Chronicle of Putzbühl

(according to Johann Micko)

The six houses of the hamlet, Putzbühl, are located about four kilometers west of Muttersdorf. The settlement was first mentioned in the year 1675 as a part of Kleingorschin with the designation "beim Buz Pichl liegend." Thus Putzbühl was actually a hilly grove behind a certain house which was counted as a par of Kleingorschin. According to the Heimatkunde of Muttersdorf, Putzbühl was also once known as "Finkenbühl," an alternate name that appears in the baptismal records of 1682. In 1784 Putzbühl was recognized as a separate place in terms of baptismal records.

In 1788 Putzbühl had two resident land holders: Stefan Pechtl and Johann Hilpert. In 1784 there were two houses and 11 residents, in 1832 there were five houses and 34 residents, in 1851 there were a good 46 residents. By 1890 PutzbÄhl had 39 residents, in 1910 there were six houses with 33 residents and in 1921 there were 52 residents. Tied to Waier, the hamlet belongs to the community of Grossgorschin.

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