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Deepstep Community

The Deepstep Community began sometime prior to 1825. Families such as the Veals, Halls, Gladins and Hutchings established the community.

Sometime around 1835, the Methodist church was established in Deepstep. In 1866, Smyrna Baptist Church was established. Between 1869-1900, Deepstep was a popular campground where Methodists from Washington and surrounding counties would gather together in the brush arbors for fellowship services.

In 1886, the people of Deepstep applied for a post office and it was granted. It wasn't until 1920 that the town was actually incorporated by Act of Legislature.

Around the turn of the century, a grist mill was built on the West side of Deepstep Methodist Church on the banks of Deepstep Creek. For years, Baptisms took place in the mill pond. In 1910, Deepstep organized and operated a telephone system. During the 1920s, a cotton gin was operated by W.H. Avant. Today, Deepstep's main attraction is Lake Franklin, a popular recreation spot owned by a local kaolin company. Only about one hundred fifteen people live within Deepstep city limits. Most of them are descendants of the original settlers.

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