German-Bohemian Heritage Society

DVDs, Videos, Cassettes, and CDs

GB.Vid.No.1 Brothers in the Storm
By R. James Paulding
GB.Vid.No.2 Unser Schönes Heimatland
GB.Vid.No.3                Music and Lore of the Bagpipe
GB.Vid.No.4                Paul Kretsch and Robert Frotschl
GB.Vid.No.5                German Bohemian Dance April 17, 1997
GB.Vid.No.6                Paul Kretsch giving dialect speech. April 2004
GB.Vid.No.7                Memories of Aloisia K. Klostermann
GB.Vid.No.8                Boehmerwald
By Edeltraud and Adolf Klostermann
GB.Vid.No.9                Poetic Harmony
By Dennis Brown
GB.Vid.No.10 The Best of Erwin Suess and family
By Erwin Suess
GB.Vid.No.11 The Best of Erwin Suess
By Erwin Suess
GB.Vid.No.12 German-Bohemian Heritage Singers
GB.Vid.No.13 Preserving the Heritage
By German-Bohemian Heritage Singers
GB.Vid.No.14 Arnie Koelpin November 2006 30 Years War
GB.Vid.No.15 Affonso Treml (Xerife) e Banda Treml
GB.Vid.No.16 Opa’s Klange Blasmousik
GB.Vid.No.17 Relembrando O Passado Com a
GB.Vid.No.18 Banda Treml
GB.Vid.No.19 GBHS Singers  April 2004
GB.Vid.No.20 GBHS Singers December 1993
GB.Vid.No.21 GBHS Dance April 2004
GB.Vid.No.22 Bohemia Tour 1991 and Mass in St. Paul 1992
GB.Vid.No.23 Bohemia Tour 1993
GB.Vid.No.24 Unser Schöne Heimat 1996
GB.Vid.No.25 Hammerschmidt, Schilligkau, Trohatin and Berg History 1999
GB.Vid.No.26 GBHS Tour 2001
GB.Vid.No.27 Travels in the Homeland and Annual Spring Meeting 2002
GB.Vid.No.28 Sudetendeutsche in Bohemia
GB.Vid.No.29 Bob’s Video 2002
GB.Vid.No.30 Dr. James Henderson  October 23, 1999
GB.Vid.No.31 The German-Bohemian Immigrant Experience
GB.Vid.No.32 Taking Down Hermann in New Ulm
GB.Vid.No.33 Mozaika Plzne
GB.Vid.No.34 GBHS 15th Anniversary Paul Kretsch and Robert Frötschel
GB.Vid.No.35 Parade of Lights November 28, 2002
GB.Vid.No.36 GBHS Picnic 1992 and 1993
GB.Vid.No.37 GBHS Picnic 2002 & 2004
GB.Vid.No.38 Bandwagon Show April 6, 2002
GB.Vid.No.39 Speakers at GBHS Meeting 1992, 1994, 1997
GB.Vid.No.40 Germans from Russia
GB.Vid.No.41 Ancestral Research Video #1
GB.Vid.No.42 Ancestral Research Video #2
GB.Vid.No.43 Sudeten Germans and Czechs—A Challenge to Europe
(A booklet accompanies video)
GB.Vid.No.44 Chodovanka-Folklore Aus West Bohmen
GB.Vid.No.45 So Singts und Klingts daham in Egerland, Bohmerwald,Erzgebirze und In  der Oberpflaz
GB.Vid.No.46 Ancestors Parts 1-V 5 Programs on Getting Started
GB.Vid.No.47 Ancestors Parts V1-X 5 Programs on Leaving a Legacy
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