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Letter to OWEN from EVONA SMITH

Contributed by Mary Esther Smith

This is a letter written by Evona Smith who later married Roger Brantley , both were from Washington County. Was in possession of Rodelle Brantley Folsom.

Harrison Ga.
Sept. 1919

Dear Owen

Do you know that was a very nice sensable letter that you wrote me last. Well it was and one that I have been giving a good deal of ___ and consideration. I have read it several times and carefully considered the contents from every angle and the result is that I have come to the conclusion that you are wright in so far as us coming to a permanent understanding about our future relationship toward each other is conserned. You are slso wright in thinking that it we were to make a mistake in this matter we would both be miserable, not for a short time but for life.

It is not so much a question of caring more for some one else, as you seem to think, as it is caring enough for you. You will aggree that marriage is a sacred thing and should not be entered into lightly, one should give the very best deepest love of ones existance to the person that they marry, because you wrote me in such an honest strait forward way (also because its wright to do so) I am going to be equally frank with you. Altho I think a great deal of you I have come to feel that I can not love you with that true deep love that I feel myself capable of giving the man that I marry, and even if I did I would still doubt the wisdom of a union between us being congenial because you do not enjoy the things that I do, and those that you enjoy I do not care for atall.

Please do not think that I do not appreciate the honor that you confer in asking me to be your wife because I do and wish it was in my power to answer you differently. I am very very sorry if you are grieved or disapointed and do hope your will not allow my answer to interfear with our friendship I shall always regard you as one of my truest best friends and hope you will look upon me in the same light. I am sure that you will find some nice sweet girl to be your wife who cares for you as you deserve to be cared for at least thats my wish and that yours may be the happiness that you deserve. Now Owen please do not let this sever our friendship, I should be so sorry if it did.

Always your friend

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