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    Leit haltn mir zam 
Und gehn ma niat ausanand. 

People let us hold together 
and let us not separate. 

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Our Proud Heritage
GBHS 30th Anniversary

Saturday, October 18, 2014
New Ulm Country Club
$20 per person

3:00 PM Culture Corner set up
4:00 PM Social Hour
5:00 PM Speakers
6:00 PM Dinner
6:45 PM: Business meeting with election of officers
7:00 PM Dancing
30% discount off GBHS merchandise this evening only

Culture Corner: Call for Items
If you brought personal family items to display for the twentieth and twenty-fifth anniversaey gatherings, we invite you bring them again for this gathering.

Think about what your family heritage can add to the corner. Do you have pictures of your family or weddings? How about your family heirloom klöpplesack? Or old lace on a treasured pillow or a curtain from that klöppelsack? Bring your family history books. Do you have household items like an old slicer for making kraut, any woodworking tools, novel dishware? How about some old documents that show the written language from the early periods of the homeland?

Jerry Gulden will be at the GBHS Research Center on Fridays September 19th and October 10 from 11-12 AM and 1-2 PM. Come by and bring your ideas and anything you want to display. You can call Jerry at 507-387-3943 or email him at

Lindmeyer Display:

  Lindmeyer Display  

New Display:
A new section of the Culture Corner will be called the Bohemian Village Heimatland. Tables will be available to set your set out your items for all to see. Bring your items to us from 3 PM onward. You can show your pictures or setup a poster board display of your family. This is an opportunity for you to help others experience the homeland.

For those who have made the trip to the homeland, share your photos with those who have not been able to make the trip. Bring your home village pictures. Were you lucky enough to get a picture of your family's home in a village or at least the lot where the house was located? Do you have pictures of he church and its cemetery or any tombstones with family names?

A History of Retirement in Brown County

Thursday, September 25, 2014
6 PM
New Ulm Public Library, 17 N Broadway
Presented by Angie Portner
Sponsored by the GBHS
Free and open to the public.

BC Retirement

Czech and German-Bohemian Tour of St. Paul

Friday, October 24, 2014
Sponsored by the Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International (CGSI)
Guided by Jim Sazevich

The online registration form is now available on the CGSI's website. The link to get to the form is’s-2014-symposium-st-paul-mn


Available Now!

Stories of German-Bohemians

Since 1984 the German-Bohemian Heritage Society has been dedicated to sharing the stories of German-Bohemians through programs and research. Over the last twenty plus years, our newsletters have covered personal stories, genealogical research, and historical perspectives on all aspects of German-Bohemian heritage and culture. For the first time, the best articles have been gathered in a single volume. This one-of-a-kind book has more than 400 pages of fascinating stories and information, making it the best single resource for learning more about German-Bohemians.
$34.95 plus $4 postage. See order form.

Heimatbrief Book



Updated Library Listings
The listings of printed materials available for research at the GBHS Library and Resource Center has been updated. See the Library page for the updated listings.


2012  Issues of the Heimatbrief
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(To view go to Heimatbrief page.


Surname Database Has Been Updated
25 January 2014

Check the Surnames page to see the updated German-Bohemian immigrant
surname database


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