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Malachi George Washington Smith Last Will and Testament, August 1902

Source: Mary Esther Smith

State of Georgia, County of Washington
I M.G.W. Smith of said State and county, being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make this my last will and testament.
Item 1st -- I wish my executors as soon as possible after my death to pay all my just debts.
Item 2nd -- I wish my wife Nancy W. Gladin to be well maintained and cared for, with food, raiment and medical attention her natural life and neatly buried.
Item 3rd -- I give to my oldest son John A. Smith, one tract of land laying and being in 91st District G.M. Washington County, containing One Hundred forty and four (144) Acres more or less, Bounded north by lands of J.D. Brantley's estate and M.C. Sinquefield, east, E.S. Peacock, South H.K. Brantley, west G.M. Brantley.
Item 4th -- I give to my son William M. Smith, one half of my home place, on south side, whole tract containing Two Hundred Seventy Six (276) Acres more or less laying and being in 89th District G.M. Washington County, bounded on north by G.M. Brantley east J.J. Jenkins, south R.W. Young, west J.L. Brantley and others.
Item 5th -- I give to my son Joseph S. Smith the other half of my home place, on North side as described in Item above.
Item 6th -- I give to my Grand daughter Annie Hartley One Hundred dollars.
Item 7th -- I give to my grand son George Hartley One Hundred dollars.
Item 8th -- The remainder of my estate if any to be equally divided between my heirs.
Item 9th -- I do hereby appoint my son John A. Smith, william M. Smith and Jos. S. Smith, Executors of this my will.

In Testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand this 13th day of August 1902.
M.G.W. Smith

Signed and Published by M.G.W. Smith as his last will and testament in the Presence of the undersigned, who subscribe our names hereto as witnesses at the instance and request of said testator and in his Presence and in the Presence of each other. This the 13th day of August 1902.
Witnesses: E.S. Peacock
J.J. Smith
W.J. Wommack, J.P.

This came from Probate Office in Washington County Ga.

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