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Civil War Military Transcripts for Wylie Wyatt

Source: Melissa Brown June 2004

This is as accurate as I can do. I did not change any spelling, punctuation, grammer or capitalization. Could not make out all letters. - Melissa Brown

Wyatt, Wiley
Co B, 28 Georgia Infantry, Confederate
Card Numbers. 52175359

W 28 GA
Wiley Wyatt
Pvt Co B 28 Reg

Name appears on a register of Claims of Deceased Officers and Soldiers from Georgia which were filed for settlement in the Office of the Confederate States Auditor for the War Department.

By Whom Presented Reuben Mayo atty
When filed March 21, 1863
Where born Washington Co., GA
Where died Bat Seven Pines
When reported to Dec 22, 1863
When returned Jan 5, 1863
Number of settlements:
Certificates 11491
Amount found due $58.00
Confed. Arch., Chap. 10, File No. 25, page 138
G C West Copyist

Confederate Statement of Service Reference Slip
Ga Pen.
Wiley Wyatt
Co 3 28 Reg Ga Inf
Name not on Co rolls

Other records show Wiley Wyatt, (same Co) died at Seven Pines, date and cause not shown.
Arcls Div
Any record? Please return.JF/FF
On back
Records show that Wiley Wyatt Pvt Co B 28 Ga Vol.
Born in Washington Co., GA, Farmer
Enlisted on 14 Aug, 1861 at Sandersville, Ga for the war and Killed at the Battle of Seven Pines 31 May 1862. Records also show that his widow Edney Wyatt, filed a claim for his back pay in Sept 1862.
Mar 26, 1919 Williamson (so noted)

Mr. W H T Taylor
Second Auditor C States
Dear Sir
in closed you will find a Pour of attorney for the Wife Wiley Wyat and Wm Goff also there Descripive lists and the amount that is Due them Which I Hope you Will Forward by Expense to them at Sandersville Washington County Georgia and obige yours

Leut Reuben Mayo

PS If you wish to communicate to me Daet your leter to the 28 Regment Ga Vol Company B Colquets Brigade B.H. Hills Devision

You Will Pay Expensive out of the amount that is Due Each one.

Oen wise (??) compared with verified Signatures, See case Ga W. Webster Co B 28 Ga

G. Davidin????


State of Georgia
Washington County
Personally came before me Joseph M G Medlock a Justice of the Peace in cause for said County Edney Wyatt who being duly sworn according to law declares that she is the Widow of Wiley Wyatt who was a member of Company B in the 28th Regiment of Georgia Volenteers and was killed in battle at Seven Pines near Richmond in Virginia as she has been advised and believes, and she further declares that she is entitle to the money and other allowance due and coming from the Government of the Confederate States of America for the Military service of her said Husband Wiley Wyatt rendered in the said Company and Regiment

Edney x Wyatt (her mark)

Also personally come before me Stephen Durden who being duly sworn declar that the facts set forth in the above declaration is substantially true.

Stephen Durden

Sworn to and subscribed before and I do certify that the the affiant is a credible person and entitled to full faith and credits.

Sworn under my hand and official signature this 2 Sept 1862

JMS Medlock J.P.

Georgia Washington County
I do hereby certify that Joseph M G Medlock whose genuine signature appears to the above attestation is an acting Justice of the Peace for said County duly commissioned and sworn and that full faith and credit ought to be had and given to his attestation as such
Witness my hand and seal of the Superior court the 2 day of Sept 1862

William P Powell, clerk

State of Georgia
Washington County
Know all men by these present that J Edney Wyatt of said county, have this day made Constituted and appointed and by these presents do make constitute and appoint Leet Reuben Mayo my attorney in fact for me and in my name to collect from the paymaster of the 28 Redgment of Georgia Volenteer or any other person authorized to pay the same all the money and other allowance due and coming to me for the Military service of my deceased Husband Wiley Wyatt from the Government of the Confederate States of America and he is authorized by these presents to give receipts and acquitances for the same in my name in as ample and legal manner as I could do myself were I personally present at the doing thereof, Herby con firming and allowing all that my said Attorney may do in my name in the premises.
In testimony wherof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 2nd day of September 1862. Edney x Wyatt (her mark) LT
Georgia Washington County
Personally came before me Edney Wyatt and Acknowledged that she signed and sealed the above power of Attorney to Reuben Mayo by making her mark and the the same is her act and deed

Witness my hand and seal this 2nd day of September 1862

Haywood Brookins Ordinary

Wiley Wyatt
Pv Co B.
28 Geo

Reuben Mayo

R March 21, 63
A ellwcd - A/Mh 9th 1863

Capt Certificate Verified

The Confederate States,
To: Edney Wyatt, widow of Wiley Wyatt, deceased, late private of Capt. (blank) Co. B, 28 Regiment Ga Vols - Dr.
For pay of said deceased from 28th Feb 1862, when last paid, to the 31 May 1862 when he O????, 3 ???? @ $11 per m??------- Clothing




As per Capt Certificate

Payable to Edney Wyatt widow, (per order of atto Lee letter herewith)

Sandersville Washington Co., Ga

Treasury Department

Second Auditor's Office,

22 Dec 1863

G. David??? Jr. Clerk

Comptroller's Office,
Janary 5th 1864
F M Nelson Clerk

No. 11491 R
Wiley Wyatt Deceased,
Private of Capt (blank)
Co B. 28 Reg't Ga Vols-

Due $ 58.00
Pay of officers and privates of the army-volunteers, militia, &c.
Sent to widow 7th Jan 1864

Reported, 22 Dec 1863
Confirmed, Janary 5 1864

Wiley Wyatt was born in SC abt 1815 and died 31 May 1862 in Virginia at the Battle of Seven Pines.
He married Edney Durdan in Jefferson County, Georgia on 16 Feb, 1849
He appears in the 1850 and 1860 Washington County, Georgia Census
They had 7 children
Polly, Mary J., Francis (Frank), Eli Wilburn, Martha, Anna, and Jack.
Edney and the children were in Hancock Co., Georgia in 1870
Could not find in 1880
Were in Muscogee Co., Ga in 1900, 1910, then in later years moved to Russell Co., Alabama.

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