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Below is a list of items that the German-Bohemian Heritage Society has for sale. Profits go to fund projects of the German-Bohemian Heritage Society.

GBHS Books

Heimatbrief, Stories of German-Bohemians
Since 1984 the German-Bohemian Heritage Society has been dedicated to sharing the stories of German-Bohemians through programs and research. Over the last twenty plus years, our newsletters have covered personal stories, genealogical research, and historical perspectives on all aspects of German-Bohemian heritage and culture. For the first time, the best articles have been gathered in a single volume. This one-of-a-kind book has more than 400 pages of fascinating stories and information, making it the best single resource for learning more about German-Bohemians. $38.95 

German Bohemians: The Quiet Immigrants
by La Vern J. Rippley and Robert Paulson.  The “must have” book for German-Bohemian researchers. Nine chapters describing our German-Bohemian ancestor's lives in the homeland, their journery to America and life in their new communities. Customs, traditions, music, heritage and more. Over 150 photos. Fully researched. 279 pages, hard cover. 1995.

The German-Bohemian Dialect Remembered
by Paul R. Kretsch, edited by Daniel Nützel
"The value and importance of this dictionary is twofold: First, it provides the first dictionary of the German-Bohemian dialect as spoken in the region in and around New Ulm, Minnesota. Second, it will serve as a useful reference work for those interested in the dialect. It provides a valuable picture of the dialect in its present day historical context in Minnesota." Dr. Don Heirich Tolzmann.
- softcover without CD
- softcover with computer CD
- hardover without CD
- hardcover with computer CD

Deutsch-Böhmische Küche, First Edition
A German-Bohemian cookbook. Dozens of authentic German and German-Bohemian recipes. Ring bound, soft cover, 88 pages.

Deutsch-Böhmische Küche, “Gut Essen," Second Edition
More authentic recipes plus a twist you will not find in other cookbooks: historical memories with six suggested menus, heritage items, and meals; second section: soups, salads, vegetables, kraut, and dumplings; third section: meat, Bäckerei, desserts. Ring bound, soft cover.

Franz Massopust, German Bohemian Pathfinder and Founder of New Ulm
A Tragic Family Saga by Robert J. Paulson. An original work relating two previously unkown but siginificant family aspects relating to New Ulm: Franz Massopust, a founder of New Ulm, was a German-Bohemian, and that his story was tryky tragic! Softcover, 33 pages, photographs, maps, indexed, 2004.

Church of St. Agnes, St. Paul, Minnesota: Ethnic Origins in Marriage Records 1887-1897
Introduction by Linda Therkelson. A listing of records for this period show that over 40% of these marriages involved Bohemians. Includes church history, maps and village names where German-speaking immigrants came from, and bride and groom index. 44 pages, soft cover.

Gag Family

Anton Gag Sketchbook
By Anton Gag
Anton Gag (1858-1908) was a German-Bohemian artist who immigrated to America in 1873, settling first in St. Paul, then moving to New Ulm, where he became a well-known painter, photographer, and decorator. Sketches by Anton Gag reproduces a small sketchbook the young artist kept in 1878 and 1879 to record his observations of people, places, and events in St. Paul and New Ulm. Annotated by Julie L’Enfant, the sketchbook affords new insight into Gag's early years.
$11.00, on sale for $8.00

The Gag Family, German-Bohemian Artists in America
By Julie L'Enfant. The story of Anton Gag and his family. 200 pages, 8"x10", hard cover.


German-Bohemian Heritage Singers, Preserving the Heritage
. A wonderful array of German and German-Bohemian dialect songs.

Member Projects

Poor Farms No. 1 & 2 in Brown County Minnesota 1870 to 1965
By member Angie Portner. Pictures, financial statements, names, etc. 106 pages, soft cover. $19.50.

My 7,000 Mile Journey: From Birth to Retirement
By member Margit Payne. The story of the expulsion from her Sudetenland home and her subsequent travels. 208 pages, soft cover.

The Missing Peace of a Heritage Puzzle
By member Frank Koerner. A memoir uniquely set in a vanished Sudetenland. “Frank’s unique way of descriptive writing puts the reader in his hip pocket and in his conscious mind as he travels the back roads in search of his heritage.”

The Leavenworth Rescue Expedition Revisited
By member Gary Wiltscheck.  A tragic Dakota war account of how a rescue party risked their lives by leaving the safety of New Ulm hoping to rescue families and neighbors along the Big Cottonwood River, only to return empty-handed and placing themselves in peril. 71 pages, soft cover.
$14.00 plus $3.50 for shipping

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