Pioneers of Wayne Co.

Shortly after Wayne County's creation in 1803, the 1805 Georgia Land Lottery was held to attract settlers from the settled coastal areas of Georgia and immigrants from North and South Carolina. These settlers paid $419.60 for 490 acres of land. A bachelor was allocated one draw. Married men with wife/child and widows with a minor child got two draws. This land was on the thin strip of land that was originally defined as Wayne County. Many of the early settlers lived in the middle part of the strip around where the Big and Little Satilla Rivers crossed it. This "Tallassee" strip went from the Altamaha River to the St. Marys River (current Florida state line). Much early activity in Wayne County was centered around Waynesville (now Brantley County), where the county seat was before moving to Jesup.

Some of the pioneers of Wayne County have been identified as:

  • Stephen Crews
  • Jabez Dowling
  • William Drawdy
  • Thomas Fullwood
  • James Harper
  • David Highsmith
  • John Howell
  • James Jones
  • James Knox
  • Reddic Knox
  • Jessie Mizell
  • Joshua Mizell
  • John Munden
  • James Ratliff
  • Jacob Raulerson
  • Frederick Robeson
  • Charles Smith
  • Robert Stafford
  • James Strickland
  • John Strickland
  • Levi Strickland

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