. Anyone who has any information on the Wynns of Warren County, please share with me what you have. I appreciate the help.


Submitter: Ann Vaughan Richards (richardsae@alaweb.com)
Date: 22 Mar 2001

Moses Allen Gatlin was born February 4, 1782 in North Carolina. He married first Avy (Amy?) Rose (Rowe? Rhodes?) on May 14, 1799 in Warren County, Georgia.  His second marriage was to Chloe Ros (Rowe? Rhodes?) on April 16, 1803 in Warren County.

Moses Gatlin fought in the War of 1812, from September 26, 1814 to March 2, 1815,  in Co. 3, Few's Regiment, Georgia Militia, for which he received $45.04.

Moses Gatlin is listed as a witness to probation of a will for John Parish--will made August 23, 1819--probated May 5, 1823.  Names listed in the will: John Parish, wife Elizabeth, sons Hampton, William, Allen, Anslem; Daughters Lynney Cooper, Sally Rowe, Polly James, Dicey Smith, Elizabeth Parrish, Patsy Parrish; Grandaughters Elizabeth Cooper, Lucinda Rowe.

Moses Allen Gatlin (m. Chloe Rowe) witnessed a deed from Churchwell Rowe to Daniel Rowe on May 7, 1830 in Houston Co., GA (now Crawford Co.).  This was land Churchwell drew in a land lottery.  He lived in Warren Co., GA.    Churchwell was married to Sally Parrish (source: Hugh Morris).

John and Elizabeth Parrish in the will listed above were the parents of Sally Parrish (Churchwell Rowe's wife).  Moses' wife--Chloe Rowe--was obviously connected somehow to Churchwell Rowe.

Nothing is known of Moses' first wife,  Amy Rose (Rowe) other than the Warren County marriage information; although it is believed that she was related to Chloe Rowe, the second wife. It is assumed that Amy was the
mother of Jeptha Gatlin. 

 By 1830, Moses and Chloe were living in Butler County, Alabama.  In the 1850's Moses applied for and received two allotments of Bounty Land (80 acres each).  It is not known where this land was located.  By the time of
the 1860 census, both Moses and Chloe were living in the household of Jeptha Gatlin in Covington County(Williams Mill) Alabama.  Moses' was listed as an invalid and gives his age as 87.

At this time, there are only two known children of Moses Allen Gatlin; although, the family believes there were others.  These children were: Jeptha Gatlin and Eliza Gatlin.   Any information on this family will be greatly appreciated.


Submitter: Ann Vaughan Richards (richardsae@alaweb.com)
Date: 22 Mar 2001

I am seeking information on Alpheus BROOKS, b. 1825 in Warren Co., GA. He appears on the company muster roll of Co. H, 1st Local Troops, Georgia Infantry, C.S.A., Augusta, GA. Sometime after the Civil War, he moved to
Early Co, GA, for a few years and moved to Bullock County, Alabama, about 1870. He was married to Lorena (Rena) WATSON and had the following children: Missouri, Benjamin, Isaac, Zella, Elisha (male), Frances, Thomas, Florence Gibson (male). Isaac moved to Waco, Texas. Thomas J. Brooks (my great grandfather) lived his life in Coffee Co., AL, and Florence G. ("Fossie") spent his life in Bullock County. Am seeking information on
Alpheus' family and the Watson family.


Surnames: BREWER
Submitter: Rob Brewer (robconnie@earthlink.net)
Date: 23 Mar 2001

Looking for info on Nathan & Henry Brewer that were listed on the tax list for 1794,1801 & 1805. Would be interested in parents & children and wifes names. Whatever clues I can get. Thanks,

Surnames: EUBANKS
Submitter: Scott Eubanks (weubanks@cfl.rr.com)
Date: 24 Mar 2001

Looking for information on {James Monroe Eubanks} of Warren County, Georgia. If you could help, it would be appreciated. He is my ggg-grandfather.   Thanks in Advance

Submitter: Linda Johnson (LLJohnsonC@aol.com)
Date: 29 Mar 2001

I want to buy a copy of "The History of the Johnson Family and the Johnson Church" by Harwick Smith Johnson.  This book is about the JOHNSONs of Warren Co, GA and includes information from the Bible of James W. Johnson.  There is a copy of it in the Hargrett Library on the campus of the University of Georgia, but the book cannot be circulated to other libraries.

Does anyone know if there are any books available for sale and where would I call or write for a copy of the book?  Is there a copy in the Warren Co library?

Thank you, Descendant of William, Lewis, and George Washington Johnson of Warren Co, Ga.  Maiden names of their brides were REESE, SMITH, and HART.

Linda Johnson , Texas City, TX.


Submitter: ron norflett (rnorflett@aol.com)
Date: 03 Apr 2001

I traced my grandfather and my and his parents to warren co. from the freedman bank records. the names were spelled differently. my grandfather is listed as Drew norflit and his parents were listed as Aaron norflit and sallie Norflit. this info was from the 1870 census of Warren co. they moved eventually to augusta where the name changed to Norfleet. Would appreciate any info anyone might have pertaining to the norflit name.

