Wilkes Co.

Wilkes County

On this page you will find a partial listing of Cemeteries in Wilkes County, Georgia. This list is not complete and if you have others to add, please contact me with the information.

Wilkes County Cemeteries

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Anthony Family Cemetery Wilkes County
Armstrong cemeteryBetween Wasdhington and Tignall
Barnett CemeteryNear Raysville Bridge, Lincoln County
Beard/Mahoney Family CemeteryWilkes County
Beaverdam Baptist Church CemeteryWilkes County
Bell Family CemeteryWilkes County
Bethel United Methodist Church CemeteryWilkes County
Branham Cemetery
See Terrell- Branham Cemetery
Wilkes County
Brooker CemeteryNear Smyrna Church on the Booker-Agee-Shook place
Wilkes County
Burdett Cemetery.near Aonia between the Ebenezer Church and the Booker place
Wilkes County
Candler CemeteryWilkes County
Catholic CemeteryWilkes County
Clarks Station Baptist Church CemeteryWilkes County
Clifford's Grove Baptist Church CemeteryWilkes County
Crane-Bryant Family CemeteryWilkes County
Crook Family CemeteryWilkes County
Cutlitt CemeteryNear Raysville Bridge, Lincoln County
Danburg Baptist Church CemeteryWilkes County
Dyson CemeteryOn the Washington-Metasville Road On the Dyson-Garrard-Norman Land. It is in Gerald Norman's Pasture
Ebenezer Baptist Church CemeteryWilkes County
Fishing Creek Baptist Church CemeteryWilkes County
Friendship Baptist Church CemeteryWilkes County
John Flynt Cemetery Near Mt. Zion land owned by Continental Can Co. Joins the old Gilbert-Pope-Hubberd lands. (The old John Flynt homeplace)
Gartrell Cemetery On Kemp Creek on G.O. Holliday's land.
Haliday CemeteryNear Raysville Bridge, Lincoln County
Hemphill Cemetery Near Raysville Bridge
Holliday Cemetery On Kemp Creek on Frank Gartrell's land
Independence United Methodist Church CemeteryWilkes County
Mallorysville Baptist Church CemeteryWilkes County
McClendon Cemetery.Danburg, Wilkes County, GA
Mt. Zion United Methodist Church CemeteryWilkes County
Newtown Baptist Church CemeteryWilkes County
Newsome Cemetery On Highway 78, back of Tom Boyd's Home
Paschal CemeteryNear Raysville Bridge
Dennis PaschallOn old Paschall land. Later known as the Neville Place, now government land. About one mile down Pierce's Chappel Road, turn left in front of the Graves-Clyde Neville home on a dirt road. It is about one mile to the cemetery. Last known it was covered in vines. in the back yard of the Dennis Paschall homeplace.
William Paschall Cemetery Three miles from Aonia at old Bookers
Phillips Mill Baptist CemeteryWilkes County
Pierce's Chapel Methodist Church CemeteryWilkes County
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery618 Philomath Rd. Rayle, Ga. 30660
Popes Chapel United Methodist Church CemeteryWilkes County
Rehoboth Baptist Church CemeteryWilkes County
Regan CemeteryNear Raysville Bridge
ResthavenWilkes CountySurnames A-I
ResthavenWilkes CountySurnames K-Z
Rock United Methodist Church Cemetery Wilkes County
Sardis Baptist Church Cemetery Wilkes County
Shank CemeteryOn the old Shank Homeplace on Little River. It is easier to get to by boat, but can be reached by foot.
Captain Abraham SimonsOn the old Augusta Road
Smyrna Methodist Church CemeteryWilkes County
Tabor Baptist Church CemeteryWilkes County
Terrell- Branham CemeteryWilkes County
Tignall Baptist Church CemeteryWilkes County
Turner CemeteryWilkes County
Bailey Wade Cemetery Between Highways 78 and 378
Washington Chapel CemeteryWilkes County
Washington Memorial GardensWilkes County
Wellmaker Family CemeteryWilkes County
John Q. West Cemetery
Rev. West(?)
On Little River, off Highway 78
Wilkes County

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