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Malachi George Washington Smith Civil War Service Record

Source: Mary Esther Smith

Malachi George Washington Smith enlisted May 8, 1862 in Tennille, Georgia, for three years or the duration of the war. He was signed up by his cousin, Daniel C. Smith, who had been elected Captain that day. He was one of the men who would make up the Bullard Guards.

By November, 1862 the unit was in the Richmond, Virginia area, by February 1863, the company was camped at Drewrys Bluff, Virginia and on July 1, 1863, they were at Greenwood, Pennsylvania on the Chambersburg Road west of South Mountain. They camped that night at Marsh Creek about four miles from Gettysburg. By mid afternoon on July 3rd, they were stretched in a bare thin line. Anderson's Brigade, including the 11th and 59th Bullard Guards moved from the main line and went to the extreme right, attacked Merritt's reserve and struck the skirmish line, rolling it up as far as Emmitsburg road. It was here at a point near Kern's house, that Malachi George Washington Smith was wounded by a rifle shot from one of Merritt's men. The gunshot hit his left arm, shoulder and pierced his lung. For him, the Battle of Gettysburg was over.

Hospital facilities were practically non existent. Only about one man out of one hundred men received proper medical treatment during the next two days. The wounded remained in camp with little attention and were not moved out until the remaining members of the brigade moved out on July 5th. The wounded, who were unable to walk, were loaded on wagons and the other wounded walked. An armed escort, was provided for the wagon train as they headed toward Fairfield Gap and the Potomac River. Washington Smith was admitted to Chimborazo #2 Hospital on July 17, 1863 in Richmond and moved the next day to #6. On August 2nd he was furloughed for thirty five days and returned to the hospital at the end of his furlough.

The army spent the winter, between Russellville and Greeneville, Tennessee, living off the country side and having a few occasional alarms. It was here in early 1864 that Washington Smith rejoined the Bullard Guards.

Private Washington Smith, surrendered along with the rest of the Bullard Guards and their company.

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