Submitter: Hal W. McIntosh (mrmac1000@aol.com)
Date: 03 Apr 2001

Roquemores of Warren County
I am researching the Roquemore family of Warren County; my grandmother's sister, Emma Frances Wilkins of Russell County, Alabama, married Peter Lemuel Roquemore on December 22, 1875. i believe that his ancestors came from Warren County. Anyone with information about the Roquemores of Warren County, please conrtact me.Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Submitter: Maegan (Meg08@mac.com)
Date: 04 Apr 2001

I am looking for an Elizabeth Jane LONGWITH b. in 1873 in Warren County.  I have also seen her listed as Jane LONGWORTH.  She died Febuary 28, 1905 in Catoosa County, GA.

She married William Josephus Seafus (or Sanford??) or W.J.S. BAXTER before 1900.

Any information on children, birthdate, parents, marriage date, anything will be appreciated.

Submitter: Lawaha Parrish (lawpar@aol.com)
Date: 06 Apr 2001

I am looking for some information on the John Parish(Parrish) whose will is included in the Warren County archives.  Daniel Nathan Crumpton in his books on Warren County record his will and indicates that he may have been a Revolutionary soldier.  However, I did not find any reference to his burial place, except that it was in Warren County. Does anyone have any knowledge on John?

Submitter: Dot in FL (DotinFL@Juno.com)
Date: 06 Apr 2001

In 1794, in Washington Co., Ga, William POLLARD made an agreement with Barrett BREWER or John Barrett BREWER "of Warren Co." regarding a marriage portion of money and slaves for his daughter Melinda POLLARD when she married BREWER in a few weeks.  They married in Wilkes Co.  Any help with these folks appreciated.     Dot in FL


Submitter: michael jones (michaelrayjones@msn.com)
Date: 07 Apr 2001

searching for kin of Ramond alvin Griffith(1906-1978),W.Carolyn mildred Heath Griffith(1911-1992),parents lived in Norwood,Charlie hubbard Griffith(1880-1967),W.Hallie j.Griffith(1875-1951),and W.fluelln Heath(1860-1938),W.Eva young Heath(1870-1939).

Submitter: Bob Graham (Macon1946@aol.com)
Date: 08 Apr 2001

Looking for my great uncle Dennis GRAHAM who died after 1964. Dennis had siblings named John, George, James, Maggie, Lula and Mary. Dennis was born Oct 1889 in Laurens County, GA and was the son of John D. GRAHAM and Bertha Ann WEEKS who married in 1878 Laurens County. Believe Dennis was single at the time of his death but had been married earlier in life.

Submitter: Chuck Piercy (piercy@prodigy.net)
Date: 09 Apr 2001

I'm am interested in any information anyone may have on either Blake or Mary Whittington who were married in Warren County, GA on Oct. 15, 1791.  They lived most of their lives in Western North Carolina.  Blake fought for the colonies in the Revolutionary War.

Charles Stephenson

On August 23, 1819, John Parish wrote his last will.  This will is filed in Warren County Wills 1810 - 1829 p. 88-89.  These people are named in this will:

Son Hampton Parish
Son William Parish
Son Allen Parish
Son Anselm Parish
Daughter Lynney Cooper
Daughter Sally Rowe
Daughter Polly James
Daughter Dicey Smith
Grandson John Parish, son of Hampton Parish
Grandson Thomas Parish, son of Hampton Parish
Grandson John Cooper, son of Lynney Cooper
Granddaughter Elizabeth Cooper, daughter of Lynney Cooper
Grandson John Floyd Rowe, son of Sally Rowe
Granddaughter Lucinda Rowe, daughter of Sally Rowe
Grandson James James, son of Polly James
Grandson Wiley James, son of Polly James
Grandson Wilson Parish, son of William Parish
Granddaughter Epsey Parish, daughter of William Parish

It is believed that the above Hampton Parish married Sally Smith on January 29, 1811 in Warren County, Georgia.  My ggg-grandfather Abner Hampton (Paris, Parish, Parris, Parrish) was born October 26, 1815 in Georgia (where ?).  He died August 10, 1860 in Marshall County, Alabama.  After many years of searching, have never been able to learn who Abner's parents are.  The above Hampton Parish looks like a very likely candidate.  I am hoping for your help in any assistance and/or guidance in investigating the above Hampton Parish, or any
of the above people who may lead my to my stated goal.  Thanks for any help you can offer.

Charles Stephenson
San Antonio, Texas


Surnames:  Bird


Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 22:27:08 EDT

My g-g grandfather was William Lowndes Yancey, born in 1814 in Warren Co.  His mother was a Bird, of that family living on the Ogeechee river. I know very little of the Birds and am requesting help in locating someone that can be of assistance.  Thank you,  Val Green

Submitter: Abbye Ayers Faurot (afaurot@gtcom.net)
Date: 18 Apr 2001

My gggrandfather, John David Ayres, is supposed to have married Marilda/Arilda Stephens or Fitz-Stephens on March 25, 1837 in Warren County, Georgia, but I do not find them listed in your marriages list.  Is the list incomplete or is there another one? Thank you.

