German-Bohemian Heritage Society

Book List T-Z


GB.183.Tau Taufbuch, Hochzeitsbuch, Totenbuch der katholischen Pfarrei Tachau 1707-1716
By Helga Meister, 1998
166 pages, text is in German, some illustrations
*Wedding, baptism, and death records for the catholic parish of Tachau. Also includes   records of the different ocupations and who these people were. All from 1707 to1716

GB.263. Tax Tax Rolls of 1654 of Bischofteinitz and Taus, translated by Karen Hobbs
48 pages.

GB.150.Kra TELC, Historic Town of South Moravia
189 p. Text is in English
Informational book about the historical center of Telc

GB.225.Tep Die Tepl  Copyright by Z. Jiskra  2001
107 pages, text is in German with some illustrations.
*Tepl river in Bohemia with it's subsituaries and how they affected the region.

GB.178.Tom Tomslake - History of the Sudeten Germans in Canada  By Andrew Amstatter
 (138 pages) (Text is in English)

GB.249.Tra Trans Atlantic Passengeer Ships Past and Present. By Eugene W. Smitth
350 pages, includes lists of ships, also pictures of same, from Angie

GB.018.Tur Turnwald, Wilhelm Karl. Renascence or decline of Cenral Europe: the Sudeten German-Czech Problem. Munich: University Press C. Wolf, 1954.
89 p., illus., 20 cm.
Germans, Czechoslovakia.

GB.175.Uni UNITY IN COMMUNITY, ST. Boniface Parish 150 years,New Vienna, IA
Edited by BobMescher & Laverne "Toby" Bockenstedt
239 pages Text is in German

GB.105.Uns  Unser Heimatkreis Bischofteinitz
991p. 1967, illus Bischofteinitz Heimatbuch
*Our Homeland County Bischofteinitz

GB.202.Upr Uprooted and Transplanted  By Hanns F. Skoutajan  2000
273 pages, text is in English, few pictures
A Sudeten odyssey from tradedy to freedom 1938-1958

GB.255.Unm Unmenschlliche Grenze, 1956, in 3 languages, English, German and Czech.
Check Point Charlies stories, donated by Bob Paulson

GB.068.Val Valentine, John (ed.). Handbook for genealogical correspondence. Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1963.
273 p. illus., 24 cm

GB.206.Val Valley of the Shadow By Erich Anton Helfert 1997
343 pages,text is in English
*A fourteen year old boy witnesses the upheavels, tragedies and displacement sweeping central Europe prior to and after World War II

GB.052.Ver Verdenhalven, Fritz. Die Deutsch Schrift. Neustadt an der Aisch: Degener, 1991.
151 p., facsims, 22 cm.
*German script.

GB.160.Ver Verfall einer Kulturlandschast am Beispiel des Alt-Landkreises Mies Im Egerland
183 p. (Pictures) Text is in German  1992
Various information about the old county of Mies in Egerland

GB.224.Vin Vinzenzifest Egerlander Erntedank By Gerhard Hergenroder (1999)
124 pages, text is in German and there are pictures.
*Writings covering 50 years regarding the Vinzezifest held for the community of   Wenlingen at Neckar.

GB.173.Ham Volksmedizin im Egerland as described by Father Josef Lang
Dr. Wolf Dieter Hamperl 1999
80 p. (Few illustrations) Text is in German
This book should be translated because it speaks about old time remedies

GB.256.Von Von Bohmen Nach Wien, tex in German, 126 pages, many photos, donated
By Peter Kinderman, Cincinnati, Ohio

 GB.039.Von von Carsten Lenk. Geht's Bouma, tanzt's a wenig. Otto Peis und die Anfänge der   Volksmusikplege in der Oberpfalz, 1948-1969.
116 p., 1992.
* Boys Let's Dance A Little, Otto Preis and the beginning of the Cultivation of   Folkmusic in the Oberpfalz

GB.111Wac Wachtler Gedenkbuch  1970 Heimatbuch
224 p. 
*Wachtl Memorybook

GB.188.Was Was Die Landschaft Mit Leben Erfüllt (German Title) 2000
243 pages, text is in Czech and German
Photos and text of Sudeten Churches

GB.123.Wei Weihnachtsgeschichten aus dem Sudetenland From Gundel Paulsen 1994
147 pages, text is in German
*Stories about Christmas time from the Sudetenland.

GB.157.Mes Wenn wir nur nicht lästig fallen
Rolf Messerschmidt 1991
258 p. (Pictures) Text is in German
People relocating in 1945-1955

Periodicals? West-Böhmische heimat: mitteilungen für heimatforschung, volksbildung und heimische dichtung. West-Böhmische heimat, 1927-1930.
3 v. in 1.
Germans in Bohemia, Periodicals.

GB.127.Wes Westböhmische Heimat, 1928, Heimatbuch für jung und alt.
250 p. 1928
*Westbohemian Homelandbook for the young and old

GB.071.Wil Willard, Jim. Ancestors: A beginner's guide to family history and geneology.
Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1997.
212 p., ill, 23 cm.
Genealogy, Ancestors.

GB.243.Wir Wir haben uns selbst aus Europa vertrieben By: Leopold Grunwald (1985)
Text is in German and there are 160 pages.
Essays on the consequences of the expulsion of the Sudeten Germans.
Donated by the family of Kurt Eisen

GB.055.Wol Wolf, C. The Sudeten German Problem in International Politics.
  45 p., Munich, 1971.

GB.046.Wri Wright, William Edward. Serf, Seigeurner, and sovereign: agrarian reform in   eighteenth-centry Bohemia. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1966.
217 p., 24 cm.
Land tenure, Czech Republic, Bohemia, History.

No Book WWII, Germans, Czech Republic, History.
Available *Expulsion ad Flight out of the Tachau Circle in Egerland: destiny in reports, documents, and pictures.

GB.181.Yea Yearbook of German-American Studies-Volume 35, 2000
By William D. Keel, Editor  (312 pages) (Text is in English)

GB197.Zer Zerstörte Heimat - Das Egerland heute
125 pages, photos, text in German
A photo book of Egerland villages

GB.129.Zie Zierhut, Franz. Deschenitz 1272-1987.
180 p., 1987, German, Heimatbook.

GB.156.Zim Zur Geschichte des deutschen Staatsgymnasiums in Landskron
Richard Zimprich & Berthold Schmeiser  1971
109 p. (Some pictures) Text is in German
Names of directors and members of the gymnasium in Landskron