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Jasper Newton Stubbs Letter 1900

Contributed by David Lander

Letter from Jasper Newton Stubbs written to his sister, Mrs. West, now in possession of his great-grandson, David Henry Lander

Harrison Ga.
Washington County 1900

I was a member of the Washington Riflemen for several years before the war and (when my company was called to sholder arms in the defince of my ... and protection of my home and property I registered at once) inlisted in the confederate States servis in February 1861 in the First Ga Redgment (during the war betweeen the states.) and after being mustered out in April 1862 then I inlisted for the war served in Company B of the 12 Ga Batalion voleters in Evan's Brigade Gordes [Gordon's] Division and 3rd army Corps and served until the surrender 1865 and was honorably discharged at the surrender at Apomaxtox Court House in Va 1865. (We was first ordered to Pencicla from their to Ritchmon Va and from Ritchmon to North West Va. And at Larrell Hill there we begin to fight and after several days fighting General Garnet was our Commander. And was forced to retret and on that retreat at Cassex Foard Garnit was killed and General Talfasro [Talliaferro] and Capt Barsey taken Command. When the fight in the rear commenced we formed a line of Battle at Cassey Ford extending across the vally and our command was the extreme right and the line gave way in the center and we swtill helt our position and was ... in the rear of the yankey army and then we was forced to the mountains thinking that we might cross over and join our army but alas we rambled and traveled for 4 days and nites. I was left asleep and they all left me on the top of the mountain and I was woke by a yankey Calryman riding nye in a few yds of me and to my surprise all had left and I decided that it was not best for me to rile him so I did not shoot and after a few minutes stay he left and then I went my weigh hunting for the 5 or 6 hundred men lost in the forest with 2 men in front cutting their weigh. After 3 days and nites by myself alone nite could hear panthers and bairs grouling and hollowing in all direction. I rambled out the 4 days in the morning to Mr Parsons a few miles to the south and thinking I would be killed but was so hungry was forced to get something to eat or dy. I cauled and asked if I could get something to eat if you please after a few seconds he replied yes if you are the rite sort of a man I hesstated as he did but I decidid that I would dy or have something to eat if I was forced to kill him and leave so I went down to his little cabin and found plenty and then I tolde him if he would go and find the lost men that they would reward him for his services and he tolde me to remain at or near round in the mountains and change my uniform and take a citizen suit so if the yankey scouts should come on me I could them them by claiming that I was on lookout for stock. Off he went after w and 2 nights he came back and brought them to a camp some 2 miles in the mountains and there he returned and reported to me that he had found them and had brought back the starving men back and had camped them and that by the assistance of me and his little son Robert to shuk corn and I would take charge of a mill and grinde the corn at nite and we would take the meal and salt and we started at day over to the camp with 3.......and ......3 or 4 bushels as much as we could carry on his 2 horses. Then I rejoined my comand of soldiers nearly all famished and weakened down. When the soldiers say me they rejoiced and my captain who is dead ........ He hugged and kifsed me. Thats Capt Seaborn Jones of Sandersville. I hope to see a monument of Capt Jones reared in the city of Sandersville at some future day Sisters of the cause of the Confedercy you will please think of Capt Jones at your meeting. He stood at the front and boar all the hardships of a soldier's asw the time has past so long since the commencement up to present that I cannot give a definit ancer to the ... and wondered of each but we generly fought not less than 5 to 1 in all the fights and some times 10 to one and we fought nearly evory day. And some times at nite I never would surrender and would always come out and let them shoot. At Manoxie [Monocacy] Junction md. I got my first wound and we lost a greate many men at Fishers Hill. I got wuded at Fishers Hill pa. I got my 3rd woud with a lot of a grate many men but the battle field was covered with dead and wouded men at the seven pines fight was great slaughter of men at the wildernefs also was a heavy batol at Sharkesburg was desparate flight at Hagers Town Md was a heavy batel the firs Manases fight was heavy and the second Manases was the largest fight during the war. Cold Harbor fight was a greate slaughter of men as boath sides and round Richmon Va that was a fight all day and sharp shooting at nite compeled to stay in the trenchis also at Petersburg the same you look in the history and you will find all the reports of the caulties of bouth sides and I notice that there is a great many fighers and batols that is not spoken of.

Now sister Mag you can state to Anna May that this will give her some idea of what I have gone through in life and would to day sholder my musket in defence of Honisty and Justice...this county.

Yours as ever and Brother J. N. Stubbs

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