Submitter: John P. Johnston (jpjohnston@graceba.net)
Date: 28 Apr 2001

I am doing research on my wife's Warren Co., Ga. ancestors and am just wondering if anyone else is working on these families.  My wife's 3rd great grandfather was ARTHUR MATHEWS (born ca. 1801), who married in Warren Co. in 1824 to SARAH LANDRUM.  This couple later moved to Pike County, Alabama.  Arthur's father thought to be an EDWARD MATHEWS (born ca. 1785), who also came to Pike Co. Ala., where he was charter member and 1st Church Clerk of Ramah Prim. Bapt. Church.  Edward and wife Sarah dismissed from this church in 1849 and lost track of after that.  Arthur died in Pike Co., Ala. in 1844.  My wife's great-great grandfather (Arthur's son) was WILLIAM JASPER MATHEWS (1826 - 1919), and he was born in Warren Co., Ga.   

Submitter: John P. Johnston (jpjohnston@graceba.net)
Date: 28 Apr 2001

  Am doing research on some of my wife's Warren Co., Ga. ancestors and am wondering if anyone else might be working on these same lines.  My wife's 3rd great grandfather was JOHN W. SMITH (1814 - 1895), who married in Warren Co., Ga. in 1837 to Mrs. Melvina Youngblood (nee Gary), the widow of a Mr. Youngblood.  This Smith family later moved to Pike Co., Ala.  J. W. Smith's father was SAMUEL SMITH, who died in Warren Co.  One brother of J. W. Smith, a Jeremiah Smith,and one sister, Mrs. Martha Ticer, (widow of Robert Ticer), also came to Alabama to settle.  Would enjoy hearing from anyone working on these same families.


Submitter: Jess Long (longjohn@wt.net)
Date: 21 Apr 2001

Searching for any information regarding parents / siblings of Wiley / Wylie ACREE, b. abt. 1840, Warren Co., GA, m. Mary Elizabeth BLANCHARD, on 14 Feb, 1860, in Columbia Co. GA

Submitter: ruthconawaykendrick (ruthconawayk@hillsboro.net)
Date: 23 Apr 2001

I would like to contact any descendents of a John Turner who lived in warren county Georgia.   A Nancy Turner married Henry Conaway in 1806.  Will exchange information.

Submitter: HAWTHORN      (Kkydee2@juno.com)
Date: 23 Apr 2001

Working on the LOCKETT / LOCKHART & Gibson families of Warren Co. Ga.

Submitter: Leland Garton (Moviegar47@EarthLink.net)
Date: 30 Apr 2001

Looking for the parents of Rebecca Hill of Warren Co.,GA. who married John Brantley--moved to Williamson then Hardeman co's. TN.  She was born abt. 1775 and died bef. 1837 in TN.  Have received word that she is mentioned in a Hill will, perhaps of a John Hill.  Can't find wills for Warren Co. on line.  Where can I go?  Thanks


Surnames: BUNKLEY
Submitter: Don Ort (donort@home.com)
Date: 02 May 2001

I am researching the surname Bunkley and have come across several ancestors in Capt. Bunkley's Dist. in Warren Co., GA.  Can anyone tell me for whome Bunkley's Dist. is named and where I can learn more about this person?

Submitter: Wilbur Scott Eubanks (weubanks@cfl.rr.com)
Date: 10 May 2001

Searching for James M. Eubanks b. abt 1850 & Narcissa Lewis Eubanks b. abt 1843, in 1850 Warren County, Ga. Census.  Contact  Wilbur Scott Eubanks   weubanks@cfl.rr.com


Submitter: Linda Johnsn (LLJohnsonC@aol.com)
Date: 09 May 2001

According to the book "Methodist Preachers in Georgia,1783-1900", compiled by Harold Lawrence, member of North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church, three JOHNSON Methodist preachers of Georgia were from or died in Warren County.  They were Robert R. JOHNSON (1839-1908), Amos JOHNSN(b1812 in Columbia, SC-1888) and Seaborn JOHNSON (1820-1851).  Does anyone know the parents of these preachers or any other connection that would help?

For Robert R. there is a lengthy listing of his assignments in the church and his death was in Rockmart, GA.  The compiler's source was "Boyhood and other Days in Georgia," p 243 by G. W. Yarbrough.

For Amos JOHNSON the book states that he married Frances A. LAZENBY of Warren co, Ga and they lived in Warren, Greene, Clarke, Chattooga Counties.

