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Heimatbrief 1996-1997 Index (PDF)

Heimatbrief 1994-1995 Index (PDF)

December 1993 Newsletter
A Christmas Tradition
Rhyme And Reason 
Van Kerschbaam des Astl 
by Paul Kretsch 
Fond Memories Accompany Many Cookbook Orders
by Emmet J. Hoffmann 
Village Spotlight 
The Village of Natschetin Part Two 
Translated by Catherine Hornick 
Czechoslovakia Now Divided Into Two Repulblics 
by Emmet J. Hoffmann 
Letters From Home
by Angie (Meidl) Portner) 
A New Tragedy In A Blood-Stained Corner Of Czechoslovakia Part 1
(Reprinted from The German Tribune) 

August 1993 Newsletter

Rhyme And Reason 
by Kurt Eisen & Paul Kretsch 
Cookbook News Article Produces Many Comments
by Emmet J. Hoffmann 
Vinegar Cabbage (Essig Kraut) 
German Style Green Beans 
German Style Peas 
Travel Thoughts - Tour 1993
by Mariann Treml 
Sellner's Energy Lifts Spirits Of Others 
by Robin Webster 
(reprinted from the Sleepy Eye Herald-Dispatch) 
Farm Life in Bohemia in 1870 Was Grim
by Emmet J. Hoffmann 
Memorable Experiences European Trip 1993
by Paul Krestch 
GBHS Members at Heimatkreistreffen 
by Emmet Hoffmann 
Hilly-Billy Queen Gets Her King!
by Bob Paulson 
Muttersdorf Church Renovation An Update
by Bob Paulson 
Village Spotlight 
The Village of Natschetin Part One 
Translated by Catherine Hornick 

March 1993 Newsletter

German-Bohemian Village Spotlight 
Village of Rindl 
by Robert Paulson 
We Have Lost a Good Friend
by Paul Krestch 
Rudolf Kiefner is Taken From Us 
Monument Book Completed
The "Boehmer Koenig", The King of The Bohemians 
A Tradition Revived 
by Robert Paulson 
Letters . . . 
Letter written by Leopold Hafner, the sculptor of the German-Bohemian Monument, to Robert Paulson
Christmas At The Museum 
St. Nick A Bohemian? 
Wanda Gag Centennial 
A Prayer For Rudi Kiefner 1934-1993
Die Waldler Messe 
Rudi Kiefner Remembered
The article is a summary of a newspaper article written in the Bischofteinitzer Heimatbote published on Friday, February 19, 1993 
Translated by Kurt Eisen 

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