Did your ancestors speak German? and did they live in the Sudeten area of Czechoslovakia?

If your German speaking ancestors came from the Sudeten area (basically the outer rim area of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia), the following listing of research group heads may be of interest to you. After World War II during the period of 1945/46, the majority of the German speaking peoples in these areas were expelled from Czechoslovakia and resettled elsewhere. These research group heads are part of an organization called the Vereiningung Sudetendeutscher Famillienforscher (VSFF). Each former Sudeten German county has a research group headed by an individual and they have maintained information on families and individuals as far as where they were from and where they currently may be. This proved to be of great help to me in locating a living distant cousin in Munich. I had quite detailed family information priorto1868 but had not had any luck in tracking down any living family. My ancestor's home town was Wiessen (Besno in Czech) and prior to that, the family had lived in Grosslippen (Lipno in Czech). I contacted the research group heads for both Podersam and Saaz and received replies from each requesting rriore family details. I was sent the address of an Anton Vogl in Munich who had been born in Wiessen and whose grandfather was from Grosslippen. His grandfather was the oldest brother of my great great grandfather. I did make contact with him and found out much more about my family. When requesting information, include two or three International Reply Coupons and offer to cover any copying expenses, etc. Hopefully this information will be of help to others.

submitted by Ginger Vogl Simek

County Research Leaders

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