Linda Johnson


Submitter: Dot Laird (djlaird@gte.net)
Date: 29 Apr 2001

MATTHEWS/MATHEWS/WALDROP/WALDREP,ETC. I am searching for Joseph Matthews c. 1800. He was married to Nancy (Mary) Hall. They had  13 children,the last being born in 1850.  Some of the names were Epsy, Aseneath, Phariaby , Willliam B, and others.  Any help out there?    Dot Laird


The following item is NOT a query; however, it has been placed here as it could be helpful for others who may be searching some of these names:

This was written in 1895 - T. J. Killebrew Sr., is a Georgian by birth. His parents, Marmaduke N. Killebrew and Marie L. Wiggins were married in 1839 in Warren County, GA. Nine children blessed this union, the eldest of whom Thomas J. his father was a planter, and in the interest of his business moved to the sparsely settled lands of Smuttier County. In 1852 he again moved, this time to Clay County, where he lived until 1865. When he came to Alabama, settling in Dale County, two miles southwest of the little town of Newton. On the Choctawhatchee River. Here he engaged in farming and soon bought a small mill used as a grist mill, a rice mill and cotton gin. In 1872, he associated his son, T.J. Jr. with himself in business, added a woolen mill and began the manufacturer of full stock jeans. In 1885, the firm Killebrew and Son was dissolved, the father retiring from business sold out his interest to his son, Thomas J. He then retired in his seventy-ninth year (1806)?

The mother of our subject was born in Warren County, GA in 1823 and then grew to womanhood. She was married in her 19th year (1842)? and was the mother of nine children, eight of whom are living. Early in life she joined the Methodist Episcopal Church South and still lives in her seventy-second year. The subject of this sketch grew to manhood on the farm, having the best of educational advantages to be derived from private tutors. Under these studied Latin, the higher mathematics and the natural sciences, besides taking a course in English literature. Upon his arrival into manhood the war broke out (civil) and he entered the state militia for six months, in "Old Joe Brown's Pets" so called. He then enlisted in the confederate service and was assigned to the Eastern army, serving most of the time during the war in garrison duty along the Atlantic coast, though he participated in
the three days battle of Bentonsville. He was regularly discharged April 30, 1865, and given $150.50 in silver. This was all the money he had to get home and begin business with.  Upon returning home he began farming and made his first crop with nothing but a weeding hoe. He farmed six years at which time he entered business with his father.  In 1885 he purchased his father's share and then began to enlarge and strengthen his facilities, until the present time. In 1890 he erected a fine brick building which is now his factory which has a capacity of 5,000 yards per month of nine ounce all wool Jeans and about 25,000 pounds of spun yard. The machining in this factory is
of the most improved pattern and about fifteen hands employed. The power is supplied by an eighteen foot overshot wheel.  He commenced business with about $4,500, and by his own efforts built up his business to its present magnitude. He has ready sale for all the goods he can manufacture and has contracts from there
to eight months ahead. He now contemplates enlarging of his plant and so changing it to enable him to manufacture his wool into garments.  Mr. Killebrew was married in 1865 to Martha S. Blocker, daughter of Stephen and Rebecca (Rice) Blocker. Mrs. Killebrew's father was a slave owner and rich farmer. She had the best of educational advantages, taking a thorough literary course in the Southern Masonic Female College of Covington, GA.  graduating with the first honors. She was married at 23 and now is the mother of eight children, seven of whom still live. The boys all graduated from Auburn and the girls from Wesleyan College in Macon, GA.

Note #2------My name is Kip Killebrew and Thomas Jefferson Killebrew, the jeans maker, was my great, great grandfather. The information I have on him comes from my cousin Martha Killebrew of Montgomery, Al. TJ. Killebrew purchased an old water wheel in Newton, Al after the Civil war and began by spinning cotton cloth and then expanded into making woolen/cotton blue jeans. The remains of the dam and a few bricks from the jeans factory can still be found hidden in the brush. TJ's beautiful home still exists and is well maintained on a street near the old dam site.  Bob Killebrew    bkiller153@AOL.com

Submitter: Retta Ashe (rashe@gbso.net)
Date: 03 May 2001

I am looking for info on JAMES CARTER, b. in NC, a Rev. War veteran, h/o ELIZABETH MOORE. James' name is listed on a marker on the Richmond Co. Courthouse lawn. He was the father of Christian Carter b. abt 1769 in NC w/o JACOB SMITH b. abt 1765 in Warren Co.?, GA.  James' other children were Moore, Jesse, Sara, Elizabeth, Isaac, Renny, Penelope, Fartheray, James Jr, & Allen.

Submitter: Charlotte Pierce (pierceca@mindspring.com)
Date: 08 Jun 2001

Looking for any information on the families of Wiley BRADDOCK who was married Tempe Aetna COOPER.  Wiley was born abt. 1835 in Warren County.  Thanks for any info.


