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Surnames C

Family Name First Name Spouse Date of Birth Village of Origin County (Kreis) of Origin Date of Immigration Town/Township County State Code#(s) for Submitter(s) Notes
CHRISTEN Charles Andre Margaret L.  RAUSCH 8 Jul 1890 Märisch Trübau Märisch Trübau 1906 Chicago Cook  IL 194
CHRISTEN Carl Rosina ILLE 13 June 1864 Märisch Trübau Märish Trübau 1906 Chicago Cook IL 194
CHRISTEN Paula Maxamillian ZIMMER 16 Jan 1892 Märisch Trübau Märisch Trübau 1907 Chicago Cook IL 194
CHRISTEN Victor Emmauel Emille SCHMIDT 1906 Märisch Trübau Märisch Trübau 1906 Chicago  Cook  IL 194
CROVER Anghel Anna MARICK 1841   Bohemia 1880 - 1890? Ontario   Canada 250 Moved to Toronto, Canada then to San Diego, California
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