Submitter: James H. Broome (jimbroome@worldnet.att.net)
Date: 26 May 2001

I have traced my family to Warren county. My ggggrandfather was Solomen Broome/Broom, his wife was Betsey Mims. In the late 1700's he was in Warren county with several of his brothers: David,Burrell, Moses and Ishmael. Solomen had three sons by Betsey; Leroy, Moses, and Miles. He was married a second time to Elizabeth Green and had two sons. Solomen was born in NC, thought to be Halifax county. Any info on this family would be appreciated. I would also like to find the location of Elam Church in Warren county. Don't know if denomination was Methodist, Baptist, or what. Any info would be great. Thanks, Jim


Surnames: LOCKETT
Submitter: John Lockett (themavin@bellsouth.net)
Date: 08 Jun 2001

David Lockett was my 4th g grand father. does any one know where he is buried? Thank you.

Submitter: Laura Chrysler Ormandy (JRORMANDY@ACCESSATC.NET)
Date: 03 Jun 2001

Looking for any info on a Vandella Smith, that married John Rabun abt 1887, probably in Warren Co., d.o.b. abt 1870.She died in late 1892. She had three children, Fannie Estelle, Mimmie Belle and Herman. Any help on whom her parents were would be appreciated. Laura Chrysler Ormandy


Submitter: Pat Oelslager (roelslager@cfl.rr.com)
Date: 30 May 2001

Does anyone have a connection to a DR.Cicero Gibson,1860,Warren Co, age 35,born 1825, married to Mary H.,sons William A,Thomas C.Sterling and Cicero ,(3 months of age, my gr-grandfather)Cicero Augustus Gibson, this is the 1860 census, but they are not in the 1870 census,I know that my gr-grndfather, Cicero Augustus was in Muscogee Co in 1881, he married my gr grnd mother, Virginia LaNora Rodgers.His mother Mary may have had a Allen connection.Thanks, Pat


Surnames: MURPHY
Submitter: John Murphy (cad@aslancorp.com)
Date: 14 May 2001

Looking for information on John Simon Murphy, born Warren County Georgia, February 7, 1836.  He married Mary Virginia Halder in Huntsville, Alabama.  He died in Yazoo City, Mississippi December 25, 1908

Submitter: Christopher Beard (cb210@aol.com)
Date: 21 May 2001

Looking for parentage of George Dunaway and Clarissa Osborne who married in Warren Co. in 1814.  Please e-mail me.


Submitter: Jack Crenshaw (jnkshaw@yahoo.com)
Date: 24 May 2001

I am researching the Crenshaw's of Warren Co., 1820-1840. My g-g-g-grandfather, Paschal Crenshaw, born abt. 1795-1798, married in Warren Co.. I have heard two names for the woman he married...one was Margaret
Springer in 1816 and the other was Margaret Wells about the same date. Does anyone know which is right ?
Also, in the Lincoln Co., Tennessee 1850 census it lists Paschal living with his son, William T. and that census has Paschal termed "convict". Does anyone know what crime he was guilty of ?  Any info would really be appreciated.
Jack Crenshaw


Submitter: Verla Miller (verlamiller2@yahoo.com)
Date: 24 May 2001

William York born abt. 1755 and moved to Warren Co.(Wilkes or Columbine Co.) abt. 1786.  Married to Lydia Burson.  One of their daughters, Clementine was born in Writsborough, GA in 1795 and then they moved to Ohio
in 1808.  Would like any information on the family. 



Submitter: George W. Chambless (gchambless@lexcominc.net)
Date: 24 May 2001

I am searching for the burial site of Adam Jones who died 10/1/1830 in Warren Co. He was the husband of Susanna Denmark and the father of Susan Jones who married Jeptha Chambless. I was told his home and grave were near Jewell, GA.   Thanks, George W. Chambless


Submitter: Ralph Chapman (FirstBankC@AOL.Com)
Date: 01 Jun 2001

CHAPMAN-My Chapman ancestors are from the Williams Creek area.  My father was Vernon Wesley Chapman Ben Biram Chapman>James Solomon Chapman. They migrated to Emanuel County and most are buried there.  Trying to contact family members to trace James Solomon Chapman's ancestors.


Surname:  HUNTER
Submitter:  Roy Hunter rghunter3@juno.com
Date:  June 2001

I am looking for information on HUNTER family.
Job Hunter b 1780 d 1853
Warren Hunter b 1827
Priscilla Susan (nee Hilson ) Hunter b1836
Thomas J.Hunter b1862
Jobe H.Hunter b 1864
Denia Hunter b  1866
Gilha Hunter   b  1869


Surnames: PERRYMAN
Submitter: Carolyn Roy (JROY6666@aol.com)
Date: 24 Jun 2001

I am looking for anyone who has information on
Harmon Perryman who lived in Warren County in the early l800's his son John Alexander Perryman b. l802.  Harmon was my ggg grandfather John Alexander my g.g. grandfather.  Need Will any documents connecting them.  Harmon was a J.P. J.I.C. a member of the Ga. House of Representives.
He was Post Master at Perrymans Mills l827.  Does anyone know anything about Perrymans Mills?? It is not there anymore. Thanks


Surnames: NEAL
Submitter: john neal (johnneal@hotmail.com)
Date: 25 Jun 2001

what happened to neal family between 1820 and 1850? specifically harrell, orpa, joel, samuel and david ferdinand neal?


Surnames: NEAL
Submitter: john neal (johnneal@hotmail.com)
Date: 26 Jun 2001

any info on current email add for lettie howell. any info on thomas neal sr. / jr, harrell, joel, david ferdinand neal, etc,1795 to 1850.

Submitter: Yates Meeks (jakemeeks@tds.net)
Date: 25 Jun 2001

Does anyone know the parents and place of birth for Wiley Mayo ? He married Nancy Smith 1st on 8/27/1840 & Sarah Geesling Lord 2nd in 11/28/1847 both of these marriages were in Warren CO. GA


Submitter: Charles A. (Chip) Rooks (House221@aol.com)
Date: 21 Jun 2001

Fredrick and Lydia Bailey Rooks were married 11 Feb. 1821 in Warren County.  They showd up in Irwin County around 1836, where they raised their family and lived out their lives.    I am looking for any information anyone may have on this couple between 1821 and 1836.    These two folks were my Gr,Gr,Great Grandparents.


Submitter: Sonia Mitchell (soniam@aol.com)
Date: 24 Jun 2001

Need help finding infomation on Wylie (Wiley) Johnson and his wife Martha Wood Johnson who were married in Warren County 1896, lived in Barnett.  Children born to this couple were Emma, Johnny, Anna May, Rebecca, Clinton and Rosa.


Submitter: Wayne dorough (dorwgd@home.com)
Date: 25 Jun 2001

Seeking information on Henry McGough, born abt 1831.  He possibly changed his name to Henry Kitchens following his Mother's death abt 1850.


Surnames: MAY
Submitter: Willie May (willjmay@juno.com)
Date: 17 Jun 2001

Serching for information on John Tillman May and wife Martha Jane Robertson May. John Tillman May' mother was named Mary Jane, don't know last name. She was born about 1810. She also had a daughter named Mary Lila May. John T. & family moved to Dale county Alabama early 1850. Later setteling in Clark county Alabama.

Surnames:  Griffin, Pilcher
Submitter:  Charles Pilcher  (pbubba@juno.com)
Date:  3 Jul 2001

I trying to find information on Eliza Griffin married to James Wright
Pilcher. She was born 1806 died 1880.

Submitter: Frankie Sawyer` (docnhim@gulfsurf.infi.net)
Date: 04 Jul 2001

I have recently found a will listed (1801) of Richard Crutchfield, Warren County. Does anyone have any info on the Crutchfields in the early 1800's?  My great great grandfather, Edmond Crutchfield, is said to have been born in Warren County (1813) and I can't find a trace of him prior to 1850 at which time he appears in Sumter County, Ga.  Could the Richard Crutchfield be an ancestor?  Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Frankie W. Sawyer


Surnames: GAY GIBSON
Submitter: Hughie Gay (greber@webtv.net)
Date: 01 Jul 2001

Searching for parents/siblings of ELIZABETH GIBSON that married HARDY B GA 1856.
Any shared information shall be appreciated  !!!


Surnames: FIELDS
Submitter: Hughie Gay (greber@webtv.net)
Date: 01 Jul 2001

Searching for information on the siblings/children of THOMPSON FIELDS. He is listed on the HH Census Warren Cty 1820.  All information shall be appreciated.


Surnames: POOLE TODD
Submitter: Marvin Poole (PlMarv5@aol)
Date: 03 Jul 2001

Would like any information on James Florence Poole that married Mary Todd in Warren Co. in 1877.

Surnames: WAGGONER
Submitter: Joy Jeffers (joydell@the0cia.net)
Date: 02 Jul 2001

WAGGONER/PALMORE - Seeking information on ancestors who might have been from Warren County.
JAMES WAGGONER and wife ARABELLA PALMORE, both born in GA moved with their children to Texas by the 1850s.  I am interesting in learning more about them and their ancestors.


Submitter: Barbara Rhodes (rhodes@chem.fsu.edu)
Date: 28 Jun 2001

Thomas Rhodes was preacher at Williams' Creek Baptist Church, Warren Co. in 1822 when he was excommunicated by the GA. Baptist Association for causing a schism in the church.  Does anyone know more about this controversery or the about the man Thomas Rhodes or his family.  He was later restored to membership and moved to Jasper County hwere he died in 1832.  I'll be grateful for any help.


Submitter: Sue Gay (greber@webtv.net)
Date: 01 Jul 2001

Seeking information on the parents/siblings of WILLIAM L FIELDS & MARTHA PAUL that married in
WARREN CTY 1832.  ANY known information shall be appreciated !!!

Surnames:  Rose Gardner
Submitter:  Philip 
Date:  15 Jul 2001

Searching for parents of gggggrandmother b? d? w/o Edward Rose b 1740 NC d 1834 Summerset Oh (no record of Drucilla, Summerset) Daughter Drucilla Rose Gardner (daughter) b 1755 d 1830 Warren Co. Ga m Pryor Gardner b 1758.


Surnames:  Marsh
Submitter:  Faithann10@aol.com
Date:  15 Jul 2001

My great-Great-Great Nathan Marsh died in 1851 in Warren County, present day Glascock Co.  I was able to get papers signed by Elijah Clark granting him 253 1/2 acres of land in Washington Co n 1783.  He served in the Rev. War from 1781 until 1783.  He is not listed on the monument at the Warren Co courthouse, but I would love to find more information, ie cemetery, etc. Any ideas?

Surnames: TAYLOR 
Submitter: Frederick Brantley Taylor (fredbt@bellsouth.net)
Date: 12 Jul 2001

Interested in sharing information with anyone who is descended from Warren TAYLOR (Born abt 1800) or any of his children:  James F. Taylor (b. abt 1832), Elizabeth Taylor (b. abt 1834), Aaron Taylor, (b. 1836), Joel Walker Taylor, (b. 1838), Martha Jane Taylor, (b. 1841) or John Warren Taylor, (b. 1845). All lived in Warren County, GA.
Frederick Brantley Taylor


Submitter: Jim Willoughby (giantsteps@alltel.net)
Date: 12 Jul 2001

I am trying to document the parents of Polly and Elizabeth Meadows, who married Robert and David Willoughby in Clark County, now Oconee Georgia. Can someone please help/
*This short family history came from "Heritage of Chambers County." Can anyone help me with the spouses of Polly and Elizabeth? Robert and David Willoughby married a Polly and Elizabeth Meadows in Clark Co Georgia. Could it be that Polly and Elizabeth went to Clark County Georgia and some of the other siblings went to Chambers Co and other places? Willoughby and Meadows families also were in Green, Warren, Coweta, Oconee, Oglethorpe, Taliaferro, Warren, Columbia, Wilkes and other Counties in Georgia. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
1. Jason MEADORS. Born ca 1775 in VA. ca 1795 when Jason was 20, he married Mary VAUGHN, in VA.
They had the following children:
i. Washington. Born in 1798 in VA. Washington died in Chambers County Alabama.
Washington married Rachel BONDS, daughter of John BONDS & Mary STARK.
ii. Warner. Born in 1806.
Warner married Nancy MEADOWS. Born in 1808.
iii. Morris.
iv. Henry.
Henry married Louise WALLIS.
v. John.
John married Mary BARROW.
vi. James.
James married Mary TOWLES.
vii. Polly.
viii. Elizabeth.


Submitter: jan marsh (tmarsh@jeffersonenergy.com)
Date: 09 Jul 2001

need info on a seaborn newsome married to elizabeth harrell. was on the 1850 census. and also on the 1847 deed records but dont know any other information . any info will help .thanks

Surnames: HALL  WALKER
Submitter: Antoinette Russell (Zkai@aol.com)
Date: 15 Jul 2001

I am searching for information on the Hall's and the Walkers from the Barnett district of Warrenton, Georgia. My great great grandmother was Lou Hall and her occupation was farmer. Her son was my great grandfather, John was born in 1855. His siblings were Phrony born 1858 (female)Manda born in 1860, Ella born in 1863 and Lucida born in 1864, Henry born 1867. John Married Senia Walker, her parents were Amanda and Ned Walker Ned was 28 in 1870 and also Amanda. their children were Senia(great grandmother) born 1863, Ginny born 1866, and John born 1870.  I'd also like to know if there was a Plantation in the area owned by someone with the surname Hall, there are quite a few Black Halls in the area. And Also Walker. I'd appreciate any help. Thank you in advance.

Submitter: Charles A. (Chip) Rooks   (House221@aol.com)
Date: 24 Jul 2001

I am looking for any information concerning Fredrick & Lydia Bailey Rooks.  They were married in Warren County in Jan 1821 and were found listed in the Warren County 1830 Census. Irwin County History has the couple
showing up there in 1836.  According to the census occupation portion of Irwin County censuses Fredrick was a Cooper,  (barrel maker) and farmer by trade.  Any information you may be able to provide such as parents or siblings of either of this couple would be truely appreciated.


Submitter: Jan Harrison Harris  (washmom57@hotmail.com)
Date: 25 Jul 2001

I am searching for information on Benjamin Franklin Harrison, born about 1751 in NJ, died Jan. 19, 1833 in Warren County.  He was married to a woman named Abigail (no last name known).  They had several children some of whose names were Nancy, Rebecca, William, John Cox, Benjamin.  There were several marriages between the Harrison's and Ansley's.


Submitter: Elizabeth J Messina (stichandgrow@aol.com)
Date: 23 Jul 2001

I am looking for any infomation about the family of James Robert [Bob] Ray. Born in 1856 died 1946, lived in Warren County Ga.  Burried at Williams Creek Church.  Was married twice and the second time to Delll Geesling whose parents were Virgil and Nancy McGinty Geesling.  I would like to find out more about their ancestors.


Surnames: STANFORD
Submitter: Gary Stanford (garys@pa.adelphia.net)
Date: 20 Jul 2001

John Stanford, age 12, in 1870 Warren County Census:  I need to know more about John, since he possibly was my great grandfather.  My grandfather was Gordon Stanford from Macon County, NC. Later Sylva, NC. 

Submitter: Barry Paschal (barrypaschal@yahoo.com)
Date: 20 Jul 2001

I am searching for any Warren County information on Dr. David Bush, also known as David Bushnell. Thanks!

Submitter: Nancy Barginear (Najoba@hotmail.com)
Date: 19 Jul 2001

I am searching for any information I can find on the following families:  Posey (Lemuel, Bennett, Thomas, Samuel Marcus);  Lewis (Rebecca); Hammock (Mary.  I have found Thomas Posey's will in Warren County, GA, naming his mother as Rebecca Lewis; he also includes Samuel Marcus and Lemuel.  Lion (or Sion) Hill, James, Nancy and Rebecca Smith were witnesses.  We believe they are Cherokee or Creek Indians.


Submitter:  Susie Bates  suzzeb@evcom.net
DATE:  16 July 2001

I have been searching for the parents of a James M. BATES b. 1812 GA. What part of GA, I'm not sure.  There is a James M. BATES listed on the 1820 Warren Co. Census, page 274, with 2 sons 0-10 yrs of age, right age.  How can I prove or eliminate this one? It's impossible, I know.   If only there were a time machine, I would buy a ticket back to 1800 and stay for several years.  Then I would insist that all records and important information be written in triplicate and stored in three locations through out the county, so that future generations would know for sure who went where

Submitter: Evelyn  Thompson (evie@mstar2.net)
Date: 15 Jul 2001

Looking for any information concerning Robert Thompson shown on 1790 Tax Digest for Warren County as owning property bordering Rocky Comfort.The other information I have is that he married about 1804 (where I do not know)Mary Faglie who came from Germany.  He died in 1810 intestate, but his administrator of his property was shown as Robert Thompson, Jr.  Is there is an attorney who can tell me if his son, in order to be an administrator, would need to be 21.  The records I have show that he and Mary had two children, one Robert Pinckney, who was also called junior, and was born in 1805 and died about 1853 leaving two orphans who lived with Mary, their grandmother, and then Mary and Robert had a daughter, Politha, born 1810 about 5 months after Robert's death.  I would really like to know if Robert, Sr. had any siblings and who they were.  Also, who were his parents.  He may have been born in North or South Carolina.  Was he related to Reubin Thompson who served in the Revolutionary War.  I am really at a dead end here.  Any help will be appreciated.

SURNAMES:  Hardaway
Submitter:  Rex D. Hardaway  purrdh@pur.emory.edu
Date:  16 Jul 2001

Researching Hardaway roots in Warren County. Looking for maps and locations of the 3 Hardaway cemeteries.

Submitter: Antoinette Russell 
Date: 29 Jul 2001

I am searching for the African american Hall family from Barnett district and also the Walkers from the same area. Lou Hall was my great great grandmother she born ca 1840, belived to be a slave, her children were John, Manda, Philaby, Lucinida, Henry. Also was there a Hall plantation in that area?

also looking for Ned and amanda Walker, African american. Both of the born around 1842, their kids were Senia, Giiny, and John. any help will be appreciated. Thank you.



Surnames: NEWSOME
Submitter: jan marsh 
Date: 26 Jul 2001

does any one have any info on a seaborn newsome . he is listed in the book of deeds as having a deed on dec 22 1847 book pg 360. he is also listed in the 1850 census record forwarren co on pg 202 in the 90th subdivision ga55al284409. does any one know where this is and what type of property he would have a deed to. thanks, jan


Surnames: PARHAM
Submitter: Diane 
Date: 27 Jul 2001

Looking for the family of Lawson Parham, b 1881.  The 1870 Warren Co. Census lists a few different Parham families. I would like to know if Lawson is connected to any of these Parhams:

James, age 27
Caroline, age 24
Cynthia, age 2
Frederick, age 37
Reuben, 65
Lucy, 58
Turner, 19
Robert, 14
Solomon, 12
Nelly, 10
Harriet, 8
Thanks again for any help you can offer!!!



Surnames: GOLDEN
Submitter: Diane
Date: 27 Jul 2001

I am searching for the GOLDEN family of Barnett, GA.  In the 1870 Warren Co. Census I found one Golden
family listed, not the one that I am looking for, but possibly related in some way. Can anyone tell me about this GOLDEN family:

Titus, age 50
Amanda, age 40
Scott, 6
Louisa, 4
Mingo, 11/12
Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!!



Surnames: CRENSHAW
Submitter: Diane 
Date: 27 Jul 2001

Can anyone tell me what became of Elizabeth Crenshaw  (age 7), listed in the 1870 Warren Co. GA Census? I
am trying to find the Crenshaw girl who married Monroe Golden, and this girl fits the timeframe.  Thanks for any help/suggestions that you can give me!!!



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